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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 9. Activities in the Media, Education and the Arts for the Culture of Heart
Chapter 1: Unification Thought And International Academic Activities
Section 1: Unification Thought, The realization of the ideal world
Section 1: Unification Thought, Paragraph 30

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The realization of the ideal world

Unification Thought was written as a systematic philosophy based on Godism. It can bind the philosophies, "isms" and ideologies that brought the world into a state of confusion back to the center, which is God. It is being recognized as a philosophy that can overcome the problems between the ideologies of democracy and communism, and as a philosophy that can lead to world peace by removing the boundaries that have arisen through conflicts between religions, races and nations. Unification Thought was published on June 1, 1973, as a systematic philosophical development of the Unification Principle.

22  If we want to unify all 30 million people in Korea, we need to equip them with my philosophy, Unification Thought. Until now, the Unification Church has received opposition here in Korea, but we looked beyond that and tried to find our way through it. When this understanding is made known, the day will surely come when Unification Thought will be respected by this country and by its people. Our philosophy of unity will bring the people of the world to adore and yearn for this land. That time will surely come.

23  The world is currently divided into East and West. The world has not been able to unite because people did not love each other centering on the one ideal of true love. The moment the foundation of goodness appears on earth, when people truly honor and value their adversary's side more than their own, and know how to respect their opponents, God's cherished era of the ideal of creation will arrive in the world. After we meet this standard, we have to recover the spirit world. Unification Thought teaches that path today.

The Unification Church transcends conceptual religion. Together with conscience, heart and body, and through actions in accord with heavenly principles, we must prepare a worldwide foundation for ideological transformation that reaches far into the distant future. Passing through our family and tribe, and transcending our racial and national boundaries, we realize the kingdom of goodness, an environment of freedom where we can sing songs for the world, following and loving God as our Father. Everyone in the world should be able to praise the day when that kingdom of goodness arrives. They should be able to praise for eternity the joyful day when they become the citizens of that kingdom. The place of settlement sought by the Unification Church is the realization of the ideal world of happiness desired by humanity.

24  Until now, the history of cultures, which has been woven for thousands of years, has been a history of misery. It has been a history of Satan betraying God. God's historical record starts with True Parents. The path I have been walking has now become the tradition, based on Unification Thought. What remains for the future is that you inherit True Parents' historical tradition and that I bequeath to you the world I am going to establish.

We need to accomplish complete unification of the world, with True Parents at the center. The philosophy of True Parents provides the matrix for this process. Without the tradition of True Parents, the history of true sons and daughters cannot appear. True Parents are the beginning point of culture. The tradition of True Parents can become the standard for cosmic history in a short period of time.

That is why I am serious. That is why until now I have earnestly prepared the foundation for the Unification Thought tradition. In order to prepare this foundation, we need to form a family and a nation. The mainstream thought in this new nation is that each person needs to focus not on themselves but on the whole. Here, each person will sacrifice for the sake of the whole. This is the core philosophy in Unification Thought.

25  If you five your life on earth according to the teachings of the highest principles of Unification Thought and head-wing philosophy, yours will become a life of perfection, which you will carry into the spirit world. The way you live your life on earth will become the way you live in the spirit world. So you have to live happily on earth in order to live happily in the spirit world. It is said that human beings cannot fulfill their desires, but that is not true. If you have true love, you will fulfill your desires and more. In other words, life in both the physical and spiritual worlds can come to perfection when people live centering on True Parents and their royal authority. If you live centering on the royal authority of the True Parents, you will complete the heavenly world, and in addition, you will live a life guaranteed to have eternal value both in this world and in the spirit world.

26  As for the individual, even when one bears the worldwide cross and staggers along, one should not collapse. Even if one does collapse, it has to be on the foundation of the family. Even if one dies, it has to be on the foundation of the family. This is Unification Thought. Even if our family dies, we must bring our relatives along and go beyond the boundaries of the tribe. Even if our tribe perishes, we go beyond the borders of the nation. We must become fertilizer for the nation. Even if we are struck by a multitude of arrows and feel mortifying pain from each of them, heaven’s glory is assured by those arrows of misery. As soon as people under the sovereignty of evil overcome their situation and step forward, the condition will be laid to establish the tradition of God's people. We can be proud to erect the kingdom that is victorious over Satan's world. Tightening our belt, even with a hungry stomach, we fix our eyes on the enemy camp ahead and stagger on step by step. This is how the Unification Church marches on. Even if the Unification Church ceases to exist, the nation that the Unification Church redeems will not perish. That is why I mercilessly push you down the path of suffering.

27  In the human world, the viewpoints of individuals have differed, and the viewpoints of families have differed. God's love is the only power that can take overall responsibility to resolve these differences in viewpoints. Unification Thought, centering on God's love and heart, proposes to realize a world that transcends limited viewpoints, achieving unity at the levels of individual, family, tribe, nation and world, and finally, unity with God. At that point, there will be no sovereign power, in the sense of a sovereign having a high position and the subjects having a low position. The sovereign will exist for the sake of the subjects, just as the subject partner exists for the object partner. This will resolve terms such as "ruler" and "ruled," as they are spoken in the world today. There is no valid argument against this. Nothing except God's love can reach this conclusion.

Currently, there are viewpoints concerning love, such as "I love because of money," or "I love because of this or that." Such attitudes are not pure. Unification Thought transcends such views and regains and promotes God's love. In the future, both the democratic and communist worlds need to assimilate this standard of love and unite into one. If they cannot do that, the ideal world cannot come about.

28  Today the world is awaiting the Messiahs philosophy. The Messiah's philosophy has the power to unite the democratic and communist worlds. But if Cain and Abel cannot unite, the position of Parents cannot be restored. Who will enable Cain and Abel to unite? Abel has to reach out to bring unity with Cain. Cain does not reach out to unite with Abel. Who will unite this world? It is Abel's task. We are well aware of the good and bad points of democracy, and the good and bad points of communism. You need to understand how much better are the good points of Godism compared to the strengths of communism. We have been studying the democratic world based on Christianity, and the communist world based on philosophical materialism. We need to achieve unity based on Unification Thought. In the contemporary world, we need Unification Thought because it is based on God's Will. It is the central truth and central love that make the Messiah's teachings unique.

Therefore, wherever each of you goes from here, you must carry the Messiah's teaching. Using his truth and love, you can go anywhere. You must not worry about current difficulties and chaotic situations. You must overcome them and expand real truth and true love. This is what God desires, what I desire and what humanity desires. This is our duty and responsibility.

29  A nation should pursue neither isolationism nor imperialism. It needs to advance to the world stage. Although the Republic of Korea started as one nation, it is not supposed to stop there. It needs to show the teaching the world should follow. If such a teaching were to exist, it would conform not to human ideas but to God's ideas. That is the viewpoint of our Unification Thought. The core of these teachings is not human beings, but love. Love is the essence. It is a love that goes beyond loving our own ethnic people. Unification Thought emphasizes that families should not unite just around themselves, but with God as their center. This is a higher kind of love than the secular love that draws us to love only our own family. When we realize this, then based on our family, a new, unprecedented ethical view will emerge. Within the structure of an ethical system born of such powerful love, family relationships can expand horizontally to transcend the clan and go on to form a tribe or nation. These types of relationships are capable of influencing the world. They will preserve and manifest love originating from the heart of the ultimate subject partner, God. The entire world will surely value such an ethical system.

30  When I first wrote Unification Thought, I began by focusing on ontology. Then I decided to change it to the theory of the original image. Typical theories of the original image discuss God's form and God's nature but do not base their accounts on a religious concept. They are written merely from an academic viewpoint. Many philosophies deny God because they do not understand God. In Unification Thought, the theory of the original image explains what God, the origin, is like. At present, Unification Thought has 11 sections. It does not include a theory of the ideal family or a theory of the spirit world, or heaven. These two need to be added to make 13 sections. This must match the number 13.

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