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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 10: Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America
Chapter 1: Economic Activities to Create theEnvironment for God’s Ideal
Section 5: The Equalization of Technology, Background
Section 5: The Equalization of Technology, Paragraph 16

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Section 5. The Equalization of Technology


During the 11th International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS), which was held in November 1981, True Parents proposed a movement to equalize technology globally. The developments of science and technology, they said, are the common assets of humanity, assets that God gave us as tools with which to govern all the things of creation. Everyone is entitled to use these tools and enjoy their benefits. True Parents warned that a minority of nations should not monopolize technology to dominate other countries. They emphasized that we should equalize access to technology so everyone in the world can live a good life.

1  The original purpose for which God inspires the development of inventions and technology is for the creation of tools we can use to fulfill His third blessing, for us to have dominion over creation. Everyone has the right to make use of technology and enjoy its benefits. We should of course discuss the economic and industrial development aspect of advances in science and technology, such as those in the helicopter industry. In addition, however, the situation of the world today compels us to talk about the attitude of those who advance science and develop technology. My view is that they need to emphasize love and moral values. God originally created all the things of the world as our partners to support us and to bring us joy. For our part, we need to embody true love by uniting with God, our subject partner of true love who created the world. This is how we can become a true and loving subject partner and lord of creation. God created the universe to be our object partner. Human beings, as God's representatives, should love and preserve nature and the environment. When we make use of nature, it should be for the benefit of all people.

2   Developed nations are influencing the economy of South America. They control this continent through political power and military might, and also take advantage of their economic influence. They control everything through the banks. With this power, they manipulate the development of South America's raw materials as they wish. We must outlaw these practices. This is the context in which I am advocating the equalization of technology.

3   I am encouraging the equalization of scientific progress and technology throughout the world. During the ICUS, I discussed equalizing the distribution of technology, offering as an example how we connected the top technology in Germany to our Tongil Industries. This allowed Tongil to reach the highest level in the fields of electronics and machinery. We must reach this degree of equalization on a global scale. We should not keep the benefits to ourselves but spread them evenly to the world. The Unification Church is trying to disseminate God's worldview to all people, to bring global equalization of ideals, technology, economy and the media. Once we equalize these four spheres of life, the living standard of all the world's people naturally will reach the same level.

4   I do not have a national affiliation. I do as I please irrespective of opposition from the United States, Korea or Japan. Since I have made up my mind to equalize the level of technological development across the globe, I will do it without fail. But think about how difficult it is to actually achieve that goal. It is impossible to persuade advanced nations to offer their technology for the purpose of global equalization. None of them want to share their technology with other nations. They would rather hoard and protect it to bolster their national self-interest. Having so painstakingly developed it, they do not want to share it with other nations.

5   Although the ability to create the highest technology is naturally bequeathed to the greatest intellectuals, the resulting technology is a gift that heaven bestows for the sake of all human beings. Nonetheless, people have manipulated their gifts in order to benefit only their own race. Starting in 1981, I called for a movement to equalize the distribution of scientific progress and technology around the world. This stance has brought persecution upon me many times. Once this equalization movement is on track, however, it will lead to the sharing of technology between the United States and the nations of South America. Europe also will open its doors to Africa, making European technology available to all African nations. European imperial powers dominated those African nations in order to gain access to their raw materials. Because I took this position, developed nations fiercely opposed me, claiming that my proposal would block their progress and strangle them economically. Even so, it is imperative that the advanced nations open the door to equalization. The same applies to schooling. Institutions of learning need to give all peoples equal access to science and technology. They must give any competent person the opportunity to study. Education needs to transcend skin color, whether black, yellow or white.

6   We must carry out a movement to achieve a leveling in the spheres of ideals, technology, economic resources and access to information. Up until now, a handful of people in the developed nations sat back and virtually did as they pleased, oblivious to the impact upon the lives of people in the developing countries. I will not allow this. I have a responsibility to protect all the people of this world, and I have to create the foundation upon which I can fulfill this responsibility. I have worked to expand this foundation regardless of the adversity I have faced. Despite bitter opposition, I have built a sizable foundation during my lifetime.

Implementing the ideal

True Parents launched a movement to equalize scientific progress and technology in many different fields because they believe that technology must be shared throughout the world. Notably they laid the foundation for the equalization of technology by acquiring major machine-tool factories in Germany, a leading nation in new technology, in order to promote the equalization of science and technology among developed and less developed nations. In so doing, they hoped to support the development of nations in Africa, South America and Asia. In Africa, for example, True Parents invested in the construction and equipping of sausage factories, and in schools for agriculture and animal husbandry. In China, True Parents promoted the Panda Automobile project, with the vision of building a large-scale automobile factory. These projects were initiated to contribute to the equalization of technology, and for world peace.

7   You cannot imagine what a threat my plan to equalize technology around the world is to developed nations. If a country like the United States pursued the equalization of technology, it would have to share its technology with South America. The US can outperform South America because of its political and economic power and military might. This is how the US keeps South America as an economic colony. Technology is another reason the US exceeds the political and economic performance of Latin countries. The nations of South America wield their own military and economic power, but the level of their technology is inferior. The United States would lose a good deal if it were to freely share its technology. Nations might share various things with each other, but not their scientific secrets and technology. I am acquiring the highest technologies of the developed nations and proclaiming that these are meant to be shared.

8   The top people of the world are helping us right now. Since there are such people wanting to help me, we will be able to receive all the raw materials we need. We must do so to help developing nations more than the developed ones. I am opening a path for developing nations to prosper. I will bring raw materials from a few nations in Asia, and for 20 years I will promote the equalization of technology as well as the equalization of production. For 20 years, we will oversee the complete transfer of technology to developing nations while supplying any material they lack. I am saying that we should unconditionally hand over the world's top technology to these nations. These nations will advance to the world level if they form an ideal partnership of love with me as the subject partner and with themselves as the object partners. This partnership will be mutually beneficial for all of us.

9   I have acquired Germany's top scientific technology. During the 1980s I bought four factories in Germany. I am an advocate of the equalization of world technology. Why do I advocate this? Europe invaded and exploited Africa. Europeans derided Africans as primitives in order to justify securing Africa's raw materials for their own nations. When our Unificationist missionaries went to Africa, they discovered that in many instances Europeans had not taught Africans how to farm and had not built universities or secondary schools. God did not bless Europe just so that Europe alone could prosper. His blessing was intended for all people. This blessing must be distributed, even if it means that prosperous nations sacrifice. This is why I have been advocating the equalization of technology since 1981.

10   If I go to Germany, I become a German. I adapt very well. When I begin to talk about my history, I really feel that there is a living God. For example, Germany shut its doors to me and did all it could do to exclude me from its industrial circle. However, there was a factory run by the German government on which the country placed great importance. But because it was privatized in 1984, I was able to acquire it. It was truly a miracle. Who masterminded this? I am saying it was the spirit world. That factory housed the epitome of German technology. It was one that brought into one place all the technological advancements of the 20th century. It was a factory that manufactured machines to make large-scale production lines. The ability to build production lines is essential for any nation.

11   I went to Germany and investigated many areas of technology. I did a great deal of research beforehand so that when I went to a particular factory I immediately knew what to look for. When you buy a factory you have to appraise the good points and the bad. Since I could not go there every day, I had an investigation conducted. For at least five years starting in 1980, German industry transitioned from the use of manpower to automation. As a result of this transition, many companies went bankrupt, especially small ones. I had anticipated this would happen, and calculated that if I did not buy factories during this period, it would be difficult to do so later. I then purchased four important factories, each of which plays an essential role in the economy, including a machine shop, and an automobile production-line factory. I made these purchases as part of a movement to allow the level of technology in developing nations to become equal to that in developed nations.

12   I am building sausage factories in seven African nations. Personnel from the world's most famous sausage factory, which is in Germany, are helping our missionaries build them. In the future, I will form a department of Tongil Industries that will mass-produce sausage machines. What Africans fear most is malnutrition. They survive on foods that lack protein. This is why I am focusing on sausages. To promote this work, I am teaching them how to raise pigs and cows by building stables and barns. Also, I taught them new farming methods to raise vegetables and to do just about everything else relating to food. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I built a college of agriculture. We are not operating this ourselves. We appointed people who can work there on our behalf and entrusted it to them in the spirit of mutual prosperity. I am developing this to save people and empower them to live for the sake of one another.

13   I contracted to purchase 26,000 acres of land on which to build the Panda Automobile Industrial Complex in China. This covers an area nearly as large as Washington, DC. Parties to the contract are the central government and Guangdong Province. I knew we had to conclude this before the end of June 1989, because the circumstances in China were deteriorating. The land is located in an area called Huizhou, about 40 minutes from Hong Kong by sea. In 1997, China will receive Hong Kong back from Great Britain. China is planning to use Shenzhen and Huizhou, cities adjacent to Hong Kong, as bases of operations for this transition.

14   I opened the door to China. The Tiananmen Square crackdown took place on June 4, 1989, and the groundbreaking ceremony for the Panda factory was held on June 27. What was the original date of the groundbreaking ceremony? Originally we were supposed to send money to a Chinese bank in Hong Kong by September 23, and we would have been able to hold the groundbreaking ceremony only after the Chinese government gave its official approval. That means we could have held this ceremony in October at the earliest. Then why did we hold the groundbreaking ceremony on June 27, right after the June 4 incident? The Korean embassy had notified us at that time that we needed to abandon China for security reasons, but we did not budge. Our advance team had fled to Thailand and we were observing the situation. The officials in Beijing and Guangdong were surprised when we decided to conduct the groundbreaking ceremony. Because we held the event with great fanfare, including a band and fireworks, newspapers gave us extensive coverage.

15   I made a huge investment in the construction of the Panda Automobile Industrial Complex in China. It was not because I hoped to strike gold by entering China before others. My basic principle is to reinvest any profit made in China back into China itself. The profits made there will be reinvested in the country for building the International Peace Highway and promoting the advancement of other cutting-edge technologies to a level equal with the developed world. My motive in this investment is to promote the welfare of the 1.3 billion people of China. You cannot talk about world peace without including China, which has one-quarter of the world's population.

16   The goal of the Panda project is first to promote peace in the East. This project is not about making money. What is important is that it is for peace. I invested in this project to consolidate peace efforts in the East, with the ultimate goal of bringing about peace in the world.


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