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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 10: Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America
Chapter 3: Jardim Declarations for Creating an Ideal Community
Section 5: The Providence for an Ideal Community, Supporting Local Communities
Section 5: The Providence for an Ideal Community, Paragraph 21

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Supporting Local Communities

True Parents created roads in the Pantanal and donated 29 ambulances. They realized that people living there could not get to the hospital because of the poor road conditions. Therefore, while donating the ambulances, they also constructed roads. Furthermore, they founded a school in Jardim and educated talented potential leaders. By broadcasting the best educational material from the United States using videos, they have striven to raise the standard of South America's education.

The place after Jardim over which True Parents offered the deepest prayers while they were in South America was Chaco, an area of 250,000 square kilometers in the Grand Chaco region, which spans Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina. In August 1999 True Parents directed Japanese national messiahs to pioneer the farms in Puerto Leda, located within the Chaco region. True Parents oversaw the purchase of 80,000 hectares of land in Leda and began to develop it. Focusing on Leda, they planned to create a model farm, model fisheries and spin-off businesses, thereby promoting a culture harmonious with nature. Leda was an extremely difficult place to live, but True Parents dedicated resources to transform it into a beautiful village where people and nature can profitably coexist. We re-created Leda and made it into an ideal village where anyone would be happy to live.

12   People living in the Pantanal region cannot travel freely because there are not enough roads. Therefore, I must build roads and, in this way, create an environment where the people can move forward and go out into the world. I heard many stories about mothers who cried frantically because they could not take their sick babies to a hospital. So, I provided one ambulance to each area in the Pantanal region. This means that those ambulances were donated by someone who has no relationship with the area. The value of what I gave them would amount to $500,000 today. The governor, chief of police, mayor and hospital administrators of each area gathered when I presented the money for the ambulances, and I obtained their pledge that they would use it properly. Now if someone makes a phone call to the police station, the officers immediately drive the person to the hospital. I am hoping to continue this movement by inspiring more contributions. It started with 50 vehicles but, in the future, I want to increase this number to 500, or even thousands, so that eventually doctors will be able to make house calls.

13   We can educate people in South America just as we did in the United States. If people in South America have televisions and VCRs, American programs can be broadcast and people can follow along with a textbook to receive the same education as people in the US. We are providing a system beginning with the opportunity to study on their own and then gather once a week, or once every two weeks, to receive guidance and participate in a question-and-answer session based on what they have studied. If they need a car in order to travel to those gatherings, they can use the ambulance. The ambulances I donated can serve dual purposes. An educational system will be established to connect students to a college. It could include kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools or high schools, depending on the population of that province.

Farming methods, tree planting methods, fish farming methods and how to deal with the wilderness will be taught by the time students finish the fourth grade of elementary school. Therefore, when students graduate from high school, they will be professionals in their field. College graduates will become teachers and leaders in these regions. We need to establish this system.

We can train high school students to watch over the farms and ranches. They need to be taught to develop and manage these farms and ranches. Education in various fields of expertise will be taught at the ranch at a fast pace for students from the age of 16 up to the end of high school and on to college 20 years in total, including the completion of a PhD course. Students in our system will not need to worry about having enough food at home. Everyone will become self-sufficient.

14   I built a school in Jardim. Since not everyone could be accommodated in the kindergartens and middle schools, we are calling people of exemplary talent to be educated at the headquarters. We will have a kindergarten in each city, and then build an elementary school, a middle school and a high school. We will send those who perform well in high school to study at our college, where they will gain general education in fisheries, forest management, agricultural methods and the manufacturing industry. We will expand what has been built in Jardim. Also, I am planning to build a college and a university following that same system. I am making dynamic plans to build schools throughout South America. My vision is to build elementary, middle and high schools in 33 cities in 33 South American countries. Approximately 230 square meters of land is needed to build two classrooms, which can accommodate 500 people. We will build these classrooms using sliding partitions that can transform the two classrooms into six or seven classrooms. Then, even if hundreds of tourists go there, they can all be accommodated in that one building. It can be used as a place to accommodate tourists as well as to educate and train local residents.

15   There was a day when I shed tears as I traveled across South America. As I crossed the boundary of Argentina and Uruguay and crossed over the top of the Andes Mountains, while the sun slowly set, I cried as I spoke to a Brazilian missionary. I prayed, "God, in the future I will come here and develop this place. Father, please do not forget." Where must the Japanese go? I wanted to send them to Paraguay, which I consider an extension of Korea, but the Japanese members were not prepared to go to South America. They all opposed the idea. I had no choice but to send the national messiahs to Paraguay instead. They went to Puerto Leda, and were assigned to work on an area of land of some 80,000 hectares. Miraculously, they were able to purchase this land and develop it.

Let us make this impoverished city into a new city, one whose culture is in harmony with nature. It takes six hours to get from Leda to the Victoria Plaza Hotel, and I will connect them. I told the Japanese national messiahs to build a plaza, a hospital, schools and a multipurpose center instead of a sports center at the village, where 19 clans of the native peoples, Indios, are living. I also told them to buy land. 

As part of those preparations, we established numerous operational bases two hours away from each other. In addition, 182 information booths will be set up, one every 50 kilometers along the Paraguay and Amazon Rivers. The Japanese should set up the booths and guide the tours. Therefore, when people come looking for this place, I, as the owner, will have erected the pillar of the new family education. Since we have gone through these things, you need to realize that this is not just someone else's responsibility; it is our responsibility. As you tour that region, you should always shed tears as you think about the extensive groundwork that True Parents initiated to overcome the obstacles.

16   The Eve nation has the central mission for the restoration of heaven and earth. Who must shed sweat and suffer on the Pantanal? Japan is surrounded by the ocean. It is surrounded by salt water. Originally, when we speak of water, we are referring to the ocean. The water in the ocean evaporates and circulates through the atmosphere, resulting in salt water becoming fresh water to replenish mountain's streams. In the same way, the job of the Japanese is to work here with sincere devotion, creating a cloud that shares new water with the world. You are not suffering so that you can live well. Rather, it is to make a foundation for future happiness. Without sacrifice, you cannot make a foundation for happiness. You should go through even more hardships than I have, and stand in the position of a mother to nourish all the people of the world.

17   You have been sent to the Pantanal for 40 days. This 40 days conditionally represents 40 years and 400 years. For 400 years, the Christians gathered in the catacombs while under persecution and carried out the victorious settlement of paradise. The Japanese people need to work for at least 400 years to support the well-being of the world; 40 years is not enough. You should do this happily because you are saving the world. With the idea of an earthly paradise in mind, we are preparing the Pantanal as a tourist kingdom. The people of the world have to pass through this place. Everything that God created remains here in pristine condition. We must make a beautiful earth. In order to accomplish that, I gave this responsibility to the Japanese people, and you must not complain. As the mother nation, Japan needs to fulfill this mission completely.

18   I told the Japanese national messiahs to quickly pioneer the farms in Puerto Leda, Paraguay. The Eve nation has the responsibility to at least set up a farm as a model where the world's people can be educated.

19   In places like Peru, a limitless number of sardines can be caught. We told the people who catch sardines that we will make sardine powder. All the conditions are favoring us. Heaven is allowing for all this to take place. But there is almost no one who can embrace this breakthrough and celebrate it. In order to return to the ocean, we need to take interest in the fisheries business. To prepare for this, we plan to settle in the Pantanal with Leda at the center and carry out this work through the Japanese people. Realizing that conservation is the most important task in the Amazon region, we must take measures to prevent pollution as we develop business enterprises that can solve the problem of food shortages.

20   In Brazil there are many biracial people who are half-African and half-Spanish, and in Paraguay there are also many half-Asian and half-Spanish people. That is why on May 16, 1995, I started the 17 nations' speaking tour of Central America and South America from Paraguay. The Guarani tribe must gain the support of the Indios. That is why I let the people in this area use our boats, and I even pay for the fuel, so that they at least can gather at the church one Sunday a month. That is also why I made the house on the Leda farm very big. I want to hold gatherings there. This is why the Korean members must be called to come here and work in unity. And the Japanese members will do likewise as a separate group. The Koreans will pioneer separately, and next, the Japanese will pioneer, and after that, the Americans will pioneer. This is the plan. Next, the leaders of the six continents will pioneer and finally, by connecting this momentum to their respective regions, we will arrange it as a global effort.

21   I want to build a refrigeration company here in the Pantanal, so that the fish caught here by the local people can be sold throughout the world. To do this, we need refrigerated containers. Since there are companies that rent refrigerated storage containers, it might be good, at least at the beginning, to rent and use these containers. We are trying to make 180 bases, and the Japanese people are organizing that at the Leda farm. We can rent the refrigerated containers, freeze and store the fish in them, and then sell them. The challenge will be preserving the freshness of the fish. If we can create a method for this in the Pantanal, there will be no problem pioneering it on the world market.

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