Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 253

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 9: Activities in the Media, Education and the Arts for the Culture of Heart
Chapter 2: World Media Conferences and Media Outlets
Section 5. Print, Video and Archives, Establishing print and video media
Section 5. Print, Video and Archives, Paragraph 11

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Section 5. Print, Video and Archives

Establishing print and video media

On October 3, 1989, True Parents brought professors from the PWPA together and appointed them as writers of a multi-campus newspaper, The World University Times, published for professors and students. Previously, on April 21, 1980, True Parents founded the Spanish language daily Noticias del Mundo for the Spanish-speaking people of New York City. They also launched The Middle East Times in Cairo on March 3, 1983 and Tiempos del Mundo in Buenos Aires on November 23, 1996. Showing considerable interest in video and broadcast media, True Parents launched Atlantic Video on September 7, 1990, with production facilities in Washington, D.C. They also directed that United Press International (UPI) be purchased, and it was acquired on May 15, 2000.

The World University Times, grounded in Unification Thought, is aimed mainly at professors and university students. It publishes weekly now, but when it becomes a daily newspaper, its national educational material will influence the greater society. This is why from now on people who read The Segye Times should also read this newspaper. You need to know my teachings. In order to become more than a Unification Church believer who is just guided by my teachings, you should experience the battlefield with me.

The World University Times should be influential and help each political party develop constructively and progressively with a vision for the future. Even if I do not create a party and enter the ring with them, I must establish guidelines and targets so that political parties can take the right path. I am the only one doing this kind of work. That is why I created this multi-campus newspaper. It is made not by students but by professors. Therefore, the major media cannot take The World University Times lightly. The power of words is unlimited. This paper is not primarily for students; rather, it is a scholarly newspaper in which professors can express criticism academically.

3  My plan is to bring together people from the media, academia, the Summit Council for World Peace, the Federation for World Peace and the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace and direct them to focus on society's moral education. Until now, the media have been bringing the world to ruin. Why do you think I came to support professors? I founded The World University Times in Korea and the world-level The World & I magazine in order to do this work.

4  The Latino and African-American populations in America are placing their hope in me. African-Americans pay attention to Washington, D.C., and the Latino community to New York City, so The Washington Times and Noticias del Mundo can connect with them appropriately. Furthermore, The News World in New York City is carrying out a movement to bring together not only whites but people of all races. The Jewish community has opposed us, but we are carrying out this movement to embrace them as well. We have reached the stage where, if Latin American countries need to address the United States, they can go through us, and if the Latino or African-American communities want to advance their causes in the United States, they know I can offer unparalleled support. At the same time, CARP has organized scientists and world-class intellectuals on campuses to address the world. Overall, we must take such steps in order to bring these diverse communities together in heart.

5  The purpose of founding Tiempos del Mundo is to educate young people and prevent family breakdown. We are developing such strategies as we go along. Even scoundrels such as Mafiosi, spies, gangsters and corrupt politicians need this education. I have been thinking for a long time about how to resolve a host of human problems. Because we made expansion of this domain our chief aim, I made sure that the goal of educating young people and families was a top priority. It is only through us that young people can receive the proper type of education and families can be saved from breaking down. This is why I am leading this work. I have founded newspapers to realize a just society.

6  I am the only one who can bring Protestantism and Catholicism together. I am doing this through our academic and news media organizations. Right now, in the era of the North American Free Trade Agreement, North America is uniting based on Protestantism and Latin America is uniting based on Catholicism. But Protestantism and Catholicism conflict with each other. This is why I am carrying out the movement to unite them. To make this connection, we need a newspaper. To deal with global ideological trends, I am elevating the level of Latin America's newspapers. Tiempos del Mundo is accomplishing this, even though initially everyone opposed it. It is in first place when it comes to coverage, content and quality of editing.

7  The majority of Latin America's countries are Catholic, and when I said I would go there, everyone opposed me. Despite this, I founded a newspaper there centering on The Washington Times. I did this in nine months, something America's conglomerates spent ten years trying to do but failed. Argentina, more than Brazil, is in direct connection with the Vatican. Brazil is within Portugal's sphere of influence, and Argentina is within Spain's. We built the Tiempos del Mundo newspaper to shed light on the affairs of Argentina, a Catholic nation that operates under the Vatican's sphere of influence. We know about the projects these nations are carrying out. In fact, we are aware of how all the Latin American nations are evolving. I have the keys to the deepest insights.

8  We have educational content and a system for producing and broadcasting it from our facilities in Washington, D.C. I brought the best technology and equipment from Japan and created facilities in Washington unrivaled anywhere in the world. We have the best facility for editing documentaries and movies. I have set the standard and established the world's best facilities. If you are the best in New York or Washington, you are the best in the world. I named this place Washington Television Center-Atlantic Video. It is famous and is known simply as "Atlantic Video."

9  The Washington Television Center, located in Washington, D.C., is a hub for global electronic mass media, a video news agency and more. Up to this point, it has only dealt with text, but now we are sending not just articles to the world—as the AP and UPI news agencies do—but also photos and videos via satellite. To use our service, recipients download, edit and then upload our material. We have entered the age of audiovisual education. We have prepared everything, including the facilities, which we inaugurated a few days ago. From now on, we will develop human resources through our associations of professors. We need to generate funding for the World Media Conferences and the Summit Council for World Peace, which gather the world's top intellectuals, scientists, journalists and current and former national presidents. All nations will have their representatives learn from our programs. We can facilitate interaction by editing content down to the minimum time and distilling the essential points. This will allow users to insert our clips into their own broadcast programs with the touch of a button. If the subject matter has to do with Korea, for example, we will produce a product suitable for airing on Korea's broadcasting systems and will also format it for consumption as global news.

10  Up to this point, media communications have been on the level of text, but in the near future, the age of video and television media will come. I was among the first to grasp this. We will set the moral compass and present it persuasively to all the people of the world. We must restore purity among the young boys and girls who are deteriorating due to all sorts of disturbing and decadent magazines displaying free sex and rock music's ugly side. To do so, we will create an excellent weekly television series and distribute it throughout the world. Furthermore, every week we will create and distribute videos containing complete content and commentary on current events that people will surely watch. We must create a catchy theme song for those videos with the message, "Turn around, world!" to change, as fast as possible, the direction of the present world, which is descending into hell. This is what we will broadcast. I have completed all preparations in America in order to disseminate such content around the clock.

11  In America, we have a video reproduction facility called New Future Films, where the output is 5,000 units a day. They duplicate movies from all over the world and catalog them into categories such as education, sports and musicals. They can be arranged just as in a library. Our next step is to produce video lectures by famous scholars. We will make 3-hour, 10-hour, 30-hour and 50-hour video series. A 50-hour series is long enough to cover an entire subject area. Lectures from these famous educators, put onto videotape, can last for thousands of years. We must ensure that people can access the educational material that we are sending out each day. If people come to watch these wholesome videos for a year, their personal inclinations will improve. This will affect popular culture and fashion in the long run, and is essential to the task of halting the social decline that is rampant the world over.

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