Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 331

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 11: Ecumenical Initiatives
Chapter 3: Uniting the Spiritual and Physical Worlds and Liberating the Spirit World
Section 4: Great Revolution in the Spirit World, Paragraph 15
Section 4: Great Revolution in the Spirit World, A spiritual revolution centered on True Parents

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A spiritual revolution centered on True Parents

While True Parents perfected, completed and accomplished the providence on earth, they also linked the providence continuously to the spirit world. True Parents finished work that had to be done first on earth. The perfection of the earthly and heavenly worlds was possible only with True Parents in the central position. They said that after they go to the spirit world, they have to lead a great revolution for the sake of setting the spirit world in order.

7  As you know, life is short. Before you go, you have to clarify the type of work you will have to do for the sake of this earthly world and understand that you are preparing a newly pioneered land where people can dwell in the heavenly nation. You should prepare to create a great revolution before going to the spirit world. You must do this with enthusiasm greater than I have had while working for God's Will. You have to generate a revolution to substantiate the world in its original form, in a world that has continued on for thousands of years. Neither God nor the angels could carry out that revolution.

Saints and sages have come and gone. They experienced the restrictions of prison life, so how could they transform that environment into the kingdom of heaven in heaven, a world that is like a lighthouse in the blessed land of peace? There, revolutionary expectations, greater and more complex than those of the world, are waiting.

8  People who met me 50 years ago have not been able to bring as much change as I have over that 50 years. If children in our second and third generations seize hold of my teachings and come to understand the reality of the spirit world, they will be ecstatic. Now, even if I shake the dust from my hands and depart this world, the foundation is such that you cannot ask for me to come again. When Korea and the United States turn around, my work is finished. Thus, after going to the spirit world, I must begin another revolution there.

I have the responsibility to establish the ideal tradition from the position of the first ancestor, the unfallen Adam, a position equivalent to the central Messiah for all nations. Adam could not establish that. He could not attend God and as a filial son, patriot, saint and divine son create a family that would have acted as a bridge. I have to go forward to complete the revolution related to the earthly world. When I leave imperfection behind and go to that yonder nation, that imperfection cannot follow and enter with me. Also, because the assignment to create a new revolution remains, I have to hasten on the path I need to take.

9  Including my beloved Heung-jin, I have sent four of my children to the spirit world. Now, will they look forward to my going to the spirit world? Will they themselves look forward to coming to earth? Will I look forward to their coming to earth? If I teach that I will attend God after ascending, will they say that it is good? Do you think they will look forward to something?

Since they have the role of the children, they cannot fulfill the role of their parents. They are observing the earth, hoping for accomplishments and assisting. Because they could not attend our Heavenly Parent in the heavenly world due to the problems on earth, if I do not establish the path that the children who unite with me can follow, God's liberation and that of the Lord at the Second Advent will not be accomplished in the heavenly world.

Therefore, for your sake, I must go to the spirit world quickly. When I go to the spirit world, because I understand these issues, I will start a revolution. Satan cannot demand any kind of condition on the part of the families who enter the spirit world after completing restoration through indemnity. Therefore, they can bring about a total revolution under my command. I can take people who are in hell to the kingdom of heaven.

10  In the spirit world, everyone is hoping I will come quickly and make things right. They are waiting. You believe that it would be great if I could live a long time on earth, but in the spirit world they do not think like that. Now my work on earth is finished. I understand the spirit world well. Like it or not, earth is an instrument through which we pass. When I go to the spirit world, I will lead a total mobilization. Now that I have put earth in good order, I am putting heaven in good order. Because I have put earth in order, even if I die now, it will not be a problem. In heaven they have completed 100 percent of the preparations, so they can welcome me. They are waiting. The perfection of earth and the perfection of heaven are possible based on me. The things I speak of sound like a dream, but they are real.

11  What will I do after I go to the spirit world? Having reached the position in which I accomplished what was unaccomplished before the Fall, when I go to the spirit world I must again lead a revolution and bring about a unified world in heaven and on earth, which means a new heaven and a new earth. For that to occur, you should certainly unite while you are on earth, and then you need to unite with True Parents. Only then will the father-son relationship, which was divided by centering on two, become completely one. Father and son were divided even in the heavenly world, but through this unity, Satan will disappear completely. After reaching the ideal position, the unified, original, innate form of creation, they will patch things up. A scar will remain, but after they come together, they can make a new start.

12  I do not know when I will go. As for me, I am marking out 80 percent of the path I will take, which indicates how to live. Even though I have not taught 20 percent, because I still must pioneer some things in order to straighten out the path of the providence, there is nothing to worry about.

When I go to the spirit world, I will uncover all the complicated matters, find long-forgotten people and reeducate them. If I fail in this, they will regard me as an enemy in the spirit world. They will broadcast propaganda saying that I am a false parent, not the True Parent. Yet if they have been forgotten, I will make it so that one day they will be remembered for their greater value. I will not forget my moral obligations. I can forget what others owe me, but I will repay hundreds, even thousands of times, my moral obligations.

13  A person who does not know about the spirit world is in a pitiful state, utterly pitiful. Knowing that, I cannot scold individuals of this type. How will they go ahead and navigate along their path, through layers upon layers of obstructions? When I go to the spirit world, I will create a great revolution there. I will cut a way through the obstructions, and if a path is blocked, I will set out on that path or even bore a tunnel. People in the spirit world are hoping I will come. When I eventually arrive there, thousands of years of history will be washed away.

Those who did not know my teachings will be forgiven, but those who knew my teachings but pretended not to know them will have to take responsibility for what they have done. To the degree of the depth and breadth of their knowledge of Heavens lofty and precious perspective, those who pretended not to know my teachings will have a harder time making up for their mistakes.

14  You do not know anything about the spirit world, the place you will go to after your life on earth. When I go to that world, I will create a revolution. You cannot keep up with me here on earth, but what I have done here is small compared to what I will do in the spirit world. A revolution awaits, in which I will have to run, passing over numerous stages, hundreds of stages. For this, I will send to earth people who had gone to the spirit world but who have to pass again through the earthly world.

15  When I eventually go to the spirit world, I will not leave that world as it is. A great revolution will spread. When the revolution spreads, what will the people in the spirit world do? You must stand in the vanguard and stir up that kind of wind. You do not understand how great the problems are.

In the spirit world, they are choosing enthusiastic Unification Church believers. Those who are standing in the vanguard are competing for the leading positions. There has to be competition. When we look providentially, we see that we are in an environment in which we can go beyond the national standard; we have entered an age in which we can manage more than 70 percent as we wish. Therefore, we are giving the Blessing to our relatives.

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