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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 9: Activities in the Media, Education and the Arts for the Culture of Heart
Chapter 2: World Media Conferences and Media Outlets
Section 5. Print, Video and Archives, Recording providential history
Section 5. Print, Video and Archives, Paragraph 21

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Recording providential history

True Parents have left a legacy of words and deeds from their lifetime of effort. In order to preserve, record and compile these for the sake of future generations, True Parents established Seonghwa Publications, the Unification Church History Compilation Committee and the Pyongil Co. Ltd., which produces PeaceTV. They also established magazines such as Seonghwa and Tongil Segye. Seonghwa Publications, which was established on February 11, 1961, has published many books, including the multi-volume set, The Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, and Exposition of the Divine Principle. The Unification Church History Compilation Committee, which commenced on November 1, 1981, is in charge of compiling True Parents' history and collecting and archiving historical materials. The Pyongil Co. Ltd., established on October 1, 2004, produces photo and video materials.

12  People attending and living closely with me should consider seriously the issue of how they will manage the materials I am leaving behind for the sake of creating a new world culture. Leaders have not been aware of the importance of maintaining a historical tradition. They do not know how valuable my legacy will be to descendants and future generations. The same applies to the editing of my sermons. If there is a fire, all these materials will be gone. The Unification Church History Compilation Committee must be aware of this. Our movement's events should be categorized by degree of importance, and then be preserved as historical and traditional materials.

This is not an inheritance relevant only to the Unification Church. You must arrange Unification Church information according to how it has influenced the nation, continent and world, so that when people want to know about the Unification Church, they can easily reference the information here. They will look for the historical tradition in this massive store of literature. There, however, they will find not just their own nation or organization; the collection will include global organizations and all nations. They will be able to access materials not only about their own religious organization but a comprehensive integration of materials about numerous religious organizations. When young people see this, they will understand how it all comes together and will not be able to contain their excitement and interest. This is why we need these materials.

13  Unification Church members do not know much about these historical materials. They have been so busy trying to connect to the present reality and keep up with their present environment that they did not think about history. This is why I am providing to you the entire collection of my sermons. You must be aware of the history of our church when it was located in Jangchung-dong and the events surrounding the expulsion of professors and students from Ehwa University. You must understand the state and situation Korea was in at that time of transition. I wove the providence within the religious background not to oppose people but to create harmony. Those relationships arose in the age of the individual, but I had to introduce ideological concepts that connected to the age of the family. Hence the need for the collection of my sermons.

Past and present both are necessary. However, many people do not know the past very well. There were groups who wanted to restore Eden in each of the Old, New and Completed Testament ages. Unless you can put this into perspective academically, it is difficult to find the proper historical relationships between them. This is because you do not know the entire providence. You must go through the past, present and future to understand this. This must be done by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee.

14  Just as every person has a history from elementary school to middle school, high school and university, so do I. My work during my early years of adulthood is important, but no one knows about it in detail. There are numerous records from people who went fishing with me, for example, but there is no experienced person who can connect them. The Unification Church History Compilation Committee should interview these people and make the connections—even if past interviews must be done anew. These people must write about their experiences in detail.

History is usually defined according to one era, but the work people carried out differed depending on the directions given them. If we tie these things across the eras, we can see how the flow of history has shaped our culture. If we do not organize it this way, it will look very confusing. To do this, even if you have to re-create all the material, you must link reports, explain them and connect them to outcomes, and leave behind a record that can be examined in the future.

We can only build a museum if we have records, and it is through having this museum that we can bring in supplementary materials and reconstruct the deeper level of history that has not been uncovered yet. You must find links connecting the past and the present. Therefore, you must take the pieces of evidence from several stages and connect them. You cannot jump 10 or 20 years. This is why we need resources. This is why I tell you to keep a journal. You should make a record of every place you go, and whether you went on a boat or in a car and so forth. Records of the main figures and central members must be compiled, and these records should constitute the core materials for a museum.

15  Korea's Unification Church History Compilation Committee has the foundation to produce books on a variety of subjects. It has a digital system, so committee members can search through a vast amount of material at once. If they enter "Pyongyang" in the search function, then they can discover where "Pyongyang" appears throughout my entire collection of sermons. They have a searchable system. Therefore, creating and editing new books and booklets is easy. Committee members can extract information in seconds. They can use this method to compile books.

16  Seonghwa Publications must organize all of my lectures into a series as quickly as possible. This goes also for my sermons and the compilation of historical records. Testimonies from our 1957 witnessing activities, for example, must be recorded and compiled into a booklet. We should publish topical booklets. By this method we can organize all our information. You can present the material in a general fashion on a primary level, and go back into the material on secondary and tertiary levels, and even display the results of your research in the museum.

17  We should write thoroughly about the history of the Unification Church, the church's present status and its vision for the future. To do so, you must organize all the words I have spoken until now. No matter how encyclopedic your knowledge, you do not know my heart. Therefore, you should ask me for explanations while I am still alive and get answers. You should think like this for the sake of your descendants. The collection of my speeches is a treasure for all generations. It is a treasure that must be passed down as an asset. People who do not inherit the tradition will be swept away. No matter how chaotic the world is, I am not the kind of person who will be swept away. You must arrange it all, centering on our present cultural era.

18  There are electromagnetic waves in the heavenly nation too. In heaven there are "spiritual waves" cheon-pa (天波) and on earth there are "physical waves" se-pa (世波). In addition, there are "human waves," in-pa (人波), which are based on the circumstances of human existence. To aid our connections via electromagnetic waves through the Internet, we have Pyongil Co. Ltd., which creates products that transmit electromagnetic waves. Since we started that, we have made headlines at the center of heavenly news and earthly news; it is news that satisfies both the mind and body. We have made it so that these things are right at the center of daily life. As we do this, we must advance by concentrating our efforts in all spheres of activity, such as art and technology.

19  You cannot make a sound by yourself. There must be a reciprocal relationship. A wave cannot arise by itself. It arises through a reciprocal relationship. As for electromagnetic waves, there are spiritual waves and physical waves, produced by reciprocal movements of entities on the earth. In the world of heart, "heart waves" are emitted. These are "waves" of moral concepts centered on the edification of human character. As for the body, there are carnal waves of corrupt thought systems that insist upon thinking that I am number one, that exalt selfish individualism.

To what extent can we change the carnal waves that manifest in the evil world? These carnal waves do not cause transformation in the world. Rather, they follow transformations that take place in the world. Similarly, heart waves follow transformations that take place in the spirit world. Because of this, there must be a world of the mind and a world of the body that lead the heavenly waves and the worldly waves respectively. Accordingly, waves that perfect the heart waves should become the mainstream of the Internet. They should unite the world of the mind and the world of the body completely to create harmonious and peaceful unity. The role of the Pyongil Company is to make this happen. Its challenge is to create various video and multimedia images that reflect the actual image of the world. It has to bring these images to people's sensory systems so as to impact their consciousness and way of thinking.

20  The computer is an amazing treasure store. It is as if there is a library inside it. It is made so that you can download and write anything while working on it. If and when the Unification Church is accused of creating social problems, we will expose the background of the accusation, and then present accurate and complete information based on the reality of the Unification Church, beginning with its roots in the Principle, and broadcast these details. We are entering a competitive era. When this happens, we can turn the world upside down in an instant. We are preparing for this now. This is why we have established the best facilities. We will have facilities that no other sources possess.

Based on our truthful information, we can create high-quality documentaries and edit them into movies. In the future, we will build a great center for this, and newspapers will compete through the Internet to use our materials. To accomplish this, Japan, America and Korea are sending their materials to Pyongil Co. If the world's newspapers adopt this strategy, we will achieve global transparency. Journalists, politicians and other cultural creators, as well as the military and law enforcement, once looked upon Unification teachings as something dangerous. But now doors will open, the truth will be known and the entire world will be able to move forward in one direction. We must establish this path.

21  No newspaper on earth has trouble finding material to cover. There is extensive material coming from our media organizations all over the world, such as The Washington Times and UPI. Reporting and writing daily is only a small part of the whole. This is why Pyongil Co. should take all that information and report more than what AP and UPI report. When you hear that something happened on a particular continent, call and ask our continental office, "What do you think about that?" Then gather the material and write the article, discussing and evaluating the event. You will not need an on-site reporter. We have other global resources as well, UN NGOs in every nation, from which we can obtain detailed reports through other people's on-site surveys and interviews. With that information, we can invest our great skills to write articles and produce broadcasts. If we do this through the Internet, we will become the cutting-edge resource for the world's newspapers.

On this foundation, we will introduce Divine Principle lectures and, based on the Principle standard, expose the wrongdoings of the world. Until now, Christianity and the world as a whole have tried to suppress or delete everything embarrassing to them, fearing what people might discover. The era when that is possible has passed.


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