26. The Settlement of Cheon Il Guk

Book 1: Global Unity Through True Parents
Part 7: The Responsibility of Blessed Families for the Secure Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 2: The Settlement of Cheon II Guk and the Life of the Owners of Cheon II Guk

Tasks to fulfill for the secure settlement of Cheon II Guk

You need to be proud of True Parents. Now is the time when the people who are connected to us should actually come to church. Those people need to receive education. You need to help them know that church is a place worthy of appreciation where their families can be saved. It does not matter how much worldly fame someone has; that is temporary. However, within True Parents' ideology, whatever results one had and whatever responsibilities one fulfilled, those are eternal. Those who have this kind of qualification can become true owners, become pioneers. That is the path to becoming filial children and loyal subjects of our Heavenly Parent.

We must focus all our attention on that. The church needs to grow in order to restore the nation. The growth of the church means that we need more families that are blessed. When we have them, ours can become a good nation, God's homeland. It should become a nation where Satan cannot exist, and cannot enter through the cracks. The politicians cannot solve everything, not even the North-South problems that we are facing. They have everything. Why can't they use those resources? You must find ways to teach others about True Parents 24 hours a day, whether you are awake or asleep. Only on that path can you, your family, your nation and the world live. (2015.09.17, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Spring is the season of hope. Our dreams can be grand. Depending on how you dream, your dreams can develop infinitely. We must fulfill our responsibilities and achieve the first stage of the goal we set by 2020, and then we must continue to move toward global restoration.

What kind of seeds will you scatter around you, in your nations, and in the world? Those seeds will grow throughout the summer and when harvested in the autumn they must produce a beautiful harvest. You have the responsibility to help them grow well. You must all have the same heart. You must do this with a mother's heart.

You cannot solve all the problems that are occurring throughout the world if you do not attend True Parents at the center. You must enlighten people about this. You must teach them. You must be serious about education.

Like roosters, you must tell people that it is time. Roosters tell us when it is time. The rooster's comb is also a symbol of courage and wealth. However, to be successful, you must make effort. Through your efforts, you must be able to fly. You must work so hard that twenty-fours a day is not enough.

We are happy people. Rather than my speaking a lot, while I am here on earth, I would like to fill my heart with memories of all of you. The urgent task is national restoration! Especially this nation, the Republic of Korea, must unite and must emerge as God's homeland. This is a pressing matter. Let us unite and become proud, brave generals of Cheon II Guk, who will assuredly realize that goal! (2017.02.10, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Living in the Cheon Il Guk era, we have concluded a historical providential period and have made a new start. Yet, can you confidently say that you are adequately determined or resolved to repay Heaven? Neither time nor the entire providence will wait for us, and we cannot retreat. The only thing we can do is advance. Everything now depends on how greatly we expand the environment from the position we now are in. You must bear in mind that an opportunity like this, where this nation can stand as God's homeland and the central country in the world does not come all the time.

Accomplishing Vision 2020 is our first step. I understand that all of you who have come here are doing your best on the front line. It is true that my heart becomes increasingly serious with each passing day as we still have many responsibilities to achieve.

Can you guarantee that you will remain in good health for over 100 years? Your lives at this very moment are poised to become the life elements and the treasure of the spiritual world, throughout the eternal future, and to give you special qualifications and authority in front of heaven and earth for having lived in the same age as True Parents. You are in a position where each one of you can become beautiful gems.

It is much easier to talk about taking a central responsibility than to actually succeed in that responsibility. Let us say you are in charge of a small church or a regional church headquarters. Can you stick to your responsibilities? If we think about True Parents and God's Will, we will absolutely want to do our best. You must lead a life in which you invest your maximum effort with a live-or-die determination every single day. You must promise that by 2020 you will make Korea into God's homeland, which stands firm in the world centered on True Parents. (2013.07.20, Cheon Jeong Gung)

All blessed families in the world must fulfill their responsibility by 2020 without fail, in order to substantially realize the long-awaited dream of the Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. When Cheon Il Guk is firmly established on this earth and this entire planet is filled with citizens of Cheon Il Guk through your efforts, the dream of humanity as one family centered on the Heavenly Parent, which is God's hope as well as ours, will be realized. You need to bear in mind that you are now at a crucial point in time. During this period, you should substantially work together with True Mother, with your mind and body united as one. Each of you needs to carry out your given responsibility, the responsibility of tribal messiahs, to create the kingdom of heaven on earth, the world over which Heaven will have 100 percent dominion. (2016.02.20, CheongShim Peace World Center)

To be strong, a nation needs many citizens. At this time when a new era, Cheon Il Guk, has begun, you blessed families need to fulfill your responsibilities that you pledged in front of Heaven. The more citizens Cheon Il Guk has, the closer we are to realizing Heavenly Parent's dream and True Parents' dream. That dream is heaven on earth. If you are to live in heaven on earth, what do you imagine it will look like? Do you eat to live or live to eat? Today's world currently lives to eat. There are many different types of people, but they cannot think of the whole because they think and act according to their own selfish desires.

We need to become one. Mind-body unity is important and you and your neighbors need to unite. You need to live with one mind and one will. If you expand that kind of environment, it will become heaven where God can reside.

When you are filial toward Heavenly Parent and True Parents, not because anyone pressured you, but as an expression of your original mind, original nature, and when you first think of Heavenly Parent and True Parents every time you have something, such as food, in front of you, Heaven will remember this. In a place where only such people live, there cannot be any fighting; there is complete freedom. Even your body will naturally show how happy and free your spirit has become. How wonderful it would be if that world were to come! We should build that kind of world.

After your parents have passed away, no matter how much you struggle to express filial piety, who will acknowledge it? You must not forget how precious, how much a source of pride this moment is.

Thus, we must change. Your habits, your lifestyle must all change and turn around by 180 degrees. I like the song by by Jo Hang-jo that says, "Flowers of joy blossomed after I threw away my greed.” All these divisions occur because of self-centered desires. All these divisions between nations, religions and races occur because of greed. The planet Earth and all creation are not your possessions. They are God's, Heavenly Parent's possession. We, as the borrowers of the Earth, should pay the price and compensate Heaven. Therefore, we need to change our daily habits now. When we can do this, we will be able to witness to others easily. Has Heaven been idle? God has been awaiting earnestly and longingly for this day to come. Has He been idle? You are all leaders, so you should all make sure you are good examples to yourselves, in your families and to your brothers and sisters at the church. (2016.07.07, Cheon Jeong Gung)

What I always say is that we need to unite. The first, second and third generations all need to become one, centering on the vertical standard.

During our time on earth, we each must fulfill our given responsibility. We all need to carry out the responsibility we have to the Heavenly Parent as His true children. Such is the position you are in. For you first generation members, the time remaining to you is shorter than the time you have lived. Your dream is to go into the presence of the Heavenly Parent, isn't it? What is the Heavenly Parent's wish? It is the kingdom of heaven on earth, and humanity living as one great family. Along the path headed toward that goal, there must be no obstacles.

I have said that you stand in a blessed position, for you are eligible to become noble families. Your families cannot become noble families at anytime, anywhere. In this age, the age of Cheon Il Guk, a noble family is one whose first, second and third generations have continued to fulfill their duties of filial piety and loyalty to the Heavenly Parent and True Parents, generation after generation, as citizens of Cheon Il Guk. I am sure there are many among you who should reflect upon this with your hand on your heart and feel remorseful. I am the True Parent of the 7.3 billion human beings on earth, and only the people who fulfill their responsibility are the true children of True Parents. There are no side paths or shortcuts along the way. Doesn't it say so in the Bible? The children I gather will be the wheat, not the chaff.

It is true that General MacArthur performed a wonderful feat in the Battle of Incheon. However, before he could do so, he had to receive help from a special unit because he did not know about the geography of Korea or the situation at that time. Thanks to the members of that special unit, General MacArthur was able to land at Incheon. You should do your absolute best for the settlement of Cheon Il Guk with a spirit like a member of a special unit. (2016.08.11, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Today, we live our lives with a keen sense of the spirit world. When you reach the necessary standard to connect to the spirit world, it will work through you 100 percent. You need to live, breathe and work with such a sense of responsibility. Once you can do that, the spirit world will cooperate with you 100 percent. Our hope, as well as the hope of the spirit world is the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, that is, Cheon Il Guk. Shouldn't we be greatly excited, joyous, and thankful to think that we can achieve this during our lifetime? If you truly sensed this in your everyday lives, how could you possibly sit still and do nothing? You could not help but work hard.

Our goal extends beyond Foundation Day, for we need to bring the marriage Blessing to all humanity. We need to make them all citizens of Cheon Il Guk. If you live your lives in such a way that your yesterday is no different from your today, you cannot receive the cooperation of the spirit world. You need to know what it actually feels like to make a resolution at the risk of your life and to dedicate your heart and soul to your mission. You need to practice such a way of life. You need to become people who report to Heaven every day, and who work together with Heaven. (2012.10.18, CheongHae Garden)

Life as owners of Cheon II Guk

I will give you the motto we should uphold until 2020. "Let us become true owners of Cheon Il Guk who practice true love in resemblance to our Creator, the Heavenly Parent!" In our daily life, we should not forget about our Heavenly Parent. During our earthly lives we should find a way to rescue the Earth, which was created by God, the Creator. Another mission we have is to witness to and educate people. Fallen people must go through restoration.

For the sake of the restoration of the nation and world, we should not forget this motto for a day, an hour or even a minute between now and 2020 . We must reflect on it repeatedly, borrow Heaven's wisdom, mobilize all the methods and skills we can muster and resolve the problem. If we fail to resolve this problem, we also have no future. We are all part of the Unification movement. We are one family. With this objective in mind, we must strive to achieve it with one heart and one will wherever we are.

Let us become true devoted sons and daughters who can achieve higher results with every passing month and year through which our Creator, the Heavenly Parent, can delight in and trust us. We must not become people who keep changing. I trust that you will act responsibly with a sense of ownership in all respects where responsibility is required.

As the motto I gave you states, let us become true owners of Cheon Il Guk who practice true love in resemblance to our Creator, the Heavenly Parent. This motto does not imply our becoming so later, but becoming so now. It means we must absolutely be victorious. We should not think of it as something we will do in the future, but a motto we should achieve now. Even though the first anniversary of Foundation Day is around the corner, please make a strong determination and advance with this heart. (2014.01.01, Cheon Jeong Gung)

True Parents have opened the age of Cheon Il Guk, an age where the second generation must carry out its responsibility to True Parents. That is why I have chosen as this year's motto, "Let us become true owners of Cheon Il Guk who practice true love in resemblance to our Creator, the Heavenly Parent!" To become the true owners, you first need to meet True Parents. It is through True Parents that you have been enabled to stand in the position of the owners. Thus, you have come to stand in the most precious and proud position in all of history Now, you need to open the way for all seven billion human beings on earth to stand in the same position as you. That is your responsibility. It is to create one world, one culture, centered on the Heavenly Parent. You are in the position where you can save the seven billion people of the world.

True Parents have opened a new, indemnity-free era. And yet the whole of the world's population is still waiting for True Parents. Only when we fulfill our responsibility by restoring all seven billion people can we move on to the era that is free of indemnity. To accomplish this, each and every one of you has the important responsibility of saving the countries, the world, all peoples. If you want your future descendants to live in a world free from indemnity, you must accomplish this.

You have received great blessings in the new age of Cheon Il Guk. Now, you need to become proud filial children and loyal subjects who can unite with True Parents and establish new traditions. You are truly happy people, because you have True Parents. I have always said that the more happiness you share with others the bigger it grows. Only by sharing like this can we build the kingdom of heaven on earth. And after we have created the kingdom of heaven on earth, we will next go to the kingdom of heaven in heaven. You should not forget that you stand in the most important central position. (2014.01.14, Cheon Hwa Gung)

I told the leaders, "From now on, all blessed families in the Unification Church should put down strong and healthy roots with one heart and one will, centering on True Parents.” I then gave an olive tree as an example. People who have been to Israel may know that the land there is not fertile. It is said that it takes an olive tree 15 years to put down its roots in the barren desert, not one or three years, but 15. How, then, can it survive in the meanwhile oppressed by the heat of the desert? There are many stories about olive trees in the Bible. When a cloud of grasshoppers pass through a place, all the trees there die. Olive trees, however, cause a chemical reaction that drives the grasshoppers away from their leaves. They also warn other trees nearby to be aware, so they can all survive. Such laws of nature are so profound and beautiful. There are trees that are over 2,000 years old. We should learn from them. The question is how we, the blessed families centered on True Parents, can put down our roots. (2015.03.07, Cheon Jeong Gung)

For the Heavenly Parent and True Parents to carry out their providence as the king of kings of Cheon Il Guk, they need to have subjects. There cannot be a king without subjects. We blessed families need to fulfill that responsibility. Until now, we thought of the marriage Blessing as only belonging to my family and me, and did not consider the future. That is a truth of which we should be ashamed. Now we cannot put it off any longer. The Incas built cities on high mountains, and they had to find ways to supply food and other necessities at that high elevation. Those cities were located more than 2,000 meters high. It may be possible now, but at that time it was impossible to draw water up to such a high place by human effort alone. That is why they had to depend on God. What we should observe in them is that even so, they adapted to such a life, and shared the water equally, starting with those at the top. There is a Korean proverb that says, "Only when clean water flows from the top can the water at the bottom also be clean.” Leaders should newly reflect upon themselves from this perspective, and set an example by following the traditions of True Parents. You must steadfastly advance to the position where you can proclaim to the world that you have fulfilled your responsibility as blessed families who lived in the same age as True Parents. (2015.03.07, Cheon Jeong Gung)

You can now see the path we are walking most clearly. You need to know what a great blessing it is for you to live and carry out your responsibility here. Therefore, you should live each and every day with gratitude. You have more things to be grateful about.

I began the story of the Swiss soldiers. When the French revolution broke out in the eighteenth century, Louis XVI of France asked Switzerland to send soldiers to guard him because he could not trust his own people. At the time, Switzerland was a poor country because it was situated in the mountains. Most men from mountainous regions are strong. Swiss soldiers thus came to guard the palace of the French king. They fulfilled their responsibility to the end and not one of them deserted their post. They became famous for doing so at that time. The money they earned while doing this helped Switzerland to become the wealthy and powerful nation it is today. The people guard the Vatican today are also Swiss Guards. This is a historical fact.

After 6,000 years, the history of Cheon Il Guk, which can make God's dreams come true, is now unfolding and developing in front of us, thanks to True Parents. You are the key people attending True Parents in this era of Cheon Il Guk. No matter in what environment you may be, you need to move forward with an indomitable spirit. (2016.06.01, Cheon Jeong Gung)

You have a responsibility as people who are connected to True Parents. What do you think will happen if you pass on to the next world without fulfilling your responsibility? This matter does not concern only you. You need to open the way for your descendants and ancestors. If you do not carry out your responsibility, you will end up blocking their way. That is why this is serious. If you work hard now and make effort, your descendants will receive much blessing and grace. What I mean is that you should not think only about what is in front of your eyes, but look to the far future. Since the path of True Parents lasts forever, your connection to them will not end after a short while. You people who have received the marriage Blessing of True Parents stand in the position of God's children who have nothing to do with Satan. Could there be anything that can make you feel more grateful than that? (2016.11.18, Cheon Jeong Gung)

You need to repent. Even though you have lived in the same age as True Parents and worked together with them, you should reflect much on the questions, "How much of my responsibility have I fulfilled for True Parents' status? Am I standing in the position of a filial child? Am I standing in the position of a loyal subject?" You should be weeping and saying, "Thank you so much for forgiving us and letting us live as citizens of Cheon Il Guk despite everything. Henceforth, we will carry out our responsibility as more mature children.” Fulfilling your own responsibility must be your first priority. There is not one person who has the right to criticize others or decide whether they have done right or wrong. (2016.07.16, Cheon Jeong Gung)

As I handed out the Cheon Il Guk holy items, I prayed that they would have not even the smallest trace of the satanic world. You need to carry out your responsibility. No one can do it for you. This is also true for the second and third generations. You need to fulfill your responsibility centering on the purpose for which you were born. The question is how you should live as citizens of Cheon Il Guk.

I say this to you most earnestly. I will make it clear to the Heavenly Parent and all the people in the world as quickly as possible, while I am still on this earth. I will do it, I will say to them, "True Parents lived their entire lives for the 7.3 billion people of the world, and left behind many achievements for the coming generations and the future. You can see what they have achieved.”

You must not fall behind. There is a world of difference between your fulfilling your responsibility while I am still on earth and your doing so after I have gone to the spirit world. That difference is greater than the difference between heaven and earth. I hope you will live your lives with an eagerness you can actually feel. That is how I want to remember you. This is the love of True Parents. From now on, we will see nothing but hope in our future and in everything that unfolds in front of us. (2016.04.23, Cheon Jeong Gung)