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Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Section 1: The True Ancestors, paragraph 10
Section 2: Lord at the Second Advent and Embodiment of the Holy Spirit, Paragraph 3

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10   The original Adam was one individual, yet he was meant to be the center of the family, the tribe, the nation and the world. The culture would have been Adam’s culture. From that culture a language would have begun. Thus, everything would have developed and prospered. Accordingly, all the events that connect to True Parents can become sources for creating a new culture. From this new culture, a true history of humankind can finally unfold. True families, societies, peoples, nations and a true world can emerge.

The teachings that True Parents have established as the tradition will be central in every age. Thus far, human beings have based their hope for the world in a vision of the future, but no longer. Rather than looking forward to something yet to be realized, we will advance centering on the teachings that True Parents are practicing here and now. It is based upon their teachings that history will advance. The heavenly nation to be erected based on those teachings will establish the center of the past, the present and the future. Once this nation is inaugurated, its culture will not be short-lived. It will extend to the world, and remain alive and well, becoming the source for future cultural development. There will be total oneness. It will be the same, whether at the beginning or the end.

The true olive trees

We read in the Bible, in the book of Genesis, about the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that grew in the Garden of Eden. These two trees symbolize the perfect father and mother. Originally, the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, perfect and having nothing to do with the Fall, were to have been the roots of humankind. Having grown from those roots, all people were destined to live in the kingdom of heaven on earth. After death, they would have passed on to the kingdom of heaven in heaven and lived there eternally.

God’s purpose of creation is for humanity to form a single God-centered family, in which all would be kin. Fallen human beings are wild olive trees, stemming from wild roots. They need to receive a graft from the true olive trees, True Parents, and be reborn as true human beings. By so doing, humanity can realize the world according to God’s ideal of creation, the eternal ideal kingdom of heaven that should have sprouted from the Garden of Eden.

The hope of humanity is to receive the True Parents, adopt the good traditions of their God-centered family, hand them down generation after generation, and thus build a united world of one language, one culture and one sovereignty of God.

11   True Parents are totally united with the love and lineage of the absolute God. Hence we can call True Parents’ family, which they established after their Holy Wedding, the true olive trees, while people in the fallen world are false olive trees. Then, if we make a cut in a false olive tree and graft a cutting from a true olive tree onto it, it will eventually belong to the family of the true olive trees. This will connect people to God’s true love, true life, true lineage and true conscience, and they can reach perfection. When they do, the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven will unfold.

God could not have His third generation, His grandsons and granddaughters. Satan has them and even has tribes of his own; they have multiplied to this day and built numerous countries. God, on the other hand, has never had even one perfect man or one perfect woman. The Messiah is the one who comes as the perfect man. He must find his Bride and establish the position of the True Parents through their marriage and by having children. On this basis, he can restore the original family of humankind.

12   Had Adam and Eve become the True Parents of humankind, we would not have needed the Savior or religion. God would have found joy in the world of goodness that had no need for religion. God wanted to build such a world on earth, but His desire was not fulfilled. The Fall means that Adam and Eve failed to unite with God. As a consequence, they failed to become True Parents; they became false parents instead. Therefore, you must move from the false parents’ lineage and return to God through the True Parents’ lineage. You are all descendants of those false olive trees. You should have been true olive trees, but you became false olive trees who need to be reborn by receiving a graft from the true olive trees.

13   True Parents come as God’s true olive trees. They are the ones who will give you rebirth. We cannot be born without parents; it is the law of heaven. True Parents come to earth having the root of God’s true love, true life, and true lineage. Their mission is to cut down to their stumps the trees of fallen people, which were born from the root of false love, and graft the cuttings of true love onto them. We human beings must find the root of God’s true love that comes from the true olive trees. Only in True Parents is it possible to find that root.

14   The True Parents come with true love and true lineage. The false parents entangled human beings in false love and false lineage. We must build God-centered true families in the original world free of the Fall. To build families of true sons and daughters, we need to connect to the true lineage. To become True Parents’ children, we must connect to their lineage. The parent–child relationship, or the father–son relationship, is absolutely impossible without the bond of blood. Not even God can sever that bond. Nor can Satan do it.

For this reason, to usher in the Completed Testament Age we must receive the marriage Blessing of True Parents. That way we can restore through indemnity the failures of the Old and New Testament Ages. You were an orchard of false olive trees, but now you must become an orchard of true olive trees by receiving the graft of God’s true lineage, the original standard. For this, you must achieve oneness in heart, oneness in body and oneness in thought with True Parents, based on true love.

15   True Parents refer to perfected Adam and Eve. It is this Adam and Eve who come to establish true families, true tribes, true peoples, the true nations, the true world, the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven, finally even liberating God. True Parents stand in the position to fulfill everything on every level. They are the most precious beings that God ever sent to this world. When you follow them with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, you are certain to overcome any obstacle.

True Parents bequeath true love, true life, and true lineage. As children, we inherit these. The purpose of all religions is to lay the foundation on earth to inherit True Parents’ accomplishments. Salvation cannot be accomplished without a connection to true love, true life, and true lineage. The world is fallen because the false parents bound humankind with false love, life, and lineage, with the result that human beings fell into hell. In order to turn this around 180 degrees, True Parents must emerge and connect humankind to true love, true life, and true lineage. The marriage Blessing engrafts cuttings from the true olive trees onto the false olive trees.

16   True Parents come as the true olive trees. When the false children of this world receive a graft from the true olive trees, they can then be harvested as restored, reborn fruits that are free from the Fall and stored in the barns of the heavenly kingdom. This is the responsibility of the Messiah on earth. The Messiah comes with the seed of true children based on true love. Due to the bonds of false love, false life, and false lineage that resulted from the Fall, human beings became children of the enemy Satan, children whom God did not desire. Since they were tied to that lineage by false love, God has been conducting the providence of salvation to purify them.

Section 2. Lord at the Second Advent and Embodiment of the Holy Spirit

God’s only begotten Son and Daughter

God’s hope for Adam and Eve was that they would grow, reach perfection and form a true family. This is what He originally intended at the time of the Creation. God created Adam as His only begotten Son and Eve as His only begotten Daughter. With absolute love He invested everything in them, and in them He placed all His hopes.

However, they fell; so in their place God sent Jesus as His only begotten Son. According to the order in which He had created Adam and Eve, God planned to restore Adam first and then to restore Eve through Adam. Hence, first God sent Jesus as the Second Adam to take the place of the First Adam, and then Jesus was supposed to find the original Second Eve and join with her, becoming husband and wife. Had they succeeded in this, they would have become the True Parents, the good first ancestors of humanity.

1   Jesus’ greatest teaching is that God is his Father and that he is God’s only begotten Son. The expression “only begotten Son” indicates that he occupied the first love of God the Father; it means he stood in the position to receive that love. It is because Jesus stood in the position to proclaim, “I am God’s only begotten Son,” that God had to make Christianity a worldwide religion. The term “only begotten Son” emphasizes God’s love. The only begotten Son is the one who is connected to the fullness of God’s first love for an individual.

2   In the Garden of Eden, Adam was God’s only begotten Son and Eve was God’s only begotten Daughter. Singing together a song of spring—“Brother, you are special to me!” and “Sister, you are so beautiful!”—they should have grown to maturity and blossomed in the springtime of their lives. At that point, what would God have done? When they were fully in bloom, emitting their unique fragrances, God would have joined them together. That is, He would have held a beautiful wedding for them. Then Adam and Eve would have realized God’s supreme ideal of creation. But before this, God’s only begotten Son and only begotten Daughter first needed time to grow until they were fully mature.

3   Jesus called himself God’s only begotten Son. The only begotten Son needs the only begotten Daughter. Jesus was to embark on the path to save the world, but he could not do it alone. He needed to establish his family as the foundation. Jesus’ purpose in claiming to be God’s only begotten Son was to unite the world and reign over it. Yet, before he could do so, he first had to form a family of his own. However, he could not do that in his lifetime.

Therefore, in order for the Messiah to save humankind on earth, he must form a model family for others to emulate. Jesus needed to have a family before he could try to save Israel. Jesus was God’s only begotten Son. I am sure that if Jesus’ wedding had taken place, God would have been its officiator. The greatest purpose of God’s providence of salvation is to build the family that He can love. For this purpose, Jesus, God’s only begotten Son, and a specially prepared woman, God’s only begotten Daughter, were to grow in God’s love while attending Him as their Father and then receive His blessing at their marriage. In this way, they were to establish the foundation to become the true ancestors of humankind. All of this was lost and must be recovered.

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