Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon: Episode 18

Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon 2006-2008
Delivered Sunday at Belvedere Estate in Tarrytown, New York
Hyo Jin Moon Speaks on Teamwork,  Page 58

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March 12,2006

Please sit down. How are you doing? (Good.) Okay. That's good. Another day of judgment. Today, I want to share with you something very basic, “Teamwork."

People think about teamwork in all sorts of relative ways I guess. I've even heard that teamwork is a sign of these changing times. For example, young people get together just to supplement their expenses. They become day traders, they get together as a group, and share information they gather during the week. After gathering at church on Sunday, they have a get-together and go through stuff, and that is how they get their little extra allowance. It is a different kind of a world. I guess the idea of teamwork has different meanings to everyone to a certain extent. For most people it happens on a physical level and on an intellectual level. But with people like us, if anything matters, it has to be spiritual, right? Because everything else is under spiritual, right? That's our priority. So, of course it is important. However, in terms of reality, and on a bigger scheme of things based on your faith, what's really important is the hereafter and dying well. Another way to put the 'dying well' concept is in the frame of ultimate control, controlling your life and living well for the inevitable death. So, let's control living. That's what we are trying to accomplish on a daily basis.

Everything that we are curious about leads us to gather information. It's all about how to achieve something before the end, ultimately. We just do that the best way we know how. And sometimes, some things are so tremendous because it's so expansive and difficult. You can't do it alone. You need community. You need extension into a greater family. But having said that, before we talk about independence and individual, idiosyncratic individuality, let us just focus on teamwork. Why do we need that stuff? Because certain things are very difficult to achieve alone, that is why. It is not just for the sake of taking care of your menial stuff or your livelihood. But it is because of your faith, because you believe in something greater. And basically your life—what you accept in this physical world in its full presence—is all about preparing you for that stage, the final stage. And you need that kind of support. You need people who understand that stuff, who can think in communion with you, who can take care of you at times, and who you can depend on.

Everybody belongs to some family. But even if you look at just a single family unit, if there is a standard, a test, some people do well, some people don't. Some families need some special help, right? That kind of stuff. That is why you need to have that kind of support group and teamwork. The most important thing is having that support base, something that you can depend on. Because that's the opposite of independence, right? Of course, you want to teach your children to be independent, but at the same time to be a team player. That's because you want them to go out into the world and be successful somehow.

Having that kind of stuff is important because without it, it doesn't work. Even on a physical level, things don't work without that understanding. You cannot try to become a team player if your ulterior motive is being selfish. In the Garden of Eden, prior to the Fall, there is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. If you believe that stuff, so be it. The main thing you need to know about the Fall is its aftermath. You have to know what that actually is. And what that actually is, is that you have to deal with your selfishness and selflessness, independence and teamwork. These will always exist whether you like it or not. It does not matter if everything is done and everything is perfect and restoration is over. That stuff starts all over again. And that's about it. That is the absolute truth.

But how do you go about changing that? How do you go about dealing with that issue? You look around the world and it is still selfish. How do you open up hell, if you do not contain hell? Hell is nothing other than just that selfishness gone out of control. Still, even if symbolically, let us say everything is done. So be it. Then we have to go backwards. We have to contain that selfishness intellectually; we have to contain that selfishness physically. It takes time. It does not happen just because of conditions. That is absolute. If you do not understand that, you should not be here. I should not be talking to you because that is basic principle that I understand.

So, how do we go about changing that reality? Oh, boy. Where should we start? Look at you. Look at yourself. What can you do? If that is the basic simple question that we have to answer, where do you stand? What kind of community can you make? Ultimately achieving that goal, that's the task at hand. Somebody has got to do it. Where do you stand? I don't know you that well. You don't know me. So, start from some place where you can create that kind of community, with some kind of passion. Find people that you can relate to, something related to your passion. I do not care whether it is physical, intellectual, or spiritual. I really do not care. That is not important. Find somebody and create a community. I think that is very healthy as long as we clearly understand why we are here. Because all that in the end should come together, if you understand that rule of thumb. And that should be absolute. Knock yourself out. Why? Because some people cannot do it alone. There are things, even the greatest man, even Father, he cannot do alone. That is why he needs you.

Do not feel shame, do not feel bad. Sometimes you need to reach out. Know your limit. The important thing about knowing how basic teamwork works is to know—what is the lesson being taught through the teamwork process? What is being taught is, obviously, You have to have a purpose. You set a goal. You set a realistic time duration expectation. Then you have to understand your boundaries. In other words, set your limit based on your capability, collectively, because we are talking about teamwork. And of course, like I said earlier, it is important to support each other because that gives you something substantial. It teaches you how to share ideas and about checks and balances.

For me, teamwork is important because it keeps me humble. That is about it. I have to keep myself humble if I want to embrace the people I am with. Why? Because it goes on and life goes on. Anything that has worth, anything that is meaningful should last forever. Why? Because love is eternal.

And what is the purpose of coming together? That we all grow up together and not just me, right? Secondly, it keeps me honest. Why? Because I live with those guys. You have to have that transparency. And it gives you that integrity. It forces you to stand up and check your integrity.

Lastly, it gives you a sense of security. It is like a helmet. So, in some way, it is three H's, right? humble, honest, helmet? Something like that. Secure me from what? Falling, hurting myself, and doing stupid things—I guess which I am known for. Look, I don't do stuff without reason. I react, that's about it. And sometimes, of course, you should not do that. Hey, I am not perfect. Did I ever say I was perfect? Perfection lasts forever. Do you know that? If you understand that concept, perfect is theoretically pure ideological stuff. That is about it. And that is pretty much where you have to start from, and that is how you have to approach it. Why? Because we ultimately have to deal with the real world. Your children are growing up.

There are three people very difficult for me to forgive: my ex-in-laws, and one monkey guy. I have two sets of family, but all those children got a job. One works in New York in some advertising firm or somewhere. And that is my reality. And how do you change that? Now, if that is difficult, how do you change the world? Do you think it is going to happen automatically? Because you believe? Believe in what? Believe in yourself, that you are holy? Why do you think that? Why would you think that you were holy? Because you have a bunch of holes like a sponge? Maybe then I will believe you. You have a lot of stupidity if you want to tell others you're holy. How do you help somebody with that kind of an attitude? Even if you were, how are you going to change somebody?

Look, let us say you can take the fault for somebody, you can take the blame, you can take the hit, and even go to jail for somebody but how do you change the world? Because there is something like that out there. The important thing is, why do I need teamwork? Because to me, like I said, it keeps me humble and it keeps me honest. And that is my helmet, my security. That is why. And it will take an army of people like this—a tribe coming together, creating a critical mass. Anyway, just start to change. And in changing, you have to reach out. How do you reach out? If everything ultimately evolves downwards spirals, down into physicality in terms of manifestation from an idea, we have to communicate. That is what is important. That medium somehow must be contained and controlled. We have to have that capacity. Otherwise, it can never be done. Others are doing it. It could have been done a long time ago.

Anyway, it is never too late. Some things never go away. Because if it is inevitable, it is never too late. You just have to remind yourself of that stuff. Once again, that is about it. Somebody needs to talk about this kind of stuff. You have to remind yourself of that, even if somebody else does not. You have to understand how society is changed. You know that. What are we doing? It is very, very difficult controlling the media. Yes, other people are doing it because they take all the smart people of the world, and they spend a lot of money and spend a lot of time to get there. And even they fail sometimes. No guarantee. Sure. But what is necessary has to be done one way or the other.

We can't quit. We believe in something else. We think that we can't do it and we quit on ourselves? I insist, you have to be kidding me! How do you win with that kind of a loser's attitude? If you really want change, you have to do this. Otherwise, I do not believe it is going to happen. I do not see the stuff that can make it happen. I am not just talking about physical stuff. I am not just talking about the mind stuff either. There is also spirit.

Because it is going to take a long time. If you believe it is going to happen in your lifetime, I think you are crazy.I believe that is just lies. I know what you are addicted to, you little power mongers.

Anyway, I believe we can do it. But it takes everything we got. If you are going to do it, if that is the case, I will be the team player, too. Some things you just can't do alone. There are a lot of things you can't do alone in this stupid life. Some things-you just can't do it alone.

Okay, I will see you next week.

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