Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 137

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 4: The Annual Mottoes and Setting Goals for Each Stage of the Providence
Section 5: The 2000s, Mansei for the secure settlement of Cheon Il Guk in freedom, peace and happiness, the ideal of the Parents of Heaven and Earth
Section 5: The 2000s, Paragraph 14

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Mansei for the secure settlement of Cheon Il Guk in freedom, peace and happiness, the ideal of the Parents of Heaven and Earth

7 The character cheon (天), “heaven,” symbolizes two (二) people (人). The character for “two” (二) consists of a horizontal line on top and a horizontal line on the bottom. Peace should be created in both the spirit world and the earthly world. I included the words “cosmos” and “peace” in this motto; thus it includes the meaning, cosmic peace. Also, Cheon Il Guk has the horizontal character il (一) meaning “one” or “unity.” Accordingly, the motto of 2001 included the meaning “two people fulfill the Will with true love, whose subject nature is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.” Without true love we cannot accomplish the Will. That is why I included “absolute, unique, unchanging, eternal love” as the way to fulfill the Will. We must fulfill it with absolute love, unique love, unchanging love and eternal love.

That is Cheon Il Guk, the nation where two persons become one. The word “cosmos” means our home in heaven and on earth. Man and woman create balance on the horizontal plane and attend heaven. Centering on heaven whom the man and woman attend, they should each unite their mind and body and then unite as husband and wife; next, they should unite as parents and children, and at the same time they should unite with their brothers and sisters and with others whom they should treat as brothers and sisters. In each case it is like two people uniting with each other.

These realms of subject partner and object partner can be established only with true love. True love is the center. It is the center of the individual and the center of the couple. Then it expands to higher levels as the center of parents and children and the center of sibling relationships in the family and in the world. In this way, the family can be settled.

Once the family is settled, then its tribe should unite based on that family, so that they become one. Then the entirety of the people should unite based on that tribe, so that they become one. Then the nation should unite based on that people, so that they become one. We must have a unified nation for the world to unite with, and a unified world such that the cosmos will unite with it, and then a unified cosmos that will connect with God. If you live like that, wherever you go horizontally or vertically, you will not collide with anything.

8  The motto for 2002 is “Mansei for the secure settlement of Cheon Il Guk in freedom, peace and happiness, the ideal of the Parents of Heaven and Earth.” Freedom, peace and happiness here refer to true love. There is freedom in true love, there is peace in true love and there is happiness in true love. All this can be found in a family and in everything else. You cannot be happy alone. The foundation of happiness does not exist outside of the family, and families that can connect with this foundation should multiply greatly.

As for the four-position foundation, there are four generations: the Grandparent (God), the father and mother, the husband and wife, and the sons and daughters. They form one sphere. Adam and Eve are the father and mother; by the generation of their grandchildren the four-position foundation will have multiplied to many couples. This is the seed and the model from which the 12 tribes can emerge and then hundreds of branch tribes. Thus Adam’s family would flourish, having given birth to many sons and daughters and making more couples.

Thus, when the four-position foundation is complete, there will be the four levels. Considering God as the Grandparent, after Him there are three generations of father and mother, husband and wife, and sons and daughters. Thus in Adam and Eve’s family, sons and daughters who are in the position of their grandchildren emerge through three generations. They form the seed of the fourth generation, and from that time on anybody who marries can enter the kingdom of heaven automatically. That is the model.

May our families perfect true families of filial children, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters of Cheon Il Guk through true love

9  The motto for 2003 is, “May our families perfect true families of filial children, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters of Cheon Il Guk through true love.” God’s whole ideal of creation is included here: the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. A child who inherits a true family’s tradition of filial piety will become a loyal patriot, and one who inherits a true family’s tradition of loyalty to his or her nation will become a saint. Furthermore, one who inherits a true family’s tradition of sainthood will become a divine son or daughter. By inheriting the tradition of a divine son or daughter, he or she is given royal authority. This inheritance occurs on the foundation of God having royal authority.

Everything owned by individuals or belonging to your nation must be denied. In the end they are all fruits of the fallen world. They connect to a world contaminated by the bloodline of the enemy which God rejects. God does not want to see even the shadow of that world. God cannot take charge of this evil world that has persisted through the rise and fall of nations while countless people have died through wars.

10  Through true love your families must become the owners of Cheon Il Guk and you must become filial children. To become an owner of Cheon Il Guk, you must first become a filial child. Then you must form a true family of loyal patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters; once you’ve done that, you become an owner. We do not say these things lightly. This is the position in which you lay the foundation stone; thus you cannot escape the fundamental rules of heaven.

You should have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Move forward for the sake of the eternal world, even if you die 100 or 1,000 times. Gratefully follow your path even if it involves indescribable hardship. You can experience the bitterness that God had to endure when He was unable to help the people whom He loved and trusted within the religious realm, even as they were being sacrificed. If you do, and on your own path your tears obscure your vision and your surroundings are drenched in your blood and sweat, then Satan cannot enter into you. Satan cannot approach you because he sees the traces of the tears and blood you shed for the sake of others. Satan is egoistic. Because of his egotism, he cannot invade your position.

11  The model of the family connects to the loyal patriot, the model of the loyal patriot connects to the saint, the model of the saint connects to the divine son or daughter and the model of the divine son or daughter connects to kingship. In order to enter Cheon Il Guk where True Parents dwell, you should go the path of a true parent, true owner, true teacher and connect to the true king. You must also go the path of a filial child, loyal patriot, saint, and divine son or daughter, as well as that of kingship. Only when you complete the course to that level will you receive the inheritance.

I am teaching you all this clearly. If you stop in the middle of your course, it is not enough. If you go after good fortune just for yourself, after you die your corpse will end up in a pauper’s grave. However, this path will, without fail, allow you to reach the kingdom of heaven, not end up in a pauper’s grave.

By now everyone in the world should know. In fact, on July 4, 2002, in Washington, DC, I conveyed a resolution from the spirit world which said, “We know and believe that God is the absolute True Parent, and that Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han are the True Parents.” It also said, “We believe that the True Parents are the embodiment of God, and that they are True Parents, true teachers and true owners, and we will act according to their will.” It then proclaimed me a king.

Having become the True Parent, true teacher and true owner, it is only right that I should be the king. There can be only one true king. That is why the blessed families of the Unificationist family attend me as the king. When they do that, they can receive the inheritance. But you cannot receive an inheritance from a king unless you have become a prince or princess. You can receive the inheritance when you become a divine son or daughter. If you cannot become such a person and receive my inheritance, when you go to the other world you will be caught short.

Proclamation of the era of God’s fatherland and the peace kingdom

12  Today, January 1, 2004, we are entering “the era of God’s fatherland and the peace kingdom.” This is not an announcement but a historic proclamation. Saying that this is a proclamation means that a new age has dawned. Its content affects not only individuals but also the whole world, even all of heaven and earth. The time of making announcements of small matters is over. This is the proclamation of the liberation of God’s fatherland and the era of the peace kingdom. As we live in the world where they have been proclaimed, we should enter God’s fatherland and establish the peace kingdom.

13  This morning, January 1, 2004, I proclaimed the words, “God’s fatherland.” Because I did so, hereafter God’s fatherland will begin. I also proclaimed the peace kingdom. Now God’s fatherland and the peace kingdom have begun, a place that has no relationship whatsoever with the fallen world. It is God’s nation and God’s fatherland, which He desired from before the Fall. Our clans, our peoples and our nations can all live in the realm of God’s fatherland. All can become part of heaven’s nation. This is an existential realm rather than an imaginary one.

Everything in God’s nation begins from God’s fatherland, and everything must be evaluated based on its foundation. Anything that was established in places where the fatherland is not established will pass away. How precious is the term, “God’s fatherland.” It is like the fact that only because we have a nation can we say that we are citizens of the Republic of Korea and call ourselves “the white-clad race.”

Throughout the ages of history, the conditions for the fatherland that God has desired have been accumulating, from the level of individuals and families to tribes and peoples, until today when the time is ripe for this proclamation of the restoration of God’s fatherland encompassing the entire world. From now on everything will begin to exist on its foundation.

However, because humankind fell away from that place, up until now, people have been striving to restore this standard by continually making conditions according to the law of indemnity. However, once the territory of God’s fatherland is obtained, the ways by which we could come thus far, having justified our existence based upon those past conditions, should be totally severed, overturned, trampled underfoot and removed. Then we have to build everything anew on the territory of the fatherland. Such a time has come.

14  You should think about God’s fatherland and the peace kingdom even in your dreams. God wants His fatherland, and humankind wants the peace kingdom. Now that we have come to the point of proclaiming what heaven desires and what earth desires, we must be grateful, even if we were to die tomorrow. You should be grateful that you live on earth at a time when you can make a contribution to God’s fatherland and the peace kingdom. Before you die you should be able to shed tears of loyalty and filial piety so as not to be ashamed in front of the creation. Do not become shameful sons and daughters who shed tears struggling merely for the sake of your own pleasure and joy.

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