27. Witnessing and Creating the Environment for Witnessing

Book 1: Global Unity Through True Parents 
Part 7: The Responsibility of Blessed Families for the Secure Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 3: Witnessing and Creating the Environment for Witnessing

Why we should witness

We need to spread the word to the ends of this earth. The Bible also says that all nations will be ruled by the Word and the rod of iron. This means we need to witness to others. God needs a nation He can dwell in. For a nation to be established citizens are needed. Hence, we must witness. You must fulfill your tribal messiah mission. You need to do this in the remaining years of your life. If you fail to do so, you will not be able to face True Father when you go to the spirit world. He will say to you, "I taught you to do that while I was on earth; moreover, Mother also earnestly asked you to do it. Why didn't you do it? You need to do this at all costs not only for yourselves but also for the sake of your descendants.” (2013.02.10, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Without a grateful heart, you cannot advance into the presence of Heaven. All of you are far too unworthy. Still, you are lucky and should be grateful that True Parents are with you to place you in that position and lead you even though you are inadequate. There is no time now. You have to act differently. You should think twenty-four hours is not enough and work without sleep. You should lead your life while strenuously striving to think about how to save one more life. This is about people's lives. Someday, you and the people who lived in your time will all go to the spirit world. They will recognize you saying, "You are that pastor, elder or deacon from the Unification Church. How come you didn't know me even though you lived next to me? Why didn't you talk to me or my relatives?" There are people who lived in goodness who were prepared. Heaven has nurtured many of these people. You have to find these people. Since you received a lot of grace, you have to offer devotion and find these people. You should present them before Heaven. The church does not exist only for the blessed families. You have to save the seven billion people of this world before you go. You have to love even those at the very bottom in order to become a true teacher and true owner. Isn't there a passage in the Bible that says those who humble themselves will rise? With a grateful heart you should think "I am so grateful to be able to live and breathe in this age. I am even more grateful to be able to shoulder this great mission.” This is something you can truly be grateful for. If you can have that heart, all your desires will disappear. Do you understand? You have the Word that is more powerful than a missile. Is there anything more important than True Father's words, True Parents' words? I am telling you to live according to those words. (2013.04.15, Cheon Hwa Gung)

I blessed Japanese members, that they may become rich. Korea is not an exception. Please become rich, too. The way for you to become rich not only on earth but also in the eternal world is by saving many lives through the True Parents. Compared to our lives before, the time remaining ahead of us is short. No matter how long we live, we will not live for more than 100 years. Please bear in mind that only when we honor True Parents' will and practice it in our lives can we stand in a blessed position, in a position filled with love and in the position of central figures as leaders in the eternal world. However, that does not mean that because you are a first-generation member that you may divide all your responsibilities among the second-and third-generation members. You must also fulfill your own responsibilities. That is why we are hopeful and happy people. Your actions and the practice of your faith will decide the number of people that find salvation through you. When the people that gain life through you grow in number, True Parents, who embrace Asia and the world, will achieve everything.

No worldly laws will work in the new peaceful world, a world overflowing with peace, freedom, unification and happiness. It will be a world without need of lawyers, attorneys or judges. You should introduce True Parents to the seven billion people on earth and educate them so that they can all partake in this joyful world. This is the only way we can become proud blessed families and leaders of the Unification community in this era. (2013.10.27, CheongShim Peace World Center)

We need to witness to as many people as possible and show True Father's glory and prestige to the world. What is truly important is the number of people we can call our members, not just the number of people that come to Sunday service. We need to continue giving Divine Principle lectures in our churches. People need to be reborn through the teachings. Where individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations practice true love, that is where we will find Cheon Il Guk. That is the kingdom of heaven on earth. When this happens, each and every individual will find peace in his or her own heart.

I had a dream in the early days, right after Father and I were married. In the dream, I was holding a child's hand, carrying a package and walking along on a dangerous path along the edge of a cliff. I couldn't see what was in front of me, but I succeeded in following this path without falling over the edge of the cliff. At the end of the path, I reached a bright light. I believe that time is now. Let us all work hard so that on Foundation Day many people will come flocking here, like the tide coming in, whether they are eminent members of society or ordinary people. Let's make it a day on which large groups of people come flowing in like clouds. This is why we need many capable people. (2012.10.01, Cheon Jeong Gung)

It is most revolutionary that the terms, “True Parents,” “the Blessing” and “blessed families” have emerged after 6,000 years. People still don't know how precious True Parents are. We are the only ones that understand this. We have the most precious thing right here with us. We should let people know this. Jesus did not leave behind very extensive teachings. Even though the area of Christian influence has not included the whole world throughout the 2,000 years of its history, the nations that are leading the world today grew within the Christian cultural sphere. Their hope was to welcome the returning Lord. They believed that once they met the Lord at his Second Advent, coming on the clouds, everything would immediately change. However, they were not aware that because human history had gone wrong from the start, restoration through indemnity had become necessary. Without going through indemnity, it is not possible to stand before Heaven. The laws regarding the satanic realm prevent it.

True Parents have achieved the realm of liberation and complete freedom. This is indeed a miracle. Our Heavenly Parent waited for True Parents for 6,000 years. The four major religions today are an expression of the hope of humankind, which has also been waiting. However, these four religions did not reveal the fundamental truth. We have a great truth—not only to become True Parents' children, but to realize the nation and world that our Heavenly Parent and humanity have hoped for. Are you aware of how great a blessing, hope and miracle this is? Our blessed families around the world must rise and let others know that True Parents have come. An ignorant person can neither develop nor reach perfection. They must be educated. This responsibility falls on you. Please do not give up because your immediate reality is difficult. Through you a nation can be restored. Heaven will remember those who work to achieve this. (2014.05.24, CheongPyeong Training Center)

You are all blessed families. You became blessed families because of True Parents. Now you do not share any blood relationship with the people in the satanic world. They may be your brothers and sisters but they are of a different lineage. If you are going to embrace all seven billion people of this world, you need to tell them what you know. You should show them what kind of person you are and tell them you became what you are because of True Parents, and encourage them to join you. This is what True Parents meant by starting a true love movement. If you can help a person to begin a new life, that in itself is a success. You are giving hope to them.

The True Parents of humankind are the king of kings. There should be people who can attend the king. The king of kings cannot be the king of just one nation, Korea. God endured hardships and troubles for 6,000 years to give this special bond and gift to us today. If you think and live the same way today as you did yesterday, you will not be able to fulfill your responsibility. You will end up hanging your head in shame before your descendants. When you go to the other world, how many people will you find who will say "It's good to see you. I am able to lead life here in heaven because of what you did for me during that time. Thank you.” You have been studying God's Word for a long time and profess to know the Divine Principle. However, you have not practiced it. After you close the book, you go off and do your own personal things. You must be public-minded in your daily life. In other words, our Heavenly Parent and True Parents must always come first. (2014.12.18, Cheon Hwa Gung)

Heavenly Parent, God, is the parent of all human beings. True Parents are the ones who make it possible for us to come into God's presence. Without them, none of you is able to approach God. Due to True Parents, we can stand before Almighty God, the Creator, as His children. Particularly in the Orient, filial piety toward parents is taught. This means loving and respecting your parents. Parents love and take care of their children, and they offer devotions in the hopes that their children will surpass them. In many countries today, however, people are unaware of the philosophy of filial piety. We are trying to fulfill our responsibility so that we can become the filial children of God, the Absolute Being.

Receiving the marriage Blessing is not for your benefit alone. The desire of Heavenly Parent is to be able to embrace all of the 7.3 billion people of the world as His children. Those of you who received the Blessing earlier have to guide the rest of the world to participate in the Blessing. In plain language, the more happiness is shared the more it will spread. The more blessings you give to others, the more happiness you will receive in return. That is the desire of your original mind. You must follow the road to becoming a filial child and a loyal subject. (2016.05.08, Cheon Jeong Gung)

We need to make a new culture that will go beyond Christianity. True Parents have opened Cheon II Guk for you. That is why all of you must take action suitable to citizens of Cheon II Guk. You must surpass the Christians, who have been investing in attending God for the past 2,000 years, and building great cathedrals as symbols of their faith, by opening the door for the salvation of the your descendants.

When I visited the nations of Europe, I cried profoundly in my heart. What do you members of the Unification movement think about this age we are living in? Do you know how precious it is that people have been able to participate in the Blessing for the first time after a delay of 6,000 years? Please become people who can be proud, not ashamed, of European culture and Christian culture, and leave behind your history and culture. I have been worrying that perhaps you blessed families have been living for the sake of yourselves and your own families alone. What kind of position are you standing in? What is the center of your focus? You must think about the future.

Looking from this point of view, there are many, many things that we need to teach to the world. What do I need to say to you so that you will understand my heart? I feel I must tell you everything from beginning to end.

We need to leave something more permanent than what Christianity built for 2,000 years. Our descendants should be able to admire and love True Parents just by looking at even one building, saying, "Thank you True Parents. You came into this corrupted world and practiced true love, found and restored all of humanity as your own children and opened the doors to the path of eternal life. Why was I born in this later time? If I had lived together with the True Parents, I would have brought greater achievements to True Parents than my ancestors did..." All of you please awaken. From now on you need to be different. From now on do not be satisfied to be observers. All of you, please become responsible people, become the owners. (2015.05.23, East Garden)

Do you know the story of the white-naped cranes who go over the Himalaya Mountains? In places like Siberia or Mongolia, about six months after they have their chicks, the white-naped cranes fly over the Himalayas and go as far as India. In order to pass over the Himalayas like that, they go as far as Tibet and then they have to wait for the right air current to get over the mountains. If the air current ascends, they must go over within 30 minutes. It's truly an amazing thing. How can they know about that air current? When they go over the mountains, because of various kinds of air pressure and air currents, they cannot ascend in a straight line. They ascend while circling around. Isn't that amazing? At that time if they hesitate or stop what would happen? Your portion of responsibility is the indemnity you have to bear. If you cannot fulfill that, your descendants will have to fulfill it. Could there ever be parents who want to bequeath that kind of thing? From now on we should not say that we are distressed or things are difficult. God and True Parents have prepared the spirit and the body, and in addition, the surrounding environment. In the future whether you will be able to go into the ideal world, the kingdom of heaven, depends on your carrying out your responsibility.

You must think about how this providet1tial time can be shortened. You must go the way of filial children in your family, patriots in your nation, saints in the world, and divine sons and daughters in heaven and earth. (2002.08.18, Fukuoka, Japan)

Expand the environment for witnessing

Up until now, we could not create a significant environment for witnessing, for Heaven and for Father. I often speak about "Creating an environment.” Reflecting on the past, we are lacking so much in front of Heavenly Parent and our descendants. This is surely true. Our earthly life that remains is shorter than that which we have lived. I think we should become the ones who can respond to heavenly grace and love, accomplishing in the rest of our life what we could not do in the past.

Father especially proclaimed that Korea is the fatherland of our Heavenly Parent. We should not leave his words unfulfilled. This nation should be the substantial Cheon Il Guk that we can offer to Heaven. What do we have to do for that sake? If this nation were governed by heavenly law which reaches beyond national law, it would be easier to restore the rest of the world. It is true that we have many restrictions on our activities in many countries. But in this era of Cheon Il Guk that Heaven has opened, when you bring the results which you have assembled after working with me for 10 years, 20 years or 39 years, Heavenly Parent will say to you "You are great. You did it!" when you return to our Heavenly Parent. That is the hope I have for you.

Think big like that in order that such a day will come in your earthly life. Do you understand? Then I hope you will be ready to do your best without listening to me any further. In this era, the words "life-or-death resolve, investing oneself completely" must become a tasty dish that you want to have every day. I have said you need to lead a life of gratitude, haven't I? When we think about what grace we have received from Heaven, we realize how much we have fallen short. When you deal with all things with a sincere gratitude, peace, freedom and happiness will come to you. Unification can take place. Hoping you will do your best, I will observe you with gratitude.

When we offer this nation to Heaven, I think we will be able to fulfill Father's wish. Father accomplished a great many things internally and externally and I want to fine-tune them and put them into order, and establish the heavenly tradition. I will make it perfect so that nobody would even want to change it later. All of you are happy people. You are happy people since I am here. Do you know that? (2013.03.20, Cheon Jeong Gung)

I am not sure if you recite the Family Pledge every day. What is part three of the Family Pledge? Don't you pledge that you will realize the realm of the royal family?You say this every day; yet, do you practice it, or not? You have received blessings that are difficult even to cope with; yet, the more you share them, the greater they become. If you think of your blessings as being just for you, that is where they will end. If you share them with the people around you, your environment will become broader.

You all need to grow. Growing can also be described as fulfilling your portion of responsibility. How wide and how deep your roots grow depends on whether you fulfill your tribal messiah responsibility or fail to fulfill it. That means you must witness.

You must expand the scope of your environment. The root of an individual or that of a family can shake with the wind. However, if the roots of a tribe that centers on you grow down together those roots will not budge even if a powerful tsunami were to pass over them. The remainder of your life should be dedicated to witnessing. You should become model people in thought and action and be able to change the mind-set of the people your age in your surroundings, in Japan, Asia and the world. (2015.03.18, Cheon Jeong Gung)

I have said that we should create a good environment. Once a good environment has been created, even if I say only one thing, people will be able to figure out its meaning from ten different angles. When God created Adam and Eve in the beginning, could they communicate with God or not? They could ask Him questions and receive answers. It can be the same now. If the blessed families can create such an environment, there is no reason you cannot successfully witness with even a little effort. Now you are living here on the earth. What kind of title will you receive when you arrive in heaven after investing your life for God's Will on the earth? You will be called a loyal subject or a filial child. (2013.02.10, Cheon Jeong Gung)

You, the second generation members, stand at the center of the Unification community. Hence, you must know your roots and you must also create an environment. Creating an environment, simply put, means witnessing. You have heard that the spiritual world is a place where you breathe love, haven't you? If you go to the spiritual world without fulfilling your responsibility on earth, then the environment you can freely enjoy in the eternal world will be small. Wouldn't you want to live comfortably in a massively large house if you could?

Everyone, without exception, must witness. This is the only way you can avoid accusation. No matter what you take with you to the spiritual world from this world, whether it be honor or something else, it will all be useless if you receive accusations. Even if you lived without wavering in accordance to God's Will, you cannot be free in the spiritual world if you left elements of accusation on earth. Hence, you need stimulation. We must think of humanity. Our environment is still narrow. You must truly experience why we must invest our everything at the risk of our lives.

Then, what should you do? I heard of a person who cannot sleep at all without witnessing. Are you like that person? There are also people who put work first. I agree that work is also necessary; however, for you to be remembered by your descendants and by Father who is in the eternal world, you must witness.

The story of Joshua and Caleb is told in the Bible. How are they described by history? When others disbelieved, they maintained their faith in Heaven. You must be familiar with the story. However, there's another beautiful aspect to this story. Joshua was from the tribe of Ephraim and Caleb was from the tribe of Judah. Caleb had the disposition of a general and yet, he acted in unity with Joshua. Isn't that beautiful?

We all have just one goal regardless of our various positions or titles. Our goal is to make all the people of this world into citizens of Cheon Il Guk. Do not cling to your positions, but live a life of practicing true love. Second generation members, in particular, must do their absolute best in front of Heaven. You must not rest until all the people of the world become citizens of Cheon Il Guk. (2012.12.14, Cheon Jeong Gung)

The message I have given you today was about this: Forgive, Love and Unite! This is the true love "FLU" of this age given to you by True Parents. I hope this heavenly flu spreads to the nation and moves on to all of Asia and the entire world and that you will yield results working from such a foundation. The work that we do, however, is to save people. What else should we be grateful for that is greater than this? You should be afraid of sleeping. Father tried not to sleep. You said you would become devoted children and patriots. If that is the case, shouldn't you take after True Parents? Please become sons and daughters that resemble True Parents and realize their hopes. This is the only way to give blessings to our descendants. These days, I have been thinking a lot about indemnity. What can be done to establish a future without indemnity? The Cheon Il Guk era, the kingdom of heaven on earth, the kingdom of heaven that you realize will accomplish this. Of course the doors were opened by True Parents, but how extensively we build a good environment depends on you. (2014.09.01, Cheon Jeong Gung)

You all must liberate your ancestors. After you liberate your ancestors, you must create an environment for them to be free from all indemnity and then invest yourself in outreach work. You need to make a life-or-death determination to do so. In order for you to do this, I made the Cheon Seong Gyeong and Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, containing the extract or essence of True Father's words. Now you must become people who make the utmost effort to save even one more life by telling them about True Parents, even giving up sleep to do so. You need to put this into practice. You need to take action. This is the only way for you to repay the debt that you have to True Parents. It is up to you to set the traditions that will last for thousands of years into the future. (2013.06.23, Hawaii)

If the Christian foundation had quickly accepted True Parents and formed a heavenly environmental, the religious conflicts, conflicts between races and territorial problems taking place today would have not existed. The beautiful Earth that God created, investing all his heart and soul, is being devastated. It is an undeniable fact that the Earth is suffering indescribably great damage as it suffers from earthquakes, tsunamis, and the rising sea levels. However, if we don't do anything about it, the future of humanity and of the Earth will not be guaranteed. You probably know this very well. Being the True Parent, I could not stand still as I thought of the 7.3 billion people, life in the future, and the environmental problems. Hence, I began work that could help resolve these problems. We are very inadequate in comparison to the standard desired by Heaven. We must become blessed families who can save the face of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents within 2020.

You are happy people. As blessed families living in the same era as True Parents, what are you afraid of? Do not hesitate to let the world know that the True Parents have come and that True Parents are actively carrying out providence of restoration. You must become blessed families that give hope to all of the world's 7.3 billion people. (2016.10.22, CheongPyeong Training Center)