Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon: Episode 12

Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon 2006-2008
Delivered Sunday at Belvedere Estate in Tarrytown, New York
Hyo Jin Moon Speaks on Something In the Middle Called Life, Page 37

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You know, people with a certain level of tradition normally tell you they want their children to grow up to be a doctor, lawyer, or an accountant, at least an accountant, something that people need all the time. Koreans do that. I think a lot of Jewish parents do that to their children. I don't know about Americans, but people in a kind of historical, traditional country that has a kind of deep tradition and put tradition in the forefront, they demand that kind of stuff. Why do we demand that kind of stuff of our children? What are we expecting, what does that mean? Why do you need to be a doctor? Why do I have to be a doctor? Why do I have to be a lawyer? Why do I have to be an accountant?

Because that's the safest way, I guess, you know, a thinking parent, a concerned parent, I want my children to have some kind of safe situation. That's about it, isn't it? And then, as long as you have that, I don't expect much but as long as you have that, you know, I'm happy. I don't think I'm sending my children to be a doctor so that they can create a cure for cancer, I don't think every parent desires that. Maybe they desire it but I don't think they expect it. Maybe, you guys, maybe you want to send your children to become a lawyer, but maybe you want your children to go out and defend God and ultimately win. In your favor, maybe that's your desire but I don't think that's what everyone thinks.

So inside of about 90 years is 30 years or so to find who the hell you can be, you have to know your limit, you gotta know your capability and you got to prove something. And hopefully, if you believe in something that you do, then you can use that time to make a difference. But how do you make that kind of difference? How do you become somebody? When you have the stuff just like everybody else, how can you become somebody who can actually make a difference? I guess the only way is to have something, and some kind of direction or value. I like to call it a direction that outshines something else, outshines other things. In the realm of competition, do we have such a thing? You have to ask yourself that question. If we do, how do you utilize it in your life? What can you do with it?

Those are the basic questions you have to ask yourself, give answers, and give actions. Many times it's very easy, you know, to be a cynic when you have to deal with this kind of dualistic reality. But in reality because you can be very pessimistic, you can be optimistic, or you can be kind of critical. You can be really trying one thing, and at the same time the opposite will be trying to come up with something or solution. You can love and hate all of this. You have all this duality that you are dealing with constantly and every aspect of life. Your whole life can be like that. Everything you interact with and experience. It all demands a response to these kinds of questions.

The challenge is that many times things force themselves on you, and you have to give an immediate answer, you're forced to answer right away. And that's the difficult challenge. This is why you have to have a greater principle, right? That's why you try to believe in a higher power because that demand, that challenge of immediacy is overwhelming. Because many times, if you goof up, you are going to pay for it. You're gonna stand and face the consequences that you just created. You. They can't blame anyone else.

That's why it becomes necessary to understand the reality of God properly, the demand of God. That's called responsibility. That demand issue is called responsibility. I wish I didn't have to be responsible. It is fun to be irresponsible, isn't it? It's fun to not care. Wahh, wahh! I blow things off. I'm really trying not to curse, okay. I know there are children here. It's kind of natural for me, because that's how I grew up, you know. That's the kind of people that I know and was part of, the kind of people I saw most of the time. But I think I'm okay. I know how to behave if I want to.

Anyway, so how do you, how do we actually live up to that demand? That ultimate demand? We worry about the people who make stuff, worry about supply and demand, oh, my product has to be such and such so that I can, you know, put it to the market and demand will come forth and I'll make tons of money! Of course demand is important to everybody whether you believe God or not. Because that's how you make money, that's how the world goes around, right? Whether you make money or you shoot up a lot whatever ladder of success you are part of. Because every boss has a demand.

Then I think about the free market. People say it creates a kind of openness and that creates betterment—betterment in what? Better safety in cars? Guess that's important but beyond that, what? Better fashion? You know, better whatever. There's a limitation to that. What if everybody can do that? What if [the] whole world can do that? What happens to those parts of any given industry? What happens to the marketplace in that kind of situation?

It pretty much will end up as a kind of nationalism, quite obviously. I'm American, so I should buy American products. I'm Korean, so I should buy Korean products. But if everything's the same, there's no need to buy from this country or that, from Korea, or American products, or anybody else's stuff. That's about it, isn't it?

So let's say we reach that point. And the truth is that it's not that far away, then just think about it; in a short period of time, Korea's just kind of competing with the big boys selling big items, huge items, pretty much anything that is big that's carried things on water whether it's oil or merchandise, you know, they build it, and you drive it around. Even in America, if Koreans can do it, so can everybody else. Then what? I know it could take about ten generations, but in a very short period of time, we'll be faced with that kind of reality. When everybody becomes nationalistic, then what happens?

That's why we have to focus on greater value. Remember? Because you have to make choices everyday and sometimes it's overwhelming. Everybody feels that stuff. That's called life. And pretty much the reason that Father says certain things in certain ways. He explains how things are done, and that’s because of this reality I'm talking about. It's not that far before what I'm telling you is going to be manifested. When that happens, that's about it. Who has a greater value? Whose value out of the greatness is the greatest? Who are the ones that can tie everything together? The answer is very simple, but there is a different kind of simple. While transcending all this basic stuff we can talk about those this higher way. I could go on about this but like I said, I like to keep it short because you like it short.

Practically speaking, this kind of stuff is only good for about a week. That's about it. And if you have something, if I give you something for that week, that's all it's worth, period. It's over. Game over. You gonna move on. It's always that way. You can't try to pray, maybe you do it as a condition for spiritual reasons, you know, heavenly conditions, but in all respects, in practicality, it doesn't work. At best, if I can give you one or two thoughts, that's about it; and you can think about that for a week. That's all it's worth and everything else is overrated. That's why if you're gonna be anybody, you gotta do those thing, you got to be somebody who can do this for life. That's about it. Anyways, I don't think so. You gotta know your limit. Everything has a limit in life.

Many times, that's another personal, individual challenge. Know your limit. You know, there are many things that can overwhelm you, and sometimes it's that vainglorious stuff that can really hurt you. That's why you have to understand why you are doing something. You gotta define everything that you do. You want to be right? You literally have to define everything you do. Don't think about others, don't judge other people. Define what you do. And stand by it.

You have no time to worry about other people. Because they have to do the same thing. And knowing this, keep it true. That's your only chance. There's no guarantee in life. But as long as you're willing to do it, make it so. Make it into a short term goal. I'm going to try to do that every day. I wake up and try to think like that. The long term goal? I'll die for that. Look, whatever it takes. If you have something of that nature, I think that's called a personal value. I think it's safe to call that a personal value. Because whatever you do, you will face it one way or the other. Right and wrong. Right or wrong.

This thing called life in the middle is just doing that, knowing who I am, finding what I can do, what I have to do for greater power, higher goals. And know how to die well, I guess. That's the greatest control I guess, right? That's the greatest choice you can make. Every choice you make is what you control.

I made stupid choices in my life I'll pay for till the day that I die. That's about it. That's my problem. That's about it. I don't need your sympathy. I can take care of it. I was always like that. When I was a little, a young buck, you know, I always tried to be a cool guy. Anyway, take care of yourself, okay? Is that short enough? I'll see you next week, okay? All right.

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