Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 274

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 10: Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America
Chapter 1: Economic Activities to Create theEnvironment for God’s Ideal
Section 4: The Establishment of Companies, Seil Travel Co. and YongPyong Resort
Section 4: The Establishment of Companies, Paragraph 17

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Seil Travel Co. and YongPyong Resort

In January 1985, True Parents established Seil Travel, a travel agency that handles both domestic and foreign travel. Our history is a providential one of finding God's people who have been lost. True Parents asked Seil Travel to fulfill a role facilitating the exchange between different cultural realms for the purpose of creating a single cultural realm centered on God. In March 2003, plans were announced to purchase the YongPyong Resort, a four-season resort that includes three 18-hole golf courses and the largest ski facility in Korea. In particular, the plans included developing the ski slopes as part of Korea's bid, submitted to the International Olympic Committee in 2011, to host the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. True Parents' vision and commitment were indeed instrumental in Pyeongchang county's selection as the venue for the 2018 Games. At the same time, True Parents announced plans to develop other resort facilities in Yeosu and Suncheon in the southern reaches of the Korean Peninsula. In keeping with that vision, the management of YongPyong Resort has developed The Ocean Resort in Yeosu. These ski, golf and ocean resorts are the pillars of the Tongil Group's leisure industries. True Parents' vision also includes business endeavors in manufacturing and distribution, to which end they also established Kosai, a production and distribution network, Saeilo Machinery, Happy Mind, and other enterprises in various fields.

5   We are entering a propitious time to lay an economic foundation. The time is coming for the rise of the leisure industry. The leisure and tourism industries will only continue to grow. People looking to go to North Korea's Mt. Geumgang will travel via Busan or Jeju Island. If people go to visit Busan, Jeju Island and Baekdu Mountain, we will need layover accommodations. There should be large hotels or nationwide organizations to serve these customers. Therefore, Seil Travel should install branch offices in key areas, and lay the foundation to connect with other travel companies.

6   In order for Seil Travel to become number one, its people should all move forward with a single focus. When they do, no other travel company will be able to surpass them. Seil Travel must become a leading travel agency in the Republic of Korea, and then expand to the world. When heavenly fortune encounters strong opposition, the power of the universe protects you in proportion to the strength of your unity. Nobody can undermine you when the power of the universe is protecting you. That is how you can go on forever. That is how you can go beyond the Republic of Korea, beyond Asia, and beyond the world to form one great unified body. Travel agencies are not generally associated with the most virtuous morality. That is why I say we should lead this immoral and corrupt world by repairing at least one part of it. When we incorporate the Seil philosophy into our tourism business, even the most beautiful woman in the world will not be able to lure customers away. The Seil brand will shine and this company will be a beacon in this dark world.

7   We must do whatever it takes to guide the youth of North Korea, South Korea, Japan, the United States, China and Russia. I will educate them by having them mingle with people from different nations. When I say educate, I mean that I will take the young people from North Korea to network with the youth in other countries. They can be educated in Russia as well as in China, the United States, and France. It will be no problem to do this because we have an international foundation. Korea should be at the center in guiding the United States, Japan, China, Russia and the other powerful nations of the world. We are going to prepare a plan and execute it. Seil Travel should deal with passports and visas. I did not create Seil Travel to make money. I made this company so that it can pave a path on which God will travel. First we must educate people through student exchanges based in Korea. Next we must carry out education with the cooperation of the United States, Russia, Japan and China. These nations should cooperate with each other in running these educational programs. 

8   We have acquired YongPyong Resort, which can be a venue for the Winter Olympics. Winter is the busy season at YongPyong, so the issue is how to use it in the warmer months. In summer there is golf and fishing. We should make it so that helicopters can land on every mountain top at the Daegwal-lyeong mountain pass. I also suggest that we make an organic farm, so we can offer a cuisine featuring fresh seasonal produce, and that we build a hotel to accommodate those who visit the area. Since YongPyong provides wonderful scenery in winter and summer, we can make good use of it in both seasons. I also plan to plant mountain ginseng and cultivate it there. This can then be sold to the people who tour the region in helicopters. You have no idea what a mystical view spreads out in front of you when you climb to the top of Mt. Balwang at a height of 1,458 meters. If a helicopter pad could be built there, we could use it as a base for all our activities. YongPyong can thus become the place that connects the ocean and the land.

9   I am currently planning to create a facility for motorcycle or bicycle racing at YongPyong Resort. We can keep hundreds of motorcycles or bicycles at a spot situated a few kilometers up in the hills, transport riders up there by cable car, and let them ride down on motorcycles or bicycles. Or they can drive to the top in their cars carrying their own bicycles or motorcycles, and ride them around in the hills. If we can make this a popular sport among middle and high school students, it will be a good way to make use of the resort during the off-season. We can also have fishing. Though we already host fishing competitions in Yeosu and Suncheon, depending on the season we can also host them in Cheongpyeong. We can do so by raising fish in the YongPyong Reservoir. We should also create a hunting ground. The environmental conditions in YongPyong give it a competitive edge when it comes to hunting, and many people go hunting. We can develop this land in many ways; in fact, in time the ski resort may give way to other facilities.

10   Since I have long advocated the hobby industry worldwide, when people speak of me this naturally comes up. Under the banner of the hobby industry, we can create a communications network connecting not only North America, South America and Europe, but also the rest of the world. Taking the dynamic financial realities into account, we need to connect the demographic that guides more than 70 percent of the world's financial sector. One activity elderly people can take part in is golf. Therefore, YongPyong should also be made into a place for golfers and international tourists. 

11   Working in the field of technology, Saeilo is competing to restore the world of business to God's side. Our goal is to lead the machine industry of the world. When I say, "Let's go to the world," you have to go beyond the United States and reach out globally. What should Saeilo do? Saeilo is currently a small company, but our members are strong. All of you can do whatever you choose as you go out to live for the sake of the world. We still do not have the right environment, but I am saying that we should create it. Only then can each of you arrive at your ultimate destination on the world stage.

12   In order for us to have global economic power, we need to streamline our global sales organization. Departments responsible for sales should manage the product lines, which should be interchangeable between regions across the nation. The price of many items fluctuates depending on the season. When the profit margin of a product rises according to the season or other factors, we should quickly distribute and sell that item nationwide. This is a process that requires the ability to reach all parts of the nation. Thus we need to form a distribution system that can immediately sell any item that has a profit margin in a given season. We should select goods for which there is a seasonal demand and market them throughout the nation. Then, we need to globalize this process.

13   The time will come when people no longer need to live in cities. A time will come when people will get along well and will live regarding the world as their garden. All people will need to do is order goods by phone. Using an automated system we will be able to take orders and close the deal through the phone. If you place an order for certain goods, you will be told how much they cost and how much the tax is. It will be like talking to a clerk at a department store, only better. Clerks can make mistakes, but computers do not. With this system we can deliver our products to any location. I call this "Reverend Moon's system." When this is put in place, we will not need department stores or shops.

Aviation-related enterprises

True Parents established Washington Times Aviation in order to pursue a high standard of aviation technology and space engineering technology. In November 2004, they established Times Aerospace Korea, and in June 2006 they held the ground-breaking ceremony for the Gimpo Aviation Industrial Complex. Times Aerospace Korea entered into a technology-sharing agreement establishing cooperative relations with Sikorsky Aircraft. 

14    understand science and foresee how the industrial world will develop. That is why I have been laying the foundation to secure state-of-the-art technology. You cannot guide the world unless you elevate technology to the highest standard. I have risen to the highest heights in terms of thought, and in order to connect this with the heights of science and technology, I have built factories that produce machine parts and automobile parts. I am also quite interested in helicopters, so I created a company called Washington Times Aviation.

15   The automobile is something that makes us proud of modern civilization. We feel the same about the airplane. This is why I built Washington Times Aviation. The issue is how to develop aerospace engineering science and technology by connecting North America and South America. I am making preparations for that right now. I am thinking of buying top-rated airplanes and incorporating the best aircraft technology. France, the United States and Canada are the leaders in that field. The Canadian firm is very famous, and I hope we can work with them in the future. Then we can move America. 

16   Aviation technology is many times more complicated than other mechanical technologies. Sikorsky Aircraft, which has the highest level of technology, has the potential to dominate outer space. Another name for the company is United Technologies. We have made a joint investment with the United States in this cutting-edge technology. If the United States creates machinery in collaboration with us, using this aviation and space technology, the entire world will follow us. If an aircraft breaks down, it can be repaired and used again. If you know how to repair an airplane, you already know how to build a new one.

17   The technology institutes in the United States lead the fields of space and aviation. We made a factory for Sikorsky Aircraft in Korea. This is on track to create a global enterprise from the companies housed in Korea and America. These companies are priceless because they are designed to serve the benefit of all humanity. That is why I included the speech I gave at the ground-breaking ceremony for Times Aerospace Korea at the Gimpo Aviation Industrial Complex in the Peace Messages. The question now is how you are going to learn the technology necessary to contribute to this initiative. A world of technology awaits, in which young people who set their minds on it can do anything in a span of ten years. That is why you have to invest yourself, sparing no effort.

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