Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon: Episode 32

Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon 2006-2008
Delivered Sunday at Belvedere Estate in Tarrytown, New York
Hyo Jin Moon Speaks on Compassion, Page 121

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Please don't take certain things just based on convenience. Look, in the end you have to die for something. Please, think about dying. Okay? Don't make it that simple. You make it that simple, and you are not going to die for it. That's about it. That's about it. You are not going to die for it.

It doesn't matter what other people think, what the world thinks, even what you think. If you can't say that to yourself, don't even talk about it. Please don't. Because it's stupid. It will never last. It will never work. It will never happen. Whatever you believe in, no matter who you think you are, it will never happen. You want love? You've got to go beyond this stuff. Now you're thinking about something. How, with all this crap and beyond, do you really make the people you say you love become a part of you. And look, otherwise, don't say that because it is a lie. It is not true. You don't mean it.

You have to understand compassion to understand love. I am telling you. It is not that easy to understand love. Yes, you can be generous. You better be willing to die for something. That's about it. Otherwise, don't even talk about it. You can never leave anything behind; you can never do anything if you are not willing. Trust me. You have to grow whatever works. Hey man, that's what it is. Let's not talk about that crap. That's about it. You know, screw everything else. Who gives a flying hoot? You have to deal with the situation as it is, realistically. Let's not talk this stuff unless you can die for it. You know what I'm saying?

When you talk about that stuff, you better mean it. And it's not that simple. And that is the truth. In the end, remember, when you have to fight, you got to compete and win. Everybody believes in God. Oh my goodness. Hey, let the best man win? Do you have any idea how difficult that is? Okay, simply put formation generosity, growth compassion, and perfection love. Now love is very difficult, you guys. Okay? Very, very difficult. I have to talk about this stuff. You need to learn about compassion. You need to teach that stuff. Why? Because it is better than playing a video game with your kids. If you live, then you have no excuse. You better tell your kids and others what that stuff is, otherwise you have no excuse.

Everybody wants to be good. Hey, everybody can be happy, too, in the end. Because of simple stuff. So, it's not about taking more and more. In the end, if you have the basic stuff, you can be happy. As long as you have a purpose. I believe in that stuff. You want to marry a handsome looking actor and get divorced a few years later? Hey, remember that the highlight of it all is for the children's sake. Excuse me, old people. I'm just going to talk to young kids here.

You know, in high school, it's most likely physical, jocks, or just a little better, make star stuff, pretty boys, and nerds. And everything else is boring. It's not important to you. The nerds are important because they actually excel in something whether you like it or not. You get an F and you are a great jock. Somebody got an A plus and you aren't a great jock but you are a nerd. And obviously, that is some kind of stigma.

Okay, that's about it. Look. Till the day you die, you better learn something. If you live from birth to death you create something, one thing every day, best you can do, I guess, is 36,500 things. That is not much. Or you can lean 36,500 things. You can speed up that process. It is up to you. Creating something every day is very difficult. If you can, knock yourself out. Nobody is going to stop you. Because this is America, nobody can stop you. You can sue your own parents, if they try to mess with you. So, hey, that's about it. Knock yourself out.

So, create something of that nature, to that extent in terms of some amount. Or you learn something to build up that amount. It's up to you. Well, do something! Make something up or learn, take something. Give something or take something, I don't care what you do with your stupid life. But that's about it if you look at it that simply. If you want to make it complicated, then you are going to be responsible for more than what is ordinary. That's about it. Trust me. It is not that simple. Any case, do you understand that? And you better understand that. That's about it.

You got me? You better follow.

So, you want to talk about love? Let's not talk about love unless we talk about something a little lesser than love. I believe it's more realistic. You are going to help each other, talk about this stuff that is less than something ultimate. And anybody who says otherwise, they have nothing coming. That's about it. You are going to die. You are going to leave me hanging. That's about it. You know what I'm saying?

Look, I understand. But it can be done. Why? Because this is a great time. So much information can go so quickly. If you do the basics, literally go to the basics, within stuff and build up uniformity, you can make changes that can make that kind of difference, the kind of difference that means something to people who can see afar, and see that what you're doing has something to do with how we live. That's the way it is. It can be done.

It's all perception in the end because information is already there. And that work is already there. Whether you like it or not, right or wrong, you are going to get it. You know what I'm saying? You can't stop it. It's already there. You can't change it. You just have to accept it and accept yourself to make it better.

That's about it. There is no other way. I'm telling you there is no other way. Start with compassion. Try to think about other people's problems and other people's suffering and try to help out. Find your own, not by someone else's design.

Think what makes you better. You have to practice this stuff. Practice makes perfect. You don't just become something. There is no such thing under heaven. If you want to be good at it, don't think you can just go easy, you have to suffer. You have to put your behind into it.

You know what I'm saying? Look man, that's about it. And I don't care what other people say—it doesn't work. It's not true. It's not going to happen. Because you want to do this stuff and as we grow, we can help each other to be better. That is why community exists. You understand? Right?

So, be generous. Be compassionate. It is better when you give something when you have nothing. Now that is something. God bless you if you do.

I'm going to be away for a while. I'll miss you, okay? Anyway, I'll see you later. Okay? Take care of yourself.

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