Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 166

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 2: True Parents’ Settlement in the United States and Their Public Speeches
Section 5: America’s Bicentennial Celebration, Victory of Heaven and Victory of Earth
Section 5: America’s Bicentennial Celebration, Paragraph 35

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Victory of Heaven and Victory of Earth

On October 4, 1976, True Parents held a celebration at the Belvedere International Training Center in New York to commemorate the victory of the Washington Monument Rally, and declared that day the Day of Victory of Heaven (Cheon Seung Il). They declared that the Washington Monument Rally established a historic, victorious spiritual and physical foundation on the global scale. On February 21, 1977, at the World Mission Center in New York, True Parents presided over the marriage Blessing ceremony of 74 Couples from 11 nations. Then, on True Parents' birthday, February 23, they proclaimed a new era and proclaimed the Day of Victory of the Earth (Ji Seung Il).

28  I came to America in order to proclaim a new era and a new truth. My God-given duty is to proclaim these things regardless of whether people accept me or not. God appeared before me and told me to go to America and convey the truth. I fulfilled my duty to make these proclamations through my speaking tours in America. I visited all 50 states during the Day of Hope tours. These were not just another evangelical mission; they carried great spiritual significance in God's providence. I do not know how much of the spirit world you see or understand, but in the Unification movement the spirit world is very much alive. The Unification movement is not simply a horizontal movement; it is a vertical movement connected to God. All the things done in the Unification Church are reflected in the spirit world while all the things in the spirit world are reflected through us. The interaction of these two worlds is one of the features of our movement. From a horizontal point of view our activities may seem to have no significance; in some respects they may seem to be a waste of time, money and energy. However, often what we do on earth is helping the spirit world. We are engaged in activities to make conditions so the Holy Spirit can pour down her spirit to earth.

Christianity and other religious organizations in America have a secular way of thinking. They are tainted by secular culture. They are on the path of decline. The Unification Church, however, is different. In the Unification movement we are pioneers exploding with spiritual energy like an active volcano. In the many speeches I gave after the Washington Monument Rally, I'm sure you heard me say that now is the time for the entire spirit world to cooperate with us. The spirit world is ready to help the Unification movement.

I proclaimed the Day of Victory of Heaven on October 4, 1976, after the Washington Monument Rally. With this as a turning point, a new age has dawned and the walls between religions in the spirit world have virtually collapsed. The spirit world is helping the earthly world. These phenomena are occurring as we speak, in many different forms.

29  Until now the spirit world has been divided up by walls. People who followed Buddha have been in the Buddhist realm; those who believed in Confucius have entered the Confucian realm; those who believed in Jesus have been in the Christian realm; and those who believed in Islam would enter the Islamic realm. Individuals in the spirit world have lived in distinctly separate realms and have never harmonized. They were enclosed by walls as they prepared and waited for the day when the Messiah would come and bring liberation.

However, this day could not come until God's bitter sorrow caused by the Fall, Jesus' bitter sorrow and my bitter sorrow were completely dissolved in both the spiritual world and the physical world. Through the victory of the Washington Monument Rally, all this bitter sorrow was alleviated. Now the spirit world can be united into one organized entity, and this will manifest on earth.

30  October 4, 1976 is an unforgettable day of liberation for me. It combines October 4, the day when I came out of Seodaemun Prison in Korea, with the victorious Washington Monument Rally in the year 1976. The significance of this day is that it commemorates liberation; I am truly grateful to celebrate two liberations on this day. First, I am grateful to God, and next, I am grateful to you. Today is a day on which we celebrate the victory of the Washington Monument Rally. Being a day with great meaning and heavenly significance, it is a memorial day we must observe throughout the history of the Unification Church. I established it as the Day of Victory of Heaven, celebrating the momentous victory of heaven.

31  At the Yankee Stadium Rally in New York I declared that I came as a doctor to treat an ailing America, and as a firefighter to put out the fire in America. At the Washington Monument Rally, I proclaimed boldly that "I came in order to save the young people of a decadent America and guide them into becoming the hope of tomorrow." This was published in The New York Times and The Washington Post. People cannot say, "I did not know about Reverend Moon." I have fulfilled all my responsibilities. 1976 was a historical year of transition because of these unprecedented rallies. Then all the spirits from the spirit world came to welcome me. Those spirits, who had previously been divided, came together and created a welcoming environment. On October 4, 1976, I was able to establish the Day of Victory of Heaven. There have been many boundaries in the spirit world due to the divisions among religious groups. Now Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism and Islam are united. I declared that day as the Day of Victory of Heaven, a day of victory for God.

32  1976 was extremely important in the history of God's providence. God protected and supported the Unification Church and won a great victory through the Washington Monument Rally. I come from the rolling hill country in Korea. Like David who stood before Goliath, I fought a spiritual battle in America, the central nation of the free world and the envy of the entire world. Even you did not believe it would happen. But this is a fact: we were able to win this battle because heaven intervened, history intervened, humanity intervened and the future intervened. The Day of Victory of Heaven is the day on which we can proclaim this victory.

33  The Day of Victory of Heaven is the universal turning point when Satan's lineage can be changed to God's lineage. It is the day when I established the worldwide standard so that those doomed to death and hell could be rescued and have eternal life. Those who were lost in the misery of death can now feel joy in the realm of liberation with God's love at the center. What standard and way of life did the Day of Victory of Heaven establish? Heaven's side is now leading the way. We are entering the time when Satan's forces on the level of the family, tribe, nation and world will not be able to oppose True Parents, but will fall backward into hell.

34  We were liberated from the world of Satan's blood ties and from Satan's realm of life and love. The nation, ethnic group and tradition were on Satan's side, but now we who have inherited a new cultural tradition will expand God's love, starting with ourselves and moving to the families, nations and ethnic peoples. The world's five races are joining together and moving into an era of liberation of the nations and ethnic peoples. Liberation will be accomplished without fighting. The Day of Victory of Heaven is the day we say proudly, "We will march to the world of liberation!" We are the members of the Unification Church, and it is our tradition to affirm, "We will live as brave soldiers who create the one cultural sphere of Adam and the one cultural sphere of the True Parents and True God. Amen!"

35  Beginning in 1977, we will see opposition against the Unification Church in America decrease. Over the last three years, we endured investigation from the Internal Revenue Service, inflammatory reports from the Associated Press and antagonism from Congress. Rising above the persecution, we made the necessary conditions to bring victory at the Washington Monument Rally and were not destroyed. Without this success, I would have died by now, promising my return. In its course, Christianity paid a high price through countless sacrifices. In line with that, communist power has led the Unification Church to suffer and pay a price. With the success of the Washington Monument Rally, that day is over. On February 23, 1977, my birthday, I will proclaim the Day of Victory of the Earth and the beginning of a new era. Until now, there has been a barrier between the spiritual world and the physical world. The spiritual world could not connect to the physical world. Spirit persons found it difficult to stay with and to consistently help the physical world. It was necessary for them to go back and forth between the two worlds. Those walls have been broken down through the success of the Washington Monument Rally. A path has been paved whereby countless good spirits can easily visit individuals and families among their descendants.

Now we can make conditions and successfully restore the individual, family and tribe. What will the good spirits do when they come down? We are entering an era where Christianity, communism, the family—everything—will be cut in two by a spiritual boundary between God and Satan. Until 1976 the evil side, Cain's side, was superior, and always won the fight at the barrier between the spiritual world and the physical world. Because the spiritual path is now open, and the spiritual world can cooperate without any restrictions, the more we fight against evil, the more Abel's side will be victorious.

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