428. True Father’s Letters

Book 4: May You Blossom, My Beloved
Part 7: True Father's Letters
Outline of True Mother’s Life 7: True Father’s Letters

During the first world tour, True Father gave encouragement to True Mother, True Children, Church President Eu Hyo-won and other members in Korea by sending them personal, handwritten letters. In spite of his grueling schedule with no time for rest, he sent dozens of letters and illustrated postcards, beginning with his first letter sent from San Francisco on February 15, 1965. He tried to keep Mother and the leaders updated on how the tour was going, and on his feelings at the time, and he encouraged those in Korea to continue their work.

From True Father's letters we can sense his heartfelt love and expectations for True Mother, the True Children and the members, as well as his own feelings about the tour. True Mother and the central leaders also wrote to Father to let him know about the work being done in Korea.

True Father's letters sent during the world tour

True Father departed from Gimpo International Airport on January 28, 1965, to embark on a historic world tour that concluded on October 10. During that period, True Father visited Japan, the United States, Canada, 5 nations in Central and South America, 17 nations in Europe, 6 nations in the Middle East, and 8 nations in Asia.

In his first letter, sent on February 15 from San Francisco, USA, True Father asked after True Mother's health and wrote as follows:

"Now that I have come to America and we have been separated from each other, I once again realize what precious people we are, and I am grateful to be able to experience in various aspects how each of us has been given a great mission to fulfill. In other words, we are a couple entrusted with the responsibility for heaven and earth and the resolution of the historical destiny, which can be achieved by no one else. Moreover, we stand at the focal point where every mistake we make can sway the whole. Therefore, how important are the duties we must perform in our lives! Hence, we should become a couple that can fulfill the duties of filial piety and loyalty to Heaven, make every effort for earth, and shine forth in our position of realizing all historical hopes.”

True Father also expressed the innermost feelings of his heart toward the Church members who had received God’s call "When I look upon the sincere faces of the members who are doing their utmost best, I realize once again that the children of Heaven are truly different. The more I realize this, the more I feel that the position of True Parents is a fearful one.”

In a letter he sent from Las Vegas on February 25, he described the difficulties of traveling in a car in the following words:

"We will arrive in Washington, D.C. after traveling on this long and wide road for the entire month of March. Since Nevada and several other states are more or less a desert, I have been told that we will have to travel through the desert for a week, and I am trying to keep up my spirits. What I have realized on this visit to America is that the future fate of the Unification Church will largely depend on the battles we will fight within the vast land of America.”

Even when he was tired with the road travel and his busy schedule, True Father occasionally sent letters filled with words expressing how much he missed and thought of True Mother. In the letter he sent from Little Rock, Arkansas, on March 6, he said, "I think of the land of Korea all the way across the Pacific, with the belief that Heaven will treasure you all the more as He gazes upon your frail form and sees that you are working to fulfill your responsibility. I guess missing the one you have left behind is only natural.” He also added, "I think of coming again to America with Mother. Please take care of yourself.”

Letters showing True Father's heartfelt affection and resolution

True Father expressed his deep love for True Mother in the letters he sent to her, and did not forget to tell her, "Please take care of your health, study hard and pray in various ways, so that you can shine forevermore in your position of great responsibility.'' He also revealed his regrets about not traveling with her, "I have experienced all kinds of things, which makes me all the sorrier that you could not come with me.''

True Father also displayed his delight in receiving True Mother's letters, as well as his new resolution for the Will. The following is from the letter he sent from Brattleboro, Vermont, on March 20:

"I received the letter you sent a few days ago in Washington, D.C. It was an indescribable joy to receive word from you. Now that I am away, I have even deeper feelings and a greater sense of importance regarding the circumstances you have written about. Moreover, I always remember the little ones and the members, and how we all lived together back in Seoul. I feel that any difficulties we might face during our time apart will bring us that much closer together, with an even stronger tie between us. Therefore, I am sure that, in the course of your life, you too will come to have appreciation for a past in which you have had to persevere for the great Will. Considering once again the true preciousness of marching forward for our victory as we weep tears for our great responsibility and mission while we are still in this world, I realize that I truly have so much to thank you for. Since His is the great, noble Will, let us persevere through all that we have to do for it.”

In the letter True Father sent from Denver on March 25, he wrote a veiled apology to True Mother, "I am sorry I speak of my resolve in every letter I write;” and in the letter sent on April 16 from Washington, D.C., he also spoke of how much he missed his children: "I think of the young ones. I miss them. Sometimes I look at their pictures.”

True Mother replied to every one of True Father's letters, writing of how the children were growing and how the Church was doing. The following is an excerpt from True Mother's letter sent on July 22.

"I am grateful that Heavenly Father is looking after us. Thank you for your letter. What great difficulties you must be facing, both physically and spiritually, as you travel around the world for the great Will! It pains me that I cannot be of even a little help to you as you go about doing your great work. Whenever I read the letters you have been kind enough to remember to write and send, my heart fills with tears because I feel so unworthy and I miss you. Tonight, I miss you even more. Those of us here are continuing with our work, thanks to the grace of your concern. We held a workshop for youths two days ago, and it was a great success. There were miracles of fire, and the young members who newly joined us are firmly determined to participate in the 40-day summer course and make notable contributions, which I find praiseworthy. We hope for Heaven to continue to guide and stimulate us. We are having a little trouble with witnessing because the entire nation of Korea is now suffering from either drought or flood damage, but we are continuing to make efforts without taking any rest.”

True Mother ended the letter with the words, "Hoping that I can become the person you wish me to be, and also hoping for your love, I will end this letter. Please keep yourself healthy as you carry out your work for the great Will until I see you again.” True Mother always expressed her heartfelt gratitude and esteem for True Father, and renewed her resolution as the companion in the work of realizing God's Will.


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