Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 33

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 2: The Birth of True Parents
Chapter 1: True Father’s Birth
Section 2: True Father’s Lineage, Paragraph 9
Chapter 2: True Mother’s Birth
Section1: Background, Paragraph 2

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9 Many years ago, in order to try to eliminate me, Satan assailed the members of my family with all kinds of incomprehensible spiritual phenomena. I was born in an environment full of such problems, and I had to deal with each of them myself. Of course I had my parents and also many relatives who were willing to help me. Among them was my grandfather's younger brother, who was a well-known minister. He was an expert in the Chinese classics and the history of China. He had graduated from Pyongyang Theological Seminary, and he spoke English well. He was knowledgeable about Western culture and became a pioneer in the independence movement.

Even though I had such family support, I solved all the problems on my own. Even if I had consulted them, none of them could have understood what I had to do. None of them, not even my parents, knew about the path I would take in the future. Yet due to the spiritual phenomena behind the scenes, all kinds of problems arose throughout my clan, from my parents to my relatives. Indeed, many incidents occurred. Satan knew very well who I was and what I was, and he caused many evils to befall my family.

10 I was born in a family that made a great contribution to the March 1st Movement and the struggle for independence. The member of my family who led this was my great-uncle Moon Yun-guk. When I was growing up he used to tell me, “You, great-nephew, must become greater than me.” My great-uncle loved me dearly. He was behind the establishment of the Osan School.

11 My father was the kind of person who did not need law. When my father borrowed money for some reason, he felt deeply compelled to pay the money back, including interest, no later than the due date. He kept his word no matter what happened. He was exemplary in keeping promises.

12 My mother gave birth to 13 children. I have three older sisters, and I am the second son. Five of the children died, while six daughters and two sons survived. It was devastating to my mother that as she was raising her sons and daughters, one after another departed from this world. Whenever a younger brother or sister died, my father took responsibility for their burials. He made a simple plank coffin, carried it on his shoulder to the burial site, and buried the child himself. Even my older brother was too young to help him. While my mother was in tears due to having to send her child to the spirit world, my father, having buried the coffin alone, returned home. But he did not wash the burial ground dirt off his hands.

Only after three days had passed did he wash his hands and start eating. My father must have thought, “How can I wash my hands and eat right after burying my child?” When I observed this, I knew he was an honorable man who naturally went beyond the requirements of the law. His seriousness about the dying wishes of his ancestors surpassed his regard for human laws.

13 My mother was a virtuous person. She had a very strong personality, like a man, yet she was a good daughter-in-law. Whenever her father-in-law said he would be going somewhere early in the morning, she prepared his breakfast and served it to him no matter how early it was. She lived her whole life that way without ever complaining. I took after my mother in many ways.

14 I resemble my mother in many ways. I have my mother’s revolutionary disposition. My father, on the other hand, was more like a scholar. Once he heard something he never forgot it, like today’s computers. He had a photographic memory. I inherited my creativity from my mother. My maternal grandfather was also this way; he was innovative. In his village, he was involved in ocean-related work, and he was quite creative about it. So when I was six, seven and eight years old I used to visit him at his home and follow him around catching fish. You have no idea how excited I was, and how anxiously I waited for an opportunity to go and see him.

15 My mother bore many children, 13 in all. I still remember what my mother said, “Although there are all kinds of fun things to do in this world, nothing brought me more joy than nursing the babies I gave birth to and raising them. Now that I am too old to give birth, I find that nothing I do is nearly as much fun as that.” I looked at my mother’s face, haggard from hard work. Her face showed that in her life she had been through every possible difficulty, but to me she looked beautiful as she worked hard to raise her beloved children. Her true love was accompanied by difficulties and sacrifices, but she forgot about her sacrifices for the ones she loved. Indeed, sacrifice turns into the compost that fertilizes the soil, enabling it to yield life, flesh and bones, which is joy and happiness. It becomes love.

16 My older brother absolutely supported me, his younger brother, even though he was older than me. In this way he naturally established a foundation to totally indemnify Cain’s position. My older brother’s life of faith was deep to the core. He knew when the Korean War would end and the day that Korea’s independence from Japan would come. His level of faith was such that he could resolve all difficulties with guidance from the spirit world. He recognized that our relationship was not like the many other older-younger brother relationships throughout history. I was not an ordinary brother, but a person of historic significance.

Therefore, he had absolute faith in me and would do whatever I asked. Once when I was in Pyongyang, something providentially significant happened and I gave him some directions to carry out. I asked him to do things that would be incomprehensible to the common sense of any ordinary person. However, because it was for me, his younger brother, he helped me by doing this and that. It did not matter if the tasks were difficult; my older brother always supported me in every possible way, without any hesitation.

17 My older brother could communicate with the spirit world, so he knew I was not an ordinary younger brother. He always thought, “All families have siblings, and within a clan there are vertical and horizontal relationships. However, among brothers, my younger brother is the best one in all of history.” The spirit world taught him that. Therefore, my older brother did everything I asked him to do. If I asked him to sell the house, he would sell it; if I asked him to sell a cow, he would sell it. When I had no money for my tuition, he was ready to sell even his own land to help me pay it. He never once opposed me. That is how he restored the Cain-Abel relationship.

Chapter 2 True Mother’s Birth

Section 1. Background

Spiritual preparations
For God to send the Returning Lord, His begotten Son, to earth, He conducted a special providence. He did likewise to send Heaven's Bride to be His begotten Daughter and the embodiment of the Holy Spirit. Heaven prepared many Spirit-led churches in order to send True Mother as the new Eve. Around the time of True Mothers birth, many spiritual churches emerged on the Korean Peninsula. With her family centrally involved in them, their purpose was to prepare for True Mother.

True Mother was born on the 6th day of the 1st lunar month (February 10) in 1943, at her maternal grandparents’ home at number 26, Shineui village in the township of Anju, South Pyeongan Province. She was the only daughter of her father, Han Seung-oon, and her mother, Hong Soon-ae, who later received the title Daemonim.

1 When we look at the central figures of providential history, we can well understand how important the mothers role is. Abraham, Moses, Jesus and others blossomed and made a new history based on the role of their wife or mother. However, internally their personal histories were filled with bitter sorrow, misery and suffering. Where I stand today, I can see that nothing that happened leading up to my birth was a coincidence. Rev. Lee Ho-bin, who was well-known before the liberation of Korea, received a revelation that led him to arrange my parents’ marriage.

2 Infants typically cry, “Wahhh!” as soon as they are born, but I was told that I sang “La la la!” instead. So, Jo Won-mo, my maternal grandmother, said, “It seems she will be a singer when she grows up.” After eating the first seaweed soup after my delivery, my mother (Daemonim) fell asleep holding me in her arms; then she had a dream. In that dream, a darkish Satan with horns on his head appeared to her. He said, “Because of the birth of this child, I will have to die,” and then he tried to kill me. My mother yelled out, “Get away, Satan! She is such a precious daughter to me; how dare you try to kill her!” My mother screamed so loud that my grandmother said, “You must be exhausted after giving birth.” My mother replied, “No, it’s not that. I screamed because Satan was trying to kill the baby.” My grandmother said, “That is so strange.” But my mother thought to herself, “Since Satan tried to kill her as soon as she was born, I have to raise this child with my utmost sincere devotion. I am going to raise her pure, beautiful and untouched by sin, and then offer her to the Lord.”

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