427. We Are Grateful for True Mother

Book 4: May You Blossom, My Beloved
Part 6: The Declaration of Ultimate Unity and the Era of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 3: We Are Grateful for True Mother

True Mother gave birth to 14 children

Mother gave birth to many children. But she is still healthy, for which I am grateful. Ji Go (至高) means to become the greatest mother of the universe. You are implying that when you greet us with, "True Parents, we are so grateful to you!" (601-316, 2008.11.10) 

Why is there morning sickness? It occurs though it is not wanted. It is an act by which the mother can assemble all the elements that she should give to her baby, in accordance with the baby's character. It is something to be thankful for. When you think about it, you should be grateful for all such things. You should think, "What kind of a child will I be gifted with, after going through such hardships? Such an environment has been created because a precious gift is coming to our home.” Regardless of how much or how little one may have, the more the mother and father do things for their baby, the better it is for the unborn child. The mother should raise her sons and daughters well so that they can become the cornerstones in their father's clan. In building a brick house, it is the responsibility of the mother to raise her son well so that the brick house can be built as quickly as possible. It is the same as bringing in the harvest from the fields to the storehouse, so that the family who lives in the house and other family members can rejoice at the sight of all the piled-up grains. You harvest the best fruits and bring them to the father's presence. My wife suffered many hardships as she gave birth to and raised 13 children. (358-050, 2001.11.01)

Mother needed to give birth to at least 12 children within a span of 20 years in order to completely restore Jacob's family through paying indemnity. Jesus' 12 disciples could not unite with each other. What did they do? They abandoned Jesus, and one of them ended up selling him. Why did this happen? One problem was that despite their brotherly ties, the disciples were from different tribes. There was a problem in Jacob's family because he had sons and daughters born from four different women. In my time, in order to overcome that problem Mother gave birth to at least 12 children within a 20-year time period. Had she not succeeded in this, she could not have fulfilled her mission as True Mother. From this point of view, you can see that no one more than 20 years old could have fulfilled the position of True Mother. She had to be at most 18 or 19 years old. That is why at the age of 40 I married Mother who was just 17 years old. Just as I embarked on the path for the Will at the age of 16, a woman had to meet that standard at around the same age. Otherwise, she would have no way to bring about the liberation of women. (247-255, 1993.05.09)

It was necessary for me to have 12 sons and daughters in my direct lineage. That is why I am so grateful to Mother. She gave birth to 13 children in twenty years. This can be connected internally and externally. The one who can connect all 12 is the eldest son. It is my eldest son. You call Hyo-jin "elder brother" and Ye-jin "elder sister.” but you do not understand why that is. You need to unite with my sons and daughters, even more than with your own mother and father. This is because the eldest son and the second son must unite. When your own mother and father gave birth to you, they did not pass through the path of the original parents. In all respects, you were born of a different lineage. This is where the Cain-type and Abel-type come from. The eldest son has already been born on this earth. That is a blessing. You have received the Blessing and set the condition of having walked the path of indemnity, so you were born as the second son. You are in the position of the second son. Since your position is such that you can just follow in the footsteps of the eldest son, it is a blessing for you. (120-331, 1982.10.20)

Mother became pregnant more than 18 times. She gave birth to 14 and miscarried the others. She lost the babies because she was exhausted and overworked. I know all about her history. She was unable to go to the hospital when she gave birth to the first four babies. Would there have been an obstetrician's office in the Garden of Eden where the wife can give birth? You have no idea how much she suffered when she gave birth to Heung-jin. It was almost as if she had given birth to a dead baby. I can still remember how much commotion there was to save that baby. (441-115, 2004.03.03)

Mother had to suffer until she had given birth to the number of children she must have. Mother gave birth to 14 children. How much she must have suffered! I had to travel the world, so I sometimes did not know that she had given birth while I was away. When Young-jin was born, I was in Germany. His birth was very difficult for Mother because his head was big. Many times I could not watch over her as she gave birth to our sons and daughters. I was too busy creating a world for blessed families. (500-239, 2005.07.12)

We are grateful for True Mother

I am grateful to Mother for believing in me. I am happy to have Mother, who can sleep with a sense of security even when she has to sleep alone late at night, or early in the morning because I come home late. If we had been a couple in the secular world, we would have done more than fought about it. We would have split up in less than a month. (459-053, 2004.07.10)

The wonderful thing about Mother is that she believes everything I tell her. She is truly great because she absolutely believes in me, and tries to obey my words absolutely. Though hers was a position opposed by many women, she was more than equal to it, and she assumed the position of the daughter who believes in her father. Since this is the course of restoration, she must be able to say that she will take full responsibility as the daughter, even if her father has flaws. Only then can Eve uproot the roots of sin. (325-170, 2000.07.01)

Who is more wonderful, Mother or me? I am the planter, and she is the one who receives the seed and raises it. What should be done when it is all grown? My wife and I are working to become the farmland that can be loved by God, so that He will be able to say that He wants to share every delicious meal with us in all seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter. In short, He will wish to share in the life led by His son for the first time ever. (565-024, 2007.06.05)

The great thing about Mother is that she knows when to endure and when to do something, no matter what I may do. I have a fiery temper. If someone does something wrong, even a little bit wrong, I thunder at them. (227-248, 1992.02.14)

Do you know how much effort Mother made and how many indescribable hardships she went through stay by my side? You should praise her for her hard work. She had to be so careful in attending her great husband, didn't she? She has to be careful even in saying a word. She has no freedom. She is always on edge, almost as if she is walking on thin ice, and wonders every day, 'Will I be comfortable today? Will I be comfortable tomorrow?”; and yet, she has lived each day with gratitude toward God. I know all about that. I do not scold her. She just kept up with me, and she ended up becoming the holy mother. (202-228, 1990.05.24)

Mother is to be pitied. She has no time to rest. Today, I brought her here even though she was feeling dizzy because she got less than two hours of sleep last night. I said to her, "You are a public figure. You cannot sleep when you feel dizzy. You must go even if you don't want to, because you must set a good example.” Mother understood that very well. I am a strict person. I am a strict person, with no leniency when it comes to public events. My character is such that I show no mercy for any reason, even if someone is on the verge of death. Of course, that does not mean that Mother is so weak that she will collapse. (100-309, 1978.10.22)

Mother suffered much as she accompanied me here and there. She has had to go through all kinds of hardships in holding the international assemblies and other events, and she has seen all kinds of things. Her speaking tour of 40 universities was nothing. She was at the very center of the fight. She had to do all manner of things. Therefore, she is not swayed by anything she might see in the world. Mother has undergone many difficulties since marrying me. I am grateful to her for absolutely obeying all my directions. That is the way things have been from the moment of our wedding. (252-115, 1993.11.14)

The gratitude in Mother's heart grows with each day. That is why she says to me, "Father, thank you.” I think of her as a daughter, because she calls me "Father!" I also call her "Mother!" I become like a child in front of her. That is the best model for a couple in the Unification Church, which should never disappear even in the far future, and should also be the model of all true parents, parents who should be adored by all peoples. When you adore such a couple, you will inevitably become like the shadows of that couple you respect. When those shadows grow denser, they will become substantial, and the aged True Parents will move on to the spirit world. (257-323, 1994.03.16)

Why is Father a happy man? When Father's hair is too long, he comes to Mother and she gives him a haircut immediately. When he feels that his fingernails are too long, he goes to her and she clips his fingernails or toenails. Whatever Father wants she does for him voluntarily, without a word of complaint.

Don't you think that Father is a happy man? Even in the bathtub, Mother is scrubbing Father's back. Mother always loves and cares about Father just as any other woman in the world would take care of her husband. That is the beauty of love. It is like art. That's what makes Father feel happy all the time. This is the art of living a loving life together.

When Mother cares about Father in such a way, she feels as though Father is her eldest son. As our sons watch Mother care for Father, they develop a desire to receive the same kind of care from her. When their parents come home from a long journey, all run to Mother hoping for her loving care. Now Mother has 14 children all longing for this caring love. Mother clips Father's nails at least once a week. She keeps all the necessary grooming implements neatly arranged in her drawer. Mother takes care of Father with external love, so Father gives Mother internal love in return.

On the night before a journey, Mother stays up all night to prepare my things so that I will not want for anything. Should Father go before her, or after her? Since Adam was born first, he should go first, too. However, I hope that I might stay as long as I can before I have to go, even if it is for an extra day or two. What do you think I feel when I see True Mother offering devotion for me? I cannot live twenty-three years longer than Mother. Knowing that, Mother is making preparations for living twenty-three more years, after which we will go on our travels together as companions. Since I will have so much to do and so many little things to prepare when I go to the spirit world, Mother is making preparations every day, staying up all night with bloodshot eyes so that I can get some rest. Whenever I see that, I feel so grateful to her. (599-089, 2008.09.25)

Could a man who lives with Mother be unhappy? He is happy. That is why I have taken a mental picture of her face in her twenties, so I can look at it in my mind. I think about what her bright eyes, nose and lips looked like when she was in her twenties. Her face was symmetrical and her features were in harmony, but if she had complaints about her husband in her 30s, her eyes would look different or her nose would get crooked. Her face would be crooked and not symmetrical. I take a mental picture of what her face looked like in her 20s, 30s, and 40s, and I think to myself that, since her face changed in her 30s and 40s, I should tell her about it and what she should do to correct it. That is something to be thankful for. Moonlight shining through passing cloud is sentimental and poetic. It is full of poetic sentiment. Compared to a round moon that shines in a clear sky; a moon hidden behind the clouds shines through breaks in the clouds in all kinds of colors, so it gives a different feeling. Therefore, the changes in Mother's face during her lifetime can be a representation of the harmony of heaven and earth. A man who can miss it, taste it and find interest in it, and live his life in style is a happy man. (590-029, 2008.05.18)


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