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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 9: Activities in the Media, Education and the Arts for the Culture of Heart
Chapter 1: Unification Thought And International Academic Activities
Section 3. Professors World Peace Academy, The purpose of PWP
Section 3. Professors World Peace Academy, Paragraph 12

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Section 3. Professors World Peace Academy

The purpose of PWPA 

True Parents established the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) with world-renowned scholars in order to support research and activities for building a peaceful world. The inauguration of PWPA was held on May 6, 1973 with 163 professors who were connected through Divine Principle workshops for professors and through the activities of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP). PWPA has branch offices in almost every country and has hosted various world peace-related seminars and conferences. PWPA members interact and cooperate under the theme "academic contributions to world peace." On January 21,1986 under the direction of True Parents, PWPA opened a number of local rural-area schools in Korea to assist in educating underprivileged youth.

1  Pursuing the unity of the sciences, we invited professors from all over the world to annual conferences. You cannot imagine how much attention that attracted. In the beginning we were criticized, but now scholars say, "Reverend Moon deals with genuinely serious problems indeed." Having reached this stage we continue to advance. My thinking has been that, no matter what, we have to bring professors together. Carrying out this strategy to achieve this purpose in Korea, I formed the Professors World Peace Academy saying, "Although professors around the world cannot function as peace activists, they can at least stand in the vanguard for peace by showing us the proper direction through their thinking and writing in their various fields." This has been successful in Korea. In the future, we will form the PWPA in Korea, Japan and China.

2  We distributed the Professors World Peace Academy monthly magazine Gwangjang (Public Square) to universities around the world; therefore, famous professors everywhere now know of this Korean organization. Through this we will be able to gather distinguished professors from Asia, who can become the Asian Professors Peace Academy. This academy can then connect to Europe as well. Moreover, professors from all over the United States will form the core of the PWPA leadership. Money cannot buy such people; they are priceless. What will we do after we form this worldwide organization? True Parents' plan is that the activities of PWPA will be the basis for an institution similar to the Nobel Prize Committee. I would like to establish an award foundation with prizes greater than the Nobel Prize, thus becoming the most prestigious of all prizes.

3  It is not so much politicians as it is scholars who influence the world. Professors and scholars are the true creators of national policy. They serve as leaders in all fields. Politicians depend on scholars' thinking, and base their programs on their theories. Take a look at scholars and university students—scholars are in the forefront and students follow. They need to be connected to us as the nucleus or in a sense, the spine. Even though the Unification Church was persecuted, we tried to connect with scholars. However, this work is not easy. It is difficult to connect with them, especially since as the leader of the Unification Church I have become an object of global controversy. While experiencing this I have been thinking about our upcoming activities in America. The success of this work does not depend on money. It depends on pouring out our most sincere devotion with a heart that loves the world.

4  Due to the disunity of mind and body in human beings, history has been a long battle between God's dominion and Satan's. This division on the individual level has expanded to the levels of family, tribe and race, producing endless wars. From the historical viewpoint, the religious and political realms fought, and the political realm always struck the religious side. Also, when the scientific and religious realms fought, it was always the scientific world that struck the religious realm. However, with the dawn of the Parents' era, the political, scientific and religious worlds must unite and become one. Until now, scientists and religious people were enemies. In order to unite them, we must first gather the scholars of the world. This is why I formed the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences and the Professors World Peace Academy. These scholars need to work together with the Unification Church. Only then can the worlds of religion and politics be united.

5  We need to bring the academic world into harmony. In order to do that, we have been hosting the ICUS. This is the only conference that brings world-renowned scholars together transcending disciplines. Also there is the PWPA, which connects countries to each other through internationally known scholars. This is a double-layered strategy. We will establish a national model and a worldwide model, then we will help those who are successful in their nations to move up to the world level. We are opening the door for them to go out into the world. This is a foothold that can influence world-class academic institutions. We are also making nominations and recommendations for the selection of Nobel Prize awardees. We support scholars in achieving their highest aspirations.

6  On the foundation of the ICUS, when we invite participants to join the Professors World Peace Academy, they accept. Then, if we have representatives from ten nations, we can cooperate with the leading scientific communities in those ten nations. We must guide scholars worldwide to join the PWPA. We need to start in Asia and expand and connect to the scholars of the world. The day we unite global professors into one, we will be able to establish global policies for the world's future and carry out work that can have a global influence in various professional fields. In order to do this, let us create publications in each field that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Our magazines pertaining to each field, whether it be economics, agriculture or science, will be published by people who are well known around the world and will gain global renown. Let us develop the intellectual resources that can have a good influence on global policy decision-making.

7  When we succeed in establishing the PWPA on the world level, it will become well known everywhere. Wherever we go, we will have a foundation. Based on that, I am planning to invite renowned scholars and create a touring team of professors. They should not give lectures in one university only. Rather, they will go to famous universities all over the world and conduct six-month-long lecture tours. We will provide their salaries. In this way, we will make a global team of professors who will tour the world. Then after that, whichever university you go to, scholars and students who have been connected to this will continue their interest, and come in droves. If a student receives a degree under the supervision of a famous professor, then that student will also become famous worldwide. I will make it so that after five or six years the students under these professors receive their higher degrees. When this happens, we will be able to gather experts from these universities, including professors who are Nobel laureates.

8  In the future, when we establish the PWPA, and 500 professors come to Korea to participate, the university campuses of Korea will be turned around. If we come to build a global university, we will bring in world-class university professors who have been selected by the PWPA. We can create a global, internationally renowned university by bringing together world-class scholars in one place. When we can energize this university to create a theoretical foundation for a social system, then this country Korea will develop a global culture.

The reason America has achieved worldwide supremacy is because it has universities that can attract and educate the world's most talented individuals. The universities in the US nurture talented individuals who go on to take leading roles in the democratic world. Students are educated to become ministers and heads of state in each nation. That is why America became the world's leading country.

9  The Professors World Peace Academy is part of a plan to win over the university campuses in America. I also established PWPA in Japan and Taiwan. Do you know why I launched this organization? By establishing PWPA chapters worldwide, I would like to create a global confederation of universities. My hope is to establish a global university and train talented people from all over the world.

10  When we originally convened the PWPA, Korean intelligence officials mocked us saying, "Although they mobilized all their energies, and even with the power of the government behind them, they could not gather more than 13 professors. And yet Mr. Moon calls this the PWPA?" So I told them, "You are seeing this from a national viewpoint, that of the Republic of Korea. But I am doing this from the perspective of Asia."

Many people worked hard on all fronts in order to prepare the foundation to launch the PWPA, and based on that foundation it could be started in Korea. Afterward, it was possible to form the PWPA in Japan, but at that time we did not have a foundation to do so in the United States. Therefore, through the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences as a stepping-stone in America, we gradually could establish the PWPA in various countries in Europe.

11  You have Joined the Professors World Peace Academy. I am grateful for the work you have done despite the difficult environment and strong persecution. However, your work should not stop here. You need to develop activities to connect with Korean and Japanese academics. You professors are the ones who can do this. The time has come for Japan to start such a movement, and for scholars in America and Great Britain to do the same. You should make these connections as soon as possible. It is to save Korea and defend it from the communist regime. 

We need to create this great interconnected body of professors to pave the way that Korea must go—the way to realize the unification of North and South Korea. This body of professors must mobilize and become a powerful influence on Asia. We need to make a foundation to assemble scholars, businessmen, politicians, and leaders from every field and inspire them to work together for this cause. No one but you scholars can do this job.

12  You are the most intelligent and authoritative scholars in Korea, and now you must teach this country the direction it must go. For that purpose, you need to do research. But, the era of individual research has passed—this is now the era of team research. In addition, the era of team research carried out within the boundaries of one nation has also passed. It is now the era for Asia's scholars to rally and research together. It is the time when scholars of the world can engage in shared research. Without doing this there is no way to lead the direction of the world. Therefore, scholars from the Republic of Korea alone are not enough. Scholars from America are absolutely needed too. As a Korean, I have been working in this way in order to prepare this foundation behind the scenes. This may seem like a dream, but I achieved this unimaginable outcome because I understood clearly the direction that the world should take according to God's Will. I hoped that I could be of some help and worked hard. All the intellectuals of the world should rally and do this work.

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