407. True Mother Came as a True Parent

Book 4: May You Blossom, My Beloved
Part 2: The Holy Wedding and the Path of the Bride of Heaven
Chapter 3: True Mother Came as a True Parent

True Father and True Mother who are the True Parents

The True Parents about whom the Unification Church speaks are a man and a woman who are centered on God. Adam and Eve became false parents, so True Parents must come instead, becoming good parents. Since it was due to their failure to reach perfection that Adam and Eve became the false parents, True Parents must be able to stand in their place, in the position of having perfected themselves centering on God. Originally, God's ideal at the time of the Creation was for Adam and Eve to reach perfection and become the true parents. That position must be rectified, and the original ideal must be attained. I am the one who is pursuing that ideal. In the Unification Church people call us True Father and True Mother. In external appearance there is no difference between us and you; however, our root, our origin, is different from yours. The True Parents emerged with God as the root, the first such human beings in history. We have come as the central people of the Unification Principle, and we introduce it with true love. (148-040, 1986.10.04)

It has not been possible to connect the words “true parents” to the time after the Fall. God's ideal of creation began with True Parents at the center. However, because of the Fall, people's lineage changed to something completely different. The nations are also different from the originally intended unfallen, natural nations. Originally there was no religion. Whether to do with religions or nations, any relationships or connections based on the lineage after the Fall have no relationship with True Parents. The only thing that is absolute is God's concept of True Parents that He had in His mind before the creation, a fundamental idea that is connected to God's love, life and lineage. All the ideas, concepts and relationships that you think about have no relationship whatsoever with the ideal of True Parents before the Fall. (491-144, 2005.03.18)

The True Parents need to come in order to realize God's Will, the providence of restoration. It is not fallen parents but True Parents who must come. Although you can come across and read the words "True Parents” without even thinking about them, they represent something very different. These words have appeared together for the first time in history. This is a miraculous and momentous event that never occurred in the past. With the word "true” the name "True Parents" can emerge because True Parents' love surpasses the love of the many parents who have come and gone until now. They have appeared with a love that comes only once. Because they have such a standard, we can say the words "True Parents.” (067-225, 1973.06.27)

Until now God has been in the position of the King who created heaven and earth, but that authority was lost because of the fallen parents. Because it was lost due to Satan, until now God's royal authority could not be used even once. The Enthronement of God is conducted by True Parents, not by God. There is no one other than the True Parents who can restore that. The age of royal sovereignty comes after God has finally been able to establish the sovereign power contained in the original standard of the creation of heaven and earth and has been able to resolve the family, tribe, people, nation and world. You should not speak lightly about heaven and earth. It was humankind and Satan, the archangel, who joined forces to reverse God's royal sovereignty. However, True Parents came and removed Satan and restored the perfected standard of God's providence—that is to say, they abolished the hells of the spirit world and the earthly world, came to stand in a position with no connection to the Fall and established God in His position of royal sovereignty. (339-087, 2000.12.07)

When we look back in history, historically many prophets and saints have existed. They achieved unity externally, but because they were not able to achieve mind-body unity, they were not able to go beyond their basic limitations. However, now that True Parents, who are centered on God's true love, are here on earth, have realized a true family, and are going forward realizing a unified, ideal society, the mainstream of God's providence of salvation has now been set in motion. The True Parents are mediators who graft God and humankind together. Without True Parents, people cannot go to God. The True Parents are the ones who are showing the only path for salvation from the Fall. (271 -063, 1995.08.20)

True Parents must be two people. If they are not two, they cannot fulfill the standard of True Parents. Even if one or the other has established the standard of victory through his or her spiritual battles, unless they together become True Parents as physical human beings on earth, they will not have substantiated the standard of victory in the world. Even though the spirits in the spirit world have established the condition of victory there, unless the True Parents are inaugurated here on earth, these spirits cannot establish a foothold on earth that corresponds to their foothold in the spirit world. Therefore, once the True Parents come, from that time on they must dedicate their lives and fight on behalf of heaven and earth. The period of their struggle will be 40 years. What kind of battles are True Parents going to fight during this 40-year period? First they have to go through trials in the spirit world. After that they need to undergo trials on earth. They can establish the standard of True Parents both spiritually and physically only when they have fought until the end and held fast without collapsing.

That is how they will accomplish the hope of 6,000 years of providential history. Parents' Day, the day on which the reality of True Parents began, was the day that marked the starting point of true success, of achievements both in the spirit world and on earth. (013-285, 1964.04.12)

The Messiah is the person who comes in the position of having transcended fallen nature. He is equipped with God's love and is the original, ideal model of masculinity, with his mind and body united. Such a person comes to earth to become the center and bring the world's people to resemble him so that they are qualified to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. But what is it that the Messiah had to find? He comes as the Bridegroom, looking for his Bride. The Bride is in the position of Eve. Since Eve was lost in the Garden of Eden, the Messiah must come to earth and find the new Eve. In the Unification Church, Parents' Day marks the fulfillment of this search. It is the first time in history that a day with the title "True Parents" has ever been declared. This day was established to celebrate the day on which a man and woman became husband and wife based on the original love of God. It celebrates the beginning of the ideal realm of human completion that God has long desired. It celebrates the complete unity of the mind and body of a man and the mind and body of a woman, achieved horizontally with God at the center. (128-137, 1983.06.11)

Because men represent the plus nature of God, they become another self of True Father, and because women represent the minus nature of God, they become another self of True Mother. Each of them is also a representative of God. Becoming one through love is like embracing the cosmos. This is a universal reunion. (009-083, 1960.04.16)

Within the original nature of God's creation, we find an internal nature and external form, along with male and female nature. A man born with these traits is God's second self A woman is also God's second self. A man is God's right alter ego and a woman God's left alter ego. When both a man and woman appear as substantial selves on earth, the man is set on earth as the embodiment of True Father and the woman is set on earth as the embodiment of True Mother from the point of view of the coming True Parents. (157-302, 1967.10.16)

Based on our original nature, we as individual beings are the arms and legs of the True Parents from the time we are born. Therefore, Jesus also said, "I am the vine; you are the branches” (John 15:5). Men are True Father's arms and legs; women are True Mother's arms and legs; men are True Father's second selves, and women are True Mother's second selves. Accordingly, from God's point of view, if men can really become True Father's second selves and women can become True Mother's second selves, no matter how far apart they might be, God's love will surely be there. God's heart naturally connects to people whose lives are focused on True Father's Will and True Father's situation. (011-063, 1961.01.01)

The people who are the extension of the family of Eve are the women who are living in this world. Because these women were scattered by false love, a central being that is able to bind them through true love must appear. That is the Bride talked about in Christianity. You know the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, don't you? The Bride does not exist to live well on her own. She is one central being representing all the women spread across America. When she becomes happy, the women of America also enter a position of happiness. That person is the mother we talk about in the Unification Church. She is called True Mother. If True Father is the coming Lord of the Second Advent, True Mother accomplishes the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and represents the position of the woman who is being called the Bride. (233-294, 1992.08.02)

We don't know how amazing the words “True Mother” are. To become True Mother and in order to attend True Father, how much sacrifice must she have experienced! Furthermore, you must know the extraordinary hard work that True Father experienced in order to become True Father and to meet True Mother. You must never forget that story, not the long, long period of 10 million years that are connected through it, nor the path or the peaks that could not have been gone over without infinite tears and sorrow. (251-176, 1993.10.17)

Rebirth and True Mother's mission

God lost His beloved true son and daughter, whom He wanted to love to the fullest. From the viewpoint of the man-woman relationship, the God-centered husband and wife were lost. From the viewpoint of the child, the true parents were lost. By a single fallen act, God lost these three. How can these three types of love be recovered simultaneously through the principle of restoration through indemnity? How can a standard that God can approve of be established? These are the issues. First, the standard of a true son and daughter who can be loved by God must be restored. When the son and daughter who have gone through that process come of age, they should unite as husband and wife with God's love as their center. Then they must give birth to good children in order to form the four-position foundation that God desires and that can bring Him joy. (022-204, 1969.02.04)

In the Bible, it says that we must be born again. Saying that we must be born again is saying that we were born wrong. When a person is born into the world, through what is he born? Is he or she born through the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? No. People are born through love. They are born through the love of their parents. The ancestors of humankind were born through love, but they were not born through a love of joy that God could be proud of and could proudly proclaim to the universe. They were born through a love that Satan liked immensely, but God was extremely sorrowful about.

People are born through their father and mother's love. However, because that love has gone wrong, being born is also being born wrong. That cannot be helped. Because you became wild olives trees from having been born through this wrong love, your branches must be completely cut off, and you must be engrafted with branches of true love from the true love tree. The wild olive trees that have grown for thousands of years must be cut off completely and engrafted with the true olive trees while offering devotions. (022-243, 1969.05.04)

You must enter a relationship of love with Adam and Eve, centering on their first love for each other. Only then can you be born again, from the loins of True Father and the womb of True Mother, and form a bond of eternal life with them. You cannot pay the full indemnity for this without going through the Principle of Restoration. Whether you realize it or not, that is why you have been loving me centered on the Will, and why your hearts seek to move in the same direction I move, in concert with my feelings. You are setting the condition to be engrafted with the True Parents, from their bone marrow to your heart, so that you can be born again from the ones in the position of the original Adam and Eve, through the womb of True Mother. Without doing so, you cannot be restored. (026-310, 1969.11.10)

Just the seed that is deep in the Father's bones, that is not enough to give you rebirth; the mother's womb is also needed. In other words, one must be reborn from inside True Mother. Therefore, as we held the Holy Wedding in 1960, the True Mother was established. Through this, you feel the grace of the love you felt when you were in your father's bones, and because you created a relationship with True Mother once again by your being able to love and attend True Mother, you connected to a relationship of love with True Mother for the first time and then you could be born.

You who are being born this way must become different. Then who should you become like? Abel and Cain are in the position of twins. In other words, they are the same as twins who came from the one womb of one person. In order to understand what you have to do in order to be restored, you must look at Jacob and Esau, and at Perez and Zerah who reversed their positions while twins in the womb, and you must do the same. Here, however, you will not be reversing positions in the womb; you must take the position of Cain who can accommodate himself to his younger brother. You must stand in the Cain position that is not against, does not refute and does not oppose his brother but rather attends him. Only then is it possible to enter restoration for the first time.

Because you cannot go into True Mother's womb, what you must do is become one with True Parents' children. You must stand in the position of a baby in the womb for three years. Because of that, I have chosen mottoes for you for those three years. The first is: "Make this year the one that leaves behind the greatest results of your life.” The second is: "Become a representative of God.” The third is: "Show them and speak proudly.” Here the words "Show them and speak proudly” mean restore a trinity of three spiritual children.

Now as Cain-side beings that have been born from the womb, you must stand in the position of loving True Mother and at the same time loving the babies. By concurring with them in that way, you should stand in the position of attending them as the center and establish the condition of heart of participating at the same rank with them as twins. Only in that way can you prevent the opposition of the two seeds in the womb. Without you knowing about this, I have carried out these works. (035-227, 1970.10.19)

True Mother must re-create the sons, Cain and Abel, and create a realm of unity with them. She must connect everything to the tradition and the standard of how to live, beyond the nation to the world level, to live in the Kingdom of Heaven. To do this, she must create oneness with her children, educate the Cain world, and reach the level of God's nation. Only when we reach the level of God's nation can we restore the authority of the eldest son, the authority of the parents and the authority of the king. Therefore, True Mother is in a position of leadership and must be an example in all things. She is in the position of the subject partner, and she has to govern the environment. Mother is in the subject partner position. (330-103, 2000.08.13)


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