Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 206

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 1: Initiatives for North-South Unification and the Visit to North Korea
Section 1: Victory over Communism, Paragraph 11-21

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11  A family of civilians in Gangwon Province was murdered by North Korean spies in October 1965. In the wake of this tragic incident, both the ruling and opposition parties resolved to strengthen the anticommunist movement. They set up Gangwon Province as a special region in which to demonstrate the effectiveness of this new policy, which will gradually expand to the whole nation. All men aged 19 to 55 must join anti-communist organizations, and the Unification Church will bolster this struggle against communism. Even with this state of affairs, the South Korean government has failed to discredit communism and present a counterproposal. 

Herein lies the reason that our VOC movement took off in Gangwon Province. Just as the last person becomes the first when people standing in a row turn around at the same time, from the providential standpoint, Gangwon Province moved to the forefront, despite the fact that it is the most backward province in Korea. Moreover, many military bases are located there, and we can equip the Korean military with the Unification principles as much as we want. We will push upward even to North Korea with our philosophy.

12  When you give an anti-communism lecture while representing God, on behalf of His people, you are not doing it for just those few people in front of you. In the providence of restoration, communism is Satan's force that must be defeated. As God strives to establish a victorious people, you have to accept that you will not be welcomed until the entire nation welcomes God. Then, when the nation welcomes God, you have to be humble and return joy to God. You need to ensure that all the virtuous people who were born on this earth as your ancestors are standing before you rather than behind you. You have to be persistent in going to places where you are not welcomed. This is part of the process. You still have many obstacles and hazards that await you, and more miles to run. You must overcome the obstacles along the path, no matter how great they are.

13  Our regional leaders report that they have become quite popular among the local people. They say regional governors and ministers of home affairs want to award them certificates of recognition. This means that the officials realize that the country must not ignore our teaching. The intelligence bureau in the police department that used to keep an eye on me wherever I went is now seeking to embrace the Unification Church. It is like when sunny places fall into shade and dark places come to receive sun, or when bad luck gives way to good luck. Our situation is changing rapidly because the entire nation is facing a crisis that can be resolved only by strengthening its strategy to counter communism. People cherish their lives and property, and they understand that not only themselves, but their relatives and tribe members will suffer death if they make a wrong choice.

14  This is a story of a district leader who visited a county as a VOC lecturer. All of the civil servants, from the community leaders of the town and the chief of police to the governor, came to his lecture. As they sat waiting for the anti-communism lecturer, they saw a young man enter the venue. At first, they thought that he was the lecturer's assistant. So they asked him where he came from and when they might expect the lecturer. Needing to give them an answer, the young man hesitantly replied that he was the lecturer. Realizing that this young man was the one for whom they were waiting, they began to talk among themselves. They must have been baffled or even chagrined to discover that this young man, similar in age to their own sons, was the very person they were expecting. However, they had no choice but to welcome him to the stage, since he had come by official invitation. After two and a half hours of the young man's lecture, the audience was astounded. Our anti-communism lecturers are district leaders who are mostly in their twenties, yet they have done so well now that they are friends with governors and police chiefs. 

No matter how great a teaching is, no one will recognize its value if there is no substantial result to back it up. However, when the result surpasses the standard of the teaching, the value of that teaching will rise higher than the result. In this ongoing struggle, we must make good use of our results. We might have begun with bare hands, but we have to patiently accumulate our results and unite the people around us.

The VOC movement

On November 10, 1965, True Parents officially launched anti-communism education teams as a project for educating the citizenry. True Father then founded the International Federation for Victory Over Communism (IFVOC) on January 13, 1968, merging the anti-communist groups organized throughout the provinces. The purpose of establishing the IFVOC was to empower the Korean people with the principles that could overcome communism domestically, and cope with the expanding international influence of communism.

15  Why did I create the International Federation for Victory Over Communism? I did not create it to be a symbolic affiliate organization. I created it to be an organization that could achieve a substantial result acclaimed throughout the world. Korea needs such an organization in order to achieve its ultimate goal. We have to pass through the gate of ideological war. It does not matter if our country boasts of its world class philosophy, or that America champion's democracy. We will be defeated if we fight the ideological war with obsolete weapons. I am very thorough in that regard. Who will play the leading role in the ideological warfare that will rage in the future on a global scale? This is a serious question.

16  I support the church, continue with ecumenical work and engage in Victory Over Communism activities for the sake of Korea's unification. I am well aware that the unification of Korea is the beginning of the unification of the world. The liberation of North and South Korea is the beginning of the liberation of humankind. There is only one root, and that is Korea. This is why I have been sacrificing my entire life for the liberation of Korea.

I have now created a world-level foundation that enlightens people as to this reality. The division of Korea did not happen because Koreans wanted it. Since powerful nations were involved in the division of Korea, we must push those nations to cooperate in the reunification of our country. We have to exert as much influence on them as we can in the background; otherwise our liberation will be impossible.

17  We must drive communism out of the Korean Peninsula. The history of Korea is the history of humankind in miniature. This is the reason Korea has become the battleground between the communist and democratic worlds, represented by North and South Korea. Panmunjom, located on the ceasefire line, is a unique place in the world for dialogue, because it represents the threshold on which God and Satan are confronting each other. This is why the new age, in which Korea can take the leading role in the world, has arrived.

The Unification Church is the only organization that has the energy and unity required to leap across the ceasefire line with the truth that can defeat communism. It is the only group that has the power to stop the corruption of Christianity and march toward a new world. With this new name of Unification, we will march forward.

18  I do not like the term anti-communism. Victory Over Communism is not anti-communism. However, Victory Over Communism cannot succeed without anti-communism as a first step. We must go on the offensive against the Communist Party. I have hastened to create a nationwide movement for this purpose, but it has been put on temporary hold due to the world's opposition. Even though it is difficult, we must somehow overcome this stage. We have to move Korea, and furthermore Japan, China and the whole of Asia. In the future, I am going to organize an international anti-communist movement in Korea and America. I plan to partner with other anti-communist organizations, equip them with a new philosophy, and cultivate anti-communist leaders.

19  While seeking a way that can bring joy to God, I have chosen to tread a path of persecution. I thought about the path I have walked. What I prayed for in the past has become a reality. The prayers I offered to God after entering North Korea have been realized. I was reminded of the time when I offered a prayer as I was going through some particular difficulties in South Korea. I knew that the reason God was putting me through such hardships was not that He wanted me to wither and die; rather He wanted me to overcome the difficulties and great temptations of this world so I might usher in the time that He has hoped to see. We have to think about unification day and night. While walking the first seven-year course, word began to circulate that the Unification Church is the only answer. Unless we cause communism to surrender, neither this nation nor Asia can survive.

20  What kind of organization is the International Federation for Victory Over Communism? Just as the name says, it is a movement designed to achieve victory over communism—to assimilate it, not just defeat it and drive it out of the global village. A federation is an organic body, not just a single organization. It must be an organic body.

Communism stands on the foundation of nations and international organizations. That is why communists believe they can assimilate other ideologies. They think, "Today's democracy will surely perish. We will be the victors." Communism stands on the global foundation, a foundation that spans all nations. As the communists march toward victory on a world-level foundation, it is not just nations that connect to support this foundation; there are also international organizations that link the nations together.

Therefore, we need a foundation of organizations greater than theirs. Starting from the individual, we must move beyond the family, tribe and nation. Conquering that, and heading beyond that, we have to create one body moving toward one purpose. We are trying to create an unbreakable organization and defend against communism on a global foundation, a foundation that unites all nations.

21  The International Federation for Victory Over Communism has to lead both the church and the nation. What we are doing goes beyond the dimension of religion and nation; we can lead all other organizations. I am instructing our management staff to give lectures. You have to fight in a new direction, on a national level through IFVOC activities. This is the stage we are at today. We will not be able to lead this nation through the Unification Church alone. Christianity and other religions will oppose us. However, they will welcome us, lifting both hands high with joy, if we ask them to join in the fight against the Communist Party. When we give VOC lectures we can transcend denominations.

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