402. The Background of True Mother's Birth

Book 4: May You Blossom, My Beloved
Part 1: Who Is True Mother?
Chapter 2 & 3: The Background of True Mother's Birth + The Central Succession of Faith in Preparation for the Coming Lord 

Chapter 2: The Background of True Mother's Birth

True Mother's hometown and the Cheongju Han clan

Korea has 4,300 years of history. This history includes the era of Gojoseon. The Korean people were called the Dongyi people, a people in the East who studied astronomy and interpreted the stars to ascertain heavenly fortune. In every era of its history Korea has upheld a national religion. In the eras of Silla and Goryeo, it was Buddhism, and in the era of Joseon, it was Confucianism. When we trace back to the earliest history of Korea, we find a record that the Han clan preceded even the Gojoseon era. There we can find the origin of the Korean people, from a time even earlier than the Gojoseon era. (615-173, 2009.08.22)

The Korean alphabet was revealed during the reign of King Sejong, who promulgated it as Hunmin Jeongeum (), meaning "the teaching of correct sounds for the people.” The name can be interpreted to mean that those who teach and learn what is right will continue on, even if their country falls into ruin. I came to learn that the Dongyi people [here referring to the Korean race] have such a history and character. It is generally believed that Korean history spans approximately 4,000 years, beginning with the Gojoseon era. However, the Han people already existed 3,000 years prior to the Gojoseon era, and their place of origin on the Korean Peninsula was Cheongju. I am now working to systematically organize all the material that I have compiled and publish a book about the ancient history of Korea, one that does not treat Korea in isolation but demonstrates its links with the history of other Far Eastern nations. (613-043, 2009.06.03) 

Pyeongan Province means a province, a home, a road, where you can settle down because it is flat. Jeongju and Anju are both located there. Mother's hometown is Anju, and mine is Jeongju. (266-272, 1895.01.01)

North Chungcheong Province is Mother's ancestral hometown. Cheongju is the original hometown of the Han family. Mother always boasts to me of Cheongju being the hometown of the Hans. Cheongju is made up of the Chinese characters Cheong () meaning "clear" and ju () meaning "village.” (142-211, 1986.03.11)

Mother's ancestors lived in South Pyeongan Province. Mother's surname is Han. Where are the ancestors of the Han family? They are in Cheongju. Therefore, if our sons and daughters wanted to make their way to their mother's ancestral hometown, they would visit the land of Cheongju. (085-091, 1976.03.02) 

True Mother's maternal grandmother's family name is Jo. Her family lived in a wealthy village, a community of tile-roofed houses where many government officials lived. True Mother's maternal grandmother, the third generation of her ancestral line, was a direct descendant of Jo Han-jun. Coming out of such a meritorious family tradition, both her maternal grandmother and Daemonim greatly loved True Mother and devoted special attention to raising her. Since Daemonim was often traveling all over the nation looking for the Lord, it was Grandmother Jo who actually raised True Mother. This family wanted more than anyone else to know all the secrets of the spirit world. (573-262, 2007.08.24)

The wealthy man who built the Dallae Bridge in Jeongju at the time of the Joseon Dynasty was Jo Han-jun. He was Mother's maternal ancestor. There was a legend that the son of Heaven would be born through Jo Han-jun, but she was born as a daughter instead. There was also a prophecy that she would be born as a daughter, and because of it, a stone Maitreya statue came into existence on the hill in front of their home. The statue was so magical that, in the past, anyone who wished to climb over that hill on horseback had to get down from the horse and bow to it; otherwise his horse's hooves would get stuck to the ground and would not be able to move. (573-261, 2007.08.24)

True Mother's maternal grandmother, Jo Won-mo, was a direct descendant of Jo Han-jun. The character jo (趙) of her family name means “nation.” It signifies that Daemonim's mother was in the position of a mother of the nation. That is the way the generations of her family tradition connected through history. Here is a true story: After no one had repaired or maintained the Dallae Bridge in Jeongju for many decades, it started to deteriorate. Eventually, it reached the point that people could not cross the bridge, and the road was blocked. Ruins of the broken bridge created an obstruction that caused the river to back up and overflow its banks, and it became buried under the sand and mud of the river. There was also a prophecy: If a rock carved like a totem pole that stood beside the bridge became buried, then the nation of Korea would fall, but if that rock was clearly exposed to the people, then a new heaven and earth would unfold in Korea. (455-261, 2004.06.26) 

True Mother was born as a third-generation only daughter

For Mother to be born, there had to be three generations of only daughters, and, at the same time, those three generations had to have the foundation of having made preparations to receive the coming Lord. Thankfully, Mother's lineage is such that the three successive generations of her grandmother, her mother and Mother herself were all only daughters. (220-336, 1991.10.20)

Mother was born as the only daughter of three generations. Mother's grandmother was an only daughter, Mother's mother was also an only daughter, and Mother herself is an only daughter. These three generations all worked together to receive the Lord of the Second Advent. Mother had to be born as the culmination of three such generations. Otherwise, she could not have become the True Mother. Not just anyone can become True Mother. She has to emerge in accordance with the law of restoration through indemnity. (291-030, 1998.03.05)

Three generations of Mother's family made preparations to receive the Lord of the Second Advent. This can be traced back in history. They were opposed by Protestants and Catholics. Rev. Lee Yong-do was severely persecuted for creating the New Jesus Church. Mother received a blessing after she became connected to the spiritual works and core believers of Korea. It was also important that she not have more than 12 people in her clan. (210-301, 1990.12.25)

Not just anyone can become the True Mother. The conditions in the providence to prepare someone to become True Mother were connected with providential relationships focused on the work to restore Eve. This required three women to meet internal and external conditions. On that basis, True Mother could appear before the Lord and be joined with him in marriage.

These three women were of three generations, representing the formation, growth and completion stages. The unity of grandmother, mother and daughter was like connecting the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age. On that basis, it was possible for Heaven to inaugurate the era for establishing the True Parents. Among those women, True Mother is the center. The person representing the formation stage is not the center; nor is the person representing the growth stage. In the ages of history, all must pass through three stages. In the horizontal ages, all can stand on the level of perfection only with the fulfillment of the third stage—the completion stage. (212-076, 1991.01.02)

Mother is the representative of all women in the world. A single woman representing all women had to be linked to another such single woman, who in turn would be connected to Mother. In other words, in the background behind her becoming True Mother, there had to be a connection of three generations. Originally True Parents should have been an only son and an only daughter. Adam was an only son, as was Jesus. From the perspective of God's Will, the Lord of the Second Advent is also like an only son. Since she has to help establish the will of the only son, Mother too must be the eldest and the only daughter. That is why, in the providence of restoration a man and a woman need to stand in complementary positions, become one, and rise above Satan's world to enter the Kingdom of Heaven together. (223-241, 1991.11.10)

The meaning of True Mother's name

True Mother's name is Hak Ja (鶴子). These characters mean "crane" and "son.” Cranes fly over the Himalayas and then land on the plains, where they hatch their eggs. This symbolizes the mission that Eve is to fulfill. The character ja (), meaning "son,” symbolizes that she is the woman who yearns for the Son of God. True Mother's mission is to climb over the Himalayas and give birth to sons and daughters in the world of peace. Cranes do not eat just anything; they eat only clean things. They eat things that are nutritious but light. Once a crane starts to fly, it hardly changes direction as it flies high in the sky. For this reason, people in the East love cranes. (246-285, 1993.04.20)

Mother's name is Hak Ja, and why do you think it is Hak Ja? It could have been Hak Nyeo [woman, daughter], so why did it become Hak Ja? I thought, "Oh! They included the Chinese character ja (), meaning ‘son,' when they named her because they wanted to form a connection to the son of God.” Because she originally was born as who she is, she was given her name. Han can represent Korea and even the universe. Han also means "one'' and "the best.” (120-274, 1982.10.17) 

Mother's name is good. Hak Ja Han! For a woman to stand as a qualified object partner of Reverend Moon, she must be a scholar. Han can stand for the study of Chinese classics but also the study of the subject of sorrow. She must be a scholar who has studied about God more than anyone else. If a woman can achieve that, she will advance to the position of God's object partner without fail. That is why both Mother's given name and her surname are auspicious. And now she has attained such a position. (232-307, 1992.07.10)

Chapter 3: The Central Succession of Faith in Preparation for the Coming Lord

Spirit-led churches that prepared Heaven's new providence

In the land of Korea, God has been conducting spiritual work focusing on Christianity. Focusing on certain spirit-led Christian churches, God prepared a foundation in the 1930s and 1940s before Korea's liberation from Japan. To prepare to receive the Returning Lord, those Christian churches had to understand God's internal circumstances and attend His internal Will. God led this work through numerous families and pioneers. In Cheolsan, Pyongyang and Wonsan they did everything they could to prepare a good environment for the time of the Lord's return. Since Christianity was called to fulfill the Will to receive the Lord, God had these faithful believers prepare a spiritual environment to receive him. (028-058, 1970.01.03)

Among people doing this spiritual work was Rev. Kim Seong-do, who lived in Cheolsan. Another spiritual leader at that time was Rev. Baek Nam-ju from Hamheung, who was granted authorization by the Japanese governor-general's office in Korea to lead the Holy Lord Church. This was possible only because of guidance from the spirit world. The spirit world gave a message to Rev. Baek to walk barefoot from Hamheung to Cheolsan and meet Rev. Kim. Although the distance was some 240 to 280 kilometers, he walked barefoot and met Rev. Kim. In this way, the spiritual foundations of the east and west sides of the Korean Peninsula were united. God prepared this foundation of unity so that the Returning Lord would not be persecuted when he arrived. That is how the Holy Lord Church (Seongju Gyo) was formed. Its name takes seong (), meaning "holy,” from Kim Seong-do, and ju (), meaning "the Lord,” from Baek Nam-ju. However, a problem arose: Kim Seong-do viewed her position as higher than that of Baek Nam-ju and others. Kim Seong-do said, "Since I am the one whom Heaven taught about Eve's mission, I am the one who must attend the Lord when He comes.” (223-211, 1991.11.10) 

When Rev. Kim Seong-do and her family failed to fulfill their responsibility in her mission, it was transferred to a woman who faithfully attended her, Rev. Heo Ho-bin. Rev. Heo's whole life was focused on the Returning Lord. Heaven taught her how sin could be removed, how to live a daily life of attendance to the Lord, and how children should be raised after the Lord's coming. Rev. Heo set up all the necessary traditions for living in attendance to the Returning Lord. Rev. Heo had to make these preparations before Korea's liberation from Japan in 1945. The Principle of Restoration is such that she needed to do this work during the seven years prior to the liberation. Then, God's plan for the Returning Lord could have been fulfilled at the time of the liberation. The Messiah could have inherited the foundation that she had built and initiated a new history. Rev. Heo stood one level lower than the Returning Lord. She did not stand in the same position as the Lord; rather, she stood in the position of symbolically giving birth to him. Through her, the Lord could be born symbolically; this is according to the Principle of Restoration. Thus her mission symbolized that of Mary. (008-223, 1960.01.06)

True Mother inherited the foundation of devotion of the spirit-led churches

Mother's family was one that trusted in Heaven. Three generations of women, with Daemonim in the middle generation, were mobilized in order to attend the coming Lord. There were not many members in her family. So she grew up beautifully. Heaven gave Mother a strong will and ambition. The environment during the time she was growing up was quite difficult and lonely. Her mother, Daemonim, spent a lot of time traveling all over the Korean Peninsula, searching for the coming Lord, and went through a great deal of suffering in preparing to meet him. (585-184, 2008.01.30)

Daemonim's entire life of faith and devotion had only one objective. We must especially remember that from the beginning, she was part of the new providential work that included proclaiming that the Returning Lord would be born on earth as a human being. She participated in the new churches that God created for that purpose. Rev. Kim Seong-do, founder of the Holy Lord Church, was the first generation; another line was represented by Rev. Heo Ho-bin of the Inside the Womb Church. Their work laid the foundation that was bequeathed to True Mother. They formed the mainstream history from which Daemonim inherited the tradition of faith, but she was the first of these forerunners to actually attend the Returning Lord.

By giving birth to True Mother, Daemonim completed the work of these women who had labored through three generations to carry out the role of Eve. She made preparations discreetly, knowing that the Will would bear fruit in True Mother's generation. Words cannot describe all the hardships she endured. The many ordeals she had to bear throughout her life are beyond description. No one, not her siblings, her relatives or her friends, was ever able to understand her. As she walked her lonely path of faith, she even subsisted on raw pine needles. Yet her belief never changed and her faith never wavered as she established the foundation for True Mother to meet me. (265-009, 1994.11.07)

The Inside the Womb Church believed that the Returning Lord would come in the flesh, and that he would select his Bride and 12 disciples. Hence, the church trained its members in how to attend the Lord. True Mother was trained in that special spiritual group. The mother of the founder of that church called Mother when she was six and gave her a special blessing. When I met Mother, I realized that she already had received all the blessings necessary to become the Bride. Also, it was fitting that no men were involved in her spiritual preparation and that in her family she was the only daughter. (191-254, 1989.06.25)

Rev. Lee Yong-do was one of the representatives of Christianity who had been prepared to welcome the Returning Lord. When the existing Christian churches expelled him, he founded the New Jesus Church. He connected to Rev. Kim Seong-do in Cheolsan, at the time when Rev. Baek Nam-ju connected the spiritual churches on the eastern and western coasts of Korea. That is how, in Daemonim's family, her husband attended the New Jesus Church founded by a man, while Daemonim attended the Inside the Womb Church founded by a woman. Daemonim was a leading figure in that church. While Daemonim was attending the Inside the Womb Church, she even left her home to search all over for the Lord. She received blessings from the pastors of the New Jesus Church and also from the Inside the Womb Church. This is what I discovered when I looked into True Mother's family. It had to be that way. (403-239, 2003.01.23)

To attend the Messiah, Mother's mother made many conditions of devotion; Daemonim worked harder than anyone else in Korea to meet the Coming Lord. She was a member of a church that said that the Lord would come in the flesh. Mother had this kind of Eve-like responsibility; she received many blessings through devout grandmothers who knew her family and who represented all of Korean history. (184-294, 1989.01.01)

Grandmother Hong received education from important leaders of the spirit-led churches that were preparing to meet the Returning Lord. Then, shortly before they came down to South Korea, Heo Ho-bin's mother blessed Mother, saying that she would become the Bride of Heaven. (220-337, 1991.10.20)

Rev. Kim Seong-do's church was on the west coast of North Korea. After she died, Rev. Heo Ho-bin became its leader. True Mother's mother, Daemonim, was a devout member of that church. She first brought Mother to that church when she was four years old, and Rev. Heo's mother gave her blessing to Mother when she was six. That blessing symbolized the bequeathal to Mother of the mission to attend the Returning Lord. When I first met Mother, I already knew about this succession. Everything that God had prepared was realized in 1960; that is how True Parents were able to emerge today. Based on this, it became possible to bestow the marriage Blessing on the church members so as to make them God's children. (052-186, 1971.12.29)



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