23. CheongPyeong Training Center

Book 1: Global Unity Through True Parents
Part 6: A Model for the Ideal World Centering on HyoJeong CheonWon
Chapter 3: CheongPyeong Training Center

CheongPyeong is the original homeland

Would you like to live in the original homeland with True Parents? We cannot find hope in the external world. Many people are dying at this moment all over the world due to starvation, natural disasters, religious conflicts and ideologically-based warfare.

You must shout to let people know. You must let the world know of True Parents' advent. You need to save the lives of those pitiable people who are dying forlornly. If they live and die without knowing True Parents, they will have difficulties even in the next world, and they will leave indemnity to their descendants. Hence, those who know need to invest everything they have.

If you look at the location of CheongPyeong on a map and compare it to the human body, its position is similar to that of the womb. The womb is where the conception of new life takes place. CheongPyeong is a place that can make fallen people, wild olive trees, into true olive trees. All the people of the world should rush to come here. Therefore, we need to save lives, and renew them through True Parents. We must let people know that providential history unfolds based on the True Parents. (2015.10.24, CheongPyeong Training Center)

CheongPyeong is the homeland of our faith, the original homeland. I must create a new culture. However, your cooperation is essential. Within ten years, I plan to make CheongPyeong into a holy ground for all people around the world. I hope you can all participate in this great endeavor. Please keep fit and in good health and let us work on accomplishing these great tasks. By 2020, I will create an eternal holy ground in CheongPyeong where all people from around the world can experience True Parents' love. (2015.12.12, International Peace Education Center, Las Vegas)

Daemonim was truly a great mother. She embraced fallen humanity and was in a position to give them the grace and favor to stand in front of True Parents. Based on this, actual spiritual and physical words could begin, centered on CheongPyeong. This was possible because she was completely one with True Parents. You need this place to raise the standard of your hearts and that of your life of faith. Now, centered on the CheongPyeong Training Center, you can experience amazing growth and development by yourself, depending on how grateful you are and how loyal you are in front of Heaven. This is a place where you can actually experience God working with you. (2016.05.07, CheongPyeong Training Center)

Daemonim played the role of a door that enabled your liberated ancestors and other good spirits to go in front of True Parents. This is also why you must learn about Daemonim's life. You must study it. She lived her entire life with a public mind. Since I was born as God's daughter based on a revelation from Heaven, Daemonim was in the position of a nanny; she never wavered from her position. That is why God remembers her. She did what no one else could achieve for True Parents. Hence, you who are on earth, must fulfill your responsibility. Together, we must conclude everything well. We must put everything in order. You and I must achieve this great dream. (2016.05.07, CheongPyeong Training Center)

Training period to mature our heart and spirituality

The 2,000-year Christian history was the providence of searching for God's only begotten daughter. The only begotten daughter of God needed to be born as God's daughter, separate from the satanic world. I was born based on this standard.

Daemonim lived her whole life like a nanny caring after God's only begotten daughter. Heavenly Parent knows this. Daemonim began the CheongPyeong providence for blessed children as they could not understand the providential history on earth, even after it was revealed from the spiritual world. Daemonim fulfilled her responsibility to attend Father as the Returning Messiah and the king of kings and is now even busier in the spiritual world. Now that CheongPyeong is growing on the basis of having become an established order, individuals can experience Daemonim's works by themselves as long as they offer devotions with Parents here.

No one can carry out Mother's works. No one but I can do so. If you go forward, one in heart, one in body, one in harmony and one in thought with me, you can be victorious. You are blessed people. There are seven billion people in the world, and you can be thankful that from among them, you were able to meet me. Blessed families can be born through me. You must live each day for the future with a heart of gratitude. (2015.12.06, Cheon Jeong Gung)

True Parents have fulfilled their responsibilities because they were able to forge all the paths on which humankind can move forward. You are blessed people. Be grateful in front of Heaven. When you were not yet aware, unspeakable pain arose in providential history. However, thanks to True Parents' hard work, the door has opened for the world. You need to understand that the place where one can experience the grace and blessings of both the spirit world and the substantial world is CheongPyeong. When your heart is sad and you miss True Parents, you must come here often. If you do so, the level of your heart and spirituality will develop. For instance, if a student pays close attention to his or her teachers in elementary school, middle school and high school, and even in college, and grows up normally, he or she will eventually be somebody great, with all types of knowledge. This place can help shape you into that type of person by supplying you with the essential spiritual and physical nutrients. A foundation was laid and grounds were prepared to enable this to happen. This is possible through Daemonim's providential works, centered on True Parents. (2016.05.08, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Not anyone can carry out the CheongPyeong works. It is typical of fallen man to often change. You came upon the Word, received the Blessing and became blessed families; yet, your daily life hasn't always been hopeful and you have been easily influenced by your environment as you still live in a fallen world. Daemonim, therefore, has been spiritually and physically healing such people, guiding them to possess a mature character, attain individual perfection and establish ideal families. That is why she is a "great mother” (大母). She has given her full material and moral support to guide fallen people to True Parents. This is different from Jesus' time. In other words, True Parents have emerged victorious and that is why they can open a new page in history and a new era.

Regardless of where you are, pay frequent visits to CheongPyeong to check the state of your spirituality and health so that you can grow even more. The CheongPyeong Training Center is a place that helps you attain a mature spirit self. It is a place where you can liberate your ancestors and one that helps you follow the Way of God's Will in a healthy state. (2016.06.06, East Garden)

The spirit world, which had been dark until now, is brightening up thanks to the liberation of your ancestors, which is possible through the great works of CheongPyeong and Daemonim. You must liberate all of your ancestors. You must also guide and educate those to whom you witness to liberate their ancestors. Only when this is done will the dark spirit world become brighter. When you advance in unity with True Parents, the entire spirit world will be with you. This is what our Heavenly Parent and True Parents are hoping for. It is also your present responsibility. (2013.08.31, Cheon Jeong Gung)

As we work toward opening the Cheon II Guk era, you must stand in a position of having fulfilled your respective responsibilities. You must become one with True Parents through spirit and truth and through the three holy Cheon Il Guk Scriptures. You should be able to cultivate yourself according to the standard of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. I am saying you should offer conditions. Just as Daemonim did, you should offer conditions and thus advance yourselves. Therefore, if you live in accordance with the way True Parents lived, you will automatically come to attend True Parents. Wherever True Parents go, you will also be with them. You will not need anyone's help. From this perspective, you have the CheongPyeong Training Center to guide you, since you still have no experience and have much to learn. From now on, your families must resolve their own situations through the programs at the CheongPyeong Training Center (2015.02.21, Cheon Jeong Gung)

ChinHwaGwan B Educational Center and ChinHwa Park

Today, December 30, 2014, as we say farewell for a last time to the eventful year of the horse and usher in a future filled with hope through the new year of the sheep (Eulmi), I would like to express my gratitude to You for enabling us to dedicate the sacred ChinHwaGwan B building to You.

Beloved Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, how hard you have worked! You have worked so hard to find your true children. Today is a day through which your sons and daughters, who have gathered here, make the determination to fulfill their responsibility and calling as blessed families and to do their best to bring back not only this nation but also all humanity back into our Heavenly Parent's bosom through the grace True Parents have achieved on earth. Our Heavenly Parent, please enable the many people that come here to realize the truth about the providence and, in accordance with the direction of their original minds, to align themselves with True Parents' teachings and thereby become proud people that spread True Parents' true love movement to the society, nation and world.

Father, please embrace all those people that come here and guide them to open their hearts and move in the direction of advancing the day when the free, peaceful and unified world, one world under God, is realized-a world that You have pursued and hoped for, and one that humanity has yearned for until now. (2015.02.18, CheongPyeong Training Center ChinHwaGwan B)

October is a month of blessing, a month of liberty, and a sacred month of hope for the Unification movement. We, together with all your children who have devoted their utmost effort, offer our gratitude for Your allowing us this precious moment to dedicate in front of Heaven the Chinhwa Park of this CheongPyeong holy ground. True Father prepared this holy ground for 40 years with blood, sweat and tears for the sake of the future generations. Please bless this beautiful park to be a place where the heart of every member and every person who sets foot here can become one with Heavenly Parent and True Parents and offer gratitude and praise to Heaven. Please remember all those gathered here today and raise them into capable leaders who become true filial and loyal sons and daughters of Heaven. Beloved Father, we long for You endlessly in this beautiful season. Please guide us to become filial and loyal sons and daughters who can fulfill the responsibility of offering this nation and the world to You as proud children by completing our portion of responsibility. (2015.10.24, CheongPyeong Training Center, Chinhwa Park)