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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Chapter 1: The Significance of True Parents in the History of the Providence of Restoration
Section 1: The True Ancestors, paragraph 1-9

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Chapter 1    The Significance of True Parents in the History of the Providence of Restoration

Section 1. The True Ancestors 

The perfected Adam and Eve 

God created human beings to experience joy for eternity. Adam and Eve, the first ancestors of humankind, were created to be the object partners of God’s absolute true love. Humanity had to originate from one ancestral couple. God created true love to flow in one stream; hence He cannot begin another stream of true love from someone other than one man and one woman. If Adam and Eve had become perfect through God’s absolute love and multiplied good descendants, they could have realized an ideal family. Everyone in that family would have attended God the Creator as their vertical, incorporeal true parent and perfected Adam and Eve as their horizontal, substantial true parents on earth.

Adam and Eve’s true family would have expanded into Adam and Eve’s clan. Their clan would have prospered, expanded into a society and nation, and ultimately built a world that fulfilled God’s three great blessings to “be fruitful, and multiply, and have dominion over all things.” That world would have been nothing less than the ideal kingdom of heaven that God intended to build on earth.

1   From seeing Adam and Eve who were created in His image, we can understand that God exists with the dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity. It is because God has both of these characteristics that God created Adam and Eve. Therefore, Adam and Eve needed to become one as subject partner and object partner, as a perfect man and a perfect woman. Had they done so, they would have reached a position equal to that of God. Then they would have given birth to sons and daughters and given them the same love that God gave them when creating them.

Human beings were God’s greatest masterpieces among all created beings. He created them so that they could also stand in the position of creating such masterpieces, human beings, as their children. God therefore expected Adam and Eve to become completely one as husband and wife. Then, when looking at the children born from their perfect union, Adam and Eve would have inherited the tremendous joy that God experienced when He created them.

God imbued Adam and Eve with the love that would have enabled them to give birth to children and love them with that very love. In other words, Adam and Eve, being God’s beloved children, totally received every single thing that God, the Absolute Being, had within Him.

2   The original Adam and Eve were God’s body. What I am saying is that these originally good ancestors of humanity were to be a substantial manifestation of God. God wanted to enter their minds and become one with them in physical form. In that state, even as God wanted to give them more and more, they—God and human beings—would revolve around each other. Spinning like a rotor, they would become completely one.

Had such seeds of love been sown, their descendants, humankind, would have borne the fruit. Then, no matter how far you dissected that seed, its core substance would never change. However, because of the Fall, that seed needs to be dismantled and repaired; it must be fundamentally repaired, but this is impossible unless they bring God back into their lives and attend Him.

God created heaven and earth in order to share His life and love. This is why God, the incorporeal One, brings forth a man and a woman as the eternal embodiments of His love. They are the True Parents, the good human ancestors, whom He now introduces to humanity as the central substance of His love.

3   The original Adam and Eve were to have been the True Parents. As Father and Mother they would have been the center of the family and regarded as the king and queen of the family. Their sons and daughters would have been the heirs who could become future kings and queens. If the original ancestors, Adam and Eve, had not fallen, God would have been the Grandparent who bequeathed His kingship to their family. That is why the True Father and True Mother are the king and queen of their family and represent all families in all nations. They are the original king and queen of the family, and you as their sons and daughters are in the position of princes and princesses who will inherit their kingship in the future as members of the royal family.

4   Due to the Fall of the human ancestors, God lost the true ancestors of humankind as He had envisioned them according to the ideal of creation. Human beings, no matter how great or how wealthy, even if they have the power to move the entire world, are still from the lineage of the fallen ancestors. This is a most lamentable truth. People who are descended from the fallen ancestors are bound to plummet down to Satan’s hell. People throughout history have been searching for the original Lord, the original Parents who are the true ancestors who can embrace fallen humanity as their true children. For this, God strove to recover the positions of Adam and Eve prior to the Fall, following the path of restoration continually for 4,000 years.

5   Adam and Eve, had they not fallen, would have become the true ancestors of humankind. They would have become the True Father and True Mother, the True Parents of humankind, in the flesh. However, Adam and Eve fell, and humankind became Satan’s children. Suppose Adam and Eve had not fallen, but instead had become a man and woman imbued with God’s heart. They would have joined in holy matrimony as God rejoiced over them, and become the True Parents of humankind. Then the created world would have united with them in harmony, and joyfully provided their family with everything they needed.

Had Adam and Eve become a true son and daughter before God, had they become a true husband and wife as the model for all human beings, and had they become the True Parents of humankind who could attend God as their eternal Parent, they would have been able to sing with joy and happiness throughout their lives. No one would ever have been able to lead them away, because they would have belonged solely to the one Lord. Their heart and their love would have belonged to the one Lord. Their one Lord would have been God.

6   The Fall disrupted Adam’s family. Therefore, the goal of restoration, to return to the original state before the Fall, is to restore Adam’s family. God first strives to recover one individual who will be His partner; then he strives to recover one central family. Only after that can He strive to recover a church, a people, a nation and then the world.

Throughout history, God has been seeking a family that could become His ideal object partner. Such is the True Family. The True Family is fundamentally different in substance from ordinary families. Unless that God-centered family can be recovered and aligned with God’s ideal, there is no way to recover the ideal for the nation or the world. This is the reason that God must first establish the original True Family. Similarly, salvation cannot be attained by individuals; rather, the basic unit of salvation is a true family.

Had it not been for the Fall, Adam and Eve would have become the ideal husband and wife and, one step further, the True Parents. They would have become the True Parents to their posterity and all humankind. Had humanity prospered with Adam and Eve as the True Parents, they would have built one great family and established the world of peace in the Adamic cultural sphere.

7   The history of God’s providence of restoration is a sorrowful history. The fact that God lost Adam and Eve is something to grieve over. The problem is that this loss did not end with those two individuals alone. Losing them meant losing their clan, and this lost clan has since expanded into peoples, nations and the world. By losing Adam and Eve, God lost them all. Thus, the loss of Adam and Eve meant that God’s kingdom and His sovereignty were lost. It meant the loss of God’s family, God’s clan and the people for His kingdom. It meant the loss of the ideal of man and woman, the loss of God’s only son and daughter. That is why the history of salvation, namely the history of the providence of restoration, is to recover one man and one woman, Adam and Eve. If Adam and Eve had not fallen but had prospered, today every single human being among the many billions of people on our planet would be registered in the heavenly kingdom. Everyone would naturally enter the heavenly kingdom as one family.

8   Due to the fall of the first human ancestors, people could neither have true ancestors nor be true descendants. Even God could not stand in the position of True God. Nothing was centered on God, so there was no basis to build a true family, a true society or a true nation. For this reason, we must seek the true root, and when we find it we will also find the nation in which everyone can live together as one true family. That is why, through the providence of salvation, God has sought to build the one world, the world of hope, true peace, love and oneness. To realize this purpose, God sends the Savior. The True Parents must come to earth and teach humanity to make God their central focus as individuals, and to put God at the center of the family, the nation and the world; by doing so, they are trying to return all humankind to the original world. Such is the course of the providence.

9   God’s hope is not for the Lord to return on the clouds in the sky and build a spiritual kingdom like a fantasy world. The reason he returns is to plant his feet on the ground and find the one Bride who can receive God’s total love. He does this work to recover all that was lost because 6,000 years ago the first human ancestors became the false ancestors.

Therefore, in the course of history, a perfect woman must emerge who is absolutely connected to God’s love. She must join with the perfect man who lives in oneness with God’s love. She is able to stand as the Bride of the Returning Lord, who comes as the Bridegroom. That time is at hand.

When they unite in this position, they are at the level of Adam and Eve before the Fall, when they were loved by God in the Garden of Eden. They have reached the point to receive from God the three great blessings. With them emerges the foundational point on earth that Satan cannot invade. Had Adam and Eve stood in this victorious position as the ancestors of humankind, the archangel Lucifer would not have become Satan; rather, he would have attended them as a faithful servant. This is the Principle of Creation. Because they lost that position, since that time, human beings been orphans. Therefore, the True Parents of humankind, who can recover this position, must appear on earth.

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