Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 246

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 9: Activities in the Media, Education and the Arts for the Culture of Heart
Chapter 1: Unification Thought And International Academic Activities
Section 3. Professors World Peace Academy, Paragraph 13-20

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13  If all Asian scholars rally and work together under the PWPA, they can create a new encyclopedia, or any other type of learning that can represent Asia. That is why there is much work to be done in all fields. Therefore, if you as professors can unite in mind and heart and cooperate, then I will contribute with all my strength to support you. In order to do your research, you will need a research office and meeting hall. Therefore, I am thinking of preparing such a facility. However, can you lead such an effort across Asia? Do you have what it takes to educate Japanese professors? That is why I am telling you to first prepare yourselves by studying Unification Thought and the Principle. If you do so, you will be able to lead them completely.

14  The young generation is the main issue. We must save the university students, the younger generation. I am talking about saving the university campuses. You must do this. That is why I have been working with the professors. From now on, those who are leading on world-level university campuses in the national system will have to stand on the front line when the time to unite North and South Korea comes. You must stand at the forefront. You have to hold on to the new generation, shed tears for them as I do, and share with them the idea of the unification of Korea. I will establish the church as the basis for such activities. Those who are responsible for towns should hold on to the elementary, middle and high school teachers while shedding tears and planting patriotism in their hearts. Then the unification of Korea will be no problem. Those who have received this patriotic training should go to communities and neighborhoods. Everyone has a hometown. For this reason, I set up neighborhood schools in rural areas in order to carry out this work. I am not doing this for fun or as a temporary effort. This is in accordance with the providential plan. It is not because I was taught that I am leading the providence of restoration through indemnity; it is something I have been doing by myself. This is why God cooperates with me. It is not by coincidence.

15  We have to start by first mobilizing professors, and then their university campuses nationwide. Furthermore, we have to mobilize the local, middle and high schools. Next we must mobilize the elementary schools. Until now, we have not done anything to stop the communists from penetrating into the schools, which they did through their textbooks filled with leftist ideology. The Ministry of Education failed in its responsibility. That is why, no matter how we do it, we must mobilize the presidents of local universities and the principals of elementary, middle and high schools. The professors are the ones with the authority to move around and speak without restriction. I created the local schools in rural areas in order to strengthen this movement. Let us love our hometowns. Patriotism starts from one's hometown.

That is why we have built these local schools to educate underprivileged people. If the spirit of patriotism burns in a professor's heart, he or she should go to their hometown, stay up all night shedding tears and educating and embracing these underprivileged people.

The international chairpersons

The first international conference of the PWPA was held on December 18, 1983 at the Little Angels Performing Arts Center in Seoul with 550 participants including 70 international chairpersons from 72 countries. On that day, True Father gave an address of encouragement entitled, "The Professors World Peace Academy and Our Resolution." Chairpersons from the 72 nations made a resolution and pledge to realize five goals: the universal reign of justice and good will under God, the brotherhood of all humanity under God, a world united in peace under God, a new religiously inspired humanity, and a new God-centered world civilization founded upon love and heart.

16  When we held the rallies for Victory Over Communism in 1983, I mobilized the professors who had participated in the ICUS in Chicago. On November 28, as they prepared to leave Chicago and go home, I asked them to come to Korea instead. I did not explain what we were going to do, but just waited to see how many would agree to come. At the time, we had 72 branch offices of the PWPA worldwide, and representatives from each office came to Korea. They had busy schedules since it was the end of the year, but they all participated. Consequently, with these professors at the center, we had the VOC rallies. That is the kind of impressive foundation we have in the academic world.

17  In 1983, the chairpersons who attended the First International Congress of the PWPA adopted a resolution to hold VOC rallies. At that time, they came to Korea from 72 countries and adopted the resolution. I gathered them and held VOC rallies in eight cities nationwide. The adoption of the December 18 resolution was a historic event. What will the PWPA leave behind in the pages of history? If you want to lead the world in building a peaceful world, you absolutely need resources. Therefore, I will provide those resources.

18  I made a base in Korea to unite the North and South. I gathered all the spiritual fortune of America and Japan and the entire world and connected it to Korea. Many interesting things happened this time. A high-ranking official from Israel asked me to help with relations with Korea. Also, someone planning a movement that could affect America's destiny approached me and suggested we work together to resolve the problems of the world. Korea stands on this foundation. All the worlds' intellectuals are gathering through the Professors World Peace Academy. We assembled scholars from 72 countries worldwide, gathered the world's fortune and engrafted it onto Korea. At the time of the Korean War, the UN forces composed of soldiers from 16 nations fought for Korea's independence, but could not achieve it. Today, however, we are entering a global age when all the citizens of the free world should rally, unite and cooperate to achieve independence. Therefore, the VOC proposition is a historic event, for which scholars from 72 countries have come to Korea, and pledged and resolved to support.

19  The international rally of the PWPA held in 1983 in Korea was to indemnify Jesus' foundation for the nation and the church that was lost. Jesus' death was caused by the failure of the 72 followers to unite at that time. That is why I brought PWPA chairpersons from 72 countries to Korea. Through this, the Korean people could not help but support and cooperate with us. That rally included a proclamation of the Messiah. I asked these professors belonging to the democratic and communist worlds to listen to my words. The PWPA chairpersons from 72 nations supported me. Even though the United States opposes us, leaders of the free world who are in high advisory positions support me. Based on this foundation, and centered on the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle, we have opened up a path. Therefore, Satan, who has reigned over all things of the creation and blocked the destined path of the nation and the world until now, is withdrawing from the earth forever. If not for the efforts of True Parents and the Unification Church, this could not have been achieved.

20  I have been working for some decades to bring together heads of state through the Summit Council for World Peace, and professors through the PWPA. This is why they are now publicly endorsing my work. Now we have reached the stage where presidents of countries, university presidents and media representatives can welcome me. Internationally, there is no field in which I have not contacted the people in the highest echelons. Even politicians, economists, cultural ambassadors and those with doctorates from famous universities are coming to follow my direction.

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