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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 4: The Annual Mottoes and Setting Goals for Each Stage of the Providence
Section 4: The 1990s, The new family and the unified fatherland
Section 4: The 1990s, Paragraph 15

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The new family and the unified fatherland

7  The motto for 1993 is “The new family and the unified fatherland.” The year 1992, when the whole world came together, gathered their hearts, and offered their devotion, now has passed. Last year was the historic year when we did worldwide work with True Mother at the center, and we proclaimed the liberation of women for the first time in history. Throughout the world, women have not been truly liberated until now. Because a woman initiated the Fall, unless a woman goes beyond the point of the Fall, the era of women’s liberation cannot come. That is the situation from the providential perspective.

The work of God’s providence is for the salvation of humankind. The providence of salvation is the providence of restoration, and the providence of restoration is the providence of re-creation. From this perspective, the providence of salvation is ultimately to find the woman who could bring this liberation. Until now, no one knew this. The providence of salvation is not only to find the man, but also to find the woman. The reason human history went wrong was because of the fault of a woman. Because the first woman went the path of erroneous love, history became a false history. If we are going to restore this, we have to do the work of re-creation. We have to go through the course of re-creation.

8  We have to establish one unified fatherland. It starts from the family. The one fatherland, the unified fatherland, arises from the new family. I am not talking about the unification of the fatherland. If we call it unification of the fatherland, it means that we are uniting the fatherland that is divided. However, when we say the unified fatherland we are referring to the beginning of the newly unified fatherland. Accordingly, “The new family and the unified fatherland” will be the motto for the coming year. We must unite in a new nation. The unity in the new nation is the liberated fatherland founded on the new family. We are now entering that age.

9  The motto for this year is “The new family and the unified fatherland.” Unification requires that, first, I must become united as an individual. If I as an individual do not become united, nothing happens. Next, since man was born because of woman, he absolutely must unite with woman, and woman must unite absolutely with man. This cannot be less than absolute. This is an even stronger truth than the fact that we get hungry and must eat. It is a serious issue. It is absolute truth.

If Adam and Eve had received the Blessing, they would have experienced their first love with God at the center. First love is absolute. However, there are many people who profane their first love. After doing that, can you live well with your husband? Up to now, men did not practice fidelity. Even if you admonished men to maintain their fidelity, they could not. Yet men demanded fidelity of women. This is because a woman lost her fidelity in the Garden of Eden. In the Unification Church we make the fidelity of men more important than the fidelity of women.

The secure settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age

10  The motto for 1994 is “The secure settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age.” Secure settlement has a different meaning from settlement. Secure settlement means taking your place after everything has been accomplished. Because of the Fall, the individual was imperfect, the family was imperfect, the tribe was imperfect, and the people, nation and cosmos were imperfect. Even for the Creator God, everything He intended to do to complete the ideal of creation ended in failure. However, God cannot stand in a position of failure. He has been working to recover the original position through the process of re-creation and restoration through indemnity. This work is the work of salvation.

11  Let us bring secure settlement to True Parents and the Completed Testament Age in the individual and the family. Further, let us bring that secure settlement to the nation. This is God’s ideal of creation. We must establish God’s nation, the nation that connects to the kingdom of heaven.

For this there are three rules. First, we have to bring secure settlement on the individual level by uniting mind and body. Next, husband and wife must unite with true love. They should not fight; they should not shed tears over their relationship. They should not insist on their own way. If either of them has to insist on their way, it should be based on heaven’s law. I already taught you everything about this. Centering on the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships, I taught you everything. Therefore, from now on, that is how you should live.

Second, your family should be the model of the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven. This involves four generations: grandfather and grandmother, mother and father, husband and wife, and sons and daughters. Likewise, each nation in the world has four types of people whom you should regard as extensions of the generations in your family: the elderly, who are extensions of your grandfather and grandmother; middle-aged people as extensions of your mother and father; young adults, who are extensions of husband and wife; and children as extensions of your sons and daughters.

Third, the individual should sacrifice for the sake of the family, the family for the tribe, the tribe for the people, the people for the nation and the nation for the world. Centering on this principle of sacrificing for the greater good, you should elevate the people of the world above your own family. Elevate them above your own grandfather and grandmother, your own mother and father, your husband or wife, and your own children. Likewise, if you elevate the people of the world above the people of your own country, you will reach perfection in a place that is in accord with the original palace of God’s kingdom. Then you will be able to adapt yourself to any place in the kingdom of heaven.

Let us inherit True Parents’ realm of victory

12  The motto for 1995 is “Let us inherit True Parents’ realm of victory.” The realm of victory I am referring to encompasses the victories that True Parents have brought in front of all traditions in heaven and on earth, in front of all people living today and all future generations, and on all levels from the individual and family to the tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. All the failures of God’s providence of salvation and all the failures of history are wrapped in God’s bitter sorrow. True Parents pulled out the root of all the bitter sorrow that is intertwined with the history that began from Adam’s family. Although Satan had been in control of history, we have defeated him, and the record of our victory will remain for all time.

Based upon this foundation, we must complete the remaining task of eradicating Satan’s history. The world inherited the realm of Satan’s victory, so we now have to uproot that bitter sorrow on all levels. We must remove the root of that bitter sorrow in Adam’s family, Abraham’s family, Jacob’s family, Moses’ family and the family of John the Baptist and Jesus. For all of them, we must cut the root of bitterness. The question is how we can be victorious over Satan’s world. There is no other way but to unite with True Parents’ words and teachings. All of our historic messages are like declarations of victory. This is why I used the expression “True Parents’ realm of victory” in the motto for this year.

13  The time for the unification of North and South Korea is approaching. To establish the Korean Peninsula in the position where God can be liberated, we should work for this in 1995 and offer our result to heaven.

While forging along this path, I never sought for help from anyone in my life. Therefore, you also should not seek for help from anyone. You should not even seek any help from me. Without getting any help from me, if you can achieve something greater than I did, then I would like to come and visit you and bequeath everything I have to you. Once you establish the way of such filial children and loyal subjects, the way to become saints and divine sons and daughters who can be remembered in history will easily open to you. All this can be determined depending on your actions in 1995.

You must inherit True Parents’ realm of victory so you can follow the path of heaven’s filial children and loyal patriots without losing your way. Then there will be no problem for you to fulfill the succeeding stages. Once you become a filial child in the family, it will not be a problem for you to become a loyal patriot for your nation. Once you are a loyal patriot, it will not be a problem to rise to become a world-level saint. Once you stand in the position of princes and princesses in God’s nation, of His direct lineage, you will have no problem fulfilling the dutiful way of divine sons and daughters while you are on earth.

The foundation of a filial son or daughter will be your stepping-stone to becoming a loyal patriot. The foothold of the loyal patriot will be your stepping-stone to becoming a saint. The foothold of a saint will be your stepping-stone to becoming a divine son or daughter.

I went this way to restore through indemnity all the sorrowful realities of heaven. Today for the first time, on this first day of 1995, having completed the path of a filial son, loyal patriot, saint and divine son, I am bequeathing all this foundation to you Unificationists and to the people throughout the world.

Let us proudly testify to True Parents and love True Parents

14  The 1996 motto is “Let us proudly testify to True Parents and love True Parents.” The motto for 1995 was “Let us inherit True Parents’ realm of victory.” What is the hope of God, the hope of all people and the hope of creation? They hope to see True Parents emerge on earth and for God’s true love to begin with them. This was God’s goal and hope at the beginning of the creation, in the course of the creation and for the result of the creation.

If the first human beings had not fallen, True Parents would have appeared on earth, and they would have established the family based on true love. This was God’s hope and the ideal for which He created us. Had Adam and Eve not fallen and had they become the True Parents on earth, then with God’s true love at the center, the mineral world, the plant world, the animal world and everything in this created world would have become one. Centering on True Parents, all things of creation would have resided in the bosom of God’s love. Had God, Adam and Eve become one within Adam and Eve’s family on earth, they would have reigned over all the things of creation in love and lived with them. This was God’s hope.

15  You must proudly testify to True Parents and love True Parents. When loving them, you must love them even more than you love your own spouse, even more than you love your sons and daughters, even more than you love your country and even more than you love all the fallen people of this earth. Only if you love True Parents with such a love that has never before existed in this world can you inherit the world of love that has never before existed. Only then do you become the sons and daughters of God and the royal family of God’s nation. Only then can you become God’s people.

We are entering such a time. If 3.6 million couples receive the Blessing in 1997, the kingdom of heaven will unfold. How distant is the kingdom of heaven? If you want to enter the kingdom of heaven, you have to be proud of True Parents and testify to True Parents, and you have to love True Parents. Because we must prepare for this, I declared the motto for 1996 to be “Let us proudly testify to True Parents and love True Parents.”

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