Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 238

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 4: The Era Of The Pacific Rim Civilization And The Korean Peninsula
Section 2: The International Peace Highway, The Bering Strait undersea tunnel
Section 2: The International Peace Highway, Paragraph 25

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The Bering Strait undersea tunnel

During their speaking tour to four cities in the United States from June 25-28, 2005, True Parents proposed the construction of an undersea tunnel across the 85-kilometers of the Bering Strait that divide North America from Russia in order to support the creation of a peaceful world one family in a global village that transcends national, racial, ideological and religious barriers. To actualize this plan, they actively supported the establishment of the Tunnel Foundation for World Peace on January 18, 2008.

The Bering Strait is a boundary that divided the democratic camp from the communist camp when there were sharp conflicts between the two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union. In that respect, connecting these regions has enormous symbolic significance. True Parents explained that "all humankind has to make the entire world into a "one-day world" and demolish the walls dividing races, religions, cultures and nations, thereby establishing world peace as God has desired." In particular, they emphasized the fact that since human selfishness created these divisions, it is cooperation that will lead to the elimination of these walls.

10  In the United States, I presented the idea of eliminating the border in the Bering Strait. This did not go unnoticed. It is something the United States wishes could be done. We can build an eight-lane International Peace Highway as a safe zone for world peace. I am saying, let us enter the "one-day world." The era when we can fly around the world in only seven hours is coming. I am teaching and preparing for such a culture. All of you need to invest everything to realize that world.

11  The International Date Line runs through the Bering Strait, situated on the border shared by Alaska in the United States and the Soviet Union. That border divides the world into two distinct camps, but I am resolute about removing that border and uniting the world. In the United States, I announced my plan to build a bridge or undersea tunnel across the Bering Strait. This is not an issue affecting only Russia and the United States; it is a matter of concern for the entire world, a concern for heaven and earth.

12  Unfortunately, so far there has never been a nation of God, or a land that belongs to Him. Countries should no longer exist as they are today. In order to bring the countries of this world together, barriers must be eliminated. To abolish them, I will build the Bering Strait Peace King Bridge or Tunnel. I must remove the world's boundary lines. In the future, peace-lovers will abandon their homes and pursue a lifestyle built around peace tours. We can create a buffer zone extending 120 miles around the International Peace Highway and people can live right there. When borders are eliminated, the kingdom of God appears.

13  We have to build a bridge across the Bering Strait, or drill a tunnel under it, to link North America and Russia, and designate it as a distribution route to transport materials only for good purposes. We should not transport military material and armaments. The sons and daughters of God should devote themselves to building this, to secure the borderline of God's fatherland, driving Satan out. Every one of you will have to do this for the sake of liberating the fatherland. If an older brother cannot fulfill it, his younger brother will accomplish it in his place. If the younger brother fails to realize it, his older brother will step in. If the father cannot achieve it, the son will take over, or the father for the son. If husbands cannot finish it, their wives will step in to complete it, and vice versa.

14  You have to make the world into a one-day world. In order to do that, you have to build the Peace King highway system all over the world. So far, there have not been any Peace King bridges or tunnels. These bridges and tunnels will be the final step in establishing the nation and hometown of God.

15  Currently our highway systems do not belong to the heavenly world, but to Satan's world. Therefore, originating from the Bering Strait, you have to build an elevated eight-lane highway with a buffer zone 120 miles wide, encircling planet Earth and making it the nation of God. When you do that, the highway will freely connect all the countries of the world. Transportation of military supplies, munitions and weapons would be banned, because the highway is constructed for the sake of the throne of peace.

16  On January 3, 2007, 12 tribes were organized in order to build the international highway at the Bering Strait. They have to construct it across the border of land and sea, water and soil, in order to allow God to come to earth. It will be a unification highway for peace, not a unification highway for war. We will make it with 16 lanes, eight lanes in each direction, so that people can drive even with their eyes closed. How joyful this highway will be if it has 16 lanes! Religious people will be asked to devote themselves to construct the highway. We will gather religious people and invite them to build it together. To run this project using money generated by extortion, embezzlement or criminality is against my philosophy.

17  Why do we need to solve the problem of the Bering Strait? Why did the East and the West divide? Why are Russia and the United States divided? They would have been connected were it not for the Bering Strait. If the world understood Unification Thought, barriers between nations would not exist. Therein lies the problem. Water can flow everywhere. Air knows no boundary. Sunlight shines through every gap. These three life elements, water, air and sunlight, go everywhere. All of them find their way into deep places, but water even moves to the treetops, carried upward from the root through the xylem. We must live comfortably like these elements, so we need to create a one-day world. How convenient our living would be if we could easily travel back and forth between London and Europe or anywhere else, if we could go wherever we wish! Because of borders, just the act of applying for a visa requires us to go through complex formalities. Satan made it that way, not God. When we move through the vast universe in harmony with the ideal law, even if there are national borders, we will pass over them. The macrocosm is moving in harmony as one cosmos. Therefore, borders can become a problem.

18  We have to erect towers, lay the foundation and build a bridge across the Pacific Ocean. Building that bridge will enable us to cross the Pacific at will. We should be able to cross the Bering Strait whenever we wish. Hence the land, sea and air everywhere should be free of borders. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are suffering from religious conflicts. As they diverged from a single root, this one root must gather them together again and sort them out before God into their unfallen original positions. Accordingly, beyond religion and politics, they must live by giving and receiving affection as siblings in one family.

19  True Parents have to liberate three areas of tribulation: the Middle East, North and South Korea, and the Bering Strait. The Bering Strait Tunnel must be built. In the Old Testament, Adam's family could not be established; it fell into ruin. In Jesus' time, he failed to establish a country. In True Parents' era, a unified world in heaven and earth must be built via the Bering Strait. To achieve that, True Parents stepped forward, took responsibility, and carried the flag for peace in these three areas. How amazing were the strides of True Parents! When South Korea comes forward to take on the work of True Parents, it will be blessed.

20  We must realize the original ideal of God in the nation of God and the family of God, on the foundation of the ideal realm of God. By the same token, we have to construct the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel and the Bering Strait Tunnel. The purpose is to enter the one-day world. World history left behind reminders of complicated wars and chaotic surroundings created by national borders. How confused today's environment has become! So whether you like it or not, creating a unified world is the final task for the human race. We have to take up this mission and feel a strong sense of responsibility for it. We should assume overall responsibility for this providential duty that heaven has assigned us.

21  With the Unification Church at the center, the 13 world religions have to form a coalition that pioneers the construction projects for the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel and the Bering Strait Tunnel. The religious circles should announce to the world that they are taking charge of pioneering these projects. We have completed the Coronation for the Authority of the Liberation of God, the King of Kings. God has come forward. I am creating a foundation centered on Busan, on the southern coast of Korea. I have paved a foundation in Hawaii that can connect the island nations, and completed the foundation to link the world's islands, peninsulas and continents. Upon these foundations, we declared the Abel-type UN. Next we need to declare the Parents' UN. After the coronation of God, the one and only King of kings, we have nothing to be afraid of because God can come forward in this era. There is nothing to be hesitant about. We have laid the foundation. Now the lid can be opened and the secrets of heaven and earth can be revealed. The secular world will pay attention to us and take interest in what we are doing. We have to resolve conflicts among nations along with all economic and political problems.

22  I declared early on that I would embark on developing the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel and the Bering Strait Tunnel. The Washington Times printed an article about this. In the future, religious people will have to take the lead in this task. Based on the background of the Unification Church, The Washington Times announced that it did not mind financing heavily the construction of the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel and the Bering Strait Bridge or Tunnel. Politicians and other people of influence are debating this issue. It may take years for them to reach an agreement. Therefore, religious people must unite to take responsibility for this undertaking.

23  The World Peace King Bridge or Tunnel across the Bering Strait will one day be the greatest work and the largest, most monumental project ever undertaken for the promotion of unity and harmony. We must do this for the sake of all people. To accomplish this, wealthy people are needed to establish the huge financial base required for hiring engineers, technicians and everyone necessary to build the infrastructure. Japanese and Americans should collaborate on the construction project. The Unification Church, ambassadors for peace, and NGOs should also participate.

24  The Bering Strait Bridge or Tunnel, a public thoroughfare for world peace, should connect to the air, sea and land. All traffic by land, sea and air will be managed by a public authority, which will manage and coordinate all means of transportation. No loading, unloading or transport of military material will be permitted. The Peace King Bridge or Tunnel is for peaceful purposes only. War has put nations around the world N into serious debt and depleted natural resources. We must do everything in our power to build a peaceful world.

25  I have set up a company to ensure that the Bering Strait project makes progress. Furthermore, construction of the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel is well underway. No one can stop us. When it is complete, the world's people will enter the one-day world. It will be as if there is no time difference around the world. People will gather throughout the world as if they are in a single village to educate, play sports and even hold the Olympic Games.

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