Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon: Episode 02

Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon 2006-2008
Delivered Sunday at Belvedere Estate in Tarrytown, New York
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Essence of a Life of Faith

January 1, 2006

Hello, everyone. It's been a long time. I think it's been about ten years. I can't remember your faces too well except for those who have been long time members. Looking at your faces, it seems people's faces change as they age. Except for some of you, I can't remember too well. During this time I would like to share content coming from my heart.

I would like to dedicate my determination and commitment to Shin Gil who recently passed away. I know Shin Gil will go to a good place. I know his uncle, Heung Jin, will look over him. So there is no worry about that in my mind. Also, shouldn't I send him off well? Shin Gil went before us to where we all will eventually go.

Living a life of faith is about learning how to die well. We all eventually go the path of death. What is the true value of life? It is understanding how to die well through living. Some people, unfortunately, send their children to the spiritual world first. Now I am one of those parents.

Nevertheless, I receive some consolation in that the spiritual world is the ultimate destination of life. The greatest lesson we should remember while living on earth is how to die well. There is something I want to share with you from that perspective.

This past December 29, I woke up early in the morning, took a shower, and was packing to leave for Korea. That is when I heard news of my son's accident. I was getting ready to leave from JFK at 9 that morning.

There is rarely anyone who calls me early in the morning. But that morning, a call came early, and when I answered it was my older sister. She asked, "Did you hear the news?" and so I asked "What news?" And she said, "I think Shin Gil had a car accident." I asked her again, "What did you say? What are you talking about?" At that moment, I could not understand at all what was happening. It was entirely unexpected news.

It was harder to understand because I had met Shin Gil a week ago. I finally had found out his phone number that had changed several times, and met him after a very long time. When I met Shin Gil one week ago, he said, "I am so happy because I have been looking forward and forward to this day." He told me that when he tums the legal age of 18, on February 13, 2006, he was planning to come to New York to live with me. He told me that he had applied to all the colleges in New York and nearby so that he could stay close to me. And he proudly showed me his driver's license with his name Shin Gil Moon on it. I was so proud of Shin Gil.

That is why I could not even guess when I heard news of the accident from my sister. It was news I could not imagine with my head. I found out the cell phone numbers of my other children and called them but no one answered. So I called here and there and my sister, In Jin, found an article on the internet about a car accident of a 17-year-old on December 28, 4 A.M. I called the police station of that area and confirmed that it was Shin Gil. I did everything I could to find out the funeral location and information I should know as the father but could not find out anything. So I received only the basic information through a lawyer.

And there is even more things still left. I do not know what will happen from now. It does not depend on me. It depends on how they respond and answer. However, one thing is certain. Shin Gil will be buried in Paju Wonjeon. That is all. It does not matter what it takes. He is my son. Even if something happens, I hope that you will understand. Shin Gil is my son, my father's grandson, and my lineage. Shin Gil will be buried there.

Anyway, Shin Gil transformed me. I was born anew because of him. I became a different person. I became a different person from who I was five days ago. I became a totally different person from before. I will become a better person from now. Shin Gil made me into a better person. I will become a better person for Shin Gil.

I will come by to speak with everyone once in a while. Is that okay? (Yes.) I want to keep it short today. I do not want to preach. Thank you for your prayers and jeongseong. I know that Shin Gil will go to a good place. Please do not worry about me and do not worry about Shin Gil. Please have conviction. Thank you.

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