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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 9. Activities in the Media, Education and the Arts for the Culture of Heart
Chapter 1: Unification Thought And International Academic Activities
Section 1: Unification Thought, Godism and head-wing thought
Section 1: Unification Thought, Paragraph 21

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Godism and head-wing thought

After a long period of prayer and meditation, True Parents discovered the Unification Principle, which is the absolute truth of God. Their discovery has been systematized in the book, Unification Thought. If this were applied to society, the problems of society would be solved. If it were applied to the world, the problems of the world would be solved. This is a new worldview, a new view of the universe, of life, of the providence and of history, possessing unprecedented core insights. It offers comprehensive principles by which people aligned with all religious teachings and philosophies can embrace and accept each other while maintaining their tradition’s unique character. The Victory Over Communism ideology based on Unification teaching offers a clear critique and counterproposal to communism. Head-wing thought, or Godism, is the alternative that can unite leftwing and rightwing ideologies.

14  The book Unification Thought presents a viewpoint of unified purpose for the sake of fulfilling the  mission to awaken today's religious world and especially to awaken anew the world of philosophy. Unification Thought does not adopt a vague position. It moves in a vertical direction, with God in the central position. This vertical direction is rooted in heart. History changes, time passes, and the years go by, but the bond of heart between parents and children does not grow faint. Their love for each other only grows stronger with the passing of time, instead of becoming weaker. For example, if a father and mother and their child lived far apart, a letter or a message sent from one to the other would bring great joy. This joy would be so immense, like a dream come true. That simple letter conveying news could encourage them to make a new beginning. This is something you can experience in the realm of heart of the relationship between parents and children. This relationship is the same as that between the Heavenly Parent and human beings on earth, in that we call God our Father and He calls us His children.

15  Unification Thought is Godism, or head-wing thought. It is neither rightwing nor leftwing; it is head-wing. The reason for this is that neither rightwing nor leftwing can deliver us from self-centeredness. If you go forward centered on yourself or only for the benefit of your nation, then contradictory understandings will remain for eternity. No unification or peace will result from this. Accordingly, we need a new world of thought that can oust self-centered thought. God's ideal, in which one thinks of others more than oneself, leads to altruism. This is because God is love itself, and the essence of love is altruism, which means sacrificing oneself so that others might benefit. Accordingly, the very essence of Godism is love, and this thought is the central thought, like the head that moves a person's body. That is why it is called head-wing thought. The right arm and left arm connect to one body. Without the head, the right arm and left arm have nothing to do with each other, and they may fight. However, when the head takes its place at the center, then the right and left arms follow its commands, cooperate with each other, and work for the sake of the body.

16  The democratic world is the realm based on spirituality, whereas the communist world is the realm based on materialism. The democratic world is internal and stands on heavens side. The communist world is external and stands on Satan's side. The spiritual realm and the material realm are one, but because we did not know that they are one, division and fighting arose. Seen along the vertical perspective from the highest summit, we all are human beings and there should be no fighting. Unification teaching takes this vertical perspective. One needs two hands to be a complete human being. One is not supposed to have just one hand. One needs to have two eyes and two nostrils. There are two eyes, two arms, two legs. Everything is made up of pairs. Just imagine how it would be if you had only one arm or one leg. Would that be good? When walking down the street, your arms and legs move in opposite directions, yet that is the proper form. Although they are opposite to each other, we say that it is proper. And yet, when you pick something up, your fingers work together. Being separate is a good thing, and being one is also a good thing. Calling something "opposite" is not necessarily bad. Both aspects are good. Herein lies the greatness of Unification teaching.

17  Democracy is an ideology of brothers. Going beyond the ideology of brothers, we need to seek the philosophy of parents, or parentism. For this, we need a worldview and teaching based on parents. That very philosophy is Unification Thought. It is Godism, which is head-wing thought. The assertions based on its logical content compare well with historical standards. It does not contradict the facts. Therefore, on the basis of the ideal of perfection established and revealed by God, Cain and Abel, the Soviet Union and the United States, left and right, must return to the Parents at the center. After turning around, they must go to the original homeland. In order to walk that very path, numerous ascetics have appeared, yet those spiritual masters have not known the way. They did not know who God is. Because of their vague understanding, there is confusion. One cannot settle things based on religions that are confused. The Unification Church is very rational. But you cannot just know the theory and not put it into action. Because I know better than anyone how fearful this fact is, even while already running, I spur myself to run even faster. The way of God's Will leaves one with no choice but to do this.

18  What exactly is Godism? It is the thought that has true love at its center. The family cannot unite through false love; false love is Satan's ideology. False love cannot bring about unity. As a result of false love, mind and body became divided, husbands and wives separated, and sons and daughters ended up as enemies. In this way, even God became an enemy. We started with this false ideology of Satan, but now Godism has to emerge. The world became the way it is through false love. So Godism, which has true love at its center, needs to produce true individuals, true couples and true families. Godism leads not to separation but to unity. God's true love brings unity. This is Godism, or head-wing thought. Based on false love, all people became estranged as enemies and ended up in separation. There was no way for unity to take place. Families broke up. On the basis of broken families, hundreds of thousands of people divided against one another and turned the world into a battlefield. Satan prevented the realization of God's Will and brought chaos into the world. Satan's ideology causes society to break apart through false love. Such an ideology of separation is the very ideology of hell. Those separated individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and world will be united by centering on true love and True Parents. Because it is the philosophy that takes a stand against the Devil, it is called Godism.

19  What exactly is head-wing thought? A person who does not know the root lives in confusion, like a body whose limbs and organs are disjointed and moving in their own way. The way those uncoordinated and disjointed parts of the body can unite is by centering on the head. It perfects them, enabling them to function so as to fulfill their original purposes. Godism is the philosophy that brings about unity centering on true love. All components, which are like paralyzed cells, will be united through head-wing thought. Satan's ideology brings about division and causes paralysis. Godism is the philosophy centered on God's true love, which brings about complete unity of everything that has been separated. The ideology of Satan is based on false love and is self-centered. It paralyzes people like casualties on a battlefield. Godism, however, centers on true love and releases the paralysis. It brings humanity into a whole and normal state, molding us into sons and daughters attending God as our Father.

20  Satan's ideology produces divisions, but Godism brings about unity. We should not have unity of only the mind or only the body; we need unity of the mind and body. Because the mind became paralyzed and the body became paralyzed, after uniting our mind and body completely and becoming a normal person, we have to come to know God and understand the Devil. The purpose of Godism, or head-wing thought, is to recover a person in the position of subject partner who completely understands God and can separate us from Satan. Godism is the same as Unification Thought. Based on true love, Unification Thought teaches us to invest and invest and forget that we have invested. Originally, human beings were to reach completion through love. When mind-body unity is accomplished through the infinite love invested by God, then the ideal man and ideal woman are born. And when that man and woman marry, the family they form will initiate the unification of the world. Godism teaches us that centered on the God of true love, the mind and the body become united, the family becomes united, and we become God's sons and daughters and God's object partners of love. This teaching is head-wing thought.

21  Unification Thought is a philosophy of heart. A philosophy of heart means that it relates to people. You can solve the problems of people only by relating to people; relating only to ideology or the Principle will not solve people's problems. This shows us the amazing reality that God is a personal God. This being so, God cannot continue to exist without a counterpart in love. The reason such a God created human beings is that He needed object partners for His love.

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