Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon: Episode 51

Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon 2006-2008
Delivered Sunday at Belvedere Estate in Tarrytown, New York
Hyo Jin Moon Speaks on Tradition, Page 197

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What's good in religion? Let's talk about what's good in religion. I don't care what kind of religion, what's a good teaching, that everybody can agree with. Everybody wants to be special. People want to be the messiah. I don't think that they would want to be the messiah if they really understood how difficult that is.

At least we have to be sure that everything that we do in general is good. At least you have to back it up with your body, your mind, and your spirit and you stand alone in judgment for that if you're in charge, if you're responsible. That's where it should start.

In the basic fundamental stuff, if your children go bad, then in the end, then you're responsible for your children. That kind of sense of social morality, you have to start with that. You have to be comfortable with that. We have to be sure. If you do have something—if you do represent something—the basic fundamental question that you have to face is you're on your own and you'll not blame anybody else. You'll not just shed the tears for forgiveness and beg like a wretched wimp.

You want to go higher? Okay, that's up to you, up to those people. That's the way it should be. Life is short. You have to make those things matter. You have to feel that that matters. That's the only way. In the end it comes to that. The determination has to fit the desire and the dream. Otherwise, you're only kidding yourself.

It shouldn't be that easy—a thing that great shouldn't be that easy, something that awesome, that’s never-been-done stuff shouldn't be that easy. If you believe that nonsense, well you know how it's going to end.

When you talk about individual people, "This is a rule in my house!" Well, okay, if you have a house. Start with that, some kind of little kingdom. What kind of standard do you have there? And grow. As it becomes bigger it will become difficult. Unless you want something as you see it today to exist forever, you want to make changes. You seriously have to think about how things work.

In America, next Tuesday [November 7, 2006] is Election Day. They are constantly accusing each other of this and that and playing the political game mostly by trying to degrade each other. Wouldn't it be nice if they could find something in common for a change and actually gave credit to each other? The best man wins stuff even if it's an adversarial two-party system just for the sake of checks-and-balance, so be it. Wouldn't that be a little different? Maybe people would actually look forward to that stuff.

That's the greatest nation on this planet. That's reality. The funny thing is, all this freedom is because the government itself has to be secular for the sake of diversity of religion, and protection of it. It allows all sorts of crap as long as  you say, "Well, I didn't force that guy to do it. It's his volition, her volition. In the end it's up to them. I didn't put a gun to their head to make them do things. I didn't hurt anybody, immediately." You can pretty much get away with a lot of stuff that hurts many, many young people.

The government needs to separate from religious values in order to preserve this system—which makes America unique by separating from religion, in order to give freedom to religion.

There are certain perks to being a religion, like you don't have to pay taxes. There are a lot of things to use as an excuse to justify the way things are. Mostly the justification comes from historical failures of mankind. It has nothing to do with futuristic stuff.

This is based on the past, that we can't trust people in the future or the present. Based on that kind of logic things will pretty much stay the way they are unless a dramatic change happens like a catastrophe or some earthquake and Manhattan sinks into the sea or something. Or like some alien UFO lands on the White House lawn and says we're going to zap your ass and says listen to this and don't listen to that. Unless that kind of stuff happens, America's not going to change anytime soon. Unfortunately that's the case.

They have analyzed every possible marketplace, and in America just teenagers spend about 40 billion dollars a year on crap. It's just escalating every year in terms of the amount of cash that they spend. It's ridiculous. It's a vicious cycle that feeds itself. That's reality. I'm not making this up.

You have to start somewhere—positive reinforcement, basic understanding in dealing with human relationships. Knowing about who we are, knowing about other religions, other people who are socially active trying to do some good in society. All those things are useful kinds of information. You have to start somewhere and that's where you start.

It's better that your children know more about those things than you do because that's the proper way of growth. That's what's ideal. People in the past, people might have suffered, might not have had all the tools that your children can have. But if your children have the tools, that's called progress right?

You don't always have to make them suffer to make progress. Progress can just happen just by knowing. Knowing who you are and knowing who others are, more clearly than you. They can have a better chance than you out there. Isn't that the whole point? Why do you suffer? Why do you sacrifice? What's the meaning of sacrifice? It's not a sacrifice if it doesn't amount to progress. It's just words. I'd rather do a comedy show and get a good laugh than just hear a bunch of stupid words.

If children could see that, they wouldn't struggle. I believe that. That's a good father's way. There is no other way of being a good father. He has to love everyone. So be it. I know what the essence of a good father's love is. That's what we also have to practice in general in our reality based on our responsibility and our capability. I want to do so. Do it! That's the kind of stuff—that's the only way to start the change.

We have to start changing our environment, even starting with your individual self. You will change if you try. You have to because you want to win! I want to complete this stuff. I don't want to give up. If I say it, I want to do it. For whatever reason, even if you just don't want to be a failure. If you're that primitive then start with that! You have to start somewhere.

Not everybody's motivation is love.

Anyway, take care of yourselves you guys. I'll see you next week.

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