Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 144

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 1: True Parents’ World Tours
Section 1: The First World Tour, Paragraph 23-33

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23  Every time I go to a place where our church is, I offer a prayer that in the future we must restore a foundation for Abel-type existence. I have been creating holy grounds in accordance with this providential plan. Setting up a holy ground also prepares a base for environmental restoration. Therefore, each site must have Abel-type financial support. So whenever I went to each country, I deposited money into an account—for America, in American dollars; for Japan, in yen; and for Germany, in marks. Being able to deposit money into an account means that the children can inherit the privilege from their parents to join in a relationship of heart with all things of creation. Being able to join me on this path should be a matter of historic, global pride for all of you. This becomes an important condition when building up the Abel-type altar toward material restoration.

24   The power at the 120 holy grounds in 40 countries must never be turned off. Korea should become like the broadcasting station transmitting its signal to the rest of the world. When Korea transmits the signal, the holy grounds of the world should receive the signal and offer gratitude and greetings.

Even though the holy ground is God's guard post on earth, there have been very few to guard that post. The prophets or members of the Unification Church must not become a flock of pitiful sheep before God. God's heart regarding the holy grounds is extremely deep, and how sorrowful His heart is when His children do not go there. You can apologize to assuage God's sorrowful heart about the holy grounds, but if you make a promise to fulfill the duties of filial piety and do not keep it, God cannot recover from the sorrow He comes to feel. If this happens, you can never become loyal men and virtuous women again.


True Father and his entourage arrived in Japan at Haneda Airport on January 28, 1965, and received an enthusiastic welcome from the Japanese members. This was the first stop on his First World Tour. On the same day a big welcoming service took place at the Japanese headquarters. True Father handed out commemorative gifts with his name engraved on them and presented the headquarters with a Unification church flag. He also created holy grounds in Tokyo and Nagoya, before departing for the United States on the morning of February 12.

25   I have returned to Japan after an absence of 20 years. Though years have passed, I still have memories of my former days. It was a dangerous time for me back then, but I resolved to offer my life and stay forever on this path. You do not know how many times I determined to give my life. I started on this path only after having made up my mind as to exactly what kind of attitude I would offer if I encountered a miserable death. The reason I have been carrying out all of these things in Korea until now is not because I had nothing to eat. I did not do all of this because I wanted to gain honor. I did not do all of this because I missed someone. I did these things only because I know God and understand His heart.

26   If the people of Japan do what the rest of humanity cannot do, the Japanese people will lead the world. People who have this character, ideology and achievement, along with a deep understanding of God's heart, are the heavenly people who will remain in God's nation. I am saying that above all we must restore Japan. Please love other nations more than I do. Please love the world more than I do. Please love Heavenly Father more than I do. If I happen to collapse in front of you, you must not weep. Who will love God as I love Him? Who will love all people as I love them? Who will love the universe as I love it? Who will take the responsibility that I have been taking? You cannot lament to God if you have not had a loving heart. These are the words I leave with you.

27   I want to meet you and to praise your hard work with my tears but I cannot do that right now. What I want to say to those who are really exhausted by the fight is, "You must go on again." Our way is to build up a worldwide rampart. This must be built with our blood and flesh. I am saying that you need to bear the cross. I am telling you to go to the place of death.

Satan's world does not end even though God sends a brave soldier with His fighting spirit who strikes it again and again. Satan is the enemy of 6,000 years. It is imperative that I bring Satan, the enemy of humankind, into submission with this very hand. All things of creation have officially recognized our absolute loyalty as God's children and the contributions we have made. No matter how strong Satan is, he cannot make a false charge against this official recognition.

If there is one person in Japan who will stand and fight from this position, God will choose that person even if it means giving up all of Japan. If there is even one person like that in the whole world, God will choose that person even if He has to abandon the rest of the world.

28   When I first set foot in Japan, I prayed from my heart, "If there is anybody who welcomes me as I carry the truth of Your heart, please remember that person's heart." The path that I am handing down to you is the path of the cross that I must follow. I felt that my heart cannot be weak as I greet my other brethren on this path of the cross. We must go forth with tears to build God's world of hope and establish the land that God desires. There will be indemnity, and it will be a thorny path full of dangerous cliffs and ledges. There will also be times when we must rush forth like a cannonball that will strike its target with absolute precision.

However, God is wondering who will carry on with this kind of heart once I depart this world. A courageous person who can stimulate God will be a victor in his life course. We must always analyze ourselves and ask, "Am I really working to fulfill God's Will? Am I standing in the center of this mission?

Is this the proper lifestyle for someone who is pursuing this goal?" To that end, there must be nothing but the world that God hopes for. There must be nothing but the relationship with God. There must be nothing outside of this. There must be nothing outside of God's hope, and our understanding of God's heart and situation. There must be nothing but independence, harmony and unity, with God at the center. Someone who embodies these characteristics can lead the world.

29   We must have a stronger sense of the responsibility given to Japan. It is absolutely unforgivable if a person who represents heaven thinks it is all right just to take it easy. Unless we experience God's hopes directly, we will never understand this. Unless the self dies, we will never know that kind of heart. Only through hardship will we finally come to know. We must become people who live inside God's heart, saying, "Even though the whole world opposes me, I will go this way." I have already made that determination, even if I have to fight alone.

North America

True Father departed from Japan on February 12, 1965, stopped in Honolulu, Hawaii, and arrived at San Francisco International Airport the following day. During the next 43 days until March 29, Father created 55 holy grounds while traveling through the 48 contiguous states. Then on March 31, Father arrived in Washington, D.C., where he remained for three months, devising a detailed strategy for the establishment and expansion of the mission foundation across the regions of the United States and in 12 mission countries. Father also spoke at length to the participants of a 21-day workshop there. Then on June 25, he visited former U.S. president Dwight D. Eisenhower at his home in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and spoke with him on matters of importance.

30   I thought that foreigners did not cry very often, but after visiting America, I learned that they cry a great deal. The American members heard that I was arriving, but they were unaware of my arrival time, so they waited all day at the airport. They were tired and anxious from waiting, and when I finally landed and made it to the arrival gate some people were laughing and some were crying. Although we have different cultures and historical backgrounds, once we become Unificationists, our tears and our smiles become just the same. The American members showed their teeth when smiling and shed tears, just as Koreans do.

31   I toured 48 American states in 43 days. I had to travel at least 700 kilometers each day by car. In San Francisco, I established two holy grounds called the Twin Peaks. One is Mother's holy ground and the other is Father's. In total, I established 55 holy grounds in America. Today there is no one protecting these holy grounds. The Unification Church is not developing because no one is taking care of the holy grounds.

I held conferences in both the eastern and western parts of the country during the same week, one conference every three days. We drove across the Rocky Mountains in one week. America has patriots, but they need to learn from me. They are not able to break my record. We also surmounted many difficulties. Instead of sleeping in hotels, I slept in the car and on sandy beaches if we could find any.

Sometimes I would awaken in the middle of the night and stick my head out of my sleeping bag. The stars would shine brightly as if to say, "Did you have a good rest?" They would also say, "Good morning!" and"Good night!" I also had many dreams during that time.

32   As I traveled around the 48 states, I had only bread and bacon with me. For a meal, I had one piece of each. I would have one slice of bread with bacon and kimchi. Young people can eat three pieces each for a meal, and it still would not be enough. But with us, each person could get only one piece each.

I have many stories to tell. Some nights, if it was already after midnight, because I rise at five in the morning we would not get a hotel room for just a few hours of sleep. Instead, we would sleep in the car on the side of the road as if the car had broken down. All I need is a short nap on the side of the road. Since we were four people and it cost $80 per person for the hotel rooms, that meant we saved $320. With that much money, we could eat and live for a week! That's how we cut expenses. And no matter how difficult it was, we had to travel 700 kilometers per day. One day we even traveled 1,300 kilometers. This is how we were able to traverse 48 states in 43 days.

33   When I went to America, I looked around at the American culture that had taken root on the basis of democracy and thought, "This place is the central headquarters that will have command over the entire world. A new world culture will rise up and use this place as its stepping-stone." I then prayed about this point. Why are we proud of the Empire State Building in New York? It might be a source of pride in this present society, but in the new world we are creating, it will not stand as a tower or even a signpost. The world centered on the culture of a new blessed land that God is hoping to create is on a level much greater than that of the Empire State Building.

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