Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 217

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 2: The Seven-Year Courses and the Overseas Foundation The Global Victory Over Communism Movement and the Proclamation of the End of Communism
Section 1: Japan, Paragraph 22-32

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22  Japan will continue to play a pivotal role in setting Asian policy. Right now, we are at the beginning of an economic war. But no matter what, you cannot influence Asia if you disregard Japan. Right now, America is maintaining friendly relations with China. However, there is a big difference in their cultures, and it is impossible for China to connect to American culture. Thus, no matter what America does, she must use Japan as a liaison.

Before this happens, Korea must quickly develop the basis to connect itself to the world. This is the only way for Korea to survive. If I connect the seven million VOC families living in Korea to the families of American ministers, then we can connect naturally to the growing realm of Christian influence. This happens more on the levels of society and family than that of the nation. When our VOC members are able to expand the family foundation to the point where they can move nations, Korea, Japan and America will be able to fulfill their mission in the new global providential history.

Chongryon and Mindan

Geopolitically, Korea's fate is tied to China, North Korea and Japan. That is why True Parents said that if Japan becomes communist, then Korea will be in danger. That is also why True Parents strengthened the effort to educate the pro-Pyongyang Federation of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) with Victory Over Communism thought. This is also why True Parents placed Koreans residing in Japan in the forefront of the movement to unify North and South Korea.

In order to do this, on May 1, 1972 Father established an IFVOC headquarters for Koreans resident in Japan. He stressed that the unity of Korean residents living in Japan will precede the unification of Korea itself, and he invited the Chongryon members to visit South Korea in September 1975 as part of the Chuseok Family Grave Visitation group. They had not visited their homeland since the liberation of Korea, and they had a truly moving reunion with friends and family. We held several of these events, and this opened the eyes of the Chongryon members to the fact that North Korea's propaganda had deceived them about South Korea.

23  I planned to set up the International Federation for Victory Over Communism in 1965, centered on the pro-Seoul Korean Residents Association in Japan (Mindan). However, seven years were lost before the IFVOC headquarters for Korean residents living in Japan was organized. Prior to that there was no way forward for Mindan. The public was aware that they would make no progress without our VOC thought. There was no South Korean group strong enough to go up against the three communist groups, namely Chongryon, the Communist Party of Japan, and the Communist Party of China.

The South Korean ambassador to Japan, the ministry of foreign affairs, and the Japanese intelligence services were no match in any respect for the communists. Whether they liked it or not, Mindan had to utilize the Unification Church foundation. The Unification Church founded the IFVOC, which not only had a philosophy that could repudiate the ideology of Chongryon, but had a foundation of people who could stand up to the Communist Party, which worked in unison with Chongryon.

24  The International Federation for Victory Over Communism in Japan does not represent Japanese nationalism. This organization is comprised of people who respect Korea even more so than those who live on the Korean Peninsula. These people completely understand my heart and strategy.

This is the fourth year of our efforts to revoke the accreditation of Chosun University in Japan, which belongs to Chongryon. This effort began in 1968. So the Chongryon group is in an uproar. At first they did not take us seriously. They thought they could blow us off with a quick breath. They were mistaken. We continue to broaden our base, and in a short time we will catch up to Chongryon. Let's see where we are in three years' time. I have prepared to deal with this, including outreach to the pro-Seoul Korean Residents Association in Japan (Mindan). Now the government is criticizing the Unification Church for reaching out to Mindan. We are suffering all sorts of indignities while engaging in this work.

25  From the latter half of 1970, North Korea has been exploring various ways to unify North and South Korea, focusing on the July 4 South-North Korea Joint Communique. Since the ceasefire divided the country, North Koreans have been living with their own ideological system, but this ideology will not work in South Korea. North Korea is figuring out a way to unify North and South by working through Japan. They are working with Chongryon to try to absorb Mindan and the Korean National Council, which belongs to Mindan, into their organization. If this happens they will be part of Chongryon in name and in reality, and the Communists will proclaim to the world that they were the ones to unite these groups. If Chongryon does indeed absorb Mindan, then, because it is surrounded by communist states, the Japanese government will have to rethink how to deal with communism. If and when that happens, it will directly affect Korea.

In order to prevent this, I sent people to Japan to breathe new life into Mindan. If Chongryon manages to absorb Mindan, high level government officials in Japan will be forced to cooperate with North Korea, and Japan will gravitate toward the North. If this happens, communist states and the threats these states bring will dominate Asia. The Communist Party of Japan will liquidate everyone, including the members of the Unification Church. Because it threatens Korea, I am undergoing indescribable hardship to block this, struggling in the background alone. Now we must renew Mindan and educate them through our organization. They can be an affiliate of the International Federation for Victory Over Communism and build its network nationwide.

26  Mindan is falling apart under pressure from the pro-Pyongyang Chongryon. Not only that, but the Korean National Council already has been torn apart. In 1965, I told their leaders that this surely would happen, and that to prevent this they needed to unite with the International Federation for Victory Over Communism to set up a line of defense. They rolled their eyes at me. Yet in precisely seven years, Mindan has fallen apart. The embassy gave up on them, and Mindan even gave up on itself. Only now do they ask help from the IFVOC. I said, "Great! The Unification Church will take up the fight!" But I told them that those who do not carry this fight forward effectively could end up buried among the graves of traitors. I said, "Let us choose our battles carefully. All the leaders of Mindan must welcome us, and the embassy must authorize this work." This is the risk we are taking as we rally Mindan and straighten out their attitude.

27  In Japan, I went to the Korean embassy and Mindan, showed them the results of our anti-communist lectures in South Korea, and strongly suggested that the Koreans living in Japan attend anti-communism lectures as well. The embassy took a self-important position, stating that they represented the entire country of Korea, and Mindan barely responded at all, saying that they represented the Koreans living in Japan and that they were so powerful that even their second-level leaders could brush off ministers of the Korean cabinet. Nonetheless, heaven sent one of our Korean regional directors to deal with this. First, he spoke to some 450 women representing the 47 Japanese regions. He only spoke for 20 minutes but received as many as 12 standing ovations. The organizer of that event, as well as the leader of Mindan, who was there, said they were both shocked and deeply moved.

This event allowed us to begin our work in earnest. We were able to go to Mindan every day and plan for a series of anti-communism lectures. We said that while it is important to hear from former North Korean spies, or people who repatriated to North Korea but came back and exposed what is really happening there, these speakers wield but a temporary effect. And even if they talk about Kim Il-sung doing such and such, and the situation in North Korea being a certain way, because the situation is so different from life in Japan it is difficult to believe or understand it. I told them we would not succeed with an old-school anti-communist approach. I explained to them explicitly that we needed to give candid lectures that would fundamentally expose and uproot communism itself, by explaining what communism is ideologically, why it is bad, and why, as a result, historically, it is destined to fail.

28  From 1974 to 1975, I tried with all my strength to fulfill my responsibility to the Republic of Korea. I knew that in the end, the vanquished would drink a bitter cup of sorrow. I put forth all of my heart and effort. The Korean people do not know the bloody battles I fought while their country's diplomatic relations with Japan were under attack. I knew that if we did not stop communism in Japan, there would be no way for Korea to survive. Therefore, I gathered 600 young people and educated them about the problem posed by the pro-North Korean residents group (Chongryon). That was how we began the movement to return to the homeland to visit the ancestors' graves.

29  If Chongryon and Mindan do not unite, Japan will not be able to stand as the Eve nation. They must welcome me enthusiastically and become one with me. Then Korea, the Adam nation, and Japan, the Eve nation, will be one. In addition, by these two groups uniting, South and North Korea will unify naturally and the false parents from North Korea will conditionally go under the True Parents from South Korea. When Eve naturally embraces this and carries it as a tradition to the Korean Peninsula, the realm of unity between Korea and Japan will arise. This is the providential viewpoint.

30  In order for Japan, the Eve nation, to fulfill its mission, she must externally and internally assimilate Cain and Abel. Japan has to embrace Chongryon and Mindan, which are Cain and Abel, within 40 years. Chongryon only gives Japan headaches. These two groups must unite. This is a serious problem. Having me unite Chongryon and Mindan may put the Japanese government in an awkward position. Therefore, Japan must be the one to unite them, not me. We set the standard spiritually, and only God knows how we have walked this path of restoration. The secret of the physical standard is known only to me. God set the standard spiritually, and I set the standard physically, so it is only the two of us who know. To begin, Japan must unite Chongryon and Mindan. If this does not happen, then Japan cannot settle in Asia.

31  Chongryon and Mindan, both of which belong to the Eve nation of Japan, are in the position of Cain and Abel, Esau and Jacob, or Zerah and Perez. Two factions are fighting within Eve's womb. This is necessary for the country to become the Eve nation. However, Japan is encouraging the fight. If this continues, Japan will relinquish her mission as the Eve nation to someone else. That is why the Unification Church members are working to unite these two.

How do we unite them? We must become one based on the Yu Gwan-sun tradition. I began this work before 1990. In order to unite them, the Unification Church in Japan and the women of Japan must be bound together. This is why I linked the wives of externally influential persons, the wives of Diet members and the wives of professors, to the Women's Federation for World Peace in Asia. All of the important people who have a relationship with True Parents were included. They are high-level women.

These women and the Unification Church represent Cain and Abel. Mother needs this foundation of Cain-Abel cooperation in order to stand. Even Mother cannot do without Cain and Abel. For this, Chongryon and Mindan, which are symbolically within Eve's womb, must unite. If Japan is able to unite these two organizations, since the president of each of these organizations resides in Japan, the energy needed for the unification of South and North Korea will spring forth.

32  The situation in which the twins Zerah and Perez fought within Tamar's womb must repeat itself in Japan. Today's twins are the Chongryon group, which aligns itself with North Korea and Mindan, which aligns itself with South Korea. Japan must deal with this, yet cannot do so alone. Japan must unite with me. Japan must unite these two organizations that represent one nation, just as Zerah and Perez did when they were in Tamar's womb. Japan is in part responsible for the division of the Korean Peninsula into North and South. Therefore, Japan should be able to get to the origin of the situation and exert its influence. So I will unite the left and right wings and return to the position of the Bridegroom. When I return to Korea, I must even turn Kim Il-sung around. The left and right wings are two sons. After the restoration of the authority of the elder son, for the purpose of restoring the authority of parents, I must even change Kim Il-sung's direction. If the realm of unification arrives on the Korean Peninsula, then western civilization and Asian civilization, and the left and the right, will be united.

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