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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 9: Activities in the Media, Education and the Arts for the Culture of Heart
Chapter 5: Realizing a World of the Culture of Heart through Sports  
Section 3: Soccer Tournaments, Paragraph 09
Section 4: Unification Martial Arts, Paragraph 09

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9  Both the father-son relationship and the front-back relationship can be woven together, with Parents at the center. The concept of Cain and Abel is a formula in the Principle. Thus, we founded the Wongu Peace Cup. The Peace Cup cannot succeed by means of one person alone. There must be two parties. The Wongu Peace Cup stands in the Abel position, and one has to follow Abel to achieve unity. Not only the physical world but also the spiritual world has to be unified. If the Unification Church is not sure about spiritual reality, what will happen to Wongu? In front of the global standard of Abel, the spirit world has to come down in the Cain position to attend Wongu. These will become one. Who can liberate God? Abel will liberate Him. Liberation happens through descending and becoming one. Thus, if we organize Cain and Abel in every possible way, the world will turn around in an instant, in a dashing torrential flow.

10  The kings and queens of peace are in the position of parents, and the children of peace are in the position of Cain and Abel. Future generations can settle even if they may divide into a myriad number of branches. I am not speaking merely of a safe arrival but of settlement. Wherever the seed of settlement is planted, it can sprout. You, too, should plant a seed. This is the conclusion. For this reason, I founded the Wongu Peace Cup. Representing the children, there are Cain and Abel peace cups. When a king and queen become one and take root as a family of harmony and unity, their heavenly seed can prosper eternally. Adam and Eve stand in the position of king and queen. Cain and Abel stand in the children's position. If they become a family that unites the first and second generations and takes root, they can become an eternal seed. An ideal family is a foundation; it is like the seed of a king and a queen with sons and daughters. On that foundation, individual embodiments of truth on thousands and tens of thousands of branches will prosper.

Section 4. Unification Martial Arts

Martial arts education

The Martial Arts Federation for World Peace was founded by True Parents at the Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C. on March 23, 1997, with world martial artists, including Won Hwa Do practitioners, in attendance. The Federation has branches in 40 countries around the world and carries out activities that contribute to peace in societies, nations and the world. On February 25, 2012, the Federation moved its headquarters to Korea. According to True Parents, martial arts are needed to realize a peaceful world. Also, martial arts are essential for youth to learn to discipline their mind and body.

1  In the future, when wars no longer take place, people will focus their interest on sports and the arts. There will be no way, other than sports, to exhaust the boundless energy of the world's young people. Among the different kinds of sports, you have to practice martial arts. Why are martial arts necessary? Satan gathered his energy and conquered the world, but now, we need to be champions of martial arts gathering the energy of Heaven. In the same manner, having a united mind and body centered on Heaven's authority, you ought to be able to settle in the family, tribe, society and nation. This is why we have to hold a tournament every year and determine a champion. The champion in the martial arts tournament on the elementary, middle and high school levels, or the university level, can become an instructor. The university-level champion can be an instructor for the middle and high school students first, and later be in a position to educate even the president of a country. In this way, through martial arts, we must protect that which is being ravaged by devils.

2  Physical training in sports, the arts, and then martial arts is what young people like most. The more a culture develops, the more sports events develop as well. That is why you ought to set up a standard where your mind and body can be trained at the same time. When they become one, you can step up to the next level. You cannot reach the next level immediately just because you want to. You must pass through stages of growth.

3  I believe we have to raise talented people, mentally and physically, who can be victorious on a world level. We must be strong soldiers, the likes of which never existed in history where goodness has been weak. Goodness will not cease, but will advance, and in order to do this, we must realize our latent energy. There is a martial art called Jeong Do Sul in Korea. In that martial art, there is a movement where one has to jump from a height of 13 meters and not simply fall to the ground, but come up attacking. It would be good to give you training such as this. You need to have the confidence and the mind-set that you will not die, even if you leap from a height of 40 meters, which is three times that height. If I were the one to train you, I would give intense training.

4  You need to think that you must learn Won Hwa Do right away. You have to integrate it into the world immediately. Won Hwa Do originated from Heaven. From now on, Won Hwa Do must first make a foundation for your external education in the form of martial arts. We must create a perfect foundation where all areas in sports correlate with martial arts. Second, we need to instill internal and spiritual values. Human beings have an internal aspect, a mind, which relates with the spiritual realm. What does the planting of internal and spiritual values mean? By learning the various movements of Won Hwa Do, we learn the internal contents of the Divine Principle deeply. Third, we must accomplish the unification of the world. We have to unite the physical and spiritual worlds. Through Won Hwa Do, you can empower yourself spiritually and physically. It is also possible to empower the physical world and the spiritual world.

Fourth, equip youth in both the democratic and communist worlds with Won Hwa Do. Wherever you go, when you practice this martial art, you will not be chased away. Once you start to practice Won Hwa Do, everything will feel natural. Because it is natural, the more you practice it, the more enjoyable it is. It can also be connected with physical education. I envision it as containing the basic movements common to all games. For this reason, young people in both the democratic realm and communist blocs need to be equipped with Won Hwa Do. Similar to Hwa Rang Do in the old days, martial arts will be a path toward the mastery of spiritual teachings.

Won Hwa Do and Tongil Moo Do

Won Hwa Do, one of the world's physical training systems, is a martial art based on the laws of give and receive action and circular motion taught by True Parents. It is a style of physical training that is in accord with the content of the Divine Principle. According to True Parents, Won Hwa Do combines the harmony of different spheres. Moreover, they have explained that through won hwa (圓和), "circle and harmony" one can be trained to be a person of heart. They have also emphasized that Won Hwa Do and Tongil Moo Do should develop based on Unification Thought and the philosophy of peace.

5  Won Hwa Do is a martial art. It does not require fighting with weapons. You use your body, and your body attains its full potential. It is a martial art that you can use to defend yourself against any other martial art. In this martial art, you do not perform straight movements, as there is no harmony in such movements. In skipping a stone on water, you hold a pebble like this, level with your pocket below your waist. When you turn it like this and throw it abruptly, it will go far. If you match your frequency in a reciprocal position with the rhythm of the universe, you will experience the highest standard of martial arts, possess the power of a victor, and be able to defend yourself against anything.

6  When people join the Unification Church, they come to have spiritual experiences. They must have spiritual experiences and receive Fathers teachings spiritually. They ought to have overwhelming experiences. If you reach that standard through our teachings, and at that level research any field professionally, you will be able to develop limitlessly. I do not think that Jeong Do Sul can accomplish this. There is a path that teaches how to develop even further. If you travel along this highest path, learning from the spirit world, I will even appear and begin to teach you. I will take your education even further. This is the invisible strong point of the Unification Church that no one understands.

7  We have built a university and we are currently in the process of building a middle and high school. We will teach Won Hwa Do there, and if this martial art is developed in the international sphere, it will be more advanced than Tae Kwon Do, Jeong Do Sul, judo and wrestling. If you learn Won Hwa Do, you can do anything. Won Hwa Do will be our way to teach the content of the Divine Principle to young people through health training and physical training. Won Hwa Do is the basic principle in all sports. A perfect minus will induce a perfect plus, and likewise a perfect plus creates a perfect minus. Based on an external martial art, we can develop a form of physical training that provides a theoretical system to unite mind and body. Then, its students will automatically master the content of the Principle by learning that martial art.

8  In the future, those in the second generation must inherit the tradition of the Olympics. They must be healthy externally and filled with love internally. If you are filled with love, you can represent parental love, conjugal love and children's love. 

Furthermore, you must become a mature person of character, who can represent love for the nation, love for the world and love for Heaven. To attain this level, we must ensure a harmonized realm of heart on the basis of Unification Thought. Likewise, in sports, we must ensure a foundation in martial arts that is in accord with the content of the Divine Principle. Thus, I have instructed that Won Hwa Do be launched in 120 nations. To stay in good condition, I have been exercising using won hwa movements for many years now. I have been doing the smooth circular motions that are based on give and receive action.

9  Tongil Moo Do must not be a new variation of martial arts, but has to be able to transcend the existing martial arts. A single united martial art must be developed based on the principles of Unification Thought and the philosophy of peace. This must also be done in sports and all other fields, including the arts. A foundation based on the spiritual realm in the background will provide the push to bring very fast development. This development will be due to the assistance of the spirit world. Building the base is always the hard part.

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