Recent Speeches 56: Victory Celebration for a Heavenly Taiwan

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, delivered the following address at the Victory Celebration for a Heavenly Taiwan at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center in Taiwan on November 23, 2019.

It has been 13 years since you last saw me. How has it been? How many years of pioneering does Taiwan have? Has it been 52 years? But you were asleep during all that time, right? Did it take you 13 years to wake up? So, how do you think you did? Did you succeed with this event? Did you succeed, or not?

After 6,000 years, True Parents recognized Taiwan as the elder-daughter nation. Isn’t that great? It is a blessing, and blessings come with responsibilities. Now that you have awakened, what should you do? Should you walk? Should you run? Should you fly? That’s right! So, I should give a big blessing to Taiwan. Isn’t that right? I heard there are 12 Unification church centers in Taiwan. The same applies to Taiwan as it did to Korea, Japan and America. I would like to divide Taiwan, too, into five subregions. Now, for the fatherland of the providence, for the Republic of Korea, to unite, island countries, especially Japan and Taiwan, need to unite.

As the elder-daughter nation, you must do your filial duty for the realization of a Heavenly Unified Korea. Therefore, you need to expand your environment. In other words, you must be qualified to represent the country. We don’t have much time left until 2020. Do you think you can achieve victory on a national level if you keep going at this pace?

If we divide [Taiwan] into five subregions, I will come to the first subregion that assembles 20,000 or 30,000 people. Are you confident? In reality, Taiwan should become Taiwan within Cheon Il Guk. The huge country, which we call mainland China—don’t worry about it; that country just needs to become China within Cheon Il Guk. When attending God and our True Parents, any country that follows the teachings of True Mother, the Only Begotten Daughter, will flourish. Will you try? Okay, then let’s shake up Taiwan. Thank you!

There is one more blessing. After this event, the YSP (Youth and Students for Peace) and GTGY (Global Top Gun Youth) young people should have a Yut nori [game]. This is the best game to make you one. So, let’s shake up Taiwan. 


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