Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 284

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 10: Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America
Chapter 2: The Ocean Providence and Development of Marine Resources
Section 4: Addressing the World’s Food Shortage, Paragraph 13-22

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13   The recreation industry has to cater to people who enjoy all sorts of leisure activities. You may think, "People with money would enjoy this, but how can people without money do it?" However, that is not the case. Even now, people go on vacations. Even people with little money can manage to take a vacation once or twice a year. 

In the future, through my leading role in the recreation industry, I will create a global organization that will bring together people from all walks of life, including those in the financial field, based on their shared love of recreational activities. I believe this will be a shortcut to guiding all people toward a world of peace. That is why for several decades I have been researching, planning and pioneering all sorts of ocean-related businesses.

14   I think that from now, in addition to the business of providing recreation on the ocean, we need to engage in businesses that promote recreational farming on land. In the future, people will have more time to enjoy themselves. Once that time comes, the question will arise as to how they will use that time. When this happens, I suggest encouraging them to prepare about one-sixth of an acre as a garden and take up gardening as a hobby. Then they can harvest and enjoy their own vegetables.

In addition, what about raising baby animals like deer and releasing them? What about farming fish and releasing them as well? People will farm all sorts of grains and harvest organic, natural crops without using synthetic chemicals. How wonderful! People will experience creating all the things that God created. Then, gazing at all these things that they worked to create, they will think about God and appreciate Him for His creation. In this way, they will enjoy their life with all kinds of hobbies in the world of nature. By caring for the natural world in every way possible, people will enjoy living in harmony with nature before they go to the spirit world. Once they experience this, they will naturally move away from today's urban-centered society.

15   What kind of world will unfold in the future? We will drive pilings into the seafloor in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and create hotels there. We will make use of the versatility of helicopters. At the press of a button they will fly us anywhere we want to go. Since flying for three or more hours gets boring, people will fly for an hour or two and then stop to relax at a floating hotel in the middle of the Pacific. How fantastic that will be! To make this possible, we will build hotels in the Pacific. When guests have finished relaxing at the hotel, they will travel again for about two to three hours, then stop for lunch at a floating restaurant. Then they will rent a boat and take their family deep-sea fishing.

16  Soon the era of automobiles will pass and the era of light aircraft will begin. People from the big cities will fly to scenic spots that are only to be found in the heart of the mountains. Secluded pools will be built there, and fishing spots will be developed, where they can swim and fish. In the future it will be easy for people to rent an airplane as often as they like. We have entered an era when plane rental businesses can do well. That is why I am creating an aircraft company.

Large cruise ships will have a deck like an aircraft carrier that can handle dozens of small submarines and small helicopters. The ship will move slowly enough that passengers will use the helicopters on board to travel to nearby islands for fishing and then return to the ship. Others will use small boats to travel out to fishing spots near the islands and then return. I am saying that such a time is coming. Or, knowing the ship's itinerary, people can take a helicopter to one of the destinations a week early and then rejoin the cruise on the ship.

On the ship there will be facilities for wealthy business people to do all the business they want to do, with conference rooms, computers and the Internet. The era is coming when people will enjoy traveling while working at the same time.

Plans and projects  

True Father believed that the best way to address the issue of the global food shortage is fish farming in the ocean, as it facilitates the mass production of seafood. Accordingly, he promoted large-scale fish farming enterprises. On land as well, he pursued building fish farms in places where fish can be farmed in large quantities. These efforts were made to address the problem of food shortages around the world.

True Father developed a high-protein fish powder and, in Kodiak, Alaska, he established a factory to produce it. He then launched a project to catch krill in the waters off Antarctica, process it into powder, and then supply the powder to people suffering from malnutrition in developing countries. For this project he acquired ships to catch krill and factory ships to process the krill into food, and set up a marketing system to supply the product to people in need. He utilized the Unification global network as a foundation to implement this vision.

17   One-third of the earth consists of land, and two-thirds is covered by the ocean. Most things living in the ocean are edible. Even seaweed is edible. Yet most plants that grow on land are not edible. Also, in the ocean, we can find pretty much everything that we find on land. There are sea cows, seahorses, sea lions, sea tigers, sea snakes and such. Besides, what a diversity of fish are living there! 

Nevertheless, Americans prefer eating meat from the land to eating fish, because fish is not part of their culture, and many do not like the way it smells. Recently though, many Americans have begun to pay attention to natural foods, and those that do believe that fish will enhance their longevity.

Not too long ago, I went to a cattle market in Miami and asked how much it costs for one calf. I was told it ranges anywhere from $25 to $70. In New York, it would cost $400. Yet, one large tuna costs $4,000. Thus, one tuna is worth more than 150 calves. So which of the two, the ocean or the land, can make you richer? If you catch a big tuna, you can live off it for a whole year.

18   The only way to resolve the world's future food shortage will be by utilizing the ocean. So people need to rely more on fish than on products of the land. We need to be prepared to make this transition. 

We need money to create a global foundation for this, but no one is thinking about it or investing for it. So, I have to come up with ways to generate funds, such as by holding sport fishing tournaments and fishing trips that attract upper-class people from around the world. But even to begin, I needed a significant amount of funding. Also, to build this foundation, I first needed to know everything necessary for it. I had to acquire the knowledge to be able to teach people where to find fish in the ocean, what kind of fish they are, what bait they like, and so on. I needed to know these things in order to coach them, so that they would enjoy their time fishing.

When people vacation on land, after three days they might become bored with just relaxing. But on a boat out on the ocean there are unlimited ways to enjoy oneself. Once people connect to the mysteries hidden in the ocean world, filled with countless varieties of fish, they will want to continue their expedition even after their holiday is over. The ocean is fascinating. Try stopping the boat and casting your fishing line to the very bottom of the ocean. If you catch a big fish, you will be so excited it will take your breath away.

19   Since the beginning of history, humankind has faced three great enemies: famine, disease, and ignorance. The people of the world need to pool their resources to fight and overcome these enemies. These problems are showing up in serious ways in places like Africa, Central America and South America. This is exactly the reason we need to create a business that in the future will develop the marine resources in the vast oceans. 

I have created business enterprises that cover a variety of ocean-related activities. They include building large fishing vessels, making fishing equipment, and fish farming. In the future, the ocean will supply food to all the people in the world. That is why exploring and developing the ocean is the best way to end hunger and starvation.

20   In the future, humanity will face a serious food shortage. I began the ocean businesses in order to create a foundation in each nation to address this problem. So, while traveling around the world, I have been teaching people to prepare them to handle it. To address the problem of food shortages, we must develop the ocean. 

I am a champion when it comes to catching fish in the ocean. Among the well-known people in the world, there are many who enjoy fish and fishing. I should become their teacher. Yet, how can I teach them, if after taking them out to the ocean only a couple of times I have exhausted my knowledge about fishing? My resources must be unlimited, including a deep understanding about how and where to catch certain fish.

21   We are the True Parents, who came to the earth to save all humanity. All people are our children. How can we not be concerned about those who are starving to death? The reason I am engaged in ocean enterprises is that through them we can save those people. I am also currently thinking about how to supply people with food by producing it in the great tundra plains in Alaska, the plains of Siberia, and the ice-capped regions of the North Pole. We can specialize in greenhouse farming. 

I instructed some people in Alaska to work on developing this business, giving them all the necessary support. We have a base in Alaska big enough to accommodate tens of millions of people. We can build temperature-controlled greenhouses and cultivate fruit. Then, not only will these regions supply fish and agricultural products to address the food issue, they will also become places where many people can settle.

22   In the future, when people erect one small building and farm fish in it, they will be able to generate more than ten times as much income as they would by raising cattle and selling their milk and meat. Although it is not being done, we now have the technology to draw water from the ocean and transport it anywhere. The time will come when we can supply water to places hundreds and even thousands of miles away. Once we install pipelines, it will not cost that much money. We will be able to pump ocean water to a fish-farm installation in the mountains, a multi-story building, and farm all kinds of fish in it. One person sitting in a control room will be able to monitor the whole operation. At the press of a button, food will automatically be released into tanks, and by pressing another button the large fish will automatically be brought down to the bottom floor.

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