Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 165

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 2: True Parents’ Settlement in the United States and Their Public Speeches
Section 5: America’s Bicentennial Celebration, The Moscow Rally declaration
Section 5: America’s Bicentennial Celebration, Paragraph 27

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The Moscow Rally declaration

True Parents held three large rallies—at Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium in New York, and at the Washington Monument in the nation's capital. These events represented victory on the three stages of formation, growth and completion. They also have the significance of reversing all failures of providential history because America represents the global nation. On September 19, 1976, a day after the Washington Monument Rally, True Father publicly announced that the next rally would take place in Moscow for the purpose of liberating the communist world. True Father emphasized that the liberation of God and humankind can only begin after we go to the Kremlin. He said to all members, "Let us ring the bell of freedom with true love in every corner of the world."

21  America today is a microcosm of the world. What happens in America will shape the destiny of the world and God's providence. God is working through a clear plan that He wants to unfold in this nation. At the Yankee Stadium Rally, I asked, "Don't you need a doctor if someone in your family falls ill? Don't you need a firefighter if your house catches fire? God sent me to America with the responsibilities of a doctor and firefighter." At the September 18, 1976, Washington Monument rally, I announced that "God sent me to this nation to convey a new revelation." He called me especially to guide young people back to God, young people who will be the future leaders of America.

22  On June 7, 1975, the World Rally for Korean Freedom was held in Korea, with an audience of 1.2 million people that included representatives from 60 nations. That rally raised the banner of victory in this nation. Once we connect its success to the three-year course in America, America can advance as a new nation of hope spiritually and physically. This is the providential viewpoint. We are holding rallies on the national level, on three different occasions in America—at Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, and Washington Monument. Thereby in America we will substantially manifest the victorious results that have been achieved in Korea. Based upon this, we can open up a new path on the world level.

23  A fierce battle took place before the Washington Monument Rally. After the success of the rally in Madison Square Garden, the citizens of America were surprised saying, "So this is who Reverend Moon is!" During the banquet the day before that rally, an associate director from CBS asked me, "Reverend Moon, are you confident?" and I replied, "Yes, I am confident." It feels like only yesterday when The Washington Post and The New York Times viewed me with skepticism, wondering how I could fill the auditorium. Media surveys predicted that it would not happen, but I nonetheless said that I was confident.

Despite the polls, I was positive that the God I know had the power to bring about results. After bringing an unexpected and unprecedented victory beyond their imagination, we became the main focus of the media. It was puzzling and very new to them. The media sprang at us, saying, "Reverend Moon is a troublemaker, and his organization is very powerful." From 1972, for three years, rumors spread throughout the world. During those three years, I had the responsibility to let all Americans and all the free world know who I was.

24  When I first traveled around America meeting the members and mobilizing an international team, I spoke of holding the Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument Rallies, and no one believed me. If even Unification Church members could not accept it, expecting the general public to understand was out of the question. Media organizations and thoughtful people dismissed me saying, "This guy from Asia does not know America; he will soon go away." However, they were looking from a superficial perspective, which is nothing compared to my solid three-dimensional perspective. Only I had the certainty that the power of the whole seen vertically is always stronger than when it is seen horizontally.

25  During this three-year period, from 1975 to 1977, the Unification Church is following a path of tribulations all around the world. That is why we are going to rally at Yankee Stadium, not only with people from America but also with people from around the world. If we can be victorious in the Yankee Stadium Rally in New York in 1976, the second year of this three-year global path of suffering, and move on to gain victory at the Washington Monument Rally, we will have overcome the critical point in this three-year period. Once we gain victory through the Yankee Stadium Rally and Washington Monument Rally and continue on until 1981, the communist sphere will be brought within our gates. If we can do that, I believe we can reach Moscow within seven years. This is the viewpoint of the Principle. If we fail here, this providence will be prolonged for 20 years. If we are unable to push back the communist forces, many Christians will be slaughtered. Blood will be spilled. A fearful era in history lies before us. I am not talking in vague terms. From our present position, history will develop based on a perspective of the Principle.

26  All the families who have received the Blessing in the Unification Church should mobilize and work to move the hearts of their own people. Their efforts will enable them to move to the world level. There is no doubt about it. A united free world will be able to guide the Soviet Union and the rest of the communist world. With this goal in mind, I announced the Washington Monument Rally and the Moscow Rally. We are now preparing tirelessly for the Moscow Rally. You may not be aware that at this moment, a life and death struggle is going on for the sake of God's Will underground in the Soviet satellite nations.

27  Immediately after the Washington Monument Rally I declared that the Moscow Rally was next. This movement focuses on liberating the world from communist ideology. To be victorious over communism, you must be superior to the communists. During the pioneer period of my life I never resorted to physical force. My weapon has always been silent endurance. Today, I declare the end of the first 21-year course. This is a momentous day. Another 21-year course has begun, and during this time our movement will grow and be strengthened physically as well as spiritually. To deter the advance of communism, we need the power to liberate their people. I stand as a father, even to the communists, but it is your responsibility to win them over. This is the movement that will liberate the world, based on the true love of God. We will fight with love. You can do this with a God-centered character and with knowledge, experience and good organization.The communists are determined to destroy the free world and take over, but we will save both the democratic world and the communist world.

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