Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 330

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 11: Ecumenical Initiatives
Chapter 3: Uniting the Spiritual and Physical Worlds and Liberating the Spirit World
Section 3: Major Ceremonies and Proclamations for Unity between the Two Worlds, Holy Burning Ceremony for the Peace, The Chuseok for the Liberation of Heaven and Earth
Section 4: Great Revolution in the Spirit World, Paragraph 06

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The Chuseok for the Liberation of Heaven and Earth

47  Our beloved Heung-jin, heavens representative and the heavenly commander-in-chief of heaven and earth, reported to True Parents in a message he sent from the spirit world to the place where we are commemorating and celebrating this day, September 18, 2005. I am sharing his report with you. As representatives, please receive this Chuseok for the Liberation of Heaven and Earth. I am proclaiming what he sent for your sake, and for the sake of the spirit world and the physical world. Understand that this declaration is a special grace by which you can become one with Heung-jin. Then, all blessed families, all of the earthly and heavenly worlds, and the rest of humankind can also partake in the same grace.

At this time, based on the foundation of God's victory, the Parents of Heaven and Earth have won the supreme victory for all generations to come. They have established the foundation on which the all-transcendent, all-immanent God can exercise His power and authority over all creation. On this day of celebration, you symbolize a group of people who offer themselves as a living sacrifice with utmost sincerity, with one heart, one body and one mind-set, at a public event at which are present family members from inside and outside the church, and others who symbolize many nations and the world. Please remember eternally that you have participated in this ceremony to liberate heaven and earth and fulfill your responsibility for this purpose.

48  You stand on the foundation of the unity of heaven and earth, the unity of the world, and the unity of God's nation. In other words, you are on a foundation without a trace of Satan. Therefore, for the first time, abolishing all barriers and national borders and entering the realm of liberation and complete freedom is possible. This will happen when you fulfill your portion of responsibility and inherit God's creative nature and the authority of ownership.

The Chuseok for the Liberation of Heaven and Earth, on September 18, 2005, is the occasion on which we can celebrate a brand new morning, on a brand new day when we stand in the original position, prior to the Fall. This is the day when God creates anew the Sun, the Moon and the Earth, and then the waters and all things of creation. He creates them in the realm of liberation and complete freedom, in which no barriers exist anywhere, neither in the spirit world nor in the physical world, based on His having united the entire cosmos.

If you claim ownership over any material possessions, if you do not regard everything you own as belonging to the church, it means that barriers and borders still exist for you.

Humankind is still beset by barriers and national borders. Nonetheless, if you want to live with unrestrained freedom and go anywhere without barriers and national borders, you must do nothing that would defile your lineage. Before you can assert yourselves, you must be of the same blood as the Parents of Heaven and Earth. When your position is within the same realm of lineage as that of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, you should recover the name royal son or royal daughter of heaven and earth. Those who do so are from the original royal family, the royal family of Adam's children.

As you become one in heart in the realm of that royal family, you should also be able to proclaim the cosmic kingdom of peace and welcome the age of the liberation and complete freedom for the cosmos—the earthly world and the heavenly world, where there are no national borders or barriers. This cosmic kingdom of peace is Cheon Il Guk. After you eliminate all the barriers and national borders of the First Adam, the Second Adam and the Third Adam, you can inherit Cheon Il Guk and then cross over into the age of the Fourth Adam's realm of heart.

Section 4. Great Revolution in the Spirit World

Association to Connect the Earth to the Spirit World

In 2009, True Parents proclaimed the era of the Association to Connect the Earth to the Spirit World (靈聯世協會). After thus opening the era of unity between the spiritual world and the physical world, we can eternally and freely communicate between the spiritual world and the physical world while attending the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. True Parents have said that the age is approaching in which the spirit world and the earthly world will come under the dominion of God and True Parents and interact directly.

1  What is the Association to Connect the Earth to the Spirit World? It unites the earthly world with the spirit world; it binds the two worlds together. Now, by completely attaching the two worlds that were severed from God, in a way that cannot be severed, we unite them into one. I chose to call this the "Association to Connect the Earth to the Spirit World" in attendance of God.

We have this expression because the time has come when a lineage and a nation of peace cannot be divided. The Korean people, who have advocated Godism, never plundered even one other nation. Other than Korea, no country has attended God and maintained a tradition of peace from the beginning of its history. This is why the owners of peace, the True Parents, emerged there. In addition, they are the owners of lineage, because no one but True Parents has the ability to unite lineages centered on God. If they become the owners, through which lineage and peace become one, they will accomplish the glorious restoration of the homeland. The earth itself becomes the land of the hometown, where the hometown and homeland of God and the children who belong to the homeland of God can be proud.

2  If there had been an owner of peace until now, God would have been that Owner. Other than Korea, no country has known and served only that God. Since the beginning of history, the Korean people have never invaded another country. They have never fought against nor violated another country. They have advocated peace. God is the Owner of true peace. Because the Korean people have been serving that God, the final landing place of civilization is our Fathers house, where God rules, and that is where we have to gather. Because we need to gather at God's feet, we use the expression, "the earth connected to the spirit world." Accordingly, this world is connected to the spirit world. It is an association, not a federation.

3  Because we need to know God, I have taught about the connection between earth and the spirit world. The Chinese character for "connect," yeon (聯), is formed by putting together sa (絲), the character for "thread," with ee (耳) the character for "ear." It is not the ordinary character yeon (連), meaning "join," but the character meaning "connect" that can truly bind. Stitching the spirit world and the physical world together as with thread and uniting them is what is meant by the name of this organization.

The Unification Church came into being by connecting the earthly world with the spirit world in front of God. The Unification Church is the entity that can prepare for that and can achieve that circumstance.

After that, there is "shin ae in," "love between God and human beings." Until now the spirit world and physical world have been fighting, but since I have established a system to unite them, now the Spirit of God is emerging. The position of God is emerging, and the owner of true love is emerging. That is why I say, "love between God and human beings." Human beings who can manage the true love of God are emerging. After "love between God and human beings" comes true love.

4  The spirit world is endless, an invisible, infinite world of space. God wants to accompany us and live in such a world. God does not have a body. If I give the command, all the people, just as they are, who have died over a span of thousands of years, will be able to enter the realm of the Blessing as sons or daughters. Because of that, they all are returning to earth. Accordingly, I have created the Association to Connect the Earth to the Spirit World.

5  God has to return to being the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal Owner. Since the Korean people emerged to prepare that place externally, the Unification Church brought the religious realm together and then created the Association to Connect the Earth to the Spirit World.

Next, the families who have received the Blessing, after uniting the spirit world and the physical world as root and trunk, are engrafting religions, based on Korean tradition. Because the king of kings of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven becomes one with the Association to Connect the Earth to the Spirit World, a foundation on which God will be completely free from any limitations in the spiritual world and the physical world will develop. The textbooks and teaching materials have been completed; based on that firm structure, you must go beyond your limitations.

Since the world of peace is the territory of God's hometown and homeland, once it alone remains, it will remain for all generations as the supreme place of victory. That territory is the hometown and homeland of all nations. God's hometown and homeland is where heaven and earth have become one, and God, human beings and the archangels have become one. Everything will be completed when we offer and dedicate the way of the family in that place, and invest our loyalty and filial piety there.

6  The Korean people have been attending God until now for the sake of attending the King of Peace. True Parents indemnified all providential history since the Fall. Because the lineage of Cain and Abel became changed, True Parents had to rectify that. From the summit of heaven to the ends of the earth, True Parents must perfect, complete and accomplish their responsibility together with God, who perfects, completes and accomplishes His responsibility.

Since God is the King of Peace, what must True Parents do to become the King and Queen of Peace? On behalf of Abel's sacrifice and victory over the Cain world, while Cain attends the foremost Abel, True Parents have to connect these brothers with God and with themselves. Now there is no Cain. True Parents have completely washed away the history associated with Cain, who spilled the blood of his younger brother and who must attend his younger brother, who now is in the position of the older brother before the Fall. As the representative of the True Parents and the True God, Cain, the elder brother, has to attend the younger brother.

Accordingly, we must establish the Association to Connect the Earth to the Spirit World in front of the victorious True Parents and God's victorious supremacy, centered on the peace that does not exist outside of a person of inner unity. After bringing victory by placing God at the center and uniting with Cain, Abel attends God and True Parents, who had been expelled completely from earth. Suddenly, the age has changed. Now the older brother can attend from the position of the younger brother.

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