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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 9: Activities in the Media, Education and the Arts for the Culture of Heart

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Book 9. Activities In The Media, Education And The Arts For The Culture Of Heart

The world of God's ideal is a community based on the culture of heart where God and all people live in harmony. The ideal of creation includes the three great blessings that call us to perfect the individual, to perfect the family, and to have dominion over the creation. That is a world with a culture of heart, a culture that embodies God's heart. True Father invested himself completely to transcend the realm of Satan's culture and re-create the realm of God's culture, the realm of True Parents' culture. The culture of heart transcends the barriers of race, nation and religion; it is a society of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values based on true love.

Seeing the necessity of an ideological basis for building such a society, True Father created Unification Thought based on the Divine Principle. To encourage people to recognize Unification Thought as the absolute standard for human culture, he established and supported various academic organizations. In particular, he founded the Professors World Peace Academy, made up of renowned scholars, and in order to search for ways to bring about the unity of religion and science, he regularly held the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences. The main theme of these conferences was the role of absolute values in building a world based on the culture of heart. True Father also founded various media organizations to set a standard and serve as a channel for realizing world peace. Through the World Media Association, he turned his attention to the education of media professionals. He established daily newspapers in the main providential nations of Korea, Japan and America, thereby creating a world-level foundation.

Moreover, he devoted his heart and soul for the education of people around the world. He founded or supported universities in Korea and America, and with the spirit of the motto, "Love Heaven, Love People, Love the Nation," he educated young people to become pillars of the future world. In Korea, he invested a great deal of money for education, founding primary, secondary and postsecondary schools.

Furthermore, True Father founded many organizations devoted to the pursuit of culture, the arts and sports, so that the culture of heart could blossom. By performing all over the world, Universal Ballet and the Little Angels, a children's folk ballet, have greatly contributed to enhancing Korea's prestige and have generated exchanges between North and South Korea. Also, True Father established a soccer club to facilitate progress toward world peace. His actions to build an ideal world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness in our global village through the culture of heart is part of his noble legacy.

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