Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon: Episode 34

Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon 2006-2008
Delivered Sunday at Belvedere Estate in Tarrytown, New York
Hyo Jin Moon Speaks on My Story, Page 127

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My Story

August 6, 2006

Every time I do this kind of stuff I have to learn a lesson. (Note: Hyo Jin nim is likely referring to his recent tour in Africa with his mother.) I have to do some soul searching.

I want to share with you, "My Story." What became really apparent to me is that Father really cares about Cain's children. You may not feel it, but...

There is formation, growth, and perfection. That is the way things are done. The manifestation of some new foundation, that is the proper way to actualize it. Anytime you have an ideal based on a vision, you have to have a plan, and that plan has to be meticulous. It has to be absolute. Whether you like it or not, because of the circumstances of the situation that we're faced with, if we're really going to try to make it work it has to be based on something that will last beyond ourselves. You and me, we'll die in 100 years, to say it nicely. So, based on that kind of cursory observation something is—one the ideal is done. Of course, that is why you wait for the test of time. What we can see is, what we can see as we struggle to influence it.

You have to do some soul searching. When you really want to understand ideal stuff. It's not just about you. You're not that important, you're not the subject of the matter. That's the first thing one has to recognize before you try to understand what the ideal is. Then how would you understand if someone tells you, hypothetically, that you only have 10 years left and that the ideal will not be realized by then. Does that truth become non-truth just because you don't feel it? Just because of whatever you feel at that moment can the truth no longer be the truth? You really have to think about that. And what gives you that right to evaluate the truth based on your viewpoint and decide which way to go in your life? What gives you the right to make the right or wrong decision? That choice will define whether you are false or you are true, whether you have failed or you have succeeded.

Remember success is relative as well as is failure. It will depend on you and what you recognize. Success is making it to the next level. A lot of people just want to get out of the neighborhood that they're in. I just want to get out of my neighborhood or out of my country. But just because you made that escape it doesn't automatically give you the right to say that you have the right to be in possession of eternal wisdom.

What you make of what goes out into the world and how do you put yourself in a position where you can actually make a difference? Forget about somebody else. Just think about you and me. To believe in the ideal, you actually have to be in the position to stand in the ideal. There will be a process, there will be a point of growth into perfection. You have to know how to expand this process on your own. Otherwise, you can say you're the child of God but it doesn't mean anything.

Do you understand how we want to be in formation. We want the ideal—that's a process. How can we overcome the challenge—the challenge of our goals? Whether you like it or not, you will face it one way or another. It depends on what you're chasing, what your vision is. What you're going to make your life to be. What YOU make it. I'm going to die for this. That's what you're going to die for. Trust me. I'm going to die for something that you're not. You make a determination based on your will as to what you are, and you cannot blame anyone else. You can't blame anyone for what you don't like in me. That's just the way it is.

Unlike any other time some people, the 'Cain-type elders,' say that my folks love them more than me. When you talk in terms of subject and object and you put the emphasis on eldersonship, Father and Mother are subject. That's about it. Blood lineage is continuity. Blood lineage is never ending. The reason that you get into this stupidity is because of a disconnect. That's why you get into, "I'm the eldest something, I'm the subject." You have to follow whether man or woman, even your mother. The basic concept of family that is broken is that you literally separate what is the family. Why do you want to be subjective? Why do you want to take over a title? What is the point? What can you actually put into the picture?

In Central Africa on Mount Kilimanjaro it is absolutely fertile. It was incredible. We think about inches of topsoil, there they talk about meters. If you practice basic cultivation and farming techniques you can grow crops forever. Any time you want to create something, you can't just jump to high tech–you have to master the basics—food, clothing, and shelter, that kind of basic stuff. You don't want to aggrandize yourself—you have to find something that is usable, what is actually applicable to your circumstances. Go for quantity, quality, and numbers.

If raising pigs works, then raise pigs. Every time they give birth they have nearly a dozen and they do this two or three times a year. They are omnivorous and you can make an organic garden using their waste as compost.

Look, if you have the will you can do it. The reason or kind of excuse that I got from the people that I met there is that even though the land is so fertile yet they are not farming is that they have resentment to the colonialism of the past, that this and that happened in the past.

That's BS. I don't care what color you are. Anybody that wants to make it better for themselves better go ahead and do it. For $100 you can buy a pig and you can buy a sow and there will be exponential growth year after year. In terms of basic knowledge all information required to be successful in farming is available.

We need basic stuff. The Washington Times and Father's rallies bring results. That's pretty much it. You gather politicians—so who cares, they come for a reason. I realize more through my soul searching that the essence of what Father is saying will really work in the end.

Look! People are killing each other. We have one Bible and out of it came three religions and they are fighting a holy war each in the name of God for whatever reason. America always provides a reason. The freedom country allows freedom as long as you don't directly hurt someone. It is okay to do things that are detrimental in the long run, like pornography. Unless America restructures its constitutional thinking, it will fuel the fire of hatred from Muslim nations forever. We know that pornography is not good for our children and as long as you protect it based on the guise of freedom, somebody is going to hate you based on their religion and they will attack you in the name of God. Any Christian Church condemns pornography.

Militarily the United States cannot completely defeat militants unless they are willing to use nuclear weapons and kill millions of people. There is no way this will happen. It's not possible. The terrorists will play the game of war by different rules than ours. If you feel like someone is sitting in an ivory tower telling you what to do then you'll take your chances won't you?

Christianity has something that has stood the test of time and that has meaning for humanity.

The last time I was in Zambia where [Archbishop] Milingo is from—if the religions are trying to kill each other, then is married priests really an important issue? These three religions believe in one God, so I guess we all believe in one God. Those who wage holy wars ultimately do so for revenge, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. They can't forgive so they have to kill. You can't do that stuff, you have to overcome that kind of feeling. You have to understand why things are this way until it gets better somehow.

The ideal is very simple if you are an ideal person. Who are you going to blame if you are not an ideal person? My father and mother? My sisters and brothers? My dog? I realized. I had to do some soul searching. My father always puts me into a narrow lesson. I had to figure it out. Finally, it's just people there and we have just to reach out to them and change them.

I'm just sharing my feelings with you. If it helps you, so be it. I can see the possibilities. I believe it can be done.

Hey. Take care of yourself. (Starts to leave and pauses.)

Hey! It can be better.

I saw people starving in Africa and I can't believe why. Ask yourself, “What can I do?"

Finally, we have to find the way

Bye. See you next week.

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