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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 2: The Seven-Year Courses and the Overseas Foundation The Global Victory Over Communism Movement and the Proclamation of the End of Communism
Section 2: CAUSA and AULA, Founding CAUSA and AULA
Section 2: CAUSA and AULA, Paragraph 13

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Section 2. CAUSA and AULA

Founding CAUSA and AULA

With former heads of state at the center, CAUSA (Confederation of Associations for Unification of the Societies of the Americas) was founded in October 1980. Its mission was to achieve cooperation and unity between North and South America and thereby contribute to world peace. When the Carter administration's human rights policies promoted the seizure of power by leftists in South America, and as the expansion of communism gained momentum, True Parents sponsored Unification Thought workshops for South American leaders. These workshops reverberated profoundly throughout the continent. CAUSA was founded through these initial efforts and stood at the forefront of halting the communization of South America. In 1983, True Parents also launched AULA (the Association for the Unity of Latin America).

1  In the Unification Church we attend True Parents, but that has not gone beyond the nation and the world. This is why we are expanding the attendance of True Parents from the nation to the world, and even into the spirit world. This is the movement of the Unification Church today. The time is drawing near. The national-level Unification Church and the environment for True Parents to stand at the national level will soon be realized. What would a country at this national level be like? It would begin as the most miserable of all nations. It would begin as a country in turmoil because of the struggle between communism and democracy. It would be a nation such as El Salvador, Honduras or Guatemala, which are in Latin America. This is why we are expanding CAUSA activities to the national level in Latin America. We have organized CAUSA in 26 Latin American nations and are expanding its activities to North America.

2  In order to revive all areas of Latin America, I plan to inspire and educate the presidents and national assemblies, centering on CAUSA. I have no nation and have been driven from one place to another. Nevertheless, I am able to move this region and, if I stand at the center, I can unite South America. I understand that if I stand at the center, the leaders of South America can unite. When I was suspected of tax evasion in the United States, all of these nations investigated me through their respective embassies. They did not accept the US probe; rather, they scrutinized me through their own intelligence agencies. Through their investigations, they reached the conclusion that I was innocent and that this was a case of persecution. They concluded that the United States was wrong and the Carter administration was persecuting an anti-communist, someone indispensable to God's providence. They also clearly recognized that I have been fighting on the front line and that I am their friend among friends. I am the friend with whom Latin Americans can walk together.

3  Centering on CAUSA, I have completed the training of high-ranking officials in Latin America, including 500 people in each nation, cabinet members, senior officials and other prominent people. They have entered our sphere of influence. This is why I invested significantly in building a large hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Uruguay is like the Switzerland of South America. The coastline of this nation is famous for its beauty. That is why wealthy people spend enormous sums competing to buy properties there. Recognizing the possibility of losing precious assets, Uruguay established strict zoning regulations and ownership laws. These restrictions stipulate that property can only be leased, and for a maximum of 25 years. After 25 years, the land must be returned. However, I convinced the government to extend our lease to 100 years, and we met the zoning requirements for the hotel to be built. This nation understands that if they bring in my leadership and Unification Thought, Latin America will flourish and the nation will revive.

4  Up to the present, because the United States has been aligned with the principle of the separation of church and state, we have worked primarily through education. From now on, however, we must expand the dimension of our work. In so doing, we must form a CAUSA movement with more than ten million members. My plan is for this movement to include 45 or 50 million people on the basis of their Christian heritage. If we succeed in implementing this plan, then without suffering, we will make oneness with Christianity and the entire religious realm. When this unity comes about, then, centering on the Vatican, a path will open to revive world Christianity on the foundation of Latin American culture.

5  The CAUSA movements set up in North and South America carry out activities similar to the Victory Over Communism activities. The United States has a federal government with a bicameral legislature, and almost every state also has a bicameral legislature. This is why the federal government cannot act against the states. Each state has its own laws that govern the various policies implemented there. This makes it essential to bring major players in politics to interact with one another. Because I have robustly energized this in the United States, I now possess an extremely dynamic foundation.

6  We are collecting ten million signatures supporting VOC in the United States, and we need your prayers. In the United States, the work of the International Federation for Victory Over Communism is undertaken by CAUSA. The movement to enlist ten million CAUSA supporters began on September 1, 1986. Americans regard signing up with an organization as tantamount to connecting ones entire life and assets to that organization. Asians, however, see signing up for something quite differently. For Americans, registering for an organization has traditionally meant assuming full responsibility for it and thereby strongly endorsing it. This is why, when we began this CAUSA movement, nearly all American members thought ten million members would be impossible. Yet, the Unification Church and I have carried out work that basically seemed impossible, and we have accomplished impossible things. The work I have carried out throughout my life has never been constrained by anyone's limited views. God's Will is being realized through a providence that exceeds all human perspectives. This is how I have consistently accomplished things that are beyond people's imagination.

7  Regular American citizens, the CIA and the FBI, all looked at us and wondered, "You are signing people up for CAUSA, but you are only getting names. What can you possibly do with all these signatures?" However, no matter what happens, we must do more than just collect signatures. Once you have collected them, please do not wash your hands of this CAUSA movement and do nothing. On November 24, 1986, I arrived in the US, and that very evening we finished collecting ten million signatures. We met our deadline. Our current challenge is how to assimilate those ten million people. Whatever happens, we must do so. In order to assimilate them, I have created an association inviting 350,000 Christian ministers from across the nation, welcoming these ministers to Korea.

8  Christianity in the United States is a new distillation of the Christian cultural sphere of Europe that has developed over the past 200 years. Likewise, we must take the essence of the unified world that is the global Christian cultural sphere and, with our new concept of heaven on earth, build the kingdom of heaven. This will not take long. It will happen suddenly. If it is done centering on North and South America, it will happen overnight. We cannot discard the cultural spheres of Protestantism and Roman Catholicism. God's ideal is to realize the kingdom of heaven, but the first and second attempts initiated through Roman Catholicism and Protestantism failed. Hence, as God's representatives on this earth, we must succeed. In the Middle Ages, God's providence that was focused on the Catholic Church could not be realized. Instead, two spheres emerged. Therefore, in the era of True Parents, Protestantism and Roman Catholicism must unite as one and we must establish a model nation that can fulfill the role of God's nation.

9  In August 1992, after finishing everything, I proclaimed the True Parents. Through this proclamation, True Parents were made known. The era of their advent had arrived. We have entered the age when we can recover everything lost by the nation of Israel and the Jewish people, fulfill the responsibilities not met by the United States and Christianity, and settle. This is why Father and Mother now stand horizontally. In the time of Jesus, the Father and Mother stood only vertically. Vertically, there is only one point at the center; horizontally, however, we have all 360 degrees. This is why Parents can go to any nation and be welcomed everywhere. Furthermore, I combined Central and South America into the Association for the Unity of Latin America. I am uniting the Catholic realm of Latin America. I am also seeking to unite the Protestantism of North America with the Catholicism of Latin America. I possess this fundamental truth, and it is such a strong instrument.

Seeking support in the US

The CAUSA seminars for American leaders, such as retired generals and admirals, ministers and members of Congress, focused on revealing the dangers of communism and called upon Americans to rise up and oppose it. This led to a signature campaign that registered ten million CAUSA supporters. At the time, leftist views and ideas were gaining popularity among intellectuals and media personalities in the United States. This trend coincided with global communist expansion backed by the Soviet Union. The entire free world was in danger. True Parents viewed these developments seriously, and completely invested themselves in leading the Victory Over Communism movement, which diminished the power of communism and halted communist expansion.

10  To defeat communism, we must first win the ideological battle. To win this struggle, we need to go through critical steps in this great nation of the United States. This is why, by June 1986, I will educate 3,000 out of the 7,000 state legislators in the United States. In addition, members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate are receiving CAUSA education. They are learning Unification teachings and becoming acquainted with Godism. Furthermore, retired U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force generals and admirals are receiving CAUSA training.

To expand this education, in March 1986, generals and admirals from the 50 states will form a veterans association and become advisers to it. They are becoming the flag bearers on the front line of the fierce battle to defeat global communism as quickly as possible. The fact that they are standing on the front line of the ideological battle and raising high the flag of victory instead of falling in defeat is truly remarkable.

11  l am carrying out activities through an association of veterans in the United States. I gathered them, including many retired generals and admirals, and trained them. I am forming an advisory board to lead this veterans' association. In each of the 50 states, I gathered retired officers from the army, navy and air force and asked them to strengthen national defense activities in their hometowns. Although they are old, they are not rejecting this challenge. They say, "Even if I am old, if I decide to spend the rest of my life in this way for the sake of the nation, who can stop me? I must serve my country." I told them, "We should love our country." When I was in Danbury Prison in 1985, I launched an international coalition dedicated to homeland defense. At that time, I had completed the education of these high-ranking military officers. In order to defeat communism, we need to teach Victory Over Communism. Next we will come to the stage when we will impact both the executive and legislative branches.

12  In order to save Latin America, I asked retired U.S. generals and admirals to meet their counterparts there. Their background in military intelligence and guerrilla warfare is essential for stopping the communists. Renowned people in today's free world are within my sphere of influence. This is why, in order to carry out this plan on the worldwide level, I founded an international coalition dedicated to homeland defense on June 7, 1985. This was while I was in Danbury Prison. I did so because, from a historical perspective, I understood I had received heaven's appointment to realize God's Will for the destiny of the chosen people.

13  Retired U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force generals and admirals attend CAUSA seminars. Our seminars are instructing and inspiring many well-known people, beginning with these highest-ranking officers. Right now, we are carrying out the movement to connect with the highest-level veterans' leaders in the U.S. Furthermore, I founded AULA. Until now, military juntas allied with the United States guided Latin America, but none of them are really acting for the sake of their countries. I will send retired U.S. generals and admirals to 31 Latin American nations to work for the sake of that continent. I will send them even if it means I must pay them a salary. They will build teamwork among the 31 nations and advise on how to defuse communist guerrilla warfare. They will instruct the leaders of their intelligence agencies so that they can develop military forces appropriate to the challenges facing Latin America. Unless we do this, there is no way for the region to survive. The organizational structure for AULA has been drafted. As a consequence of uniting Latin America, the day will come when economic issues will be resolved naturally. So we are going to put this organization into action. Unless we stop communism in North America and Latin America, there is no way to protect the world from becoming communist; it would be inevitable. Furthermore, we must form a structure for Europe and Asia. The time when the Communist Party exists is the best opportunity to form a viable global system. I have been carrying out such work, which no one even dreamed of doing before.

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