Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 258

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 9: Activities in the Media, Education and the Arts for the Culture of Heart
Chapter 3: World Media Conferences and Media Outlets
Section 2: Educational Institutions, Paragraph 25
Section 3: Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation and Sunhak Peace Prize, Paragraph 06

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25  We need to compile a new encyclopedia, mobilizing world-renowned scholars and experts from every field. It will be compiled according to the value standards of each field. In order to revolutionize all fields, we need to first compile the original encyclopedia. We have to publish a daily newspaper, discussing key issues related to all fields of life, and educate the young people of the world. For that purpose, we need to create an integrated educational institution and that is why we need a federation. Universities in one nation alone cannot accomplish this. We need to tie universities together and make preparations to propose a direction that can influence the world.

26  In January 1996, I proclaimed the establishment of the World University Federation at the Victoria Hotel in Uruguay. The universities of the world need to acknowledge common values under the leadership of the World University Federation. National interests and academic freedom are not the matters of greatest concern. In the world of academics, all capable students at any college should be able to carry out activities and demonstrate their abilities freely without any restrictions on their cultural background, thereby transcending race, traditions and nationalities. That is why now I am opening the path where you can go to any university to teach and be influential.

27  North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa can all connect through the work of the World University Federation in North and South America. With this in place, we can determine the global champion in each field of expertise once a year. In this way, universities will become a basis for moving society forward. It is education that can set the standard in spirituality, ethics and morality. Based on that foundation of education, one can teach about God. The media organizations can also make a connection with this foundation. Once all educational and media organizations align with one another internally and externally, the world will not be able to deviate even if it wants to. When people who finish school go out into society, teachers become influential and families unite, then the world will move in one harmonious direction.

28  In the future, I am planning to hold many international seminars, inviting communist and democratic theorists and experts in Unification Thought. To reach this goal, we need the participation of the American government and the United Nations. This will enable the American government to figure out its direction in this confused era. That is to say, if America and the United Nations pursue the direction of the World University Federation, I envision an age of globalization that can be governed by the sphere of philosophy.

29  My plan is to form a world university federation as well as to establish a United Nations university. In order to do this, we need the support of the presidents of Ivy League universities. We are currently engaged in these university projects. Before we can establish a United Nations university, we need to find a way to gather 50 percent of the students, and the Ivy League universities need to recruit the other 50 percent. Although I must start educating international people of talent in America, I would also like to provide such education in Korea. This project will require us to devise an enormous plan.

30  There is an international vision at the heart of the United Nations, but there is no substantial network to put it into practice. The representatives who appear at the United Nations render service to profit only their own nations. A network to benefit the whole world does not yet exist. In order to organize such a network, I intend to tie the University of Bridgeport together with ten Ivy League universities. In this way, I plan to raise international people of talent and implement a global network through the United Nations.

31  In the future, there will be no need for schools. We are entering the age of electronic education through video. I am initiating such a project. Since I know many world scholars, we are making preparations to invite experts in each field to tape their classes. We are doing so at our television studios in Washington. Our society has hitherto communicated through writing, but it will now be transformed into one that communicates through images.

32  There is no longer any need to build high-density urban housing. Until now, we were compelled to live crowded together because of convenience, means of transportation, education and other such issues. In the future however, by having a television or a radio, human beings can live in the hills and valleys wherever they desire. In the future, we will not have school buildings. Education will be done entirely through videos. We are already living in that age. We can build an international system by which elementary school classes can be taught through video. There would be no need to attend school for six years; smart children could even graduate within two years. A person could study all the way to the university level through videos. Credits could be recognized universally simply on the basis of passing a nationally authorized examination.

Section 3.Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation and Sunhak Peace Prize

Wonmo Pyeongae and Aewon

True Parents founded the Aewon Volunteer Organization, which organizes voluntary service work, on March 25, 1994. Aewon consisted of 18 service groups that carry out international aid, North-South unification activities, distribute food for the needy through "Aewon House," and more. On August 16, 2011, True Parents recommended the establishment of the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation, and on February 20, 2013, at Cheon Jeong Gung Palace, the foundation was launched with True Mother presiding. The Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation is developing enterprises of sharing and service that enhance True Parents' vision for peace, and that support and nurture people of great ability. The Foundation was launched with the ambition to provide scholarships domestically and internationally, to people of ability who dream of peace. The Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation supports education that helps them develop into international leaders.

1  In the word Wonmo, won (圓) means "round" and mo (母) means "mother." Wonmo should become the source of peace and of true love. This foundation was established as a pillar of true love directed toward an everlasting peaceful reign in heaven and earth, the world that starts from True Parents.

2  The word Wonmo, in the name of the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation, is made up of the Chinese character won (圓), meaning "round" and the Chinese character mo (母), meaning "mother." All people must become round, with no angles. You should be like a mother who makes a harmonious family by completely embracing all family members with their various personalities. Wonmo means "the mother of mothers." If anything becomes entangled, it enlarges, diminishes, rolls here and there, becomes spherical and returns to its original position. Only then can it resemble the Heavenly Parent. 

In the word Pyeongae, pyeong (平) means "even" or "level" and ae (愛) means "love." Pyeongae is about caring for people who are not cared for, who are at the bottom of society. It is about loving them horizontally, bringing them into a cosmic realm that is filled with true love, where there is no high or low. When we sow seeds of true love, trees of peace will sprout and grow. The vision of the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation is to accomplish a God-centered world of peace through practice, as quickly as possible. By leading the way with people of real ability, it helps create a worldwide culture of heart based on sharing and service, through a variety of social service programs.

3  True Father gave his blessing, saying, "The Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation is the highest gift I am bequeathing to Mother in my lifetime." This allows us to better appreciate its value. While attending the eternal Heavenly Parent and sharing true love through this foundation, let us advance and actualize a world of peace. I hope you will become victorious people, engrave True Father's desire deep in your hearts, and participate in the ideal and vision of a peaceful world rooted in the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation.

4  You should become the owners of history going forth with the heart of parents, widely promoting the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation, which was established by True Parents to benefit all humanity. My strength alone is not enough. By joining together and investing ourselves, we will inspire future leaders who are needed by this society, this nation and all nations of the world.

5  To date, I have created more than 30 organizations that have the capacity to move the nation. You have to make local chapters of each of these organizations in every country. After putting these in order, I am transferring them. I have set up an endowment to provide each of these organizations support to supplement income from monthly membership fees. Until now, only I invested financially in these groups, but in the future we need a system in which conference participants also contribute. We will create a combined endowment, the interest from which will fund an annual conference. Also we will provide scholarships so that young people receive a high level of education. This will revive the world, with the result that outstanding people of the world will form blessed families.

6  The family has eternal value. Yet, while love inspires courage and hope, it is often defeated and does not automatically change the external circumstances. Our lamentable society is wallowing in materialism, the loss of its humanity, moral breakdown and a lack of a clear sense of values. It will be healed only through the practice of true love that puts others first.

True love gives, forgets and gives again. True love with utmost sincerity puts one's only pair of socks on the feet of one's neighbor who is suffering in the cold. True love is when one completely sacrifices oneself for the sake of a total stranger. The mind of true love demonstrates concern and respect for others, and believes that the value of human beings lies in their character rather than in some material standard.

We neglect our neighbors who may suffer due to adverse family environments, material poverty or because of a physical disability. Aewon is a voluntary service organization that provides support and educational programs for the needy through the practice of true love. Voluntary service not only directly benefits the life of one individual; it becomes a guiding light inspiring others who can influence the character of a nation. We realize that today's global village culture in which we live together with our neighbors urgently calls for the dignity of humankind, belief in love, and collective social awareness; further, that the age has come for the recovery of the original human nature that practices absolute values, transcending nation, religion and ideology—in other words, unchanging true love.

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