425. The Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship, Part 2

Book 4: May You Blossom, My Beloved
Part 6: The Declaration of Ultimate Unity and the Era of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 1: The Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship and the Cheon Jeong Gung Entrance Ceremony and Coronation of True Parents

Despite undergoing persecution throughout my life, I laid the foundation of victory by going through the eight stages: the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. Achieving this has liberated God. My last remaining task is to save my enemies. Then the ideal of creation will be fulfilled. Through True Parents, North Korea will be saved, and the conflict between Palestine and Israel will be resolved. The United States does not want to be involved in continual conflicts between Israel and Palestine. However, I have embraced the world of lslam. I have forgiven and saved the United States, although it acted as my enemy by sending me to prison. I embraced everyone who persecuted me; I have no enemies. Not in the realms of Christianity or Islam, not among black people or white people, not even among those in hell do I have an enemy. I stand on the foundation of the unfallen, original family in which all people are brothers and sisters.

In this way we liberated God, and God now has His overall authority. At this point, I am going to recover even His throne. That is why on January 13, 2001, we will enthrone God as the King. The false parent, Satan usurped God's throne. True Parents will recover it and create God's kingdom on earth. It will be a world of peace. True Parents and blessed families now have the privilege of bringing God back to His throne. Once God is on His throne, when people enter heaven, they will not find any obstacles in their path. Likewise, on earth we should be able to win over the United Nations and eliminate national boundaries to fulfill the standard of world peace, and secure that peace by giving the Blessing to couples from enemy nations. (339-156, 2000.12.10)

On January 13, 2001, True Parents will conduct the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship. We are going to bring God back to His throne. That is the ceremony we will carry out. We have already held two ceremonies for this purpose at the formation and growth stages. The coming ceremony will be at the completion stage. We must establish God's kingship. I am proud of the fact that we as human beings could do something that God has not been able to do for Himself. We declared the abolition of hell and paradise, and we dealt with other matters that God has not been able to deal with because Satan destroyed His authority as the king. That is why True Parents need to restore God to His original position and recover for Him the world where He has all authority to exercise His power, being immanent in all and present everywhere. (339-065, 2000.12.06)

Since I declared the abolition of paradise and hell, there is no longer any path of indemnity on the course laid out by True Parents. Now that we are free to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven, and now that the fallen archangel is gone, God is now the True God and the True King who can return to His original place on His throne. God could not do this by Himself. The false parent expelled Him from His position; therefore, according to the principle of restoration through indemnity, it has to be the True Parents who bring God back to His throne. If they do not do it, God can never assume the throne.

It is we human beings who must bring God to His throne. That we can now do so is mainly because the Saviors, the True Parents, established their authority to give the Blessing to us on earth and in heaven through God's love, life and lineage. The Blessing empowers us to establish all the new traditions of God's nation. Those who stand in the realm of God's blessing are tied directly to God by bloodline and have no ties with Satan. It was Satan, the false parent of humankind, who turned everything upside down; but now True Parents have removed Satan and abolished hell and paradise, so that now only the Kingdom of Heaven can remain. On this foundation, we shall enthrone God at the center of His kingdom. This is the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship. (339-087, 2000.12.07)

Heavenly Father, today, January 1, 2001, the age of the night has ended and we are heading toward the year 3000 in the age of the day. In the name of True Parents, I sincerely desire that we can establish the sovereignty of love under the Great Sovereign of Heaven and Earth. I sincerely desire that we can realize the independence of Your fatherland, where everyone acts based upon a heart of love without reservation, and where everyone has the authority of freedom, both vertically and horizontally. May You guide all people to know the highway we have built to take them straight to heaven, so they can be active and can advance with minds that are free, with minds and bodies united, and with the authority of people who have the autonomy to be family kings and queens, and kings and queens of the nations and the cosmos, while attending the Parents of Heaven and Earth. In the name of True Parents, I proclaim our hope and desire that You will establish Your eternal reign of peace. (341-155, 2001.01.01)

The Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship and the liberation of God

With the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship, we are ushering in the age when God can exercise His authority and power in all immanence and omnipresence. We are advancing toward the age when human beings as autonomous owners can complete the building of God's kingdom on earth, which He has long desired. For this purpose, we have mobilized the spirits in all the religious spheres. Especially since True Parents came with the authority of autonomous owners, we now will welcome the grand age of victory and liberation, when the earthly world and the heavenly realms will march forward in step. Beginning in January 2001, families that received the Blessing on earth and in heaven must unite in heart and establish a firm foundation to take root on earth. To that end, those in the heavenly realms need to inherit the positions of the elder son, the parents, and the kings based on Adam's foundation on earth, and restore to the younger son the authority of the elder son. Through this, we will usher in the revolutionary era when the authority of the younger son can replace the authority of the elder son in heaven and on earth. (342-263, 2001.01.13)

It is of the utmost importance that blessed families protect God's kingship. Your primary responsibility as blessed central families is to guard His kingship. Hence, you should take the greatest pride in having supported the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship. Now that God is enthroned, supporting His throne should be your number one aim and your supreme goal in life. You should praise God's sovereignty and testify to it. Resolve to invest everything to uphold it. Remember always that it must be your absolute, sole, unchanging and eternal determination to protect and expand His kingship. You blessed families must protect His kingship throughout your lives. ( 343-120, 2001.01.21)

You need to carry the absolute sovereignty of God in your hearts. God's sovereignty must be the foremost principle of your lives. This sovereignty begins from one individual, the perfected Adam, and connects to the family, tribe, people, nation and the whole world. Even all creation longs to be connected to the family of the perfected Adam. You must understand and believe in this principle. You should exalt God's sovereignty more than anything in the world. However, until now, God could not rejoice in His sovereignty, but instead had to undertake the sorrowful and painful task of leading the providence of restoration. In the Last Days, the responsibility of religions, nations, the Messiah and the True Parents is to bring God back to His original position and status. God's exercise of His sovereignty is the central point for redeeming all beings. Until now God was unable to assume His sovereignty, and for that reason, He could not be the absolute, almighty God. Now, however, God has reclaimed His sovereignty. Through the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship, God has become the center of all creation. Even the tiniest, seemingly insignificant creature was created by the one and only God. After the Human Fall, God lost His throne, but now He has been returned to that original position. This was possible thanks to all the families who received the Blessing. Therefore, you should carry with you the concept of God's absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal sovereignty. (343-121, 2001.01.21)

Even God must be liberated. He longs for liberation, yet liberation has eluded Him. Why? It is because of Adam and Eve. They followed the false parent and took a path opposite to their original path. So, we must now follow the right path, be liberated, and finally, enthrone God as the King. The false parents turned the cosmos upside down with their false lineage, but I have set it straight. Formerly, sinners were trapped in hell's deep hole, but I filled up that hole. We gave the marriage Blessing not only to saints but also to murderers. We gave the Blessing not only to Unification Church members but also to members of religions that opposed us. We granted them entry into the Unification Realm, the realm of liberation, linking all of them together even with the True Children and all saints (341-016, 2000.12.29)

We, as True Parents, must liberate God. God could not become the Parent of humankind, and we must secure His position as the Parent. Also, God was unable to become the Teacher or the Owner of humankind, so we must secure His positions as the Teacher and the Owner. Further, we must make sure that He can settle on this earth in His hometown, in His fatherland. To this end, we conducted the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship. (361-084, 2001.11.20)

Do you think that we as True Parents could hold the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship any way we wanted to? We needed to know about the protocols of God's kingdom and had to carry out the ceremony in the proper manner. Otherwise, we could not have conducted it. The ceremony was held in accordance with the detailed protocols of God's kingdom for an enthronement ceremony. As a result, spirits who had been like prisoners in the spirit world, whose minds and bodies were disunited, were finally liberated. Now they are free to come and go between heaven and earth. (519-291, 2006.03.06)

Only the True Parents can liberate God. Since the false parents ruined everything, it is up to us as True Parents to straighten everything out. We now have completed everything we needed to do. We offered the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship. What else is left to do? We have done everything humanly possible on earth. We gave the Blessing to 400 million couples to connect people to God's lineage and create a world in which all people are members of His family. (343-190, 2001.01.29)

Who will take responsibility for the wretched, pitiful history of humankind? No one who remains in ignorance can take responsibility. The person who must take responsibility is the one who knows what to do. The surgeon who holds the scalpel and all the surgical tools in the operating room is the one who must take responsibility for saving his patient's life, even at the risk of exposing himself to a fatal illness. True Parents are like that surgeon. Individuals, families, nations, and heaven and earth are all trapped in hell, in the realm of the Fall. Who will liberate them? The Lord has returned as the True Parents. They established true kingship over the family, tribe, people and nation before finally holding the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship. {418-251, 2003.09.25)

The Cheon Jeong Gung Entrance Ceremony and Coronation of True Parents

Because now all the Cain families of the world are in a position to respond positively to the Abel families, the lineage lost in the Garden of Eden and the fight of the brothers, Cain and Abel is now manifested vertically and to the left and right, and in all four directions. Accordingly, centering on the blessed families, Cain families are brought into unity, the fallen lineage is removed and offered before the original True Parents, and they become one. When they become one, the whole world must change. Therefore, on June 13, 2006, heaven and earth will be turned upside down. When such a reversal occurs, in the original position in the world where True Parents can be perfected, even Satan must proclaim with a heart of great joy that he will reconnect with his duties of devotion, which were lost long ago, and he will be able to attend True Parents again. You must know that only if that happens will the Entrance Ceremony be possible. Until now, neither could the people on this earth be cast away nor could there be a new beginning. The Entrance Ceremony on June 13 will turn everything around and place everything in its proper place. It is the entry point of a new era. (526-027, 2006.05.10)

People who have not married interculturally will not be able to serve in top leadership positions. After entering the Palace, and after the coronation of the good king, the organization will be established centered on the royal line. In the royal lineage, if I am the first generation, who are the second and third generations? It is not just Koreans. Among women, the Japanese women took the lead, and among men, the Korean men took the lead, but your sons and daughters and the sons and daughters of Korean people who married each other will be partners. The age is coming when you will be able to join the realm of the royal offspring of the heavenly nation, the nobility of the future. (527-065, 2006.05.24)

The gift that a family should offer to God is a family of the original Adam who had not fallen. The Cheon Jeong Gung Entrance Ceremony is planting the seed of the flower of the ideal, and going over the boundary line of celebrating a new beginning that can blossom. (527-318, 2006.06.01)

Once the King of Peace holds the Entrance Ceremony at Cheongpyeong, God will no longer live as a wanderer as He has until now. He will come down, become one with True Father and settle down. Because He is settling down, we are entering a frightening age. We are entering an age of law. There will be no forgiveness. God and Adam must become one body. It is teaching the family and the nation to become one body. Throughout the world for thousands of years there were no ancestors; there were no people. The form of a family that can be perfected has finally taken its place in the empty Kingdom of Heaven and from now on others can match it. The ceremony to connect the king of the earth with God is the “Cheon Jeong Gung Entrance Ceremony and Coronation of True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and on Earth.” (525-098, 2006.04.23)

Through the ceremony called the “Cheon Jeong Gung Entrance Ceremony and Coronation of True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and on Earth,” we will be able to stand in the position of victorious Abel as the King and Queen of Peace. Henceforth, instead of just following us as True Parents, your work should honor us as attendance. Before, you just followed us, but now the times have changed. As the king and queen, we now represent all creation. Therefore, to continue your relationship with us in our positions as the king and queen, you too must become people who can represent all creation. Only then can you participate in this era as people united with the king and queen. Hence, you can no longer relate with us casually or live your lives carelessly. This era is unfolding at this very time. (524-181, 2006.04.12)

With Your capacity of all transcendence, all immanence and all authority, please settle the sorrowful things of all the past days. Now with the spirit world and earthly world having become one through Your blessing of the family in the original perfection having nothing to do with the Fall, in this unified nation and world we earnestly hope and desire that You will allow us to become sons and daughters who form and take part in the duty of filial piety, and who bring filial piety to perfection. Families that have been blessed are gathered here in one place, together with the True Parents who are at the center of this Entrance Ceremony. We are standing in this place of settlement through oneness in heart, oneness in body, oneness in thought and oneness in harmony. Together with all these proclamations in this place of the cosmic summit of total perfection, with mind and body having once again become one through the formation of an ideal family that can praise and attend the glory of God from the individual to the ends of the cosmos, perfectly freely, at this event of God's transcendence, immanence and authority, from now on, please become the King of love and glory who is able to give continually until connected to the point of the re-creation of heaven and earth. I earnestly report and proclaim that You will become the everlasting Lord of the reign of peace. (528-252, 2006.06.06)

My Father, Master of all heaven and earth, having thus persevered, You have worked to enlighten all the fallen descendants who did not know that You are our Father, the Father of our family, the Father of our nation, our world, and our heaven and earth, by sending the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind to earth, ten, a hundred, a thousand kinds of things have been developed and enlightened and awakened. The cornerstones of this victorious supremacy have been laid so that on the battleground—everything from the fight between mind and body to the breakdown of the conjugal relationship, the division between father and son, conflict between tribes, conflict between nations, conflict between worlds, and even to the confrontation between the ideology of atheism and our Heavenly Father, who is the master of the universe centered on the great laws of eternity, of the origin, of heaven and earth and the heavenly way which is centered on heaven and earth, and everything that was fighting against God, the eternal, nucleic king of the eternally existing world—could be resolved. The Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind have come down to earth to pioneer all unknown environments in heaven and on earth, and through the model standard and the Divine Principle they have achieved the liberated realm on the levels of the individual, tribe, ethnic people, nation, world and cosmos. On this victorious signal, they are now standing at a point in time in which they can conduct the Coronation of the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and on Earth in Cheon Jeong Gung on this day; and standing here, we dedicate before You, our Father, this temple, this palace. (529-239, 2006.06.13)

On behalf of all humanity, and as the representative of all saints, sages and ancestors in heaven, the foundation of the kingship of the Savior, Messiah, Lord at his Second Coming and the True Parents, who are working at the ultimate end to accomplish and clear away everything, is being presented and dedicated on the foundation of perfection. So, Father, with the authority of the master of all eternity, and with the joy of liberation and complete inner freedom great enough to more than completely do away with the sad history of the imperfect place that

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is Eden, and with the authority of the eternal master and eternal emperor of love governing over all creation, we dedicate all this before You at this time so that You may become the ruler and master forever and ever more, and so that the True Parents can become the flowers and the fruits in the realm of life of all creation in the world. Heavenly Father, we dedicate and offer this to You earnestly and ardently from the bottom of our hearts, and we pray that You may accept it with delight. I present and report this solemnly in the name of True Parents! (529-240, 2006.06.13)

How did we approach the matter of God's throne in the Cheon Jeong Gung Entrance and Coronation Ceremony? When we held the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship in the past, we set up thrones for God. We placed chairs as the seat for God, but this time there were no chairs. We had seats for the Entrance Ceremony, but at this Coronation Ceremony, God and True Parents had become one. They were connected vertically. The vertical God comes down to a single point. Because I was seated at that one point, the internal and external correspond. Before the ceremony, spirits came urgently from the spirit world and prepared it this way. (529-273, 2006.06.14)

From the day of the Cheon Jeong Gung Entrance Ceremony, True Father cannot bow before the invisible God, even in the spirit world. That which became the real center is the realization of the purpose of creation, and when it is fulfilled, God enters. In the future, for even greater issues, even if we do not pray things will be resolved, because God will automatically guide us. Therefore, from now on, I will not resolve matters alone. Having become one body, we must go forward under God's guidance. (537-197, 2006.09.01)

When the Third Adam comes, fulfills the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages and enters into the liberated world based on the heart of the Fourth Adam, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven will become one. God will no longer need to seek out the era of Adam based on His hope for the Lord at the Second Advent. Instead, for the first time, the returning Lord will attend God in the position of the victor and will open the paths that formerly were blocked by the false parent. By bringing about the era of settlement, the age of total liberation and complete freedom will come to pass. God is the origin of love, life and lineage. Thus, you must become the substantial fruit of the lineage that arose from God the Origin's love and life. If you are one in heart with True Parents based on a strong bond of unity with them, you should be able to overcome any situation and still remain strong. Then you will come to stand in a position where God can come to you and relate directly with you. (573-034, 2007.08.20)

Mother must complete the responsibility of being able to teach about the family ideal. You must know that Mother's calling to that responsibility is important. If Father's responsibility is to liberate all people by uncovering the secrets of heaven and earth and building a direct highway that can go to the Kingdom of Heaven, beyond that, by raising her son, Mother has finally met her husband who was cast out of Eden. Now you have received the Blessing, but because you don't have a nation, you could not be entered in a family register, and could not be registered. This has been delayed for 40 years. Because of that, wherever you go you receive persecution, and wherever you go you are treated contemptuously. It was this way, but now, here, Cheon Jeong Gung has come into existence. Aju! And the owner has a house he can live in. Even if we pray, we are not asking for something. Now we do not need prayer. All that is left to do is practice. (538267, 2006.09.16)


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