Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 265

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 9: Activities in the Media, Education and the Arts for the Culture of Heart
Chapter 5: Realizing a World of the Culture of Heart through Sports 
Section 2: Soccer Teams, CENE and Atletico Sorocaba
Section 3:  Soccer Tournaments, Paragraph 08

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CENE and Atletico Sorocaba

True Parents see soccer as significant for realizing world peace because it is a sport that excites the entire world. On April 4, 2000, they acquired the Centro Esportivo Nova Esperana (CENE) and the Sorocoba soccer teams in Brazil, the land of soccer. The Sorocoba team, which was founded on February 2, 1991, later achieved acclaim with its elevation to Brazil's Division One. The CENE soccer team, founded on December 15, 1999, in Jardim, also runs soccer teams for children.

7  In Brazil, soccer has as much influence as any corporation. When Brazilian teams play soccer, the whole country is enthusiastic. Moreover, all 33 nations of Latin America get excited, as if they were one country. Who could beat such a huge country? Brazil's most powerful teams are world famous. But to form a professional soccer team in Brazil is as hard as reaching the stars.

What would have happened if I had not entered into the Brazilian soccer world when I did? After that, Brazil passed a law prohibiting any foreigner from joining the Brazilian soccer association and establishing a soccer team. Why was that? It was because I started teams. They worried that other foreigners also would come and problems would arise. They have been in a privileged position doing business in the world at large, yet if a foreigner came to Brazil and did so, it could cause trouble. That is why they passed a law to forbid it. Now, I am the only foreigner who has a soccer team in Brazil.

8  I have been managing the CENE and Sorocaba soccer teams in Brazil, and this recently gave rise to some issues. They were wondering how I could do it so suddenly within a year's time. In Brazil, soccer is king; it is more profitable than any industry or commercial business. So when I invested in CENE and Sorocaba, it attracted enormous attention. Their soccer world went on high alert. Soccer became a way to connect them to our cultural festival. (354-122, 2001/09/19)

9  If we became the kings of soccer, what would we do next? We would have to create a nation. There are 33 nations in Latin America, yet who can bind those countries together? If it can be done centered on Pele, it should be done that way. Sports is the fastest way to unite the world, since it is able to engage the world and transcend nations. The Olympic Games and soccer have gained great significance. That is why I emphasize soccer.

It became an issue in Brazil that I now run the Sorocaba and CENE teams. Heaven will help us though. If we rise up but are not aligned with Heaven, we will fall down right after we climb up. We are not doing this in order to make money. If, by connecting the North and the South and uniting the earth's seven continents through soccer, and thereby devoting ourselves in front of Heaven even more than the United States does, then we will surpass the United States. If an international confederation connected through sports were offered to Heaven, the athletes would inherit the mainstream thought of their nation.

Section 3. Soccer Tournaments 

Peace King Cup and Peace Queen Cup

True Parents established the Sun Moon Peace Cup soccer tournament in June 2002 at the Little Angels Performing Arts Center, to realize the world of the culture of heart. The Peace Cup is a soccer tournament for international clubs held by the Sun Moon Peace Soccer Foundation. It was held every other year from 2003. The first three tournaments were held in Korea. The fourth was held in Madrid and Andalusia, Spain, in 2009, and the fifth in Suwon, Korea, in 2012. Moreover, the Peace Queen Cup, which is an international soccer tournament for women, was held every second year, starting in 2006.

1  What is the origin of the Sun Moon Peace Cup? This was not my initiative, but Heaven's own. As it originated from God, I tell you: do not approach it thoughtlessly. If you treat it carelessly, problems will arise. We do this work because the providence moves in this way. Will it yield any profit? If one thinks as you do, there will not be any profit whatsoever.

2  I am very interested in soccer. I founded the Ilhwa Chunma soccer team and acquired the Sorocaba team, which is famous in Brazil. If world peace is to appear, sports will play an important role. The nation that dominates sports will dominate the world. We will hold an Olympics-style competition between religions in 2003. On June 12, when the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Korea and Japan was at its peak, I founded a soccer federation called the Sun Moon Peace Cup. It has become famous already. We welcomed Pele, the player famous player from the soccer kingdom of Brazil, and told him, "We need to begin a new FIFA."

3  The American people like ball games such as American football, basketball and baseball. Until now, they have not liked soccer. They ignored it because soccer started in the United Kingdom. However, soccer is more popular than the Olympics. Soccer represents equality and equalization. Envisioning an equalized world, I intend to weave North and South America together. If I have the spirit of North and South America, then Europe will follow accordingly. In order to equalize the world, we started soccer tournaments under the Sun Moon Peace King Cup.

4  In the future, young people will work off their excess energy through sports and the arts. We are preparing for that. From now on, we will hold the Peace Cup soccer tournament every other year. It is a club tournament, so it transcends national-level players. If it goes well, it could be very enjoyable. It is amazing that we could build up such a foundation in just one year. Each nation will select a player as its representative. They will compete with each other to be admitted onto a team. It is absolutely necessary for each nation in this way to establish a degree of international authority in the field of soccer.

5  I founded the Peace King Cup soccer tournament. When I told FIFA that I would establish the Peace King Cup tournament, they told me that it should not be bigger than FIFA. When I announced that we would also create a women's Peace Cup, namely the Peace Queen Cup, FIFA also made a fuss about it. I will announce at the Peace Queen Cup tournament, "Now women's soccer teams have appeared, raising the banner of peace. Please have hope for these soccer teams! We are going to start the Peace Queen Cup tournament."

6  Hereafter, the fields of the arts and sports will lead the world. We hold the World Culture and Sports Festival. Originally, I wanted to use the term "Olympics" in the title. But the International Olympic Committee opposed it, so we could not use that name. We have to create a new name that surpasses the Olympics in order to combine the two fields of the arts and sports. For this reason, we will make the Sun Moon Peace Cup tournament. It will be for the sun and the moon, for Father and Mother, for the parents of heaven and earth, and will combine sports and the arts. Through this, we will make world champions not only in the realm of sports but also in the arts, such as music and dance.

Cain-Abel Wongu Peace Cup

The Wongu (Round Ball) Peace Cup is a festival and tournament for promoting the peace and harmony of the human race transcending national, racial and religious barriers. On August 15, 2009, the Wongu Peace Cup North-South-East-West Cain-Abel Tournament for Harmony between Heaven and Earth was held at the Seongnam General Sports Arena in Gyeonggi Province. On March 23, 2012, the Wongu Peace Cup Cain-Abel Tournament for Harmony between Heaven and Earth was held at the general sports arena at the Namyangju Sports Culture Center in Gyeonggi Province. Won-gu ("round ball") indicates that upper and lower, left and right, and front and back all unite completely, with one center, to make an undistorted balance. The Wongu Peace Cup is a peace festival of complete unity, with True Parents at the center.

7  The Wongu Peace Cup tournament is greater than the Olympic Games. The Greek marathon, which was the flower of the Olympic Games, was created to commemorate the messenger who ran for about 40 kilometers to report to his nation the outcome of the war in which the Greeks defeated the Persians. This remarkable contribution, devoting his body to the nation at the risk of his life, became embedded in the history of the Olympic tradition. We need to go beyond that. For this reason, I initiated the Wongu Peace Cup and announced that it would be an event that surpasses the Olympic Games. 

8  Wongu goes beyond the World Cup and the Olympics. The tournament called "Wongu" can do that. The Chinese character won (圓), which means "round" in Korean, consists of a square (口) with people (員) in the square. It means to take in the entire realm of all true individual beings. There is no individual embodiment of truth that is not included in won. If only we could manage Wongu and the Olympic Games, we would create a realm that embraces all the hobbies and interesting things people enjoy. Won has this meaning. There is another Chinese character won (員), pronounced the same, meaning "individual," included in the Chinese character won (圓). Also, there are two Chinese characters for mouth (口) and one Chinese character for shellfish (貝) in the Chinese character won (圓). In the Chinese character for shellfish (貝), Cain (丿) and Abel (丶) are the legs holding up the Chinese character for eye (目).

Therefore, Cain and Abel must look to God. Unless "unique," "unchanging" and "eternal" support "absolute," the term "absolute" cannot be realized. Thus, these Chinese characters are in accord with heavenly logic. The name Wongu is so wonderful that the Olympic Games will surely pass on its torch to it. The Wongu Peace Cup Cain-Abel Tournament for Harmony between Heaven and Earth is a distinguished title.

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