Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon: Episode 07

Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon 2006-2008
Delivered Sunday at Belvedere Estate in Tarrytown, New York
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Of course you start with the physical self. Pretty much it's these needs that have value to those little kids, very, very tangible stuff. That's where you begin. Then as you grow, as you mature, normally you start to see when teenagers reach a certain age, cut close to about maybe fifteen, sixteen, or seventeen, their friends become more important than your whole family, your brothers and sisters, your father and mother. They start to become tribal. They go beyond a certain phase, they go beyond the family and they start to be tribal, then they expand to society, and nation. And that matches something in Korea. Their big age is 60 years old. So that means if you give yourself from 0 to 10, 10 to 20, 20 to 30, and so forth, one decade at a time and spread it out like that, it will take about 60 years to get to the global stage of some sort. If you have a defined pathway and you have pre-planned some kind of program, if you are successful at it, most likely you will reach that stage, that phase. So, in Korea, when you reach 60 years of age, that's where you begin again. Most likely, in the past, people didn't live that long, so if you reached 60 years of age, obviously you're getting a second chance in life. That's kind of past stuff, but there is a philosophy behind that. And that's pretty much where your life begins. That's my interpretation.

So the value of the needs changes as you move up in matter, right? From family to tribe, society, to nation, and to the world, the value will change. As you go beyond it, of course the value will change in terms of your needs. It might have started with a bunch of toys in the beginning, but it changes as it moves up the value of your needs, the definition of your needs. Because you ultimately have to understand what God sees defined as love or how God values love. That's what you have to understand. That's what we're trying to understand. We constantly have to upgrade our values and definition of our needs. That's the most important thing I feel if you try, if you want to understand God's love, you can't just get stuck on a certain kind of level and say, "This is God's love." I think that's stupid. I think that's blasphemy. Because in the end, the basic direction of love, all that plus and minus, good and evil stuff and the tree of love, it all was there as part of the Garden of Eden.

So the important thing is, what is the next step? You just have to choose one direction. That's what being absolute is. Why? Because that's what's in yourself. If selfishness is bad and living for the sake of others is good, that's plus and minus, and that's what we start with. That reality will never change. We'll always have the individual self to deal with. We have to try to accomplish that task forever. Certain things can be habitual. We understand there are some properties there. There are tools out there, even built-in innate tools. We just have to trigger them. We can use these to automate that kind of process. But all those things have to be triggered. They have to be connected and triggered. We do have all the tools. But you have to understand what that is, and trigger it, keep it moving. Then you can automate it, you can become habitual. That's the basic stuff, you just have to know how to use it in a functional way. You can give yourself a lot of bad habits, but you can also give yourself good habits, too. You can teach yourself to give, right? Because there is great joy in that. There is pleasure in that. It's better in your pocket than my pocket, and you see that person just light up and you get a kick out of it. Even with the simple kindness of giving stuff, there is pleasure in it. And you can make that into a habit. You can get addicted to that kind of stuff, too, and not only the things that will kill you. It's how you choose it. You have all the stuff. Even things that can kill you can also save your life, right? Like vaccinations, for Example.

There are all sorts of stuff we just have to understand the meaning of, understand why it exists, and define it properly. And as we heighten the definition into greater truth, greater sensitivity and sensibility, then yes, everything can benefit us based on right choice making. Everything. It's up to us. Some people get there a little earlier, that's why you have to share this kind of stuff, right? You have a social duty to do this if you are civilized, right? So everything is that basic, we already have it, we just don't use it properly. We don't stress it enough at times. It gets buried away because someone is vainglorious. That's about it. That's the only reason we struggle.

Let's think about it. We can focus on the kind of resources that we have. We are absolutely unique. In certain ways, we can have more cash than any large corporation in the world in a given year. People will envy it. All right. That's something for people to envy. That's reality. At the same time, we are a unique church. Why? Because we put emphasis on blessing. And we actually have this kind of reality. All those international blessings coming together, seeing the importance of being engrafted, understanding the importance of lineage, and trying to establish that kind of foundation of substance based on the ideal of who we are. That's very unique. We can talk about all sorts of stuff, racial propensity or any other thing. There's a lot of stuff that we have to push forward and challenge the world with. But you can't do it alone, you need an army. We can always start a television network with a certain amount of money, and certain kinds of characters. Yes, we can make it work if we have some kind of a prepared investment capital and we are willing to use it solely for that reason. Sure, we'll make it work one way or the other in ten years. Yes, if they can do it, we can do it. Absolutely. That time will come. Father will do his best to complete his mission while he's breathing. Period. He has the right way. That's about it. Do the best you can. Father, I hope you are successful. That's all I can do. I'll try to help you, though, if I can. Sure, okay, I'll do that. But taking it to the next step? Sure, we can do that stuff. We already have that foundation. We just have to act upon it. And that day will come. I know. I absolutely believe this. It's not that difficult. It's just we already have it. We ought to do it. It's a matter of doing it. We can win. That's about it.

You measure your love. How deep is your love? How far away from God are you? What degree? What kind of love? How do you define love? How do you define your needs? Measure yourself. I don't know you, just as you don't know me that well. If some of you think you know me, you only know me because I had my obligations.I had my duty to stand in front of you before a long time. That's about it. Pretty much, that's about it. To me, the reason I like creativity is because it keeps me simple. Some kinds of process is a pain in the neck and very complicated. So I like my life to be simple. I need that balance. That's why I can't really understand people who criticize. They don't really understand the creative process, they have so much time in their hands and they have so much energy. They criticize, spewing out this nonsensical garble and superficial analysis. Do something meaningful. If you really want to use your head, make something meaningful. Then you will truly appreciate the simplicity of life. You can't start to see the essence of stuff unless your life is somehow balanced. When it's all jumbled up, you're not going to find it.

If you want to understand and find God's love, find something, bring some kind of balance into your life. In order to do that, you have to try to do something meaningful, make something meaningful, create something meaningful. You can start to recreate even just the basic definition of things that are important to you, the needs that are important to you. Do something that can actually be meaningful to you that can change you. If you can't really stand outward yet, then start with yourself first. Only then, you can start to see some clarity. Otherwise, everything is jumbled up.

You only have this cynicism, criticism, all these jumbled thoughts in your head and you're not going to find anything. Simply start with the basic things first. First step first. First things first. Find the new definition of life, the things that are important to you, the needs. I don't want to say love. That's too big for me even. Even I am trying to redefine the basic stuff. I don't even want to talk about, or even think about love, but I'm leading up to that. That's about it. That's my faith. I hope I have given you something that you can use. Anyway, take care, okay?

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