Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 301

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 10: Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America
Chapter 3: Jardim Declarations for Creating an Ideal Community
Section 5: The Providence for an Ideal Community, Paragraph 22-33

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22   The raw materials available from the land areas will not sustain us for even 50 more years. Therefore, a problem will arise. In 100 years, food resources from the land will be depleted. That is why we have to pioneer the sphere of the ocean. For this purpose I directed Japanese members to focus our Paraguay River basin efforts on the Leda farm, to create a model farm or a model fishery, an ideal city culture in harmony with nature.

23   The Japanese national messiahs have entered South America and, working on the Leda farm, are pioneering the Paraguay region. I told them to stay there for three years, and three years have not yet passed. I directed them to develop the entire region of Paraguay. I am doing as I have prayed before heaven. That is why I want to use Japanese marine capability to develop Paraguay and Uruguay to a higher level than anywhere else in the world. 

Providence for the Southern Cone

The four Southern Cone nations, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, have abolished customs taxes and formed a common market. Through them, True Parents have been working to establish a model nation; they desire to expand this effort to all of South America.

24   Presently in South America, goods are being exchanged without the collection of customs taxes between Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil in order to develop the Southern Cone into a common market. This is a step toward them becoming one country. I am trying to unify these four countries so that economically they are like one country. When I spoke with the presidents of Paraguay and Uruguay, they explained that it was difficult and frustrating for them to be sandwiched between the big countries of Argentina and Brazil.

25   We have to establish a model nation to serve as a standard. I am trying to create this model nation by working with Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina. Paraguay and Uruguay stand as plus and minus to each other, as do Argentina and Brazil, respectively. So, I need to create a plan to bring together these two pluses and two minuses on the left and right. All customs taxes have been abolished between these four countries, so economically they function as one nation. In Uruguay we built a bank, a convention center, a department store and a hotel. We are planning to establish branches of this bank in these four countries. Then commerce will be possible throughout the 33 nations of Central and South America. After that, North America and South America should also unite as plus and minus.

26   If the four nations of the Southern Cone—Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay—join together into one nation, that one nation would represent four-fifths of South America. In this way most of South America would be united. The time is coming when customs taxes will be completely removed and all goods will be able to pass freely from one nation to another. This means that in the near future, all nations will become one nation. In line with the global trend, South America needs to become one nation. The similarity of its various cultures is yet another dynamic which is leading the individual South American countries to become one nation. In Brazil and Argentina there are large areas of undeveloped land. The government is considered the owner of this land, but these governments have not been able to manage them. People build ranches, but that is not enough. In the future we have to plant trees to produce more oxygen. We have to create a completely green zone.

27   By bringing the four nations of the Southern Cone together we can raise talented people to foster networks for unification in South America. After making a federation between Sun Moon University, the University of Bridgeport and Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, we will build four universities of the highest standard in the Southern Cone by importing financial resources and academic wisdom from the United States. We will even mobilize Europe. Starting from these universities and focusing on the underdeveloped nations, people from 160 nations will gather here, uniting all the cultures. I want to set a worldwide standard of peace and establish a school to educate talented people who will lead the world. I also want to make a world exhibition village in that region where we will showcase the culture that connects all 160 nations on an equal plane. This university will then become a destination for tourists from all over the world. Also, if facilities are built to accommodate those who want to study abroad, students from all over the world will be able to come and go. The ideal world will be represented in the context of these several interconnected projects. I am holding talks in order to accomplish these things.

28   I plan to make a central bank in South America. I will create it after conferring with the presidents of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. We have a bank in Uruguay, and the Bank of Paraguay is offering us shares. Argentina also is ready to do this. In this way, we will establish branches of the bank in these four nations, connecting the best bankers in South America to establish a central bank. We will make a bank that is bigger than the banks of any one nation and establish it as a credit union in order to promote the distribution of capital. That is why we are getting into this business.

29   The Unification Church must tie together the universities, the mass media, the theological world and the financial world. I will create a foundation for the financial world through a bank in South America. We need organizations to manage the world's stock markets. England, Japan and Taiwan determine the price of gold and silver. In the future, the four nations of the Southern Cone, which includes Brazil, will have to do this. I have settled here in order to lay the foundation to operate a cutting-edge Wall Street-like stock exchange on a global scale. For this purpose I have been educating bankers since 1980.

30   In Paraguay, I have given directions to create a model for the ideal world on a 74-acre area of land. If it succeeds, the Paraguayan congress and media will publicize it all over the country. All of South America will hear about it, and Paraguay will become a plus, and unite with Uruguay, the minus. If these two countries say, "Do it," Brazil and Argentina will also join them, and by eliminating import taxes and opening a joint distribution system, these nations can all move as one. The Paraguayan and Uruguayan governments have declared and publicized that Reverend Moon's plan to pioneer an ideal world is a worthy step toward the establishment of world peace. They have completely turned and are facing in the same direction.

31   If Korea is the north, Uruguay, the opposite point on earth is the south. The world laughed at our work to help support Uruguay financially. American leaders also wonder why we don't support the United States instead of Uruguay. But the Uruguayan president has faith in me. I established a bank and hotel-convention center there. Next, I built a department store, and we are working to organize a financial system to connect the bank, the hotel, a travel agency and a department store. In the area of ideology, I have established a foundation that can communicate and cooperate with the Catholic community.

32   In the United States, our work started from the very bottom, but South America is developing from the top down, so this is a faster process. In Uruguay, since 1980, I have established a bank, a hotel and a newspaper. If you look at the globe, you will see that Uruguay forms an axis with Korea. They are on opposite ends of the earth such that, if you draw a line between them, it forms an axis of the Earth. My plan for South America is to make a duty-free zone covering its entire 33 nations. By eliminating tariffs and freeing up economic circulation, we will establish Uruguay as one of the leading developing nations. The Pope called for a consolidation movement and affirmed that Catholics should repent for the long history of fighting with Protestants that continues even up until the present era. Therefore, the internal and external directions of the providence are coming into perfect alignment.

33   I am involved with Paraguay and have suggested that the Paraguayan government's ruling party and opposition party are in a Cain-Abel relationship and should become one. If the two parties become one and attend True Parents, it will become a nation that can receive the Blessing of the heavenly kingdom. It will become the blessed nation, a nation that can represent North America and South America as a central nation of the heavenly kingdom. I am involved in Uruguay, and now I also am reaching out to Argentina. Korea and Paraguay are also in a Cain-Abel relationship. This means that in the end they must become one. Paraguay is the axis of the Southern Cone. That is why together with Paraguay I am leading a federation movement involving Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. These four countries represent east, west, north, and south. If Uruguay and Paraguay become one, on this same axis, Argentina and Brazil also will become one.

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