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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 2: The Seven-Year Courses and the Overseas Foundation The Global Victory Over Communism Movement and the Proclamation of the End of Communism
Section 1: Japan, The importance of Japan
Section 1: Japan, Paragraph 10

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Chapter 2   The Seven-Year Courses And The Overseas Foundation The Global Victory Over Communism Movement And The Proclamation Of The End Of Communism

Section 1. Japan

The importance of Japan

In order to block the spread of communism, True Parents promoted the growth of Victory Over Communism (VOC) activities worldwide. In particular, VOC activities in Japan brought great results. Korea and Japan have a special responsibility for the providence of restoration. As the Adam and Eve nations, they have a duty and mission that are an inextricable part of their identity, beyond just their geopolitical relationship. From early on, True Parents protected Japan from the threat of communism and helped it fulfill this duty and mission. Japanese students and youth engaged sacrificially in widespread VOC activities, achieving great victories in this area.

1  How can Korea and Japan become one based on the Will? This is an important question. The Korean government has high expectations for the International Federation for Victory Over Communism in Japan. What kind of effect will the 4th World Anti-Communist League (WACL) Convention, scheduled for September 1970, have on Japan? If we consider Korea's present situation, the period up to 1972 is very significant. Therefore in the year 1970, we who know the Will must strengthen our foundation in preparation for that. In that sense, the 4th WACL Convention has an important mission. First, centering on me, we must establish internal unity. Then our Korean family and our Japanese family must establish external unity, becoming one.

A common destiny lies ahead of us. In order to solve this problem, the internal power, which is turning to the right, must be stronger than the external power, which is turning to the left. We must offer 1,000 times, 10,000 times, more sincere effort. Because our strength alone is inadequate to win over the many who oppose us, we must receive God's help.

2  The time has passed when I can limit my area of concern to Korea alone. Now we must make world level preparations. I am making an effort to carry the cross of hardship and persecution that the world has given me. These days there is a great deal of concern over world affairs and the advance of the Communist Party. To solve these worldwide problems, we must go forward, take responsibility and fight by spiritual means. The one who is responsible for God's Will must go in a public direction based on the absolute standard. God has pointed us in a specific direction, and we must not vary from it in the slightest. Personal, individual feelings must not interfere.

3  From Korea's point of view, if Japan becomes a pro-communist country, Korea will not be able to survive. Caught in between powerful nations such as Russia, China and Japan, Korea would not be able to sustain itself. Because of this, we are trying to establish Japan as the Eve nation. The Adam nation of Korea is supporting the patriotic activities of IFVOC in Japan. I have to stand in the position of having saved Japan. If Japan becomes an anti-communist nation, Korea will be able to survive. So this is to save Korea. The mission of the Eve nation is this great.

4  Members of the Unification Church must critique thoroughly the materialistic view of history put forth by communism. Accordingly, if there is a general North-South election in Korea, you must contribute to society by using Unification teachings to bring about the defeat of North Korea. If that happens, the foundation for restoring the world will be established. That is why we are so busy. It is the responsibility and mission of Unification Church members to identify and solve national problems. 

Currently, communism is at the center of grave problems in Japan and Asia. The ideology of communism came from Russia, but they have laborers and farmers in Japan who are spreading their activities. They are moving very systematically. For the politicians who want to govern Japan in the future, the problem will be how to fight the communists. Now Japan needs time to empower itself in terms of thought. It is imperative that it begins the process of philosophical renewal at this time.

5  We must fulfill our responsibility and seize the initiative from the Communist Party, and thus cause the leaders of Japan to yearn to be like us. As we have done in Korea, we hurriedly must publish a book that critiques and overcomes the ideology of communism. We have to disseminate it in schools and present lectures about it. This will inculcate Japan with strong anti-communist sentiment. We cannot just engage in anti-communist propaganda; we have to produce serious, critical, scholarly literature. We need to grow in number, and we need the general public to welcome us. The communists will stop at nothing to realize their ideals. They are willing to use violence. That is why they are not welcomed by the public. But we are different. Our strategy from its inception has been different. Communists lose 90 percent of their followers due to disillusionment. But for us, once we believe, our faith becomes stronger and stronger. This is the difference between us and communism.

6  We launched the International Federation for Victory Over Communism in Japan in April of 1968. I gathered the Japanese leaders and told them, "We must begin anti-communist, Victory Over Communism activities here in this free land of Japan." Not one of them welcomed this idea. They opposed my plan, saying, "Father, you surely do not understand how strong the foothold of communism is in Japan, and how brutally and intensely they fight." So explaining all the historical background I could, I tried to persuade them, saying, "Are you really unwilling to do this work, even though this is your destiny?" I empowered everyone with VOC ideology. I empowered them with understanding so that they would be able to give VOC lectures, and sent them into the streets. I said they must go out to the front line in the place where communists swarm.

In like manner, I sent you to Chosun University in Japan, which is funded by North Korea. I did not send men; rather I empowered brave Japanese women with understanding, telling you the following, "For three and a half years, risking your lives, you must give VOC lectures in front of Chosun University! The road you are going definitely leads to the crossroads of death! Determine yourselves!" There are many testimonies there. Chosun University intended to put pressure on you through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, you fought persistently, risking your lives. You pushed the fight with the communists forward to Tokyo Station and up and down well-known streets throughout the country.

7  The IFVOC in Japan is battling the Communist Party. Our members lecture in front of Chosun University, as if to say, "Go ahead and try to kill me," knowing that many students are members of the pro-Pyongyang Federation of Korean Residents in Japan. These students try to interfere, sometimes grabbing us and dragging us away. Perhaps the onlookers just laugh when they see this, but it is actually a big problem. Other times, they come at us all at once, many against one, force us to the ground and hold us down. But when this takes place continually for about a week, people who feel bad for our sisters inevitably come forward. In this way, as a few people who feel this way begin to come out, internal discord arises in the pro-North group. Some begin to say that when they think about it, there is nothing logically wrong with what we are saying, there is nothing wrong with our actions, and there is nothing morally incorrect about what we are doing. Thus they begin to feel that their own deeds contradict their words. When this happens, their conscience is restored. They begin to realize that they have sacrificed their conscience to the Communist Party. We have numerous such indirect strategies that will bring them to the point of collapse. This is the kind of work we are engaged in at this time.

8  We are engaged in VOC activities in Japan. But within the last 50 years, communism has gained significant influence over almost half of the countries around the world. Communism is influencing even American society. To watch us, a little group of people, holding up a banner with the title, "Victory Over Communism," and going up against a global power like communism, most people would say that we are naive and know little about the world. But they are wrong. I am told we held a national VOC rally in Hibiya Park in Tokyo on October 7, 1969, and more than 5,000 people welcomed and applauded us.

Until now, the communists firmly believed that Japan would turn Red according to their plans. That is why they have been working day and night to make this so. Our little Unification group, in revolt against them, has become a problem for the Communist Party and for the Japanese government. We have forced the entire nation to examine itself from a new perspective and reevaluate the direction it is going. Our activities, limited though they were, have had a ripple effect in Japan and have gone on to reverberate throughout all of Asia.

9  The World Anti-Communist League Convention held in Japan on September 15, 1970 was a huge event that made history. It grabbed public attention. It had national impact. Because of this, the Communist Party began to fear the activities of the Unification Church. They could not help but worry about what and who was behind all of those activities. When they begin to worry that their line of defense is under siege, they will prepare a second line of defense and a third line of defense.

10  While I am an anti-communist, I am also a proponent of Victory Over Communism. I created the International Federation for Victory Over Communism in Korea and went on to educate more than seven million people in the VOC ideology. This is what I did. I ordered all of it to happen. Right now, the IFVOC in Japan is the only hope for the people who are proponents of freedom and democracy there. Japanese leaders at all levels are asking for our help, declaring with one voice that the IFVOC is the hope of Japan.

I did this. I told the IFVOC, "Hold a televised public debate with the communists." I told them to hold a debate before the general public on radio, television, and mass media. I wanted the public to discern which ideology is correct, ours or that of the Communist Party. Obviously, the Communist Party turned us down. In fact, they went so far as to forbid, on a national level, anyone in the Party from debating with anyone from the IFVOC. They were de facto admitting a defeat.

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