24. The Future of HyoJeong CheonWon

Book 1: Global Unity Through True Parents
Part 6: A Model for the Ideal World Centering on HyoJeong CheonWon
Chapter 4: The Future of HyoJeong CheonWon

A place where True Parents' love is experienced

CheongPyeong is the original homeland. I plan to make this CheongPyeong holy ground into one that people around the world would long for and want to live in. I will erect the CheonJi SunHak Won as a first step toward this endeavor. I want to develop this holy ground into an amazing place within ten years. Hence, you must invest everything to raise citizens of Cheon Il Guk. I am making double, triple preparations of things that you wouldn't even think of. It will become a premium tourist area that is unique in the world. In addition to CheonJi SunHak Won, the environment will also be beautifully designed. It will become a place where visitors will find joy and happiness in their hearts, along with spiritual and physical well-being. (2015.11.23, CheongPyeong Training Center)

In Korea, there is a saying—one picture is worth 1,000 words. Hence I plan to make HyoJeong CheonWon into a model of the kingdom of heaven on earth, the hope of our Heavenly Parent, True Parents and the blessed families.

Think about it. Don't you have the desire to live with True Parents while they are still on earth? Don't you want to sleep with True Parents, wake up, offer a bow to them, and then report how Heavenly Parent's environment is expanding through various activities? Thinking of you, who have worked so hard, I want to create a rest area in CheongPyeong that can heal your bodies and minds. We are happy blessed families who have hope. Adam and Eve did not fulfill their responsibilities in the past, but I sincerely hope you will all become blessed families who fulfill your responsibilities in complete unity with True Parents. (2016.10.22, CheongPyeong Training Center)

True Father said that a person needs the necessities of life in order to live. Therefore, eating is important. Between the late 1970s and early 1980s, while Father was tuna fishing for the maritime providence in Gloucester, Father thought of running a distribution industry, such as a grocery store chain, like the ones in Korea. He set up one person who was in charge of carrying this out, but that person could not fulfill his or her responsibility. I reflected on it a lot at the time. Aside from the CheongPyeong Great Works, two big events are held twice a year in CheongPyeong, Korea. People around the world gather for those events. Eating, therefore, is essential. In addition, the weather around Foundation Day is cold. Being colder than Seoul, warm food is needed. Hence, I thought of ways I could improve this situation. I thought it would be good to have Heaven G. Burger and looked into it.

There is a lot of space that can be used in CheongPyeong. It isn't as big as Father had envisioned, but I want to create an environment where people at the training can conveniently buy whatever they need. The future that I am envisioning for all of us is for CheongPyeong to truly develop into a holy ground with an environment that doesn't lack in any aspect—a place where you can find everything you need. That will be a small beginning.

I want to make this holy ground into a place all people of the world would like to visit, a place where they would like to live. It should be a place they so eagerly want to see that they will have to come a few times a year. One by one, I will accomplish the things Father envisioned for this place. Therefore, I plan to make it into a site where not only members but also all people around the world can feel and experience Parents' love. (2015.10.30, Cheon Jeong Gung)

If you compare the location of CheongPyeong on a map to a human body, its position is similar to that of the womb. That is why many new lives are born here. It is also the place where these lives grow up. Isn't your spirituality growing through the diverse experiences offered here, such as the removal of evil spirits, the liberation of ancestors, and so forth? Heaven G. Burger is for you. I am not aiming at making a lot of money from it by making it a huge success; yet, since we have begun, it is essential that we do well and succeed. With a heart that you are also participating in this endeavor, I would like to ask for your great support and any advice or wisdom if you have experience. Though our restaurant is well known under the name of Elbon, we must develop healthy food that is affordable and that saves people time.

Time is essential in fulfilling the tribal messiah responsibility. Hence, we cannot spend one to two hours eating. There are some people who say they need at least two hours to have a meal. Father, however, was different. He finished everything within five to ten minutes and set off again on his way. You need to resemble True Parents, don't you? You need to lead lives that resemble those of Parents. Only in so doing can you expand your circumstances and become owners. (2015.10.30, Cheon Jeong Gung)

HyoJeong Cultural Center, HyoJeong Cheonll SungHwa Won, and CheonBoWon

I am going to build the HyoJeong Cultural Center. Through it, I will guide all our members, all Unificationists around the world in the revolution of the culture of heart. In the future united world, the kingdom of heaven on earth, if you worship and give joy to Heavenly Parent, it will bring you happiness. If we create such an environment, there will be no fighting between husbands and wives or brothers and sisters. When you do well, you will want to share that with your brothers. True love that lives for the sake of others will naturally guide people to take action. The place where such people live is heaven.

When I have some time, I listen to famous songs. I have plans to develop the talented artists among our members. They must create works of art, songs and paintings that express what it is like to attend True Parents personally on earth, what it looked and felt like. We need a revolution in the arts that helps Cheon Il Guk citizens who never met True Parents to realistically experience and feel what it was like.

During the history of our movement, True Father created many organizations and done many things, but some of them did not last. This was because there was no one with a sense of mission to lead them. However, now things are different. If there are no qualified leaders, I will raise them through education. I want to be able to tell people, "This is what the kingdom of heaven on earth looks like.” The greater your desire is to give joy and glory to Heaven with a daily lifestyle of gratitude, the happier you will be. Our culture will be revealed to the world.

While living a life of gratitude in front of Heaven, if you ever have a special feeling from a time or place and you have the talent, you should express what you feel through music, songwriting, composition, or through art. There are stories about a painter named Seol Chong from the Silla Dynasty. They say that his paintings of pine trees were so realistic that birds would fly toward them and hit the wall while trying to land on the branches. He was such a great artist that even the birds could not see any difference from a real tree. There will be many people with that kind of talent among our second- and third-generation members.

You need to grow internally and then reach the position from which you can lead the external world. We should ensure internal stability as we advance. Through that, there will be a culture of heart revolution. I have given you my instructions. How you blossom is now your responsibility. (2016.07.07, Cheon Jeong Gung)

I am going to make HyoJeong Cheonll Seonghwa Won. People spend ten months in the womb, and then 100 years living on the earth. After that they have to go to the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world. That is the way that God created the world. Up to this day, due to the mistakes of our first ancestors, we have been living in a false history. Through True Parents' victory over the 6,000 years of dark history, through the providence of restoration through indemnity, the foundation was established to liberate Heavenly Parent and to achieve His original dream, which He has cherished since the time of the Creation. When we think about the situation of the people of the world, we cannot stop and rest for even a moment. Not even for a second.

You have been chosen to receive the marriage Blessing from True Parents during your life on earth. What kind of results should you carry with you as blessed families, when you go to the next world, the eternal world? In the future, Seonghwa culture will become the most sought-after dream for humankind.

As they lived on Earth, humankind was meant to make it a place of greater prosperity and well-being. But instead, people have brought the planet to a point of crisis. If we think of the Earth as a physical body, it is covered with wounds in many places. In the future, through Seonghwa culture, I will preserve the Earth's beauty and record how well each person fulfilled his or her responsibility. In short, the genealogy of each person will be recorded. We will make a special center and a garden where those records will be kept.

After it is completed, all the members of the Unification movement around the world will dream of visiting the center, saying, "There is one more place I need to be sure to go.” It will serve as the foundation for an astounding blessing for all humankind. (2017.02.10, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Without a doubt, you are in a position that will be recorded in history. You all are soldiers of this new age, the age of Cheon Il Guk. That is why I instructed the International Headquarters to create the genealogy of all blessed families worldwide. Standing at the center of the providence, you must achieve Heavenly Parent and True Parents' hope and dream of one human family under God. Hence, your results and achievements in doing so will be recorded as is and passed down in that form. Please invest your utmost effort and devotion so that you are praised for eternity by Heavenly Parent and are a source of great pride to True Parents. (2016.10.06, YongPyong Resort)

I will erect the Cheon Il Guk Genealogy Center within CheongPyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center. I sincerely hope you will become proud people whose works are recorded there. I want to create a place your descendants can visit and say, "I am proud of my ancestor so-and-so. I am truly thankful, grateful and honored,” a place where your records are preserved and remain for eternity both on earth and in heaven. (2017.03.29, CheongPyeong Training Center)

SunHak Institute of History

Thank you for allowing us to dedicate the SunHak Institute of History today. I sincerely pray that you may guide all institutes moving into this building, and the people working here, to become one in heart and mind and to take the lead in loving and proudly testifying to True Parents as Your sons and daughters, and as proud pioneers of True Parents' providence. Please take care of all those engaged in the Sunhak Institute of History. We offer this edifice, which will play an important role within providential history, and pray that the videos and materials conveying True Parents' teachings produced here can provide guidance for Cheon Il Guk citizens and our future descendants. Please be deeply proud of this distinguished hall and bestow Your blessings upon it. (2016.08.20, SunHak Institute of History)