424. The Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship, Part 1

Book 4: May You Blossom, My Beloved
Part 6: The Declaration of Ultimate Unity and the Era of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 1: The Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship and the Cheon Jeong Gung Entrance Ceremony and Coronation of True Parents

History of the providence for the restoration of the authority of the elder son, the authority of the parents and the authority of the king

The Old Testament Age was the age in which brothers were to unite. The New Testament Age was the age for children to unite with parents. The Completed Testament Age is the age for people to unite with kingship. These three ages were to restore the authority of the elder son, parents and king. All of this, including the right of kingship, could have been restored in Jesus' time had the people of Israel attended Jesus as the True Parent. However, they did not do so, and the providence was prolonged. That is why the time for restoring God's kingship has arrived now, in the Completed Testament Age. (304-011, 1999.09.05)

In the Old Testament Age, the priests sacrificed animals to pave the way for the son and the daughter to come. That son was the Messiah. They offered the things of creation to prepare a foundation for the Messiah to come to earth. The providence has been moving forward following the course of the Fall, but in reverse order. The son then came to earth and shed his blood. He died on the cross. If the people of Israel had united with him, Jesus would not have died. Yet the people did not believe in him; hence, he had to shed his blood. What was this son originally supposed to accomplish? He was to pave the way for the emergence of True Parents. Jesus was to be the True Father, and the True Mother was to come and be made ready as the Bride to meet the Bridegroom, Jesus, who was to right the wrongs of the world. For this to happen, first the Cain-Abel relationship that was lost needed to be resolved. Cain and Abel in Jesus' day were represented on the national level by the people of lsrael and Judaism. In the Last Days they are represented by communism and democracy. We must resolve this persistent Cain-Abel problem. This will be done by restoring kingship on the world level.(280-079, 1996.11.01)

The Old Testament Age was the age of brothers. At the time of Jesus, Judaism was in the position of Abel and the people of Israel were in the position of Cain. These two brothers were supposed to unite, and on that foundation, they were to connect to the teaching of “parentism.” First, they had to unite centering on the mother, after which they would have connected to the father. This is how they would have been able to establish blessed families centered on Jesus. However, this was not accomplished, and the providence in the Old Testament Age to restore the authority of the elder son came to naught. The New Testament Age was to restore the authority of the parents and the Completed Testament Age is to restore the kingship, but all of this was lost. Hence, the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages must all be brought to completion. In the Old Testament Age, animals were sacrificed as offerings. In the New Testament Age, Jesus, the Son came to establish the nation, but when he could not, he had to become the sacrificial offering. When the age of the True Parents arrived, the path of the sacrificial offering still remained to be fulfilled before True Parents could attend God. Thus, while True Parents were on earth, they had to follow a 40-year course of suffering in order to attend God. This was the path they had to walk in order to bring God down to earth. This was how they connected the spiritual world and physical world together, enabling God to work freely between the two worlds. It was how they brought liberation to both worlds. (304-032, 1999.09.05)

If the people of Israel had united with Jesus as the Messiah, the authority of the elder son could have been restored at that time. Unity between brothers comes about when they share the same level, the same value, and the same standard. Fundamental unity cannot be achieved without the Messiah, who represents the elder son. But the people of Israel were unable to unite with the Messiah. Had they made unity with Jesus, he could have formed a family, and the Blessing could have been given to the people of Israel as the chosen people. From this point of view, Jesus needed to marry, to celebrate the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Through that marriage, he and his Bride were to have become the True Parents. Then, the Messiah's family would have become the elder son family, and the people of the world would have formed younger son families. This would have established the authority of the parents. If the people of the world had received the Blessing and become blessed families, then, centering on the Messiah, they would have gone beyond the national level and expanded in number over the years until they had established a worldwide Christian cultural sphere as the Second Israel. This would have been "one nation under God,” a nation representing the whole world.

This was meant to happen immediately after the Second World War. Even though it did not happen, we have now built a foundation of families throughout the world who have received the Blessing. Based on these families, all humanity needs to focus on one point and attend God as the King. This is the purpose for which the Lord returns. (303-097, 1999.08.08)

The Lord must come again because the authority of the elder son was not established in Jesus' day. As Jesus was unable to achieve this and lost his life, the Lord must restore it when he returns. He must offer to God the authority of the elder son, the authority of the True Parents on the family level and the authority of kingship on the global level. God will take possession of all things through the True Parents. All things originally belonged to God, so by passing through the era of indemnity, all things must be dedicated to God. Fallen human beings cannot hold on to the right of possession. Nothing belongs to you. You must unite with the Lord at his Second Advent and offer all your possessions to God by vesting them with the Lord. Because the First Adam was unable to reach perfection, God could not have dominion over the world. Accordingly, you need to offer everything back to God through the perfected Adam. Then, in the position that you have not fallen and have dissolved all of God's bitter pain, things will be given back to you. From the day you receive the things that return to you, you will inherit royal authority over heaven and earth, as well as the authority of the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the horizontal authority of the elder son in heaven and on earth.

Once True Parents establish the authority of the elder son, they will then establish the authority of the parents, and after that the authority of kingship. When all these expand on the global level, all people can also achieve the authority of the elder son, parents and king even within their own families. When you stand on that foundation, you will be able to fully liberate the spiritual and physical worlds. God also will be liberated at that time. Hence, you will be able to attend the liberated Lord God and live forever in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven, which will last for eternity. Families of the world that succeed in attaining these levels of authority, of elder son, parents and king, will attend Jesus as the king of kings. Everyone must attend him as the king. (303-098, 1999.08.08)

I have to eliminate everything that is based on the sovereignty of Satan's world, which has come down through the generations. I have to indemnify the betrayals of Heaven and the betrayals of God's Will, and restore God's victorious dominion. I have to sweep away everything that became corrupted under Satan's sovereignty, from the era of the individual and the era of the tribe up to the present. To achieve that, I must restore the authority of the elder son. I must restore the authority of the elder son and then the authority of the parents. Originally, the parents were to be the owners, but Satan became the owner and king. For that reason, as the younger son who is on God's side, I am moving forward to restore the authority of the elder son, the authority of the parents and the authority of the king. (248-082, 1993.07.01)

The central ideology of the fallen world, as well as that before the creation of the world, is the institution of the authority of the elder son. The second is the authority of the parents. The third is the authority of the king and the fourth is the establishment of the royal family. These are the four central goals. You have had no idea that history had such a beginning. History has proceeded up until now in a conflict between the primacy of material goods and spirituality. This is because people have not known the Principle. Starting with the authority of the elder son, if Adam and Eve had not fallen, after the authority of the elder son, the authority of the parents and that of the king would have been established right away, and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven would have been quickly built. However, because all of this was lost, it had to be restored in reverse order through many arduous tasks. The possibility of creating the Kingdom of Heaven by spreading out horizontally through the second son after the elder son became a parent and then a king—that is, setting up the authority of the elder son as the king's central authority centering on the first son and the second son—was all lost. Because the authority of the elder son was lost, it must be found and restored. Without it, you cannot establish the Kingdom of Heaven; you cannot achieve the ideal world.

Adam should have become the elder son and then become the parent. Adam's family should have become the royal family. Had Adam not fallen, he would, as elder son, have become the king, and the second son would have become one of the royal family. All his family would have become members of the royal family. The authority of the elder son would have lasted for thousands of years and expanded to a nation and then to all of humankind. This means the world would have had one central royal authority and one royal family centering on the authority of the parents. There would have been one single root. (247-135, 1993.05.01)

We established USA (United to Serve America) to reclaim the foundation that was lost with the failure of America and of Christianity in America. After restoring the authority of the elder son in this way, we need to use that foundation to defeat communism. Unity between America and Christianity is the way to restore the failure of unity between Judaism and the people of Israel. That is why we are using the restoration of the authority of the elder son to persuade Mr. Gorbachev to voluntarily surrender. After Mr. Gorbachev surrenders, next I need to bring Kim Il-sung to voluntarily surrender.

Kim Il-sung is the lord in Satan's world at the time of the Second Advent. That is why he has taken the parental position. North Koreans call him, "Father,” and indeed he is in the position of a parent. I put him in the position of a brother to me. That is why I was able to win him over naturally. I was able to restore the authority of the parents because I restored the authority of the elder son, by bringing Kim II-sung to natural surrender. Now that the authority of the parents is restored, next is the restoration of kingship, which will happen once North and South Korea are unified. We are moving toward that stage.

Then, on the foundation of that kingship, a royal family will emerge on earth. Adam and Eve did not establish their kingship and the right of the royal family, so our responsibility is to march toward that goal. Because the authority of the elder son and the authority of the parent have been restored, and Father can stand victorious before God, Mother could come to the fore and the liberation of women, along with the liberation of men, could be proclaimed. When we say "men" we really mean Father, because all other men are still on the side of Satan. That is why the authority of the king has to be established, and a royal family must take their place. This is what Father has been teaching you up until now. All of this foundation has been prepared. (235-239, 1992.09.20)

The foundation for the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship

Heavenly Father, we have now come to the point in our global ocean enterprise, which we started in 1963, when we anticipate reaching the summit. In all human history, there had never been a son or daughter who was able to embrace and love the sea from the perspective of a true owner. But True Parents appeared, and with this in mind traversed the five oceans in order to fulfill true ownership. For that purpose, in Kodiak, Alaska, which is within the oceanic realm, we conducted the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages and proclaimed Heavenly Parentism, always placing You at the center. These are events that Unification Church members can never forget. That ceremony and the proclamation that followed was a big leap toward revolutionizing the foundations of world history and resolving the world's chaos. Now here in Kodiak, with today's “Proclamation of the Return of the Oceans to God,” we are connecting the realms of the land and sea, so that the Lord of heaven, the Lord of the sea, and the Lord of the land will be joined as one. (324-109, 2000.06.17)

Heavenly Father, having declared the return of the oceans to You, today on June 24, 2000, in Korea, I decided to connect North and South America. Now, from the Korean peninsula to the southernmost part of Asia, I am able to return to You the land, connecting all six continents together. On this day, in the name of True Parents, I proclaim before heaven and earth that by returning the oceans and continents to You, the land and sea that existed in the original Garden of Eden, made according to Your original ideal, have been reconnected before the Parents of Heaven and Earth. (324-268, 2000.06.24)

Heavenly Father, we, True Parents, took a boat out from Jiguido Island, near Jeju Island. While looking at Mt. Halla, we connected the mountains to the plains, beyond Mt. Baekdu and Mt. Everest in the Himalayas. By so doing, we made the final condition to return to You the realms of the ocean and the land, and we have made that proclamation. It was for this purpose that I came to Korea. Here, at Jiguido, representing Jeju Island, I proclaim before You, Heavenly Father, and before the entire universe, all these connections we have made. Please remember this day. Although I could not complete all my plans by June 2000, I established more than 80 percent of the conditions, and through this, You have gained the authority to move all things in the world to the supreme position of victory with absolutely no ties to Satan. It is a victory You had long hoped to achieve, and which You pursued with resolute determination. Upholding this based on True Parents' relational standard, I proclaim that this world will transition into the realm of liberation on the basis of this ceremony, at this hour of returning all things in the cosmos to You. (325-077, 2000.06.29)

On September 26, 2000, we held an event entitled, "Unification Blessing Ceremony for the Registration of the Four-Position Foundation at the Transition of the Three Ages.” The title refers to the realm of the Blessing that opens a great transition from the past three ages of human history to a new age of oneness. In this new age, you need to register your four-position foundation in God's kingdom in order to enter the realm of oneness formed by this transition and registration. Indeed, it is the age of transition. Only when you are registered will you enter the realm of oneness. The realm of oneness created through registration in this age encompasses both the spiritual and physical worlds. The four-position foundation must come first. God's Will, the ideal of creation, is fulfilled through the perfection of the four-position foundation. That perfection is accomplished by loving others and attending God. The four-position foundation takes root in such a place. This is the formula. (333-281, 2000.09.27)

We are treating the greatest saints and the worst murderers equally by giving both the Blessing, so that the spiritual world and physical world can become one and hell can be abolished. All the divisions in the spirit world, such as those between paradise and other realms, must be removed so that all can return to one even level. As part of our earnest efforts to make the Blessing global in scope, I proclaimed at the United Nations that national borders should be dissolved. Therefore, on December 3, which was before the end of the year 2000, I issued a proclamation declaring the abolition of paradise and the opening of registration in the Kingdom of Heaven to all. We as True Parents declared the abolition of paradise and hell because these realms stemmed from the false parents. We made the conditions to liquidate these realms by successfully surmounting the hill of indemnity. If we had not been successful in abolishing paradise and hell, it would be impossible to enthrone God as King. (340-043, 2000.12.23)

Heavenly Father, beginning today, December 1 of this historic year of 2000, we are making preparations to usher in the year marking the beginning of the new millennium. On this day, having surmounted the hill of bitter sorrow in the heavenly and earthly worlds, and having completed the period for resolving everything in history, we will begin to lay the foundation for the perfection of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos centered on love, in order to bring about the ideal world that You envisioned at the creation. We have set the date for this new beginning as January 13, 2001, 43 days from today. We designate this 43-day period as a time to make all the needed preparations to celebrate Your enthronement to the position of the King of all families, the King of all nations, the King of the world and the King of all kings. It will be the day when You can proclaim that liberation has come, because everything has been resolved, including the bitter sorrow You have harbored in Your heart. As we have determined that the day on which we will enthrone You, Father, is 43 days from today, and as we make this proclamation about that day, may You help us step over the realm of death and leap into the world of liberation. We would like to express our gratitude to You for the grace of allowing us to usher in this era when we can establish Your supremacy. We are grateful that we could receive this heavenly fortune based on the family-level Blessings that True Parents needed to spread throughout the world in order to fulfill the ideal of oneness before You, the Father of all humankind. From this day forth, centered on the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground and Victory Holy Ground, please allow us to make all the necessary preparations during these coming 43 days to take this giant step forward for You. (338-311, 2000.12.01)

When the first human ancestors became the false human ancestors, they created hell, overturning God's kingship and everything good. True Parents and the blessed families of the Unification Church need to set things straight and attend God in His rightful position as the true King. With this authority, God will bequeath to True Parents what is needed to recover the ideals of His family, His world and His cosmos. The condition to enable this is the Total Living Offering.

Without making this condition, people cannot claim ownership of anything whatsoever, including their nations. So, without making this condition, anyone who possesses title to anything is in violation. For the absolute God to have the authority of kingship, He should be sovereign over everything, but He lost even love and lineage. How can we attend God in order to see to His enthronement? First, we have to solve the issues of love and lineage. Then we have to enthrone Him with representatives of all nations of the world showing their support. When this happens, God will be able to exercise all His power, His omnipresent authority and power. Thus, hell, Satan's world and Satan's lackeys will be completely cleaned away in an instant. Who will perform the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship? Can True Parents do it alone? We need to do it centered on the registered blessed families. (339-281, 2000.12.22)


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