Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 259

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 9: Activities in the Media, Education and the Arts for the Culture of Heart
Chapter 3: World Media Conferences and Media Outlets
Section 3: Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation and Sunhak Peace Prize, Paragraph 07-18

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7  You are the owners of the Era After the Coming of Heaven. Therefore, you should follow and do the work I have handed down. If you do that, your descendants will respect and thank you. While your descendants pay their respects, if you are grateful in front of Heaven, God will embrace heaven and earth and say, "My world has been completed." Your safe arrival and eternal life will begin from there. You need to have concern for the education of children and lead them well. Out of this concern, I gave a large endowment and created the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation.

8  Because you are in the course of restoration, do not use money for the sake of your children. You must use it for the sake of the world and for the sake of the children of the world. Then the domain of the world's fortune will open. If you are going to use it for the sake of your sons and daughters, you are breaking down the world's fortune. True Parents have prepared a scholarship endowment for the sake of the sons and daughters of blessed families. We are setting this up to support the education of the second generation of blessed families.

9  The reason we are operating businesses in Las Vegas is so that we can use half of the profits from those businesses for scholarships. There are many sons and daughters of the Cain world in difficult circumstances. Unable to go to school, they fall behind. Therefore, after having unified the nations, I am making an organization to encourage learning. The first work that the Abel UN must do is to establish this scholarship foundation. From where will the endowment for this foundation be drawn? When the world enters the realm of Abel, we will have all the resources we need.

10  I will develop the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation even more. I invested all of True Fathers Seonghwa funds as seed money for it. I will evenly distribute the benefits to all people and bring them to understand the original Will of Heaven and of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. It has been said that there is no perfection in ignorance. First, we must teach people, not only through words, but through our actions. Because of that, we set up the Aewon Volunteer Organization, and by practicing service and sharing, we are giving help to neighbors and children who have been neglected. Nonetheless, I will not be satisfied with this alone. We will advance and spread love to more people.

11  The Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation is supporting multicultural families. True Parents are the originators of multicultural families for peace. From the 1970s we began international Blessing ceremonies, and now there are many international blessed couples. Families with parents from enemy countries such as Korea and Japan, or Germany and France, are fulfilling the task of bridge building, engendering sincere reconciliation. We have also blessed people across the barriers of culture, between East and West and between races, making a foundation for world peace that is blossoming in all cultures.

12  All work depends on people. Outstanding people are the pillars upon which world peace will be constructed. Through their influence, excellent families, organizations and even nations will develop. It is necessary to have a clear and appropriate standard for what a person of excellent ability is. In the Principle, it is the person who completes the three great blessings. The three great blessings are the blessings of Heaven which teach us to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion over creation. We can view a person who has completed those three great blessings as worthy. We are able to call that person a filial child in the family, a patriot in the nation, a saint in the world and a holy child in the cosmos. 

True Parents have exerted themselves during their lifetimes to educate people to complete the blessings of Heaven. In his quest to find the Principle, you do not know how much Father cried, feeling the sorrowful heart of Heaven as he read and read until his Bible was tattered. There were times when he spent all day at this. There were times when, drenched in sweat, he spoke passionately for more than ten hours. You might collapse if you speak to someone while investing all of your energy even for one or two hours. You should strive to follow the life course of the true parent, true teacher and true owner that True Parents have shown. The Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation must actively raise people of ability for the sake of continuing the work of True Parents.

13  Do not make your goal just to attend school, study, go to a good university and get a job where you will earn a lot of money. The most important goal is to become a person who fulfills the three great blessings given by God. Become a person who loves Heaven, loves people, and loves your country. If you develop your intellect, skill and ability with that goal, you will realize a great vision. The Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation will provide active support so that you can become people who achieve excellence in accordance with your dreams and the dreams of our Heavenly Parent.

Sunhak Peace Prize

On February 20, 2013, True Parents established the Sunhak Peace Prize. The Sunhak Peace Prize, which was established for the sake of honoring those who implement the peace teachings of True Parents, will be awarded to persons who devote themselves and make noble sacrifices for the sake of world peace. On August 11, 2014 at the Seoul Press Center, the Sunhak Peace Prize Organizing Committee announced the eligibility requirements for the prize and the transparent and impartial process by which the prizewinners would be chosen.

14  In front of Heaven, I made a promise to accomplish something by 2020. I will work in many ways to establish the right environment so that my promise will certainly be realized. We first accelerated our efforts to accomplish a long-range dream when the population of the world was three billion. Now it is over seven billion. I want to make our fervent desire known to these seven billion people as soon as possible. Accordingly, through the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation, we will give our support so that many people of ability, of all social standings, who are working for the sake of peace, will take on larger roles. If we practice true love by means of a life of sharing, while working hard, a bright and happy world will arise in the future. We want our descendants to live and enjoy life in a world without indemnity and bitter pain.

15  The participants in ICUS are eminent people from the United States and other countries, including numerous Nobel laureates. After these people meet me once, for some reason they want to meet me again. If they do not come to the conference, their health suffers. When they come, there is a good atmosphere and I can see they are happy. I have offered honoraria for many years, guided the conference and upheld their prestige and reputation. After saying that I would make a prize like the Nobel Prize, I gave awards of $200,000 on three occasions.

16  There are many people in the world now who respect me, and I am trying to use my influence to encourage them to serve America. Accordingly, I made the United to Serve America organization, the initials of which are USA. Through this organization, we held revivals in 250 American cities. I also gave awards to Christians who had anonymously carried out meritorious deeds. We called those awards the Diamond Prize. On that foundation, we built an interdenominational coalition. In this way, we are reviving the nation. The Christian cultural realm must generate a movement to protect young people and families that are heading toward destruction. This is a good goal. Therefore, I am giving an award to the core personnel of this Christian organization that came out and quietly sacrificed all that they had.

17  We must bequeath to thousands of generations of descendants the vision and thought of peace. To facilitate this, and to enhance True Parents' vision and thought regarding peace, we will establish a peace prize. Through the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation, I am preparing the Sunhak Peace Prize, which will be awarded to a group or individual who serves sacrificially for the sake of world peace and true love. Through this prize, we will support and encourage people who devote themselves for the sake of the genuine ideal world of peace. We will work so that this prize will have the highest value of any prize in human history.

18  The Sunhak Peace Prize, which is offered globally by the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation, will surpass the Nobel Peace Prize. Recipients of this prize will stand in a historic position where the people of the world will respect them for their great contribution to Heaven's Will and peace for all people. I hope you will take great interest in the aspirations of the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation to forge a noble path in history. Please become partners and participants in helping the enterprises that are promoted by the foundation to thrive.

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