Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 205

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 1: Initiatives for North-South Unification and the Visit to North Korea
Section 1: Victory over Communism, Awakening the Korean people
Section 1: Victory over Communism, Paragraph 10

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Section 1. Victory Over Communism

Awakening the Korean people

True Parents sent out more than 700 members to 413 areas throughout Korea for 40 days, starting on July 20, 1960, to develop the education of the citizenry on an extensive scale. From the viewpoint of God's providence of restoration, the destiny of the people of Korea, the world's central nation, directly connects to the destiny of the world. Hence, the project to educate the Korean people was a prelude to awakening all humanity. Father activated young people for Victory Over Communism (VOC) activities as part of a national campaign to awaken the Korean people to their providential mission. The VOC movement was started in recognition of the fact that the current anti-communist policy had reached its limit. This movement fulfilled an important role as a citizens' ideological movement by logically critiquing the limitations and impracticality of communist theory, and presenting an alternative.

1  The Koreans are a pitiable people, who have journeyed long in their history but have nothing they feel able to boldly affirm in front of others. They possess little and have little in which to take pride. However, if they become a people who struggle and embrace the heart that God desires in the age of a new culture in the 21st century, and embrace the pain and suffering of humanity and, going further, if they become a people who struggle and embrace even the pain and suffering of God, they will lead the world and receive the love of heaven.

2  People have said, "Koreans are the most pitiable people on earth today," but actually they are the ones in whom I have the greatest hope. The democratic world and the communist world are fighting in this land, but the Korean people are never pitiable. As long as the movement of heaven exists within the Korean people, they will live, history will center on them, and this world will come to them. These are not merely my own words. I am saying this because I see and understand that it will come to pass. 

The liberation of God trailed behind history, always beginning in the dark alleys of sorrow. From there, the foundation of joy was built. This is why Korea will become an issue for the world, in particular for the Christian world, and the Unification Church will arise as a world-level issue. These are not empty words that come from my pride. Those who connect to the spirit world through prayer know this. Those who are spiritually open can testify to this. Unless they do testify, they are breaking heavenly law.

Therefore, those of you who have gathered here today must make a solemn resolution. You should not give up along the way. You need to have a firm resolution that you will endure any persecution, no matter how brutal. You must keep the tradition of loyalty and filial piety that heaven desires, even at the cost of your life. If the Unification Church is able to establish the tradition of loyal men and women, the tradition of faithful men and women, and the tradition of filial sons and daughters, it is accomplishing its mission.

3  God has always been with the Korean people, even if the 30 million Koreans might not have known Him. Even when the patriots vanished like the morning dew, going to the execution ground holding onto the heart of righteousness and fulfilling their duty with loyalty, there God walked beside them, together in heart, and on their account He worked with their countrymen. Each of us living today is indebted to God. Especially the Korean people are indebted to God for preserving them up to this day. If God yearns to save pitiable people and has the heart of a parent who holds dear and weeps for His fallen children, surely He would take more pity on those who are suffering than on those who are not. 

Korean people have nothing to boast of. They have always lacked material things. Everything was taken from them. If these people can hold on to something once again, I pray to God, "Please give the young men and women of Korea, who yearn to achieve something great but wander around as if they are lost, the burning heart of Jesus, who called You, ‘Father.'" If they can gain such a heart, I am sure that no people in the world will be able to conquer them. If there are many sons and daughters who touch the heart of the Father with the cry, "Father, I worked like this," God, who sees us with pity, will make anew this world and its doctrines and ideologies. Such young men and women and such people will become leaders in this world.

4  God's hope is placed on your shoulders. You must establish the sovereignty of heaven among the Korean people and in the cosmos. God waits for you to awaken to His calling and achieve victory. That calling is for nothing less than the restoration of God's lost people, territory and sovereignty. The Korean people fail to realize this, and remain asleep. They do not know what has happened to them, their territory or their sovereignty. We must awaken them to the necessity of reestablishing the lost people, territory and sovereignty in heaven and on earth and to recover these even at the risk of their lives. We have to understand that they need to repent and march forward bravely as the warriors of heaven in order to restore heaven's people, territory and sovereignty. After I realized that this is my responsibility, I dedicated my life solely to this, whether waking, sleeping or eating. Please be confident in the fact that you have the responsibility to awaken the Korean people, who are not yet awake.

5  The advent of communism is the greatest crisis that has arisen in history. Why is this so? It is because God is certainly alive, but communists claim He is dead. In other words, even though God surely lives, they say He does not exist. The worst of all sins is that of denouncing the existence of someone or something. If you call someone dead while he or she is alive and well, then you become his or her worst enemy. If you tell people that your parents are dead while they are still alive, that is the greatest betrayal possible. Similarly, if you say that God is dead while He is clearly alive, then you become God's worst enemy. This worst enemy of God is communism. Therefore, we must obliterate everything that is related to communism. This is why we have to empower ourselves with the teaching of Victory Over Communism.

6  That which I love the most must not be what only I love, but what my family loves, what the people love, and, furthermore, what the entire human race, heaven and earth, and all things of creation love. That is not my dear son, spouse or parents. That object of love is certainly God. That which we call God is the central subject partner of heart, with whom we adjoin as the root and origin of heart, which no one can move, change or remove. 

In terms of loving God, ones ethnicity or cultural tradition creates no distance. All people, regardless of their race, tradition or environment, can love God the same. If we build and perfect a relationship with God, we cannot help but love Him. God has been gathering together this world to achieve oneness, battling ideologies and philosophies in order to achieve the singular point of hope. This has led to today's global confrontation between democracy and communism. This world should be neither democratic nor communist. These two should be integrated by a single, higher quality ideology. Humankind is unanimously saying we must move into an age wherein we can pursue integrated principles and rejoice in song. With this one hope in mind, humankind is on the way to oneness with God.

7  Today's world is divided into the democratic and communist spheres. However, the democratic world has been driven into a corner by the communist world. This is because democracy does not have an ideology that can surpass communism. Therefore, we have to introduce a philosophy and a teaching that can surpass communism. This teaching is a philosophy which must be inclusive of the corporeal and incorporeal worlds. That is, we must find a way to critique communism in light of a cosmos-based philosophy. After preparing since 1962, our effort began in earnest in 1965. Communism can be defeated by our Victory Over Communism education teams which are bringing impressive results all over the country.

8  We have to charge forward to defeat communism, which has been rapidly spreading around the world. Communists presently control one-third of the world and are dragging even the United States, the standard-bearer of democracy, into their system. However, the Unification Church is stepping forth and fighting to topple communism. The people of the world have had no interest in this aspect of our work. However, now they understand that they were wrong. The situation is now reversing. They have recognized the great value of Unification Church lecturers, so much so that they are providing our lecturers with transportation when they invite them to speak. They even refer to the members of the Unification Church who are trying to defeat communism as the Victory Over Communism education teams. It was an angel who gave Jacob the name Israel. Just as Jacob gained victory, we must now expand our realm of influence. We are the only ones who can bring the Communist Party to natural surrender. In this world, there is no teaching other than the Unification Principle that can make this happen.

9  You have to go over walls and national barriers with the Unification teaching and stand proudly in front of the Korean people. If you have to, you should grab any young person in the street and educate him or her in the Unification philosophy. The current circumstances in Korea call for such activism. Otherwise, the country will be brought to ruin. 

Also, you have to walk this path with the heart of a parent, in the shoes of a servant, and shed tears for humanity, sweat for earth, and blood for heaven. Only then will humanity, earth and heaven be grateful for your tears, sweat and blood. God comes only on the foundation of an offering. This is why the members of the Unification Church must go through the age of offering on the individual level, fulfill the offering on the level of the people, and then move forward on the path of the world offering.

10  America and its democratic allies created an uproar in 1967 by saying that God is dead. This event will create knots of bitter sorrow in history. Can God come back to life if He is said to be dead? The time of God's "resurrection" will come within three years. Jesus resurrected after only three days. So the time for God's resurrection is bound to come, now that He is "dead." 

Who in this age will make this happen? The Christianity of today's democratic world is not sufficient. It lacks a philosophy that can surpass communism, which has already spread around the world. So the Unification Church, which has a philosophy that is able to surpass communism, has to take on this task. The Unification Church is a champion not only of standing up to communists, but of overcoming communism itself through our teaching. We have to defeat communism with a philosophical counterproposal.

Besides pointing out the flaws of communist theory, we must also introduce an alternative worldview. As we in the Unification Church lead the fight with our Victory Over Communism thought, we must proclaim the living God to the world. This world that has forsaken God is now heading for the ultimate crisis. At such a time, the mission of the Unification Church is to defeat materialistic communism and atheism with a new teaching and guide the democratic world back to God.


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